11 Best Lug Wrenches (2024)

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Loosening or tightening lug nuts on wheels is not an easy procedure. As such, you need the help of powerful tools such as lug wrenches.

At first sight, these pieces of equipment may seem less important, but if you are a car owner who understands the complications associated with making tire changes, you will make these tools your favorite travel buddy.

However, selecting the right tool may turn into a daunting process since there are so many options to from.

For this reason, we have summed up a list with the best lug wrenches that can help you handle tire problems in a professional manner.

Top 11 Lug Wrench Reviews

#1 CARTMAN TL120404 4 sockets Telescoping Lug, Wheel Wrench

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The lug wrench from Cartman has a chrome-vanadium steel construction, which is strong and durable.

More to this, it is corrosion-resistant and is less likely to weaken over time. The handle is conveniently angled to maximize the tool’s efficiency.

This mechanical design allows you to loosen or tighten lug nuts and bolts while applying less force to the handle.

The wrench has a ½-inch drive with additional  reversible sockets measuring 17mm(11/16″), 19mm(3/4″), 21mm(13/16″), and 22mm(7/8″).

This tool has a telescopic design, which allows you to retract the handle up to 14-inches. As such, the wrench occupies minimal storage space, thereby making it an ideal option for users who have small toolboxes.

However, when fully extended, the handle can reach a maximum length of 21 inches. This car wrench is particularly useful on small and lightweight vehicles, allowing you to make quick tire changes when a tire burst occurs.

The rugged handle design provides you with maximum grip for a non-slip wrenching experience.

All the features in this wrench allow you to work smart and not hard during a tire change. You only need to pick a socket that provides a perfect fit, and you will have all the green lights to initiate the tire change.

  • Collapsible design
  • Comes with a carry bag
  • Precision-built
  • Elegant finish
  • Has a plastic handle

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#2 Powerbuilt 940559 Universal Lug Wrench

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This lug wrench has a four-way design that allows you to loosen nuts at a faster rate. It has 14-inch long arms, which provide you with a mechanical advantage when dealing with lug nuts.

Consequently, you will be able to take out even the most stubborn nuts without putting in much struggle.

This wrench comes with built-in sockets, so you won’t have trouble attaching the sockets to the drive.

You can use this tool on 11/16 inch (17-millimeter), 3/4 inch (19-millimeter), 13/16 inch (21-millimeter), 7/8 inch (22-millimeter) lug nuts.

Since the tool only weighs 3.5lbs, it allows you to work without straining your arms. This lug wrench can help you tighten or loosen bolts in various construction jobs and can as well come handy when replacing tires on SUVs, vans, and pick-up trucks.

The carbon steel design gives this wrench the tensile strength that is required to handle heavy-duty tasks. Furthermore, the wrench is chrome plated, making it even stronger and more attractive.

This product meets ANSI standards, making it a safe option for all tire changes. It will dramatically improve how you handle tire issues by reducing the time spent in loosening a tire.

It also delivers equal results when tightening, thus preventing the tires from coming off when you are on the road. This will not only keep you safe but also protects other road users from potential harm.

  • Fully polished
  • Easy to use
  • Offers good leverage
  • Versatile design
  • Take up a lot of storage space

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#3 Gorilla Automotive 1721 Telescoping Power Wrench

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The 21-inch telescoping lug wrench from Gorilla Automotive is built to withstand anything that you throw at it.

As a matter of fact, the manufacturers boost that this wrench delivers 200% more torque than the standard-grade lug wrenches. This will enable you to untighten lug nuts at commendable speeds.

The handle is telescopic, so you can retract or expand it to suit the situation that you are in. If you want to achieve maximum torque, you can consider applying the full expansion length.

Like the Gorilla, this wrench is super strong, making it the perfect replacement for your wrench that just broke.

It gets its strength from the hardened steel that is used in the construction, so you can use it with full confidence knowing that it will never break apart.

That being said, this is a lug wrench that you can depend on to the fullest extent when you find yourself in trying situations on the road.

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This item is built with utmost precision to ensure that the energy you apply on the handle does not go to waste.

The sockets included in the package also share the same tensile strength and offer a good grip to 17mm, 19mm, 21mm, and 23mm lug nuts.

As such, the sockets won’t slide off provided that the nut has the recommended diameter.

During storage, you can collapse the frame, so that the wrench takes only a small space. This product comes with a polybag that can help you during storage.

  • Compact design
  • Comes with four sockets
  • Precision-built sockets
  • Grooved handle for maximum grip
  • Likely to over tighten lug nuts if too much force is applied when the handle is at 21-inches

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#4 OEMTOOLS 20561 Lug NutWrench

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This wrench is equipped with 6-point sockets, which are compatible with SAE and metric lug nuts. The sockets have a diameter of 11/ 16” (17mm), 3/4” (19mm), 13/16” (21mm), and 7/8” (22mm), allowing you to use this tool on a wide range of vehicles.

