Top 10 Best Manometers (2024)

A manometer is an instrument used for measuring gas pressure. Manometers are either open or mercury/oil manometers. Open manometers are mainly used for measuring gas pressure based on the atmospheric pressure.

On the other hand, mercury/oil manometers are used for measuring gas pressure based on the height of the mercury/oil in the manometer tubing.

The tubing of a monometer is U-shaped with markings that indicate the gas pressure. While all manometers are used to measure gas pressure, they’re available in different types. Thus, before buying a manometer, it’s important to know whether the kind of a manometer you’re choosing will serve the intended purpose.

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to review the best manometers available today to assist you in choosing a reliable and efficient option. By choosing a manometer from our reviews, you can rest assured that you’re making the right choice for the best results and value for your money. Read on for a review of the top 10 manometers.

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Top 10 Manometers

#1. Hti-Xintai Bluetooth Digital Manometer

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The Hti-Xintai Bluetooth Digital Manometer is one of the most innovative manometers available today. It’s a differential type of manometer with technologically enhanced features for more efficiency and usability.

The manometer comes with Bluetooth technology that makes is possible to read the recorded measurements on a mobile application. Its Bluetooth feature works on both Android and iPhone smartphones. This makes the device more user-friendly.

This manometer boats of being extremely portable. It’s a digital-based manometer that measures 6.5 by 1.5 by 0.87 inches. Its small-sized design makes it effortless to carry around. It uses just a single button for operating it. You can easily control it with one hand.

Another top feature of this manometer is versatility. It can measure 11 different units of measurements. It measures differential pressure and gauge in a range of +/- 2 psi. It has a high resolution gauge of 0.001 psi.

You can use this manometer to measure static pressure, volume flow, and air flow. Thus, it ideal for use when working with medical equipment, gas appliances, laboratory testing, air conditioners, and pneumatic controls among other such equipment.

The manometer comes with an LCD screen that makes it easier to read the measurements. The display has backlights that make it possible to read the measurements even in a dark area. It also comes with an automatic power off feature that shuts it off after 15 minutes when idle to prolong its battery life.

  • Working temperature of 0 to 40 degrees Celsius
  • Storage temperature of between -10 to 60 degrees Celsius
  • Comes with four alkaline batteries
  • Lacks minimum, maximum, and average measurement recordings

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#2. RISEPRO Digital Air Pressure Meter Manometer

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This manometer from RISEPRO is made for both professional and personal use. It can measure differential pressure and gauge in the range of +/- 13.79 kPa, +/-2 psi and +/-55.4 H20. It has an accuracy rate of +/- 0.3 percent when used in its maximum capacity. Moreover, it resists up to 10 psi. The manometer is suitable for use in the HVAC industry, gas appliances, lab testing, pneumatic controls, and more.

The manometer comes with 11 different selectable units and scales. You can use the UNITS button on the manometer to switch between the different units of measurement. It also comes with offset and zero adjust functionalities. It also have a Data Hold functionality. In case there is an out of range measurement, the device will give an error code.

Another top feature of this manometer is its large LCD display. Its large size will allow you to see the measurements clearly. Besides, the LCD display has a backlight such that you can clearly see the displayed measurements when working in a poorly lit area.

The manometer also boasts of having minimum, maximum, and average functionalities in combination with the corresponding timestamps. It also comes with an automatic power off feature to shut it off when idle. You can disable the feature in case you’re working with the device constantly for a prolonged period.

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#3. TEKCOPLUS Digital Handheld Manometer

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The TEKCOPLUS manometer is specially designed for measuring differential pressure or the pressure from a single pipe. This makes it ideal for use in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry. You can use it to test 11 different units, making it more usable for most pressure measuring needs.

The manometer has a pressure range of +/- 2 psi and an accuracy of +/- 0.3 percent FSO. Additionally, it has a repeatability of +/- 0.2 percent FSO on the minimum and +/- 0.5 percent FSO on the maximum. Its linearity is rated at +/- 0.29 percent FSO.

Additionally, the manometer has a response time of 0.5 seconds. It also has over-range (Hi) and under-range indicators (Lo). It boasts of having a wide operating temperate range of between 0 to 50 degrees Celsius and a storage temperature range of between -10 to 60 degrees Celsius.

It’s also worth noting that the manometer comes with 5 different buttons for enhanced operation. These control buttons include a power button, UNITS button, HOLD button, DIF button, and REC button. The manometer also comes with a wide LCD screen that is backlit for enhanced reading of the measurements.

