11 Best Mechanical Pencils (2023)

The marketplace has many brands of mechanical pencils, and you might pick a model with poor build quality unknowingly. Without useful information, people look for cool, and sleek designs that don’t guarantee high quality.

While mechanical pencils are versatile, you need an in-depth review to make the right decisions. Usually, mechanical pencils models have different designs. Some modern designs include push-buttons and side-click mechanisms that extend built-in leads. Unlike luxury goods, many mechanical pencils are affordable.

Engineers, technicians, architects, and artists use these stationeries to design and illustrate their ideas. However, this buying guide goes beyond the simple applications of mechanical pencils. It analyzes specifications like the lead’s hardness, density, clarity, and other indicators.

Without testing these pencil products, you might never know the type that writes well. However, the best mechanical pencils can be identified with several factors. It’s important to buy a set of mechanical pencils that prevent fatigue during drawing and writing assignments.

Another impressive feature is the ease of retracting the pencil’s tip. Sometimes pencils that are not impact-resistant fail to retract their lead tips. When you experience this condition, replacing them might be inevitable. This fault might leave you with the right solution, but it’s not a cost-effective way of using mechanical pencils.

Many brands of mechanical pencils in this buying guide have solid lead guidance sleeves. Without these components, the lead of your pencil will be prone to regular breakages. It will be difficult to apply the right lead grades with defective pencil tips.

However, you will enjoy more benefits by using mechanical pencils with caps (covers) that contain erasers. Instead of looking for a regular eraser, it’s quicker to use built-in erasers without disrupting the flow of your writing tasks. To choose out the right mechanical pencil for any task, Go through our handpicked list:

BIC Xtra-Smooth Mechanical Pencil, Medium Point...
  • One 40-count pack of BIC Xtra-Smooth Number 2 Mechanical Pencils With Erasers

11 Best Mechanical Pencils

#1. Uni Kuru Toga Advance Mechanical Pencil With Lead Set

Uni Kuru Toga

Silver and gun-metallic models of Uni Kuru Toga mechanical pencils are ideal for technical writing projects. This advanced model is an improved version of the old Uni pencils. Also, this model has a lead rotating technology and a sturdy metal clip.

Apart from the clip, the casing is a plastic material with a sliding sleeve. Kuru Toga Advance mechanical pencil comes with a tapered 0.5mm lead tip that maintains its thinness and density. While the core is sharp, the rotating system works when you write with a mechanical pencil.

  • A variety of nice colors

  • An 0.5mm lead for clean lines, and rulers

  • A solid guidance sleeve

  • Unlike the Roulette mechanical pencil with metal construction, Kuru Toga Advance pencil has a weak plastic body.

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#2. BIC 24-Piece 0.7 mm Medium Point Xtra-Sparkle Mechanical Pencil

BIC 24-Piece 0.7 mm

You don’t need to sharpen the 24-piece BIC Xtra-Sparkle mechanical pencils before enjoying your writing tasks. Instead, these smooth-writing mechanical pencils have 0.7mm leads (medium point) that create thin lines on clean sheets.

With a variety of fun colors, the barrel of this stationery is its customizable feature. It would be easy to spot your BIC pencil in any cluttered space. Also, mechanical pencils with eye-catching barrels and click-to-advance lead mechanisms are reliable for technical writing and drawing projects.

If you want to make your work desk sparkle with colorful stationery, have fun BIC 24-Piece mechanical pencils.

  • Smudge-free lead that erases easily

  • A range of options with 24 fun colors

  • BIC promotes the use of eco-friendly materials

  • Easy-to-use refillable and retractable design

  • These pencils have plastic tip-caps that are not solid like screw-on types.

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#3. Pentel 0.7mm Twist-Erase III Automatic Pencil

Pentel 0.7mm

Do you want pencil leads with a consistent density that offers crisp, and dark lines? With twist mechanism and Jumbo eraser refills, Pentel mechanical pencils offer dependable tools for graphic designers and the draughtsman.

This set of automatic pencils come with medium point (0.7 mm) leads. It’s a demonstration of innovation and quality graphite lead products.