The four arms have a durable cross weld design at the center that allows you to use as much force as you want. This feature enables you to apply a 2-handed torque when dealing with extremely tight lug nuts.

The heat-treated carbon steel used in designing this tool makes it durable. Furthermore, the outer layer is powder-coated to prevent rust and corrosion. These qualities allow this wrench to remain operational for a longer time.

If given proper care and maintenance, it can provide you with many years of roadside service. The sockets are designed in such a way that they cannot cause rounded corners on older nuts.

This lug wrench provides you with more leverage, so you won’t have to push yourself too hard when loosening bolts and nuts. The shape allows it to focus all the force on the socket that is currently in use.

  • Optimal Efficiency
  • Hi-Vis coated
  • Versatile Applications
  • Lightweight
  • Not easy to store

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#5 WORKPRO Telescoping Lug Wrench

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This wrench has a textured handle that provides you with comfort when torquing. Additionally, you will have a good grip when tightening or loosening lug nuts. It has a ½-inch dive head, which can accommodate all universal sockets in the market.

More to this, it comes with a set of sockets that will give you a head start when you buy this tool. You will find the 11/16″, 3/4″, 13/16″, and 7/8″ lug nut sockets in the package.

The handle allows you to customize the torque that is applied through a telescopic movement. As such, you can set the wrench at maximum length to make the work easier.

The handle covers a wide area, so you can use both hands to deliver even more power.

When it comes durability, this lug wrench is built with chrome-plated heavy-duty steel that is resistant to corrosive agents. It has a sleek silverfish finish, which gives it a luxurious look.

This lug wrench has been tested and also complies with the safety standards set for handheld tools.

The sockets are thin-walled, so they will fit the lug nuts without slipping off when in use. The other advantage of using these sockets is that they are heavily built, so they won’t wear out easily.

  • Sturdy construction
  • Grooved handle design
  • Allows you to use other socket brands
  • Easy storage
  • Plastic handle

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#6 CARTMAN 16″ Universal Anti-Slip Cross Wrench, Lug Wrench

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The first thing that you will notice with this lug wrench is the anti-slip design on the handle. Unlike other lug wrenches in its class, the Cartman 16-inch wrench has all the four arms covered with a rugged material that allows you to torque without losing your grip.

The handles have an eye-catching blue color that will catch your attention immediately. To add to this, the wrench has a tough construction that is chrome-inspired.

Still, on toughness and durability, the welding at the center is reinforced with extra protection that ensures the arms are held in place regardless of the force applied. This feature makes this lug wrench more reliable than most welded designs.

The sockets have deep cavities that allow them to hold nuts firmly during operation. All four sockets have size markings that allow you to identify the right socket for the job.

This lug wrench is ideal for RVs, light trucks, cars, vans, and SUVs. With this tool, you will no longer have to spend hours when handling a tire change.

The arms have just the right length that will provide you with maximum leverage, thus lessening the mechanical force applied.

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#7 GTE Tools – LugStrong 26″ Universal Compact Lug Wrench Set

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The LugStrong 26″ wrench has a unique design that allows you to speed up the tire changing process by increasing the torque. When set on full power mode, the wrench adopts a 90-degree angle, which makes it more efficient and powerful.

If used correctly, you will get yourself back on the road in no time. The material used in making this lug wrench is lightweight, so you will have an easy time loosening nuts.

Despite being light, the steel is ultra-strong and rust-proof. This lug wrench has several built-in standard sockets such as the 17mm, 19mm, and 21mm.

Moreover, this unit has an additional ½-inch adaptor that can help you attach any other socket that you may need when you experience a tire problem.

Having this lug wrench will save you a lot of time and can also make you someone’s hero in the process if you come across a stranded road user who needs a tire change.

The center mounting allows you to personalize how you use the lug wrench because you can switch the position of the center lever to suit your wrenching needs.

Since this tool is not welded, you can take it apart during storage. Furthermore, it comes with a high-quality storage bag that will help you during transport.

  • Double duty build
  • Ideal for heavy-duty tasks
  • All parts fit perfectly into each other
  • Versatile
  • None

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#8 TEKTON 5975 20-Inch 4-Way Lug Wrench

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You can break loose even the tightest lug nuts using the TEKTON 5975. It has a welded-cross design, which allows you to use both hands for maximum torque. The arms are well balanced and are designed to transmit an equal amount of force to all the sockets.

One thing about the sockets is that they are built to hold onto the flat surfaces of lug nuts and not the corners. This design is more convenient since it does not cause round-offs.

Additionally, the hexagonal design applied on the sockets provides you with maximum grip on the nuts for a slip-free experience.

This tool is has a sturdy steel construction that allows it to maximize pressure without bending or breaking.

The sockets have different sizes, thus allowing you to this wrench on a variety of nuts. And the socket sizes are as follows 3/4, 13/16, 7/8 in., and 19 mm.

You can save yourself a lot of time by adding this tool to your repair kit. This lug wrench has a versatile design that allows you to use it on different categories of vehicles.

