11 Best Magnetic Screen Doors (2024)

Even before we usher in the summer, as a visionary and responsible homeowner, you should already be thinking about ways of keeping your home cool when temperatures hit their crescendo.

Investing in a good cooling system is a nice idea; however, you should be prepared to pay a bundle for running it all summer.

Keeping the doors and windows open during the day is a great way to let the cool summer breeze blow into your interior space. Nevertheless, it may also serve as an invitation to dust, mosquitoes, and other nasty insects. And yes, this is where magnetic screen doors come in.

These special screens let in cool air during the summer when effectively blocking insects and dust from finding their way in. Unfortunately, not all screen doors are reliable. For this reason, we saw it helpful to review the 11 best magnetic screen doors for you!

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Top 11 Magnetic Screen Doors

#1 Apalus Magnetic Screen Door (36″x83″)

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Don’t let mosquitoes and bugs disturb the peaceful atmosphere of your interior this summer. This magnetic screen door from Apalus blocks insects when simultaneously letting the much-needed cool air.

The unit measures 36″ by 83″, making it an excellent option for doors that are 36″ by 82″. Most users like how easily it installs without the need for nails, screws, and other installation accessories.

The screen is of premium-grade mesh for impressive durability. In fact, the seams of this curtain are sewn and not heat-sealed like those of most members of the competition. This feature contributes further to its longevity.

The mesh fabric is also soft to touch and is machine washable for hassle-free maintenance. I mean, for the busy homeowners that can’t accommodate washing in their tight schedules, Apalus Magnetic Screen Door should work perfectly for them.

The mesh door pulls apart when you walk through it without producing the scratching barking that alerts the pests. After passing, the 28 magnets of the door seal it back immediately: the little flying creatures stand no chance!

Main Features:

  • It measures 36″ x 82″.
  • It has 28 magnets that seal it back immediately.
  • It features mesh fabric construction.
  • It does not require any tools to install.

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#2 Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door (38 x 82) Inches

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This screen door netting comes with reliability and durability in mind. It has more thread count than most members of the competition, making it one of the most long-lasting options you will ever get in the market.

It is 38″ wide and 82” long and works with just about any standard-size door whether exterior or interior. The middle seam is strategically positioned for more convenient opening and closing.

The mesh curtain opens effortlessly by just walking through and uses 26 magnets to close seamlessly immediately you pass to lock all the unwanted insects out. The effortless opening also works for four-legged friends. Hence, this screen door will be a nice purchase for pet lovers.

The insect blocker arrives with an installation kit so it should be at the door within minutes after arriving. Although installation is straightforward, the kit includes an installation tutorial to eliminate any guesswork and ensure that you get the value that the manufacturer had intended for you.

After the summer, this screen door comes out easily and folds quickly for convenient storage until the next summer.

Main features:

  • It arrives with an installation kit.
  • It is foldable and retractable.
  • The middle seam is purposefully positioned.
  • It measures 38″ x 82″

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#3 Sentry Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door

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When buying a magnetic screen door, you don’t just need something that will keep bugs at bay but also something that creates an appealing look at the entry. And yes, this unit comes in 5 stylish colors to hinder insects when still advancing the beauty of your space.

Our option comes in a widely compatible size of 36″ by 83 although you can also get it in other 9 sizes depending on the measurements of your door. It works on front doors, French doors, exterior back doors, and other doors.

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Sentry Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door utilizes the 60g polyester material. This construction outlasts the conventional 30g polyester, making the screen door among the most long-lasting versions in the market.

The 26 high-energy magnets of this screen door are also 65% more powerful than those of most competing models, ensuring that your door closes immediately and tighter after you pass.

Most customers also delight in the reinforced edges and the high-quality hoop and loop fasteners since they prevent bugs from finding their way in through the sides.

Main Features:

  • It is of 60g polyester.
  • It is available in 5 stylish colors.
  • There are 5 sizes available for selection.
  • The 26 magnets are 65% more powerful.

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#4 AUGO Magnetic Screen Door

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AUGO Magnetic Screen Door is also another great product that will keep your interior space cool when blocking bugs from finding their way in. It adopts premium polyester material that stands the test of time even when serving in high-traffic doors.

The unit measures 38 inches wide and 83 inches long. In other words, this door will work perfectly with standard-size doors. It goes with your interior/exterior doors, sliding doors, and just about any other door around your home.