Pentel Twist-Erase mechanical pencils have assorted barrel designs. Also, you will enjoy the comfort of holding mechanical pencils with soft latex-free housings during long periods of writing assignments.

Don’t worry about lead breakages when you write with this product. There’s a built-in protective tip for the lead material.

  • The Pencil with Jumbo eraser

  • Hi-Polymer and factory-sharp HB lead

  • The nibs allows for precision and control

  • Unlike other sets of mechanical pencils with at least six pieces, this product only comes in a set of two mechanical pencils.

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#4. Pentel GraphGear 1000 Refillable Color-Coded Mechanical Pencil

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Mechanical pencils with HB lead tips are favorites in terms of clear dark lines. This Pentel Pentel GraphGear 1000 has Hi-polymer HB lead that makes fine sketches.

It’s a superior design because you will not need to sharpen the lead regularly. Apart from the 0.3mm size, available options include 0.5mm, 0.9mm, and 0.7mm. Color-coded sizes of Pentel refillable pencils come with dual-action retractor mechanisms.

With each color, you can choose any size of lead that matches your task. These graphite lead tips are strong and their lines are easy to erase. Additionally, the metallic barrels of these pencils are well-chiseled and decorated with latex-free pads.

  • It comes with lead hardness indicator and Z2-1 eraser

  • Available in four lead sizes

  • Latex-free pads enhance grip comfort

  • The pocket clip on this mechanical pencil is overwrought, and it sticks with fabric materials easily.

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#5. Arteza Refillable HB Mechanical Pencil Pack With 0.7mm Medium Point Lead

Arteza Refillable HB

If you enjoy jotting and sketching, the ARTEZA refillable mechanical pencil is the right product. It comes with a soft-padded and lightweight plastic barrel with a side-click button. This broad-profile barrel is stackable and fits the inner spaces of backpacks and purses.

More so, the black barrel carries this pencil’s main ergonomic design. It’s a transparent black plastic tube with a non-slip rubber, a red button and Arteza’s logo on the clip.

According to the manufacturer, this pencil doesn’t have a protective case around its lead tip because the risk of smudging and breaking is very low.

Apart from using sleek mechanical pencils, their elegant appearance can complement your desk set. Students and architects can use this Arteza HB model as drafting pencils.

  • Replaceable eraser

  • Refillable lead and durable barrel

  • Latex-free grip

  • This high-performing writing tool is expensive when compared with many mechanical pencils.

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#6. Rotring 600 0.5mm HB Pro-grade Mechanical Pencil Kit

Rotring 600 0.5mm

Do you need mechanical pencils that offer fatigue-free writing and clear page views? The rOtring 600 mechanical pencil set is available in silver and black barrels. It’s a special pencil for outlining, ruler-based drawing, graphic art presentation, and other professional writing tasks.

With precise fine tips, the impact-resistance graphite lead of these writing tools can serve for long periods. They are available in 0.35mm, 0.5mm, and 0.7mm sizes for a range of writing tasks. Another impressive feature is the lead’s guidance sleeve.

This strong and immovable sleeve prevents unexpected breakage and other types of defects. Also, the graphite lead doesn’t slide on drawing tables.

  • A brass mechanism for precise and smooth lines

  • Lead hardness indicator

  • Durable metal barrel with non-slip pads for comfortable grips

  • Unlike premium mechanical pencils, this product’s retractable mechanism is not impressive.

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#7. Nicpro Mechanical Pencils Set HB 0.5 mm and 0.7 mm With Case

Nicpro Mechanical Pencils Set HB 0.5 mm

The 5.7-inch Nicpro mechanical pencil has a full metal barrel that makes it more of a better gift idea than writing accessory. This classic appearance is rare to see in many automatic drafting pencils.

However, the metallic (aluminum) accent of this pen’s pocket-clip gives clients the right impression of your professional career. More so, its hexagonal shape prevents sliding on drawing tables.

There’s no chance of lead-smudging when you write and make sketches. Since writing tools like mechanical pencils have replaceable parts, Nicpro constructed this model with sturdy materials to ensure durability.

