Top 11 Best Low Voltage Transformers For Indoor And Outdoor Lighting

Low voltage transformers are electronic marvels that work by converting the regular household voltage capacity into a low voltage that is ideal for outdoor lighting systems.

As a result, you will be able to connect LED bulbs and other luminaries, which can help you improve the aesthetic value of your surroundings.

These devices come in different brands and some can even be used in aquatic environments like the poolside. Depending on the decoration that you intend to set up, you can go for an outdoor or indoor transformer.

Nevertheless, some brands serve both purposes, so it will be up to you to select the one that suits your lighting demands.

If you are new to these devices, the review list below has some of the best low voltage transformers, and it will teach you a thing or two about these gadgets.

Those who intend on making changes to their transformers will also find amazing options that many users have found to be effective.

Without further ado, let us get right to the review section.

Top 11 Low Voltage Transformers

#1 Malibu LED 200 Watt Low Voltage Transformer

Malibu LED 200 Watt Low Voltage Transformer

The low voltage transformer by Malibu C will provide you with jaw-dropping results when working on outdoor lighting systems. It only weighs 6.5 lbs. but delivers impressive results that will help you transform your lighting projects.

This device has several futuristic features that make it convenient for everyday use. You can use the on/off timer to schedule light-ups and shutdowns, while the manual override switch allows you to power up or power down the system when you want.

This equipment has a built-in heat dissipation mechanism, which regulates temperatures by releasing the excess heat to the environment. Through this, the system will remain cool, thus preventing possible heat damage and malfunctions.

Also, it has an intelligent photo-eye accessory, which triggers the on/off function depending on the time of day. As such, lights connected to this transformer will automatically go off at dawn and light up at dusk.

The large LED display allows you to have a clear view of all the am/pm settings, while the easy to use dial provides you with a hassle-free user experience. This device is compatible with all low voltage landscape lighting systems.

The operation instructions are conveniently placed to allow every user to have an easy time using this transformer. Moreover, the simple design makes it ideal for DIY outdoor lighting applications.

  • Durable plastic casing

  • Easy installation

  • Has heavy-duty power cords

  • Water-resistant enclosure

  • Not suitable for dimmers

  • Extension cords should not be used

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#2 DEWENWILS 60W Outdoor Low Voltage Transformer

DEWENWILS 60W Outdoor Low Voltage Transformer

This transformer has a built-in automatic circuit breaker, which protects the unit in case there is a short circuit or an overload. The transformer is built with a weatherproof casing that can withstand harsh conditions.

This allows it to continue working even when exposed to wet or humid weather conditions. Additionally, the transformer is dust-resistant, so the internal structures will not be affected in outdoor environments.

The memory function ensures that all user settings are stored, so the transformer will maintain the mode you were using before a power outage. This landscape power unit has a compact design, which gives it a presentable look. Moreover, it has a hanging hole, which you can use during installation.

The timer settings are made in such a way that you only need to select the time that fits your lighting needs. It provides you with timer intervals that range from 2-8 hours, which when applied, will launch an automatic shutdown after the stipulated time elapses.

This transformer uses a polarized plug that protects you from electrical shock. You can use this unit on garden lights, pathway lights, or spotlights.

With this transformer, you will be able to use your low voltage LED lamps in different situations depending on the available power source.

It is compatible with both AC and DC, so it can come in handy when there is a problem with the main electrical line. This product comes with a 3.3ft premium quality power cable that delivers a stable supply of current.

  • Wide range application

  • Lightweight design

  • Photocell sensing feature

  • Comes with a user manual

  • Not compatible with tungsten lights or incandescent

  • The memory feature is somewhat limited

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#3 Lightkiwi W9715 300 Multi-Tap Low Voltage Transformer

Lightkiwi W9715 300 Multi-Tap Low Voltage Transformer

Lightkiwi W9715 300 low voltage transformer is designed with heavy-duty stainless steel that makes it durable. The unit measures 6.4 x 6.2 x 13 inches and has a 120V AC input port. It also has a multi-tap output port design that delivers 12-15V AC.

This feature will enable you to make connections that require a longer wire run without experiencing impedance. The toroidal core will ensure that the flow of electrical current is efficient and reliable.

More to this, the transformer has a magnetic and thermal circuit breaker, which provides even more protection compared to units that rely on a single circuit security system.

This product has been tested and is ETL listed, making it a safe option for low voltage landscape lighting. It also falls among the transformers that you can use on both indoor and outdoor lighting schemes.

The fact that it operates quietly makes it possible to install the unit in any part of the house.

The door is fitted with a locking latch, which keeps the cables from sight. This not only favors the aesthetic aspect but also keeps you and other people safe from electrocution.

You can get even better service by adding a photocell sensor to the available port. The additional timer port can accommodate both digital and mechanical timers.

