11 Best Lumbar Support For Cars (2024)

If you spend most of the time on the road, especially in your car, you stand the risk of developing a back-related condition. Even the most sumptuous cars may not provide the proper support our backs need to stay healthy. That’s why every car driver needs to invest in a decent lumbar support cushion.

A lumbar support cushion is a car accessory specially designed to improve the driver’s posture when behind the wheel. This essential item aligns the spine right from the base to the neck region, reducing the chances of developing back pain.

For those already suffering from back pain, lumbar support for the car goes a long way to offer pain relief when driving. Now, how well this accessory is going to prevent or provide relief to back pain highly depends on the model you choose. Here are some of the top 11 lumbar support for cars.

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11 Best Lumbar Support For Cars

#1 Everlasting Comfort Lumbar Support Pillow

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Even driving for an hour a day translates to hundreds of hours behind the wheel every year. That’s a lot of time driving, right? Well, that’s why a lumbar support pillow is a must-have for every driver, whether doing long-distance or short-distance drives.

As you think of buying lumbar support for your car, the first suggestion we have for you is from Everlasting. This unit is meticulously designed to provide you premium comfort and posture for the healthiest back.

The universal contoured structure means you can position it anywhere on the car seat depending on your needs. After you identify the ideal spot, the two durably-constructed adjustable straps will hold it firmly in place for a driving experience like no other.

Other than keeping you comfortable when driving, this pillow will also work well with your office chair. In other words, it’s very versatile and will also accommodate other uses such as an office chair, wheelchair, airplane, and other areas.

The 3D mesh cover is breathable for optimal air circulation. Hence, when using this cushion, expect your back to remain dry and cool even when riding in the scorching sun of the summer.

  • It is a multi-purpose accessory.
  • The mesh is breathable.
  • It has two adjustable straps.
  • It may be a little large for some chairs.

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#2 ComfiLife BD3860 Lumbar Support Back Pillow

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Whether you are driving or pulling an all-nighter in your office or home, the level of comfort can affect your productivity. Boost your performance on the road and office by getting this back pillow.

The shape and design of the ComfiLife BD3860 promote natural posture, keeping you comfortable all through. The proper alignment of your spine prevents backache to keep you healthy and happy.

This essential car accessory uses materials of the highest quality. The high-density memory foam retains its level of comfort for years. Also, this material responds well to heat by getting softer when it’s hot and firmer when chilly for optimal comfort at all times.

Like the predecessor, this lumbar support cushion has a breathable non-irritative 3D mesh. This fabric ensures dry and cool back when temperatures soar. The ventilative cover comes out readily when it’s cleaning time, making maintenance a breeze.

Additionally, this lumbar support cushioned is conveniently sized for maximum compatibility. Therefore, no matter the size of your chair, there are high chances that this accessory will fit perfectly. The elastic strap provides a way to hold it in place so that you can concentrate on what’s most important.

  • The cover is removable.
  • The size is nice.
  • The buckles of the strap are easy to undo.
  • It only has one strap although it does the job.

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#3 Feagar 206-0-cushion Lumbar Support Pillow

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When buying a support pillow for your car seat, pay attention to the material you choose. Some models out there have cheap construction that loses shape after a few days or weeks.

Now, this product by Feagar is of top-grade memory foam. This material is not only thick but also highly resilient. Therefore, no matter the weight and the temperature you subject it to, it will retain its original shape for many days.

The contoured structure of this backrest pillow works well anywhere along the back of your car seat. The design also gives it the much-needed versatility, making it a nice addition to your office chair, couch, wheelchair, recliner, and more.

The high-strength straps provide a sure way to keep the cushion in place. That means with this cushion, you will focus more on the road and not on the seat. The extra-long design of the straps lets you buy knowing that the cushion will fit on any sized chair.

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The mesh cover is breathable and has velvet. Also, the cushion cover of this option has a zipper to make it easy to remove. And since it’s hand and machine washable, you will find it a cinch to maintain in tip-top condition.

  • The straps are extra-long.
  • It retains its shape for a long time.
  • The zipper operates smoothly.
  • It may come with a slight smell that goes away with time.

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#4 FORTEM FRTM-17-15-LS Lumbar Support

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Whether you want it for your car seat, office chair, wheelchair, recliner, or any other area, this lumbar support cushion brings comfort wherever you take it. Although it’s long-lasting, this product adopts a lightweight design for easy portability.

The ergonomic design provides ideal support, ensuring comfort to the tired backs and relief to those aching. The contoured shape of the accessory indicates that it doesn’t come with a specific use in mind. Hence, you can place it anywhere you need it the most.

In fact, other than attaching to your chair, this premium-grade piece will serve incredibly well when utilizing it as footrest for swollen legs. The excellent stitching ensures long-lasting use no matter where you use it.

