Top 11 Best Loppers (2023)

Having trees around the home is a perfect way of creating that beautiful landscape that every homeowner looks up to.

However, to keep your garden looking more attractive and safer to walk around in, you will need to invest some time occasionally in trimming down the overgrown branches.

Now, for the small and weaker twigs, a pruning shear would just be fine.

However, for you to tackle the strong and big branches, you need a stronger tool for the job. And yes, you got me right- a pair of loppers is the ideal tool to turn to!

A pair of loppers, or a tree trimmer as some call it is a scissor-like garden tool used for cutting branches.

It features a blade and large handles to minimize the effort needed in trimming the overgrown branches.

Obviously, for a tool that will offer a combination of reliability and durability, you will need an informed purchase.

This article puts together the market’s best loppers for you!

Fiskars 28" Steel Blade Garden Bypass Lopper and...
  • IDEAL BRANCH TRIMMER: 28" Steel blade garden bypass lopper that glides through up to 1.5" thick branches for easy cuts; Works well for trimming tree branches to maintain your yard and garden, and to encourage overall plant health and appearance

Top 11 Lopper Reviews

#1 TABOR TOOLS GG12 Anvil Lopper with Compound Action


With decades of gardening experience, Tabor Tools has continuously improved her products to meet the needs of landscapers.

And yes, this is one of their iconic products when it comes to performance. The high-quality tool is designed with professional applications in mind. Therefore, tackle nearly any home project.

The lopper allows the user to cut both green and dry branches of up to two inches.

I mean, this tool will handle thicker branches than most bypass loppers, making it a perfect tool for making preparatory cuts before making final ones using the bypass tree trimmers.

The pair of lopper measures 30 inches in length. The extra-long design maximizes leverage, allowing the user to apply less effort even when tackling the thicker twigs.

The non-stick upper blade pairs with excellent geometry to deliver smooth and clean cuts with optimal force transmission.

In other words, this powerful tool is specially designed to make pruning easier than it has ever been.

This feature makes the tool an ideal purchase for any elderly gardener, those with arthritic wrists or for just anyone who needs a tool that cuts with minimal effort.

The blade is made from hardened carbon steel for exceptional strength and maximum durability. The high-quality blade remains sharper for longer even with regular use.

Nevertheless, in case you need to enjoy using new blades, replacement blades are also available on sale.

  • The loppers deliver clean cuts.

  • It works ideal for both small and large branches.

  • They are very well made.

  • The loppers are heavy duty.

  • You need to tighten the screws to prevent them from falling off accidentally.

  • They are not the longest loppers in the market.

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#2 Fiskars 391461-1003 Bypass Lopper

Fiskars 391461-1003

If you require an innovative lopper that is easy to use, Fiskars is one of the few companies you can always turn to.

And yes, among the products that the reputable company takes pride in is this top-rated product by professional gardeners.

The lopper handles branches of up to 1.5 inches thick. Therefore, expect it to turn handy in shaping bushes and other pruning applications around your garden.

The unit works ideally in cutting green branches. Hence, it may not be perfect for you in case you want to cut dry twigs. The blade is of hardened steel for extended durability.

Also, the edge maintains its sharpness for long, making it an excellent tool for a dedicated gardener who wants a tool that can stand up to daily heavy use.

The blade features a premium coating for rust resistance and to prevent it from getting stuck in the wood when cutting.

The length of 28 inches provides great leverage to get the work done with minimum effort.

Surprisingly, this high-quality tree trimmer comes with an amazing price that most homeowners can easily afford without going beyond their budget.

  • The unit has nice ergonomics.

  • It has very nice grips.

  • It is ultra-sharp.

  • It cuts with minimal effort.

  • It is not the most lightweight on the market.

  • The blade quality needs improvement.

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#3 Corona Compound Action Anvil Lopper (FL 3420)


With also a cutting capacity of 1.5 inches thick, this unit also goes at a price that is within the affordability range of most pruners.

The cutter boasts a length of 32 inches that allows the user to chop the target branches with less effort.

In other words, in case you need a unit that will suit heavy use with minimal user fatigue, the Corona Compound Action Anvil Lopper should be a nice investment for you.