  • Dual protection

  • Compatible with Wi-Fi smart plug

  • 70% maximum load capacity

  • Timer and photocell not included

  • Does not run on DC

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#4 Intermatic PX300 12V 300W Transformer

Intermatic PX300 12V 300W Transformer

The Intermatic PX300 is a great option for poolside lighting systems, but you can also use it on low voltage landscape lighting. This unit can supply your underwater luminaries with 12-14 VAC, thus delivering the desired illumination.

With so many safety features in place, this equipment can power submersible lights without putting your life in danger. Furthermore, the components making up this device are of high quality and are also NEC certified.

This transformer has a built-in circuit protection feature, which disconnects the power when an overload occurs. As such, the system will always run under the right conditions, allowing you to have worry-free lighting set up.

The enclosure has a sturdy design that protects the unit from impact and aggressive environmental conditions. It delivers just the right amount of voltage that can help you change the appearance of your poolside into a wondrous scene.

The shield grounding technique has been applied to the windings to ensure that the unit operates effectively and in a safe manner.

These features give this transformer a versatile design because apart from being used in pools and outdoor gardens, it can also be applied in spa lighting.

  • Has mounting brackets for easy installation

  • Ideal for decorative lighting

  • Sturdy design

  • Generates noise during operation

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#5 John Timberland Outdoor Landscape Transformer

John Timberland Outdoor Landscape Transformer

This transformer has lamp wattage of 45W and a minimum of 5W. It has a built-in photocell, so you won’t have to add additional connections to get the dusk-to-dawn function.

In as much as it may seem small, this electrical gadget goes out of its way to ensure that your lighting projects turn out successful. It is built with a durable plastic material that can withstand the outdoor environmental pressures.

It provides you with various light settings that you can apply depending on how you intend to use your lamps. You can use the ON mode or go for the 4-8 hour timer settings to get customized lighting.

Many people find this transformer convenient due to its size. It is small, so it won’t cover a large area when installed. Additionally, it comes with a long power cord that does not restrict you when making the connections.

You can improve your landscape lighting plan by using this transformer in all your low voltage lamp connections. If you happen to be a color-conscious person, you will be glad to know that this device comes in a solid black color that goes blends well most walls.

  • Ergonomic design

  • Easy to install and operate

  • Compact build

  • Needs more setting options

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#6 VOLT 150W LED Low Voltage Transformer

VOLT 150W LED Low Voltage Transformer

The magnetic transformer from Volt has unique mechanical features that allow it to connect various lighting components. This device has a multi-tap design, which makes it ideal for both small and medium lighting projects.

The equipment delivers a stable current with the help of the powerful toroidal cores, which ensure that the system operates under optimal conditionals. The robust nature of the internal components enables you to use this unit without experiencing voltage loss.

Besides, the terminal blocks have a simple clamp-and-connect design, which makes the connection process a breeze. All you have to do is strip the wire as directed and then insert it into one of the ports.

If done correctly, you will have a steady connection that won’t drop even when several bulbs are connected. Nonetheless, you have to be careful not to exceed the maximum bulb wattage provided by the manufacturer.

This gadget comes with a water-resistant cord and a safety plug set that will provide you with an easy setup.

More to this, the unit accepts different sizes of wire and can even work with the 10-gauge. The photocell and the timer will help you automate some of the operations for a hands-free experience.

  • Built with stainless steel

  • Lockable door

  • Weatherproof

  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor connections

  • Cannot work with dimmers

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#7 Sterno Home GL33120 12V 120W Low Voltage Lighting Transformer

Sterno Home GL33120 12V 120W Low Voltage Lighting Transformer

If you are looking for a transformer with a modern design the Paradise GL33120 will satisfy all your lighting needs. Despite having several features, it has a simple user interface that allows you to tune your lights according to your preference.

The unique sunwise technological design allows this device to track the movement of the sun so that it can determine the perfect on/off time for your geographical location.

This user-friendly transformer can work with all low voltage LED light systems. It is UL certified, so all the components are in a top-class condition to offer you safe lighting.

Apart from the astronomical timer, this unit has four other modes that you can apply on different occasions. You don’t have to worry about the connections because this transformer comes with an installation guide that will inform you of what you need to do to get the right lighting outcome.

You can install multiple lights to change the appearance of your backyard or any other portion that requires illumination. The LED display will provide you with all the information you need to have full control over your bulbs.

  • Intuitive interface

  • All-weather use

  • No voltage drops

  • Versatile

  • Plastic casing

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#8 LightingWill Waterproof IP67 Low Voltage Transformer

LightingWill Waterproof IP67 Low Voltage Transformer

This low voltage lighting device has a lot of safety features that protect you and your bulbs from electrical complications. It has several intelligent protection mechanisms that will disable the system when the unit is overloaded or short-circuited.

The overcurrent protection feature ensures that the transformer conveys the right amount of current at all times. With this, the bulbs will light without blowing out and you will also be well protected from electrical shock.

The aluminum alloy casing delivers a cooling effect through heat dissipation. This equipment can convert 110V AC household voltage to a 12V DC that is safer and more practical for low voltage lighting.