The 3D mesh cover is of top-quality. Additionally, it is highly breathable for optimal air at your back for the utmost comfort during the harsh sun of the summer. Summer trips have just gotten better!

Other than the construction of the main unit and the cover, the quality of all the other components is also at par. I mean, this lumbar support cushion features a heavy-duty zipper and high-quality buckles. That means we don’t expect any part of the pillow to fail any time soon.

  • The slip-resistant dots at the bottom keeps it in place.
  • The straps are adjustable.
  • The breathability is nice.
  • It doesn’t compress quickly in cold weather.

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#5 Dreamer SYNCHKG099419 Car Lumbar Support

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Lumbar pain is a very common condition, especially among adults that spend most time driving or sitting in the office. That’s why a lumbar support cushion is a nice accessory for everyone who wants to keep their overall health up to par.

This cushion features upgrade memory foam. This construction holds up to pressure very well and will remain comfy even during cold days. Hence, with this piece, expect to get all-year-round comfort.

The ergonomic streamline design targets at providing full back support. I mean, unlike the standard options that provide support either for the lower back, middle back, or upper back, the shape and size of this accessory address all these needs all at once.

The two adjustable straps are strategically-positioned to keep it exactly where you want it. The first strap is at the upper side wraps the headrest while the other is at the base. Therefore, this piece will remain incredibly tight without moving an inch once you secure it in place.

The quality of the cushion cover is impressive for long-lasting performance. The material of the cover supports vacuuming, making it easy to maintain clean. The cover will also come out easily for further cleaning when you need it.

  • The positioning of the straps is strategic.
  • It provides full back support.
  • It’s very comfy.
  • It would be better if the upper strap wasn’t stretchy.

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#6 U-Are Products LLC SYNCHKG107941 Memory Foam Seat Cushion

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Even with the most comfortable lumbar support pillow, if the seat cushion of your car isn’t comfortable, expect to experience other forms of discomfort when driving. But not again with this piece!

This pick arrives as a set. It includes a seat cushion, lumbar support, and a rainproof cover. Therefore, with this seat cushion combo, you should feel like you are sitting on the clouds no matter how poorly designed and uncomfortable your seat feels.

The design of this combo works well for providing relief from aching back, pregnancy back pain, tailbone injuries, hip discomfort, and other conditions that worsen with poor sitting posture.

The seat cushion is 100% memory foam. Therefore, it will handle weight and heat very well. That said, if you are looking to better your sitting experience, here comes one of the reliable options worth buying.

The adjustable lumbar support has heat disbursement gel. The breathable construction alongside the ventilated mesh will keep your back from getting too hot or sweaty when driving on a sunny and hot day.

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#7 Mkicesky Lumbar Support Pillow for Chair

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Although the price is a little higher than that of the competitors, at times it’s worth paying a few more bucks for better quality, especially when talking about products that have an impact on our health.

The pillow is of 100% memory foam that won’t become flat after using it for a very long time. Thus, if you spent so much time on the road or sitting in the office, this pillow is among the few options that will stand up to regular heavy use.

The thoughtful design of the piece allows you to position it anywhere along the back of a car seat or office chair. The stretchy strap lets you secure it around just about any chair whether in your car, office or at home.

While the heavy-duty strap alone is enough to keep it in place, the bottom side of this pillow is non-slip. This design increases the friction between it and the seat, eliminating even the minimal movements when driving.

The durable pillowcase has fantastic breathability for comfort in any weather condition. Furthermore, the polyester fiber is hypoallergenic. That said, we are safe to argue that this odorless unit will keep both your back and skin healthy!

  • It doesn’t grow flat easily.
  • It is odorless.
  • The polyester is hypoallergenic.
  • It will cost you a few more dollars.

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#8 Plixio Memory Foam Seat Cushion and Lumbar Back Support Pillow

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The next product on the list arrives as a set. Here, you are getting a lumbar support pillow and a matching cushion seat. And like any other set, you will pay a price that is slightly higher than that of a single piece.

The U-shaped design of the back pillow keeps the spine aligned properly when driving or working in the office. Thus, if you are suffering from chronic pain, either from a car accident, surgery, arthritis, pregnancy, or any other cause, you should experience relief and better comfort.

The back cushion boasts two durably-constructed straps that hold the support pillow in the exact spot you want it. The straps are also very stretchy, so the set will fit on chairs of different sizes.

The detachable buckles enhance the convenience and maximize the compatibility of the back pillow. You can attach it to wheelchairs, airplane seats, bus seats, and just about any other chair that doesn’t provide good lumbar support.

Finally, we like that both the two pieces come with a durable cover. The cover has a great thickness to add to the level of comfort. And since all the covers are removable and machine washable, keeping the set clean always is easy.

