Top 15 Best Measuring Wheels (2023)

Do you pursue a career that entails taking plenty of measurements?

If you do, the kind of tool you use has to be accurate and easier to engage. Moreover, it also ought to be capable of ‘moving with you’ as that is the only way you will measure larger areas with ease.

We welcome you to try out the measuring wheels.

As its name implies, this is a measuring instrument which moves around as it takes the various metrics.

It hence gives you the opportunity to demarcate larger areas and dimensions effortlessly yet accurately.

We have sampled some of the best measuring wheels for your consideration hereunder.

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15 Best Measuring Wheels

#1: Zozen Measuring Wheel 0-9,999 Ft


Many wheels are never accurate in the sense that their functioning is compromised by the environment they find themselves in. For your own accuracy, we ask that you try this one out. It is more apt to deliver the accuracy you need in the first instant.

Built-in Kickstand

It does come along with a built-in kickstand. This one provides the support you need to rest the item approximately when not in use. In this way, it aids with easier handling and storage.

Patented Gear Transmission

To move the wheels around for the sake of taking the measurements, this equipment relies on a patented gear transmission mechanism. This one makes for the highest accuracy of the measurements taken as well as added strength.

Smooth Wheels

The wheels on which it runs are smooth indeed. They roll about easily and also last longer courtesy of heavy-duty quality construction. You, therefore, get to enjoy some unprecedented performances while engaging it.

  • Highly versatile to allow for smooth handling

  • Measures many kinds of items and places

  • Light enough to move around with ease

  • The handle is smooth and ergonomic

  • Accords tighter grip when handled

  • Demands heavy muscle power to engage

  • Quite bulky and in need of too much storage space

  • Develops friction and heat too soon

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#2: Scuddles Collapsible Measuring Wheel


Are you a quantity surveyor who badly wants to generate the most accurate measurements possible? Look to this measuring wheel as your inspiration. It does have the ability to measure up to 10,000 feet comfortably.

12-inch Diameter Wheels

The wheels of this measuring instrument are what makes it stand apart from the others. Unlike those of your ordinary measuring gears, the wheels of this one is a whopping 12 inches in diameter. This yields more accurate measurements.

Compact Fold-down

This equipment also folds over and above being compact in size. Courtesy of its folding mechanism, it reduces the size you would need to store it. Also, it allows for smooth and easier transportation out and about the desired area.

Ergonomic Grip

Those points of contact between the wheel and your hands are designed in such a way as to deliver tight grip indeed. You will hardly sustain blisters and other forms of injuries even when you use it for too long.

  • Comes about in a lightweight yet durable design

  • Protects your wrists from all forms of injuries

  • Particularly reliable on uneven terrains

  • Yields highly accurate measurement outcomes

  • Its smooth wheels roll about easily

  • Only for those with the necessary skill

  • Unsuitable for general home use

  • Costs a lot to come by

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#3: Komelon ML1212 Meter-Man Measuring Wheel

Komelon ML1212

Lack of the necessary muscle power yet would want to enjoy your measurements? We bring to your attention this wonderful piece of measuring equipment. It is light in weight yet durable enough to handle many incidences of use.

Telescoping Handle

Its telescoping handle comes in among the list of the many awesome features it brings along. Courtesy of this handle, you will be able to reach areas that are largely inaccessible and out of reach of many.

Strong Wheels

The wheels in which this gadget runs are strong and very reliable indeed. This stems from the corrosion-resistant ABS material construction. Expect them hence not to let you down in times of use.

5-digit Counter

A 5-digit counter also forms a part of this wonderful equipment. Thanks to this counter, you will be able to enjoy readings which reach the 10,000 feet mark. It eliminates any form of ambiguity thanks to the digital markings.

  • Large and stable wheels expedite the movements

  • Adjustable twist and lock handle allows for easy movements

  • The wheels are Polyvinyl treaded for improved traction

  • A magnifying lens greatly improves the gadget’s readability

  • Operable smoothly, simply, and easily

  • Lacks many other vital features

  • May not deliver reliable readings in the long run

  • Easily damaged by harsh impacts

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#4: Keson RRT12 Measuring Wheel

Keson RRT12

Many measuring wheels are susceptible to the risks of fidgeting and external impacts. If and when these arise, their readings are compromised. To stem these tides, you have to choose one which is very resilient like this one.

Gear Shaft-driven Counter

Its measuring tasks are achievable through a gear shaft-driven counter. This one rests above the wheel and plays the role of discharging the reading outcomes. It is on the whole more accurate than the many alternatives out there.

Excellent Braking Mechanism

It does possess an excellent braking mechanism. This mechanism is highly responsive and will stop instantly as soon as it is engaged. In this way, it will not endanger you in any way in the course of taking measurements.