  • 4 tubes of HB pencil leads and 2 (4B-soft) erasers

  • Sleek design with a metal-threaded barrel

  • Storage case for erasers

  • It doesn’t have a soft latex-free grip that prevents writing fatigue.

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#8. Bellofy 14-Piece Set Of Mechanical Pencils Set 14 Piece With Graphite Lead Holders

Bellofy 14-Piece Set

Do you need to save money by buying an affordable set of professional drawing pencils? This Bellofy mechanical pencil set comes with push-button lead advance mechanisms.

With 3 lead sizes (0.5, 0.7, 0.9mm) that offer a range of options, your drawing, drafting, and writing needs are assured. Bellofy ensures a fixed lead sleeve designs that prevent any dragging with your paper.

While you use this set of mechanical pencils, you can make refills with 9cm of 2B, HB, and 2H leads. The

package comes with 2 vinyl erasers (white), 3 graphite lead holders, and 3 refills for each lead size. Also, there are 3 mechanical pencils with sharpeners and 3 graphite lead refills for each, 2B, and HB pencil.

  • High-quality aluminum barrels with eye-catching appearances

  • Ideal for technical drawing projects, and gift idea for friends and colleagues

  • lightweight (5.6 ounces) writing tools

  • The aluminum barrel surface reflects light very well. So, you might struggle to see the size indicators and prints.

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#9. June Gold Set Of 8 Premium 0.7 mm HB Refillable Mechanical Pencils With 27 mm Long Erasers

June Gold Set Of 8

If you don’t want to run out of refills, this product will exceed your expectations. June Gold offers a set of 0.7 mm mechanical pencils with the ideal balance of break-resistance and precision.

With colored barrels and soft-pad, you are sure of enjoying a convenient grip for long periods. Also, these grips are non-slip rubber materials. The diameter of the pencil’s barrel and non-slip materials are well-aligned to your preferences. It’s important to know what type of grip works well for you.

For heavy-handed writers, using drop-resistant graphite lead pencils brings high levels of satisfaction. Apart from the 0.7 mm size, June Gold offers a variety of lead refills that are compatible with this set of pencils.

These 8 HB mechanical pencils come with 8 long-spin erasers that will serve you for many months. By picking this pencil product, you have it shows an investment in durable writing tools.

  • The package includes 8 HB mechanical pencils, break-resistant lead, and refill erasers respectively. Other accessories are 2 lead dispensers (220 refills), and 3 black graphite leads.

  • Ideal for darker and clean lines

  • Long-lasting refills

  • It doesn’t have amazing ergonomics, but a simple design like regular mechanical pencils.

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#10. WSD Aviation Aluminum Mechanical Pencil With Innovative Features

WSD Aviation

Resist the tradition of using regular mechanical pencils and enhance your work desk with a fashionable design. The WSD Aviation Mechanical magnetic pencil set comes in an array of colors like black, blue, gold, silver, and rose gold.

This lightweight (17.2g) aluminum pencil is something out of the world of ordinary writing tools. What makes it spectacular is the innovative style of construction. It’s a CNC-machined mechanical pencil with precision and magnetic controls.

With this quality, you can control the pencil’s length (147.5mm) by sliding the ring with a magnetic ring. It might sound magical, but this aviation aluminum pencil has a fashionable structure. However, you must loosen the pencil head before adjust its length with the magnetic ring.

  • It has a built-in magnifier and sleeve that protects the pencil’s core

  • It comes with a pencil sharpener

  • Delicate appearance and easy-to-handle (2.0mm) diameter

  • The tensile strength of aluminum is not high, and this pencil might not have much impact resistance.

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#11. Jimmidda 0.5 and 0.7 Mechanical Pencils with Refills

Jimmidda 0.5 and 0.7

Apart from legibility, well-designed mechanical contributes to your writing work in different ways. They could have simplified structures, but their long-profile handles give much allowance to apply many free-hand sketching techniques.

JIMMIDDA 0.5 and 0.7 HD silver pencils have elaborate designs of metal-grasped barrels. Also, they have lead-lock controls that adjust the length of graphite leads.