  • It is simple to secure on the seat.
  • The memory foam retains shape.
  • It helps in some back discomfort.
  • The seat cushion is a tad thick so it may take time to get used to it.

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#9 Bangled Car Lumbar Support

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Whether it’s in your car, office, airplane, bus, or at home, maintaining the right posture when sitting is good for your health. Unfortunately, not many seats can provide the type of support your back needs to stay healthy and trouble-free.

With that in mind, the design of the Bangled car lumbar support will keep your back properly aligned when sitting. This piece works by relieving pressure from the lower back, spine, and other problematic areas.

Unlike some thick pieces that may not provide proper ventilation when temperatures rise, this lumbar support for car utilizes a double breathable mesh design. The unique design promotes optimal airflow to keep you cool and comfortable during the toughest days of the summer.

The edge of this back pillow is of a thick steel bar. The sturdy construction ensures that the unit maintains its shape for a very long time. Hence, no matter your weight, this lumbar support pillow will not deform with time.

The adjustable belt gives you an easy time when attaching it to your seat. The buckle is heavy-duty and will stand up to rough handling. Finally, since it falls in the low-end variety, this pillow is a fantastic option for those under a tight budget.

  • The steel frame retains shape.
  • It’s very affordable.
  • The mesh design is cute.
  • It doesn’t allow for plenty of adjustments.

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#10 RELAX SUPPORT RS1 Back Support Pillow

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If you have used several lumbar support pillows, you might have noticed that some feel a bit hard while others are super soft that they can’t hold up your weight well. Now, this piece has just the right amount of rigidity for exceptional user experience.

The size and the design of the pillow give the user just the right amount of support without being too bulky or too small for the back. Hence, expect it to provide support in just the right area.

Additionally, this pillow is very well made for long-lasting performance. The memory foam is of the highest grade for unsurpassed performance. That said, you can buy it with confidence that you are getting superb quality in exchange for your money.

The cotton material used for the cover is also of the highest quality. And since it is breathable, this cover will wick away moisture and sweat so that you remain cool and dry during the hottest days.

The unique Steadfastgrip strap technology brings wider straps to secure it in place better than most members of the competition. Thus, if you want a comfortable lumbar support pillow that won’t need constant readjustments, you won’t go wrong here.

  • It feels soft to the touch.
  • The straps are extra-wide.
  • The size is spot-on for most applications.
  • It’s not the perfect option if you want more back coverage.

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#11 GeMoor Lumbar Support for Car and Office Chair

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This lumbar support of the car works well for people of nearly all sizes. You can position it at the bottom, medium, or upper part along the back of your car’s seat depending on where you feel you want it most.

The ventilated cover of the cushion provides superior air circulation, keeping you comfortable even when conditions get extreme. The cover comes out readily for cleaning and is machine washable.

One of the features that most car drivers and office staff like about this option is that it comes with two adjustable straps. The two belts hold it tighter against the seat to prevent it from sliding down no matter where you position it.

The high-density memory foam of this chair is very durable and responds well to pressure and temperature. The waist-embracing design feels very comfortable and provides perfect support to the waist.

With all that said, it’s clear that this option packs almost everything you desire in a product of it’s kind. Surprisingly, even with fantastic performance, this option falls in the category of low-end products.

  • The stretchy buckle renders installation easy.
  • The waist-embracing design is nice.
  • It is machine washable.
  • It doesn’t work perfectly for very short people.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does lumbar support do in a car?

Lumbar support is simply a car accessory for improving posture when sitting. It aligns the back appropriately to the likelihood of back pain.

Where should your lumbar support be?

Although most lumbar support pillows will fit anywhere on the chair, these back cushions are specially for the lumbar. In other words, the original idea was for them to fit right in the area just above the beltline.

How do you sit in a car to prevent back pain?

Although most people tend to recline their car seat backward, experts suggest that the perfect position to curb back pain is tilting the seat forward. Making use of a lumbar support pillow may also go a long way to prevent backache.

What makes a good lumbar support for cars?

A good lumbar support pillow needs to keep the ears, shoulders, and pelvis in alignment. It shouldn’t feel overly bulky or too thin. Also, it should be breathable, comfortable, adjustable, easy to maintain, and of high-quality materials.

Does lumbar support provide relief for back pain?

It depends on the model you choose. If the lumbar pillow you select suits your condition the best, expect to get better and better as you use it. However, if it doesn’t, you may not notice any improvement.

Final Verdict

Although they don’t cost as much, the role that lumbar support for car plays is simply invaluable.

That’s why it’s not wise to skimp on one at the expense of quality. The model you select will define your sitting comfort and productivity to a large extent.

With that said, it will be wise to operate within our coverage since all our options aren’t likely to disappoint.

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