The magnets run throughout the entire length of the door for a quicker and stronger seal. The window opens effortlessly by just walking into it and will also let pets and kids access your interior space.

Augo Magnetic Screen Door also installs easily using the provided Velcro-like strips. And in case you need extra security, the kit includes pins for additional strength. For those installing it for their first time, the installation instructions are also provided to avoid any guesswork.

Main Features:

  • The magnets run through the entire length of the unit.
  • It has very great compatibility.
  • The kit contains pins for added security.
  • The polyester fabric offers greater breathability.

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#5 innotree Upgraded Magnetic Screen Door

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This screen is designed for doors that are 82 inches long by 39 inches wide. It comes in two available options; black and white which interact smoothly with most decors whether serving at interior doors or exterior entries.

Unlike the majority of competing models that have about 26 magnets, innotree 2019 Upgraded Magnetic Screen Door features 32 magnets that are evenly distributed across its entire length.

The additional magnets ensure that the door closes twice or even thrice faster than other options after letting you through to eliminate even the slimmest chances of insects sneaking in as you pass.

The high-quality polyester is long-lasting and has smaller grids to deny the chance of entry even to the smallest magnetic screen doors. The screen arrives with an installation kit and a comprehensive instructional manual for quick and hassle-free setup for the first-timers.

The provided pins hold it more stably in position for more effective hindrance. After the summer or when you need to remove the screen door temporarily, the hook and loop allow for quick removal.

Main Features:

  • It boasts 32 evenly-distributed magnets.
  • It closes twice or thrice faster.
  • It has smaller grids for more effective bug prevention.
  • It comes in universal black and white colors.

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#6 MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door (64 x 80)

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With over 15 sizes available for this option, you won’t miss the perfect option for your door. Our very option is 64 inches wide and 80 inches long and comes in a beautiful gray color that dovetails with different styles of decors.

It makes use of commercial-grade fiberglass material and excellent craftsmanship. For this reason, you can count on the curtain to serve you for several summers to come.

Its hook and loop hasp design prevents it from being blown away by the wind. I mean, unlike the conventional models that let insects when the wind blows, this unit has a windproof sticker hasp for an effective hindrance in all conditions.

Like the other models, it opens immediately you walk through it and closes instantly to keep your space free from insects. The pet-friendly design allows your furry buddies to move in and out of your space as they please when still maintaining a tight seal after every access using the strong magnets running from top to bottom at the middle of the screen.

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The user manual makes installation a breeze so expect it to be right at your door and working in no time. When it’s offseason, this insect blocker will come down readily for easy storage until the next summer.

Main Features:

  • It has a windproof design.
  • There are 15 sizes for selection.
  • The gray color integrates with most decors.
  • It adopts a pet-friendly design.

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#7 Homearda Magnetic Screen Door Fiberglass

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Also making use of fiberglass material, this magnetic screen door should give you several summers of peaceful and bug-free space. This is because fiberglass construction outlasts polyester even when employed in high-traffic areas.

Homearda Magnetic Screen Door works ideally for doors that are 36 inches long and 82 inches. Nevertheless, if you have a slightly narrower door, you can still get one with a smaller width of 34 inches but the same length.

The extra-gravity sticks at the bottom make the screen windproof to ensure that insects are not blown into your space. This feature makes the screen a great option for use in exterior doors.

The 26 advanced magnets are extra powerful for quicker operation without slamming. By doing this, this fiberglass magnetic screen door minimizes the chances of insects finding their way when it opens to let you or your furry friends in or out.

Main Features:

  • The magnets are advanced and extra-powerful.
  • It is available in 2 sizes.
  • It has extra-gravity sticks.
  • The edges are reinforced for long-lasting performance.

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#8 Homitt [Upgraded Version] Magnetic Screen Door

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Hommit Magnetic Screen Door is also another great option that comes with your four-legged friends in mind. The pet-friendly design opens readily for your cat and dog so they won’t have to claw.

And since it opens automatically by simply walking through it, you will like its convenience level, especially when you have to make several trips in and out of the house with all your hands full.

The curtain arrives with 8 pieces of gravity sticks that prevent it from being blown by the wind. The reliable hook and loop secure the unit in place with zero chances of falling off.

The 26 pieces of magnets positioned from top to bottom at the middle of the screen restores the mesh door quickly after passing to a closed state for more reliable bug prevention.