You don’t have to worry about the center weld since it is made with your safety in mind.

  • Offers snugly fit
  • Classic chrome finish
  • Stamped sockets for easy identification
  • Durable
  • Requires a lot of storage space
  • The arms are thin

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#9 Powerbuilt 642284 Billy Club Heavy Duty Universal Lug Wrench

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This Powerbuilt 642284 lug wrench has a patent-pending design that makes tire changing easier and faster. When breaking tightly placed lug nuts, you can set the wrench in an L-position to achieve the maximum mechanical advantage.

This allows you to increase the torque by up to 60%. The sockets are double-sided and can fit different sizes of lug nuts, making this tool a convenient option when dealing with cars and other light vehicles.

The socket extension will give you an added advantage when changing tires as it allows you to reach the deeply seated lug nuts.

This feature has been added because some vehicles have deep nut compartments, thus making it difficult for some lug wrenches to loosen the nuts.

The handles are designed to act as a storage unit for the sockets, so everything that you need will be at arm’s reach.

After breaking a tight lug nut, you can slide the drive head to the center to get a quick spin-off.

The procedure is effortless, so you can do this using just one hand. This lug wrench will allow you to change tires 20% faster than the usual time.

  • Built from hardened steel
  • Compact design
  • Does not occupy much storage space
  • Handles are made of plastic

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#10 XERGUR 23″ Universal Extended Lug Wrench

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The lug wrench by Xergur is not only telescopic but also detachable. As such, it will give you a stress-free experience during storage. This tool is made of super durable chrome-vanadium steel, which is known to surpass the test of time.

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It is corrosion resistant and will remain rust-free throughout the entire period that you will use the tool. This will save you from making frequent wrench replacements that often come at a high cost.

You can increase the leverage by assembling the wrench in a T-type orientation. On the other hand, the X-type design will assist in loosening the nuts much faster after unlocking the tight phase.

If you combine these applications, no lug nut or bolt will stand in your way the next time you will be changing tires. More to this, the wrench comes with a bag that offers the tool even more protection when it is in storage.

If you are in a hurry, you can expand the handle to 23-inches to get 2X more torque.

The sockets are conveniently shaped to administer every bit of force that you apply to the lug notion terms of size, the two-sided sockets provide you with 17mm (11/16″), 19mm (3/4″), 21mm (13/16″), and 23mm lug nut fits.

  • Comfortable grip handle
  • Flexible design
  • Premium quality
  • Heavy-duty
  • None

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#11 ARES 70092-4-Way Sliding Lug Wrench

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The ARES 70092 is far from what you would expect from a lug wrench. It has a unique button design that allows you to switch the arms in different positions, thereby enabling you to get more leverage when torque is applied.

With a single push, you can adjust the tool in four directions or collapse it for storage. The surfaces are smoothed to ensure that the arms slide with ease when making these changes.

This tool comes with 17mm, 19mm, and 21mm built-in sockets with an extra ½-inch drive adapter that will help you attach your favorite socket.

When fully collapsed, this lug wrench only takes 15 3/4 inches of your storage space, allowing you to save up room for other tools.

It can easily fit into the trunk of your car, so you will always be prepared in case you experience a problem with your wheels.

All adjustments will provide you with the right angle of inclination that will help you double the power that is applied. Through this, you will spend less time and energy when tightening or loosening lug nuts.

You can save yourself from a ton of roadside problems by giving this innovative design a try. It is not as heavy, so you will have a good time switching your tires at any time of the day.

  • Has a quick change arm design
  • Effective and efficient
  • Convenient slide design
  • Wide range application
  • Some users may find it hard making the adjustments

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are most lug wrenches designed with Chromium-vanadium steel?

As the name suggests, this type of steel is made of two main metal alloys, chromium, and vanadium. These compounds improve the mechanical properties of lug wrenches by improving tensile strength, thus preventing unnecessary breakage or bending.

What is the best way to break a tight lug nut?

The first step is to ensure that you have a perfect and secure fit. After that, you need to turn the lug wrench in a counter-clockwise direction until the nut loosens. Also, you need to place the wrench in a position that will allow you to use the least amount of force.

How can I prevent lug nuts from rounding?

Lug nuts are prone to wear out after repeated use, but at times they can wear out prematurely if a wrong socket is used. You can avoid this by double-checking the size of your lug nuts before using a new wrench. This will protect the nuts and will also keep you safe from injuries since most people get hand injuries when the wrench slips during a tire change.

Can I drive without one lug nut?

As a safety precaution, you have to ensure that the wheel is properly tightened using all the nuts, so at no time are you allowed to operate the vehicle while missing critical tire components. Not even a single lug nut.

Final Verdict

Getting stranded by the roadside because of a tire burst can be quite stressful if you lack the right tools.

However, with the lug wrenches provided on this list, you can be sure that tire changing will never be a hard task for you.

These tools will help you unlock or lock the tire to the wheel mechanism in flash.

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