Collapsing Hinges

Some collapsing hinges exist on the wheel. When placed in the extended position, it guarantees your own safety and wellbeing. This is due to the fact that it disconnects rather than breaks when overlooked.

  • Delivers the measuring outcomes faster and easily

  • Better balanced to prevent any falls or fidgeting

  • Does not bend over or fall off when engaged

  • Resets to guarantee long-term accurate measurements

  • Will not lift when engaged

  • Slightly clumsy to handle around

  • Calls for too much care and maintenance

  • Demands too much attention from you

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#5: TR Industrial 88016 FX Series Measuring Wheel

TR Industrial 88016

Are you a career surveyor or land dealer? If you are, you have to place your bet on an instrument that is optimized to work in many environments. This is the one to look up to. It does deliver robust performances in many environments.

Reliable Accuracy

On the whole, this item delivers truly reliable accuracy of measurements. When manufactured, it is tested for accuracy across so many surfaces. This means you have the peace of mind to tackle the many surfaces you have in mind.

Easy To Use

Compared to many of its peers, this equipment is very easy to use. All its controls and measuring apparatus are optimized for ease of use. Its measuring dial is particularly large and clearly legible.

True Convenience

This measuring wheel gives you some fair degree of convenience to engage. It lets you decide how, when, and in which ways you might want to make use of it. Chances of becoming too bored or injured are hence suppressed.

  • Handles collapse to take up limited space

  • A rest button allows you to set the counter afresh

  • Comes along with a carrying bag for your convenience of transportation

  • Built with the utmost care and attention

  • Made of durable and high-quality parts

  • Unsuitable for starters

  • Requires some time to observe and comprehend

  • Care and maintenance are both expensive

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#6: CST/Berger Rolatape 32-400 Measuring Wheel

CST/Berger Rolatape 32-400

Heavy construction and other tough jobs are ordinarily stressful. They are also risky and easily pose some damage to your equipment. You have to choose one that is similarly tough and resilient like this one for such tasks.

All-steel Constructing

In its entirety, this machine is made using the steel material. The material is ordinarily tough and resilient to all forms of possible damages. It is this one that gives the device the strength to take on those strenuous environments.

4-foot Wheel

The circumference of the measuring wheel is an impressive 4 feet. This one is sufficient to let you rotate the wheel faster and take more accurate measurements with ease. Have we also added that it makes the task lighter?

Consistent Measuring Increments

By all accounts, the device manages some consistent measuring increments of around 1 foot. You will thus find it a good companion for matters surveys and other associated issues.

  • Handles many kinds of applications

  • Yields higher returns on investments

  • Stays true to its character for a long time

  • Costs less to repair and maintain

  • Less predisposed to the risks of corrosion

  • Too tough to handle and manage

  • May injure you if handled recklessly

  • Quite cumbersome to engage

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#7: Crescent Lufkin Dual Measuring Wheel – PSMW28CL

Crescent Lufkin

Want to mark out the wet grass and other slippery terrains? Choose a measuring wheel that stays true to its character regardless of the prevailing external conditions. This is the one to choose as it does not slip excessively.

Gear-based Measuring System

Unlike other measuring wheels, this one makes use of the gear-based measuring system to do the job. It is hence more accurate than many other alternative forms. Moreover, it also lasts longer on the whole.

Longer Shaft

The shaft of the wheel is longer than those of most competitors. It measures the impressive 41 inches to let you reach those otherwise inaccessible areas with relative ease. This also brings about some added comfort on your part.

Sturdy Enough

By all accounts, this wheel is sturdy enough to give you the comfort you need to work well. Courtesy of its sturdiness, the wheel also allows you to impact areas that would otherwise take some toll on you to handle.

  • More accurate than the traditional belt style counters

  • Pretty nice and simpler to handle

  • Tested for performance and reliability

  • Works well on wet grass

  • Does not slip off unnecessarily

  • Not so useful in dry areas

  • Highly susceptible to injuries

  • Requires that you keep a watchful eye all the times

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#8: Calculated Industries 6540 Wheel Master

Calculated Industries 6540

Have you never attempted to measure before? This is the device to use for your measurements. It is simpler enough and will not take a toll on you to use and engage. Moreover, it still delivers the normal purposes with ease.

Center-line Design

A center-line design exists to strike a balance between accuracy and balance. You simply maintain some watchful eye in such a manner that you get the outcomes you so yearn for. This leads to better measuring output too.

Pistol Grip

When handled, the appliance gives off pistol grip. This, in turn, yields ergonomic comfort which spares your hands from blisters and other associated injuries. You will be able to use it longer without sustaining any dangers.