The reinforcement line at the top middle of the door prevents the unit from tearing as with other models after use. The package contains the screen door, a roll of hook and loop, and push pins for additional stability.

Main Features:

  • It has a reinforcement line in the middle of the top.
  • The weights at the bottom make it windproof.
  • The material allows proper airflow.
  • It is durable and pet-friendly.

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#9 Joyday Magnetic Screen Door with Heavy Duty Mesh Curtain

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With this heavy-duty unit, you won’t experience any mosquito bite even when you leave the door wide open all day during the summer. You won’t either incur even a penny on insect repellents this coming summer!

The design of this mesh curtain hinders even the smallest insects from sneaking into your space, giving you that peaceful and well-ventilated space you have always wanted for your home during the hot summer days.

The exceptional craftsmanship and the upgraded materials guarantee a unit that will work for several summers to come. The strength fiber and the higher thread count makes it 1.5X more durable than the standard options.

The curtain is 39 inches wide and 83 inches long. For this reason, the high-quality option will work well for doors that measure up to 37 inches wide and 82 inches wide. When summer is gone, this retractable unit rolls up easily for storage.

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Main features:

  • It is 1.5X more durable than most competing models.
  • It is a multi-functional curtain.
  • It installs and comes out easily.
  • It makes use of a frameless design.

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#10 Homitt Magnetic Screen Door with Heavy Duty Mesh Curtain

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This magnetic door is 39 inches by 83 inches and will all door sizes up to 37 inches by 82 inches. Nevertheless, in case this isn’t the ideal size for your door, two more size varieties are available for selection.

The curtain boasts impressive light transmittance that keeps your interior space well lit. Also, Homitt Magnetic Screen Door has high-strength construction with very dense grids to bring a long-lasting solution for the pesky flying insects.

But even with the dense threading, this magnetic screen door permits air to pass through to create an undisturbed yet very well ventilated interior environment for you and your family.

The built-in extra gravity sticks at the bottom of the mesh curtain indicate that this amazing mesh curtain is designed to remain in place even when the wind blows. Hence, you can always count on it to keep your space free from bugs no matter the conditions.

Most homeowners like Homitt’s unique full frame hook and loop design since it holds the curtain more stably in position. The built-in magnetic points along the seam running at the center open the door for you and your pet automatically and seamlessly seals back instantly.

Main Features:

  • It has good light transmittance.
  • It has very dense grids to block even the tiniest flying elements.
  • The magnetic strip has very powerful magnetic properties.
  • It offers good ventilation.

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#11 iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door, Full Frame Seal

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Finally on the lost comes iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door. This option also effectively locks out insects, dust, and other elements when simultaneously allowing the summer breeze to blow into your space to create a cool and undisturbed internal environment for you and your beloveds.

The mesh door is compatible with doors that are up to 34 inches wide and 82 inches high. For this reason, it’s wise to get the correct measurements for your door before placing your order.

The reinforced edges have sewn-in powerful magnets that open the door automatically and close it tightly without leaving any gaps.

The simple design makes installation a piece of cake while the killer video tutorial means that you will get it installed right in your very first time.

Main Features:

  • The video tutorial provides an installation guide.
  • It has very good compatibility.
  • It is a multi-functional screen door.
  • The heavy-duty construction is tear-proof.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is a magnetic screen door?

A magnetic door is normally a mesh curtain designed to seal the door from insects when allowing air to flow into your inside space. The materials, color, and shape may differ depending on the manufacturer.

Are magnetic screen doors any good?

Yes. A magnetic door is a smart way of keeping your interior space well aerated when preventing dust, insects, and other elements from finding their way in.

What makes a good magnetic screen door?

When buying a magnetic mesh curtain, consider the size, threading density, quality of the materials, color, number of magnetic spots, and the ability to withstand wind.

Fiberglass vs. Polyester, which is better?

The two materials are very impressive when it comes to durability and breathability. However, fiberglass mesh screens are normally more long-lasting than those made from polyester.

Which magnetic screen door should I buy?

If you are intending to buy a screen door, we recommend that you try one of our options. We have tested all these screen doors and they do exactly what they claim


A screen door will save your money, peace, and health come summer. They are a nice grab for homeowners who want to minimize cooling costs in the summer without sacrificing the serenity of their space. Just pick one from our review and you won’t regret it!

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