  • Low battery display
  • Automatic power off function
  • Digital measurements
  • The plastic enclosure is not very sturdy

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#4. Hti-Xintai Digital Manometer

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This digital manometer is yet another great manometer from Hti-Xintai. It’s specially designed for professional use based on its numerous functionalities. For instance, it has a Zero function that makes it possible to offset a measurement.

It’s ideal for use when troubleshooting or servicing refrigeration or air condition systems. You can use it to measure gas pressure, burner pressure, manifold pressure, and draft. Besides, its support for dual input makes it possible to take measurements of pressure drops across cooling coils, filters, supply/return registers, and heat exchangers.

Its 5/16 inches pressure pots fit well in most gas valves. Thus, you won’t have to invest in extra accessories and adapters. It also comes with a flexible silicone tubing measuring ¼ inches in diameter and 19 inches in length.

The manometer measures a pressure range of +/- 13.79 kPa, +/- 2 psi, and +/- 55.4 H20. It has an accuracy rate of 0.001 psi. Besides, it features 11 selectable measurements units for versatility. You can select the unit of measurement you want using the UNITS button on the device. Its LCD screen displays large figures and has a backlight for enhanced reading.

  • Auto power off and data hold functions
  • Low battery indicator
  • Multiple applications
  • The negative and positive ports are not labelled

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#5. UEi Test Differential Manometer

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This differential manometer from UEi Test is designed as an efficient and time-saving instrument for measuring pressure. It’s ideal for measuring draft pressure and gas supply pressure in both residential and commercial premises.

The manometer comes with innovative features that make it convenient when measuring pressure drops. It features dual inputs and is capable of measuring up to +/- 40 inches H20 gauge. It’s able to measure pressure in PSI, Pa, In-WG, and mBar. The manometer can capture both Min/Max values.

The manometer has a rugged fitting around it that makes it possible to hold it tightly without slipping off your hand. Thus, you’ll be able to make more accurate measurements. The manometer comes with a flexible tube that makes it easier to connect it to the pressure source.

It has a backlit display that displays different measurements clearly. It also comes with ZERO, HOLD, and SCALE functionalities. It also has an automatic power off mechanism that assists in prolonging the battery life. You can as well turn the backlight on/off as needed. Additionally, the terminal ports are marked to assist in making connections quickly and accurately when taking differential measurements.

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#6. PerfectPrime AR1890 Professional Digital Air Pressure Meter & Manometer

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We considered this manometer from PerfectPrime based on its efficiency and accuracy in measuring gas pressure. It takes gas pressure measurements in the range of +/- 13.79 kPa, +/- 2 psi, and +/- 55.4 H20. The manometer comes with 11 selectable units and scales. It has an accuracy of +/- 0.3 percent in full scale.

It comes with offset and zero adjust functions that makes it more usable. It also features a data hold functionality and error codes for indicating when it’s out of range. The manometer also features AVG/MIN/MAX values with time stamps.

The manometer has a large LCD screen for displaying different measurement values. It also features a low power indication to alert you when the battery is about run out. It also has an auto power off functionality that can turned off just in case you want it to remain turned on constantly.

The manometer has a working temperature range of 0 to 55 degrees Celsius and a storage condition of -1 to 60 degrees Celsius. Additionally, the manometer comes with two pairs of flexible tubes that make it easier to connect the terminals to pressure sources.

  • Comes with a soft pouch for easier portability
  • Comes with an 1/8 inch barb access fitting
  • An instruction manual is provided
  • You need to buy a battery separately

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#7. Dwyer Series Mark II 25 Molded Plastic Manometer

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The Dwyer Series Mark II 25 is one of the best manometers available today. It’s designed as an inclined-vertical manometer that is ideal for taking different gas pressure measurements. It comes with a red gauge fluid that is freeze-proof and with a low evaporation rate, making it ideal for taking gas pressure measurements in extremely cold environments.

You can mount the manometer on a vertical surface. It uses an inbuilt spirit level that makes it easier to level the manometer for more accurate measurements. The fluid is sealed in place by a leak-proof O-ring. It also has an overflow tank that prevents fluid loss. The manometer comes with an inbuilt zero level. It’s able to take pressure measurements below and above atmospheric pressure.

The glass vial is wear-resistant for enhanced longevity. Besides, the manometer has a durable housing. The scales are printed on an aluminum surface for easier reading and are coated with epoxy that keep them protected against wear.