Folds to Half Size

One last aspect of this device is that it folds to half its size. In this way, it lets you store and carry around conveniently and hassle-free. What’s more? The wheels, when folded, fits your standard backpack case smoothly.

  • Simpler to make do with

  • Delivers truly accurate measuring outcomes

  • Resets to allow for continued use and applications

  • Works smoothly in rough terrains

  • Lighter and easier to carry around

  • Unsuitable for complex chores

  • Does not accept any upgrades

  • It becomes too obsolete too soon!

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#9: DuraWheel DW-PRO Distance Measuring Wheel

DuraWheel DW-PRO

Are you a career surveyor or contractor? This is the measuring wheel we would recommend that you choose to work with. It is primarily designed for heavy-duty professional uses and applications.

Oval Tube Frame

Unlike the frames of the other wheels, the ones for this wheel are ovular in shape rather than cylindrical. It is subsequently more stable and easier to offer you some added peace of mind when in use.

Wide-stance Kickstand

Its kickstand is also wider than those of the ordinary measuring wheels. With this added width, expect the equipment to stay more stable and very resilient when compared to the other counterparts.

Embedded Counter Reset

A counter reset comes embedded into the system. The reset plays the role of re-adjusting the measuring apparatus to let it count and measure consistently in the long run.

  • Reliable for use over longer distances

  • Performs optimally on rougher surfaces

  • Handles professional applications well

  • Comes to a halt promptly courtesy of the powerful trigger brakes

  • Secures tightly in position

  • Calls for too great expertise to handle and engage

  • Demands excess attention and operational procedures

  • Poor back-end customer service regime

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#10: AdirPro – Digital Distance Measuring Wheel


Want a measuring wheel for your home? Well, you need not look for any that is too strenuous and complicated. Instead, just search and make use of this one. It will certainly do a good job for you.

High-quality Construction

The machine features some high-quality construction indeed. It does comprise a plastic molded wheel which gives off for long-lasting strength and use. With this construction, be sure to enjoy long-lasting outcomes.

Telescoping Handle

Its handle is longer and more reliable to use as it is telescoping. When stretched, the handle reaches to 44 inches while it manages 27 inches when collapsed. This arrangement allows you to access those areas that are largely hidden from view.

Study Kickstand

Lastly comes the sturdy kickstand. The kickstand gives you the leeway to place the wheels securely to allow for easier retrieval and use later on. In this way, the wheels stay safe and less injurious to you.

  • Resists water and dust

  • Provides added convenience

  • Gives off mixed measurements

  • Handles multiple applications

  • Usable both in the indoor and outdoor environments

  • May not handle professional applications

  • Requires many accessories to operationalize

  • Highly prone to corrosion and damages

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#11: Estink Distance Wheel

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Preparing to measure larger fields from afar off? The equipment you use has to be designed to allow for just that. With a telescoping and folding handle, no other equipment is as suited for the role as this one.

High Precision

All factors considered, this device is highly precise. It does come along with a digital counting device and some big screen. These two deliver more legible readings and guarantee you higher accuracy measurement outcomes.

Thermoplastic Rubber Construction

The thermoplastic rubber material is employed extensively to make this equipment. Thanks to this construction, the equipment lasts longer, resists wear and hardly deforms even when subjected to the harshest impacts.

Anti-slip Wheels

Its wheels are not left out of the action either because they are strong and very reliable indeed. Even when the conditions are too slippery and cold, you may count on the gadget to retain its desired levels of performance.

  • Perfect for use by many kinds of professionals

  • The equipment withstands heavy impacts and use

  • Delivers highly precise measuring outcomes

  • Tackles the land, pavements, and roads well

  • Resists wear to call for limited maintenance

  • Too large to handle with ease

  • Does not fold to take up limited space

  • Quite inconvenient to handle and carry around

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#12: Aain TM007Y Collapsible Measuring Wheel

Aain TM007Y

Want to mark out some uneven terrains? You have this measuring wheels for your consideration. With wheels that measure a whopping 12 inches in diameter, none is as suited for the job as it.

6-digit Counter

To relay to you the measurement readings, the wheels make use of a 6-digit counter. This one delivers readings through to the 9,999 feet. Being digital, it sees to it that you do not suffer any ambiguities.

Pistol-type Handle

The handle comes in the form of a pistol. It also bears some enhanced grip which adds to the comfort and reliability of handling. This goes a long way in ensuring that you stay ahead of the pack while taking readings.

High-traction PU Tire

Lastly, the tires come in the form of some high-traction polyurethane construction. They are strong enough to deliver to you the performance you need in the vast 176 °F/ -40°F temperature range.