Our very selection comes as a single unit although you can also get it in up to a pack of five at a good price. The fiberglass handle grants the user great grip, making it incredibly comfortable for use even with sweaty hands.

The high-carbon steel anvil blade is razor-sharp to ensure that it cuts smoothly through your target with minimal effort and in no time.

Additionally, although the blade can stay sharper for long, it can be resharpened to deliver an effortless cut in every project.

Nevertheless, should you need to introduce a fresh blade, it is replaceable.

Also, since the lopper is made with professional applications in mind, it withstands daily wear and tear to keep your garden looking beautiful season after another.

  • It has robust construction.

  • It is easy to sharpen the blade.

  • The hardened steel blade stays sharper for much longer.

  • It is easy to use.

  • The grips slip off the handle.

  • It does not have the sturdiest handles.

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#4 Fiskars 394801-1003 PowerGear2 Bypass Lopper

No products found.

Also coming from Fiskars, there is much to like in this pair of loppers. For example, this option cuts through branches that have a diameter of up to two inches, quite thicker than our previous sibling.

The unit also bears the length of 32 inches to ensure that it tackles your target with minimal effort. However, in case you need a shorter length, this pair of loppers is also available in the lengths of 18 inches and 25 inches.

The high-quality pair adopts a patented PowerGear technology that delivers up to three times more power to transform every cut into a breeze.

The hardened steel blade comes factory sharpened to get into the job direct away from the box and will stay sharp for some good time.

The blade features a low-friction coating to ensure less gumming and keep the blade safe from rust. I mean, even with extended exposure to a corrosive environment, this top-notch unit won’t give in to rust easily.

The unique blade design will allow you to use it in tight spaces conveniently.

The handles are ergonomically designed with strategically positioned soft-grip touchpoints to deliver excellent comfort and better control over in every cut.

  • The unique blade design is ideal for confined space.

  • The gear system is a plus.

  • The handles open wider for a larger cut.

  • The leverage multiplication is impressive.

  • The pair is quite weighty for extended use.

  • It may not be an excellent option for heavy use.

No products found.

#5 Spear & Jackson 8290RS Loppers

Spear & Jackson 8290RS

Spear & Jackson is a reputable manufacturer whose history dates back to 1760.

Over the centuries, Spear& Jackson has gained enough experience in the industry which is evident in the level of innovation and quality of her products.

And yes, coming from this multinational company, this pair of loppers are also among the market’s top-notch options.

The unit features an advanced ratchet action that ensures easier cutting in short steps.

Hence, in case you want a pair of loppers that will cut through tough and thicker limbs, this tool from Spear & Jackson should be among your priorities.

The upper blade is of sk5 carbon steel and maintains its sharpness even with extended heavy use. For even extended durability, the blade has a PTFE coating that offers superior protection from rust.

The tubular handles feature aluminum construction for sturdiness without making the unit too heavy for long hours of use. The grips feel great in hands to ensure comfort with prolonged use.

Also, the handles of Spear & Jackson 8290RS Razorsharp Ratchet Anvil Loppers are telescopic to make it easier for you to reach high branches.

The loppers come as a single pack although it is also available in cost-efficient pairs of up to five.

  • The handles are telescopic.

  • The unit is heavy-duty.

  • The ratchet action is outstanding.

  • The blade cuts extremely well.

  • The handles may bow when one exerts too much force at their full length.

  • The ratchet mechanism makes cutting smaller branches a little difficult.

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#6 TABOR TOOLS Bypass Lopper


This high-quality trimmer works excellently in cutting branches that are 1.75 inches thick or smaller. The unit delivers clean cuts through its top-grade hardened carbon steel blade.

The blade of this trimmer is designed to maintain its sharpness even after heavy use, making it a great unit for professional applications.

The non-stick coating on the blade provides trouble-free experience in every cut, to turn pruning to more fun than it has ever been.

Although the blade is durable, replacement blades are readily available on the market in case you need to change the blade for any reason.

Plus, like the previous sibling, this bypass lopper requires less effort to cut through branches than it would take the traditional loppers.