You can meet everyday sketching and writing needs side-mounted lead advance mechanisms that are easy to use. During the production of these mechanical pencils, Jimmidda ensured an even weight balance with the right drop-resistant materials.

  • Metal-threaded barrels and anti-skid designs

  • The retractable nib that makes a stylish pen tube

  • A solid metal pocket-clip

  • This set of mechanical pencil comes in a cheap packaging (plastic) case.

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What To Consider Before Choosing Your Favorite Mechanical Pencil Set

Barrel And Grip Sections

You might not like to experience finger fatigue with large pen tubes. If you have small fingers or suffer from arthritis, ensure that your favorite pencil has the right diameter.

It’s important to consider the build quality of barrels and grip sections of mechanical pencils. An ideal length of a pencil’s tube should be easy for the thumb to click the advance mechanism.

You don’t want to be writing and using a finger from the other hand to control the mechanical pencil. Also, the range of pencil tube’s diameter and quality of its material can boost your writing experience.

Without a padded anti-slip grip section of your pencil’s barrel, it will be cumbersome to hold it for long periods of drawing and writing activities.

Usually, plastic and silicone grips are more convenient because of their soft textures. Also, these types often come in a variety of exotic colors. The metallic grip designs are firmer because they have sturdy materials.

Lead Hardness And Advancement Mechanisms

Graphite lead materials vary in hardness, and precision levels. These qualities help to interpret the grades, shades, and the pencil’s tip strength. Normally, any set of mechanical pencils should fit your preference.

Regular models have push-button advance mechanisms. Sometimes, writers need to stretch their thumbs to retract graphite leads. However, side advance mechanisms are quicker to use with soft-padded buttons.

Premium mechanical pencil sets with innovative features might have the shaker mechanism. This style of lead advancement works by shaking the pencil to activate an internal component. Consequently, the component advances the lead by exerting its weight on it.

These types of mechanical pencils are called shaker pencils. You will not experience disruption to the flow of your drawing or technical writing assignments like the other design.


You don’t have to spend extra budgets on premium mechanical pencil if your need writing tools for simple jotting tasks. Instead, you can create clean lines with regular models like BIC HB 0.4 mm, and Rotring 0.5mm HB mechanical pencils.

However, it’s economical to buy a complete set of writing tools. A set of mechanical pencils with refill leads, lead dispensers, refill erasers, and pencils.

Investing in a complete package lets you use these accessories for a long period. Also, it saves the hassles of replacing favorite mechanical pencils and accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does the lead guidance sleeve do?

Lead guidance sleeve are either plastic or metal materials, but the latter is more durable and rugged. Usually, metal sleeves are sheaths that are attached to pencils’ tips. When the graphite lead slips out from the nib, the sleeve protects it and provides extra strength.

It’s better to buy mechanical pencil models with high impact-resistance ratings. Also, fixed guidance sleeves are not retractable and may be defective when you place heavy loads on them for long periods.

What are the recommended uses of different lead sizes?

With a graphite lead range of between 0.2 mm to 0.4 mm, you can enjoy detailed drawings, and produce clear graphical illustrations at work. Extra-fine writing and technical drawings are easy with 0.5 mm lead grades.

However, heavy-handed writers can write mathematical graphs and charts with 0.7 mm lead pencils. The 0.9 mm lead is suitable for bold sketches, and writing tasks.

Final Verdict

Nothing hurts more than products with inferior components. Apart from experiencing disruptions of work, a poor-performing set of mechanical pencils can ruin your designs and create negative impressions of your expertise.

However, you can avoid these annoying experiences by choosing mechanical pencil with good build qualities. We have simplified this task by highlighting the features of these 11 mechanical pencil products. It’s smart to understand what makes a great product before investing your hard-earned resources.

The WSD aviation aluminum mechanical pencil seems to have unique features. It’s a blend of innovation and performance, but it doesn’t come as a set of mechanical pencils. You might need a 12 or 24-piece mechanical pencil set to increase the value for your money. Alternatively, you can stick with a functional writing tool that is ergonomically-enhanced.

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