  • Its handles give off some comfort and controls

  • The kickstand allows for easier storage and handling

  • Multipurpose in that it lets you tackle other chores in the meantime

  • Folds to allow for smooth storage and transportation

  • Gives off truly accurate measurements

  • Too superfluous for even terrains

  • Requires complex operational procedures

  • When damaged, restoration might not be a walk in the park

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#13: MILWAUKEE Measuring Wheel


Looking for an instrument for regular and prolonged applications? This is the one you have been looking for. It is very strong and resilient to the various agents of damages. Count on it to serve you long.

Reinforced Frames and Folding Joints

Its frames and folding joints are both reinforced for added strength and endurance. They draw these two from the Aluminum construction which also gives them some lightness.

Exceedingly Tough

By all accounts, this wheels ae exceedingly tough. They are subsequently capable of withstanding the roughest job site conditions. This also makes them require limited spates of repairs and maintenance.

Pivot Points

Some pivot points exist on these wheels. They basically allow for the folding of the wheels when not in use. These pivots do fold faster than those of the competing measuring instruments of this kind.

  • Folds faster than many other wheels

  • Tough enough to withstand any harsh impacts

  • Delivers reliable and consistent measuring undertakings

  • Lighter to carry around owing to the Aluminum construction

  • Requires limited storage space

  • Sustains dirt and grime easily

  • Gets jammed so soon so often

  • Calls for in-depth attention from you

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#14: Bon 11-175 Diameter Steel Well Wheel

Bon 11-175

Some measurement jobs require that you use a very heavy and tough measuring wheel. This is because such areas are difficult to ply and may not be easier to confront using the ordinary set of measuring wheels. We invite you to try this 200-pound capacity wheel.

Heavy-duty Reinforced

The manufacturer of this measuring wheel goes beyond merely constructing it appropriately. It also reinforces all the joints, latches, and other vital components. Expect the wheels to take you farther for longer.

All-steel Construction

Only the steel material has been used to make the wheels up. Thanks to this construction, the machine lasts longer and achieves feats that are beyond the scope of the ordinary measuring apparatus.

Grey Iron Construction

Lastly comes the grey iron construction. Iron is stronger than many other metals. The construction hence gives the machine added strength and durability which other peers can only dream of.

  • By all means vital for the hoisting jobs

  • Comes ready for deployment

  • Endures the test of time

  • Highly resilient to the risks of fidgeting

  • Costs less to care for and maintain

  • Quite weighty to stow around

  • Calls for huge muscle power to engage

  • Predisposes you to the risks of fatigue

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#15: Channellock Measuring Wheel

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Could it be that you change locations every now and then? If you do, the kind of measuring wheel you use has to be light enough to allow for smooth travels and transportation. This is the one to set your eyes on.

Fitted Reset Switch

A reset switch is fitted on the system. The system exists to ward off the entry of debris, dirt, sand, and other adverse issues into the housing of the measuring wheels. In this way, they increase the lifespan of the wheels altogether.

5-digit Counter

At its core is a 5-digit counter which displays the measurements out to you. So accurate is the counter that it manages to give off up to 10,000 feet measurements with accuracies of +/- 1″ at 100 feet.

Folding Handle

The folding handle wraps up the awesome features of this equipment. It does comprise some two sections which release and retract too fast. They are the ones that make your experience smoother and awesome.

  • Gives off some ergonomic comfort grips

  • The dual-spring kickstand allows for smooth storage

  • Its wheels are large enough to measure faster and more accurate

  • Lasts longer than most wheels

  • Light enough to carry about with ease

  • Potentially carcinogenic

  • Easily falls apart under its own weight

  • Takes some time to set up and use

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How accurate is a measuring wheel?

A measuring wheel is strictly speaking not a measuring instrument. As such, it is not as accurate as the other real instruments are. This notwithstanding, you should expect an accuracy of no less than +/- .2 %. The actual accuracy varies though from make to make.

Q2. What is a measuring wheel used for?

It is used to take measurements of larger areas like farms, vast pieces of land, roads, and infrastructural projects. These are installations that are too large for the tapes and other ordinary measuring instruments.

Q3. What can you measure with a trundle wheel?

You may measure medium-sized installations like land, dams, ponds, and small size pieces of land. That is because its wheel circumference is precisely 1 meter. Thus, one revolution of the wheel denotes a length of only 1 meter.

Q4. Who invented the measuring wheel?

John Metcalf is largely credited with the invention of the wheel. This supposedly happened in the 18th century. He was blind yet needed to make accurate measurements. Since he could not utilize the measuring tapes, he had no choice but to rely on a measuring wheel.

Q5. What are the other names of a measuring wheel?

These are the trundle wheel, waywiser, hodometer, click wheel, surveyor’s wheel, and perambulator. Regardless of how the gadget is called, it delivers more or less similar outcomes across the board.

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