The reason is that the compound lever system of this lopper and the multiple pivot points multiplies the force that reaches the blades.

For this reason, in case you have arthritic wrists or just want a unit that will get the work done in minimal effort, this amazing pruner from Tabor Tools should be a good deal.

The branch cutter has rubberized grips to ensure that it interacts nicely with your hands.

The length of 30 inches provides increased leverage and allows the user to reach higher limbs easily.

  • It is a lightweight tree pruner.

  • Its length makes it ideal for short users.

  • It is very straightforward to use.

  • Replacement blades are readily available in the market.

  • The blade may come improperly aligned.

  • The quality of the lower jaw is not exactly the best the market can offer.

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#7 Terme Pruning Shears Compound Action Anvil Lopper

Terme Pruning

Since this is an anvil lopper, you can use it for cutting both green and deadwood. I mean, with this tool, you will be able to trim any unwanted branch in your garden.

The high-quality pair of loppers is specially designed to handle any branch with a thickness of less than two inches. The three times fully heated steel blade stands up to hours of use without getting dull.

Also, the dual arc blade design ensures the optimal performance of the blade to turn the heavy pruning jobs to a piece of cake.

The Teflon treatment on the blade not only resists wear and tear but also makes the edge easy to clean and maintain.

The handle features aluminum construction for maximum strength when still keeping the weight of the unit low. The 30-inch handle adopts a telescopic design that allows the user to adjust the length for better leverage.

Moreover, the lever drive system multiplies the force that is exerted on the blades to let you do the work at a fraction of the effort it would take other loppers out there- you will never come out of the garden feeling tired.

The thumb release lock ensures user safety to allow you to tackle any trimming job with confidence knowing that you are safe.

  • The length is great.

  • The grip ensures optimal grip even with wet hands.

  • The trimmer features robust construction.

  • It cuts through branches easily.

  • It’s not the most affordable unit in the market.

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#8 KSEIBI 252606 Anvil Lopper

KSEIBI 252606

This garden tool boasts great leverage that tackles branches of up to 2 inches thick nearly effortless. The cutter works on both dry and live wood so that you won’t need any other tool for your pruning job.

As it is with a majority of our previous options, this lopper features a heat-treated blade with non-stick Teflon treatment for maximum resistance to wear, corrosion, and to prevent gumming.

The high-quality coating also makes the blade easy to clean, making the unit an ideal purchase for anyone in the lookout for a low-maintenance pair of loppers.

The adjustable handle extends from 27 inches to whopping 40 inches depending on the user preference.

The telescopic design maximizes user convenience and cuts labor intensity by providing better leverage than the majority of options in the market.

The button locking mechanism works better than the swivel lock to prevent them from slipping when at the full length. This feature implies that they are made with user safety in mind.

Also, since the handle is of aluminum, expect this to be one of the most lightweight yet sturdy models you will come across out there.

The anvil lopper has a reliable lever drive system which increases the force applied on the blade to allow the user to cut even hardest branches with very little effort.

This feature makes it among the expert’s most preferred options for heavy-duty pruning projects.

  • It cuts through branches nicely.

  • It adjusts to offer an extended reach.

  • It is very durable.

  • The customer support is outstanding.

  • The longer handles come with greater weight.

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#9 Jardineer Bypass Loppers


This bypass saw comes with a 15.5-inch extra pruning saw to give you everything you need in your next pruning project.

The razor-sharp strong blade pairs with the length of 30.2 inches to allow you to cut both thin and thick branches whether near or far.

However, for optimal performance and longer service life, the manufacturer recommends that the unit should only be used for cutting live branches not exceeding the diameter of 4 inches.

Most users like that the sturdy blade does not bend or become dull even with regular heavy use as it is the case with most loppers of the same class.

The Jardineer 30.2″ Bypass Loppers features a handy ratchet mechanism that works with the extra-long handle to multiple the cutting force thrice.

I mean, with this model, you will need a third of the force it would take the conventional loppers to cut the same piece of material.

The D-shaped design protects the hand of the user when cutting whereas the safe lock means that you can carry it in the backpack with other pieces of gear.