  • Ideal for taking both differential and single pressure types
  • Has an accuracy of +/- 3 percent full scale
  • Can work at a maximum temperature of 60 degrees Celsius
  • The negative scale is limited to measurements not less than -.05

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#8. Gain Express Professional Digital Manometer

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Gain Express has designed this manometer for both professional and home use. It’s portable and handheld for easier handling. It has a pressure range of +/-2 psi, with an accuracy of +/-0.3% FSO. Its repeatability is +/- 0.2 percent FSO minimum and +/-0.5 percent FSO maximum. Additionally, it has a hysteresis/linearity of +/-0.29 percent FSO.

It has an extremely fast response time of 0.5 seconds. You’ll be able to take measurements fast enough without a lot of waiting time. Additionally, it comes with 11 selectable measurement units and has functionalities for recording maximum, minimum, and average readings.

The manometer also comes with data compensation, offset, and zeroing functionalities. You can view the measurement readings on its large display screen. The screen features a backlight functionality for enhanced views in a dark environment.

It comes with two flexible tubes that makes it easier to connect it to most pressure sources. Their flexibility makes it easier to connect the manometer to even the most hidden pressure sources. It’s ideal for taking air pressure measurements for both differential pressure and single pipe pressure.

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#9. Dwyer Series 475 Mark III Handheld Digital Manometer

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This Dwyer Series 475 Mark III manometer is yet another great instrument for measuring gas pressure. It comes with the most important features required in most gas pressure applications. You can use it for taking differential, negative, and positive pressure measurements.

It boasts of having an accuracy of +/- 0.5 percent full scale at a temperature range of 60 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit and an accuracy of +/- 1.5 percent full scale at a temperature range of 78 to 104 and 32 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

The manometer is ideal for monitoring and troubleshooting air conditioner systems, performing field calibration, room inspections, monitoring air velocity, and testing or repairing gas appliance lines among other applications. Besides, it’s approved for use in hazardous locations.

  • Durable aluminum casing
  • Four-digit LCD screen with backlight
  • Auto power shutoff
  • The backlights cannot be turned off

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#10. Testo Differential Manometer

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Testo is one of the most renowned manufacturers of test and measurement instruments. Its differential manometer is also worth your consideration. The manometer is pocket-sized for enhanced portability. It’s ideal for measuring differential pressure, external static pressure, manifold pressure, and duct velocity among other types of gas pressure.

This manometer comes with an LCD display with bright backlights for viewing measurements in poorly lit environments. It has a magnetic rear that allows for hand-free usage when placed on a metallic surface. Moreover, it has 10 different measurement units for versatility.

The manometer has an operating temperature range of between 32 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Its storage temperature is between -40 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover it has fast measuring rate of 0.5 seconds.

  • It comes with two tubes, a wrist strap, and belt pouch
  • Versatile applications
  • Long battery life
  • It’s quite pricey

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a manometer?

A manometer is an instrument used for measuring the pressure of a gas.

How does a manometer work?

A manometer comprises of a U-shaped glass tubing. A typical manometer has one end left open to the atmosphere and contains mercury or oil at the bottom. The other side of the tubing contains the gas whose pressure is to be measured. Once the gas being measured is added, that side is sealed to trap the gas.

The liquid mercury or oil at the bottom will remain on the same level at both sides of the tubing if the gas has the same pressure as the atmospheric pressure. If the gas exerts more pressure on the mercury/oil, the mercury/oil will rise in height and the pressure of the gas is thereby calculated.

What are the different types of manometers available today?

The most common types of manometers include a U-tube manometer, a simple manometer, an inverted U-tube manometer, a differential U-tube manometer, and an inclined manometer.

What’s the working principle of a manometer?

A manometer works using the principle of hydrostatic equilibrium, whereby a manometer works by measuring the static pressure exerted by a gas.

Why is mercury preferred in manometers?

Mercury has low length, high density, low freezing point, and doesn’t evaporate. This makes it ideal for use in manometers.

Final Words

A manometer is a must-have instrument for anyone who deals with gas lines, refrigeration systems, air conditioners, ventilation systems, and medical equipment among other appliances or equipment that have anything to do with pressurized gas.

A manometer will assist you in ensuring that you’re working with the right pressure for the safety of gas appliances and equipment.

However, you need to choose a reliable and efficient manometer to get more accurate measurements. Luckily for you, we’ve reviewed and ranked the top manometers available today for your convenience.

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