The waterproof design allows this device to work in different weather conditions. When the protection features are triggered and the system shuts down, the auto-recovery will intervene by rebooting the system after the unfavorable condition has been corrected.

This transformer can be applied to different outdoor lighting projects since it can power garden lights, strip lights, landscape lights, and even LED modules.

Almost every feature in this device is automated, so you just have to apply your personalized settings and let the system handle the rest.

  • Delivers a constant voltage

  • High efficiency

  • Convenient air cooling

  • Overvoltage protection

  • None

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#9 Moonrays Electric Power Pack For Outdoor Low Voltage Lighting

Moonrays Electric Power Pack For Outdoor Low Voltage Lighting

This power control unit from Moonrays has a simple design but is very powerful when it comes to controlling outdoor lighting accessories. It has a programmable setting feature that will assist you in accomplishing all your landscape lighting goals.

Since this is a device that is designed for outdoor use, it has been built with a durable casing that weatherproof. The other advantage of using this transformer is that it comes with a long cable that you can maneuver freely when connecting the bulbs.

The photocell in this equipment will help you with the automatic power on/off, thus preventing power wastage that may occur if you forget to shut down the system.

As such, the bulbs will go off immediately the sun comes up and will also light up in the evening when the sun sets.

There are three main hourly settings that you can use depending on how long you want the bulbs to stay on. You can set the timer to operate at a range of 4, 6 or 8hours.

The settings that you apply will be effective for up to 9 hours, so you can use the unit continuously within that period through the automation feature.

This device comes with easy to install mounting hardware that allows you to set up the system within the shortest time possible.

  • Comes with an easy-to-read user manual

  • Customizable

  • Dustproof design

  • The casing should be updated

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#10 BestPro Lighting Low Voltage Weatherproof Transformer

BestPro Lighting Low Voltage Weatherproof Transformer

You can light more bulbs at a go by using this powerful low voltage transformer from BestPro Lighting. It has a total wattage of 600W and can light both LED and halogen lights.

The casing has a sturdy design that has been achieved through the use of durable stainless steel.

The enclosure is rust-resistant and is also hard enough to offer maximum protection to the core components that it houses. This keeps the unit operational even after experiencing an accidental fall.

The multi-tap mechanism allows you to make connections with longer wire runs without causing a drop in the current. This power pack has a light-sensing feature, which automates the power on and power of systems for a stress-free lighting experience.

Besides, this unit is professional-grade, so you can use it when handling projects that may require lighting on a large scale. It will provide you with enough power that will help you shed light on the venue.

Handling the photocell control system is also not complex since it only has up-and-down buttons that you can use to tune the light system according to the time of day. Alternatively, you can connect a timer if for a more personalized bulb lighting control.

  • Digital display feature

  • Has a modern design

  • Durable

  • Not suitable for submersible fixtures

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#11 AGPTEK Voltage Converter Transformer

AGPTEK Voltage Converter Transformer

The power pack from Agptek has a waterproof casing, thereby making it an ideal low voltage transformer for poolside lighting.

This unit has a power input of 100-120 V AC and an output of 12v AC – 5 A. Also, it has a compact design and is easy to install, so it can be convenient in situations that call for quick installation.

You can use this unit to power up spotlights, LED lights, coolers, and other lighting components that fall within the required wattage.

More to this, the transformer has efficient connection links that will allow you to make secure wirings. It uses a high-quality cord that supplies the required electrical current to all the bulbs connected to the circuit.

This converter can change 120V of AC power into a 12v AC, thus allowing you to connect various home appliances. You can even connect it to your water pump and atomizer.

The user manual will guide you accordingly so that you get every part of the connection process right. When it comes to endurance, this unit can take on the harshest weather conditions without breaking down.

  • Easy to transport

  • Long-lasting

  • 60 wattage

  • Does not have a timer

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many bulbs can a transformer light?

This depends on the wattage of the transformer that you are using. Some have a higher wattage, thus allowing them to accommodate more bulbs, while others can only handle a few due to low wattage. The best way to know how many bulbs can be connected to your transformer is by calculating the total wattage of all the bulbs.

For example, if you have 20 bulbs and each uses 30 watts, you can get the total wattage by simply multiplying the number of bulbs by the watts that each uses i.e. 20 x 30 = 600 watts. It is advisable to buy a transformer that has a wattage that is slightly higher than the total bulb wattage. For instance, the above example would require a transformer with 675+ wattage.

What will happen if I overload my transformer?

A majority of transformers have a safety feature, which breaks the circuit when there is an overload or a short circuit.

What does LED stand for?

It stands for Light-Emitting Diode. Most LED bulbs have semiconductors, which emit light or infrared rays when an electric current is passed through them.

Electronic or magnetic, which transformer should I go for?

This depends on the budget that you are working with. If you want a budget-friendly transformer the electrical option will do. But you have to keep in mind that electrical transformers operate with noise.

Final Verdict

By using the transformers on this list, you will have a chance to illuminate your outdoor environment and turn a place that was once dull into a bright paradise. The pieces of equipment listed above are safe, so you can use them without fretting.

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