The customizable bolt allows you to loosen or tighten the blade as necessary.

  • The cutting capacity of 4 inches is great.

  • It is easy to maneuver.

  • They are very comfortable to use.

  • The small cutter that comes with the tree trimmer is nice.

  • Larger branches will take a little more effort to chop.

  • Not the perfect option for arthritic people.

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#10 EONLION Lopper Shears

No products found.

Everything about this bypass lopper is tailored to give the user a great pruning experience.

For example, the blades are strong and incredibly sharp with excellent geometry for precise cuts effortlessly.

Also, the hardened carbon blades stay sharper for longer to ensure that you enjoy an effortless cut in every trimming challenge.

The non-stick coating on the blade resists rusts and prevents the unit from gumming up with the tree debris to ensure smooth user experience.

The prolonged handles minimize the effort needed in pruning, allowing you to tackle the heaviest pruning tasks with minimum effort and without feeling tired.

Additionally, this outstanding model also comes with an ergonomically-designed handle to ensure an optimal grip.

In fact, the ergonomic design combines with the leverage mechanism to reduce significantly the stress exerted on wrists and arms when cutting. This feature renders the tool an ideal purchase for elderly gardeners.

  • The leverage mechanism reduces wrist and arm stress.

  • It is light weighted for user convenience.

  • The quality is great.

  • It cuts small branches nicely.

  • It may not offer the perfect length.

No products found.

#11 Kings County Tools Bypass Lopper

Kings County Tools

This bypass lopper adopts an elegant design that nearly every gardener would want to add to their gardening arsenal. And when it gets to the garden, the unit neither disappoints!

The high-quality lopper features a heavy-duty cutting jaw that takes green and wet wood with a thickness of between 2-2.5 inches. Therefore, expect it to handle nearly any pruning job in the garden.

The blade is designed for sustained precise and clean cuts season after season, giving the tool one of the best lifespans on the market.

The special coating on the blade stands up to use in a corrosive environment. The unique double ratcheting mechanism indicates that this is not just like any other ordinary lopper in the market.

The handle of this trimmer employs an extendable design for greater reach and increased user convenience.

I mean, the durably constructed handle stretches from 26 inches to 40 inches depending on the stature of the user and the position of the targeted branch.

  • The double ratcheting mechanism is unique.

  • It comes with an elegant design.

  • The handles retract easily.

  • The grips are designed for minimal hand fatigue.

  • The weight is not excellently distributed.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What are loppers used for?

A pair of loppers is a scissor-shaped gardening tool that is used for pruning small branches. This tool has extra-long handles for increased leverage and can be categorized as either bypass or anvil.

What is the difference between bypass loppers and anvil loppers?

The difference between the bypass loppers and the anvil loppers is in how the blades close. In bypass loppers, the blades pass by each other when cutting or closing. Think of bypass loppers as more of a pair of scissors. The anvil loppers have a lower jaw (anvil) against which the blade cuts against. Think of anvil lopper as a knife and a chopping board.

Which are perfect bypass or anvil loppers?

Well, this is a very common question among many buyers. The perfect one for you will depend on the nature of your projects. A bypass lopper is specifically made to work on green branches and may not open wide to accommodate a little thick branches. The anvil loppers work on both dry and live wood and normally have telescopic handles for increasing leverage when tackling thicker materials.

What are ratchet loppers?

Ratchet action loppers can either be anvil or bypass. These loppers have a locking mechanism that holds the blade in a locking position as you cut gradually. By doing this, it allows you to tackle thicker and harder branches. It is a nice feature, especially for arthritic people.

Can you sharpen loppers?

Normally, loppers come with ultra-sharp blades which run dull after several times of heavy-duty use. However, most of the loppers can be sharpened easily using files. Nevertheless, replacement blades are available for some models in case you don’t want to face the hassle of sharpening.

Final Verdict

A pair of loppers is an essential tool that should never miss in the gardening arsenal of any landscaper.

Nevertheless, if you are not pretty keen when buying, you may end up with an inferior model that will shy off the work after a few uses.

For this reason, we recommend you to operate within the umbrella of our review for better value for your money.

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