11 Best Milligram Scales [Accurate & Cheap] (2024)

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The International System of Units (SI) for the mass of any object is the kilogram (KG), but grains and fragments of items might not measure up to 1 Kg. Usually, milligram scales help people to measure weights in very small values.

Every gram matters whether you are weighing ingredients or counting items. However, it’s not every model of digital scales that provide accurate measurements in milligram values.

If you dispense drugs in the pharmacy or work in food processing industries, measurement errors can affect your job. Most times, manufacturers of jewelry and gemstones improve their quality of production by making accurate measurements.

While some measuring scales display their values in grams and ounces, others weigh in milligrams and convert to multiple SI units. Instead of buying scales that require calculators to produce accurate measurement, get multifunctional milligram scales.

A well-calibrated milligram scale doesn’t just provide values for one-thousandth of a gram. It might have an accuracy of 0.001 gram, and convert a value in milligrams to bigger units. With the best milligram scale that displays precise grain readings, you might not need conversion tools.

The units for measuring weights (carats, ounces, grams, pounds, and grains) might show different values, but they are convertible. While milligram scales weigh out items in a split-second, they can convert into different units accurately.

Most of these weight-measuring devices are powered by button cell (lithium or alkaline AAA) batteries. Also, they come measuring trays (between 5to 10cm) and display results on their back-lit LCDs.

Depending on the requirements of your weight-measuring task, there are milligram scales with features that can help you. However, you need to understand some of these innovative features and how they can assist you.

This buying guide takes the hassles of understanding the qualities of a premium milligram scale.

Top 11 Best Milligram Scales

#01. Smart Weigh GEM50 Premium Digital Milligram Scale

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Smart Weigh gives accurate measurements, but it’s in increments of 0.001 gram and it comes with the tare function. this feature is ideal for items that are small and difficult to weigh. Another important feature of this milligram scale is its capacity to measure and display in multiple units.

Different modes of measurements like grams, ounce, carat, and grains are available. Smart Weigh has an LCD display and 3 weighing trays. These trays handle a range of your weighing needs. Also, it uses batteries as its source of power.

There’s an automatic shut-off mechanism that extends the battery life. However, this GEM50 scale goes into automatic shut-off mode after 60 seconds of inactivity. so you do not waste your battery.

  • It has a built-in precision sensor system

  • An energy-saving mode that works automatically

  • An easy-to-read LCD display

  • It’s not designed to read out values that have four decimal points.

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#02. WissTec Digital Milligram Pocket Scale

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Do you need high-precision digital milligram scales that produce consistent results? WissTec Digital Scale is an accurate pocket-size device that measures in increments of 0.001grams. This mini digital scale is suitable for weighing medications, powder, gemstones and other jewelry.

The tare function is consistent, and its LCD displays stable values. You’ll enjoy its high precision even when the weight of an item is close to 50 grams. With an accurate digital milligram scale, you can determine the weight of a range of items. Also, it comes with a lid that protects the fragile LCD screen.

The design of any digital scale is incomplete when it doesn’t extend the life of batteries. However, this WissTec milligram scale shuts-off after 180 seconds of inactivity.

  • It displays readings in grams, grains, ounce, carat

  • This digital scale’s maximum capacity is 50 grams in increments of 0.001 gram

  • It’s easy to calibrate this digital scale

  • Unlike other milligram scales, its automatic shut-off mode is 3 minutes. This duration might not preserve battery life quickly.

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#03. American Weigh Scale Gemini Series Digital Milligram Scale

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Obtain various measurements with this silver American Weigh Scales. It has a user-friendly lid that protects the LCD screen. Also, the blue backlit screen displays up to 3 decimal places and its accurate.

You can determine the weight of different small items like herbs, ingredients, pills, supplements, and jewelry. It’s weighing platform is made from an easy-to-clean material that doesn’t contaminate items that you weigh.

This capacity to perform multifunction application makes this Gemini Series milligram scale a must-have. With six different ( gn / gr / g / dwt / oz / ozt / ct) modes of measuring weights, you don’t need a calculator to convert values. Instead, the milligram scale’s accurate results will boost your confidence.

Apart from this milligram scale, the package comes with a carrying case and batteries.

  • It uses separate power ‘On’ and ‘Off’ push-buttons.

  • Its measuring tray is a fine stainless steel construction

  • Its capacity is 20 grams, and measures in increments of 0.001g accuracy.

  • The 1.3-inch (diameter) measuring tray might be too small to weigh ingredients like big bulbs of garlic and onions.

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#04. Fuzion Digital Pocket Scale

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This Fuzion digital milligram scale comes with a portable and eye-catching design. Its magnetic flip cover and a backlight LCD screen that displays large digits are unique.

When there’s a low battery or during overweight conditions, the status shows on the LCD and guides your weight-measuring operations. Another useful feature is the automatic shut-off mechanism that triggers the inactive mode after 180 seconds.

It’s a smart way of saving your batteries’ life. Also, this feature is helpful when you forget to turn off the digital milligram scale. The level of accuracy (±0.03g) is high, and this device is easy to recalibrate. You’ll receive a 50-gram calibration weight and batteries (2 X AAA).

  • Tare Function

  • The measuring capacity is for loads that weigh between 0.01g to 200g.

  • It displays 6 units of conversion ( ct, g, gn, oz, dwt, ozt)

  • The anti-slip lid is compact and has magnetic properties.

  • The plastic lid is not a very sturdy material.

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#05. JamBer Digital Milligram Pocket Scales

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Do you need a fast-reading digital scale that provides accurate results? JamBer Digital Milligram Scale comes with accessories like tweezers, a 50-gram calibration weight, and measuring trays. Also, it provides instant results with its high-precision sensors.

This battery-powered pocket scale has the hold and PCS functions. It’s the former that locks the readings of respective measurements. Apart from offering accurate measurements, this JamBer digital milligram scale has a maximum weighing capacity of 50 grams.

Another smart design that you’ll notice is the flip-down cover that protects the sensitive weighing surface. With this intelligent design, you can prevent sand particles from altering the weights of small items like coins, jewelry, medication, herbs, and powders.

Additionally, you can adjust the timer for automatic shut-off mode from 180 to 60 seconds.

  • Adjustable timer function

  • A versatile application

  • It comes with complete accessories

  • The lid doesn’t extend enough to cover the LCD screen.

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#06. Homgeek Milligram Scale

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You can weigh items that are up to 50 grams with 0.001-gram increments accurately. Usually, the impacts of wind forces affect the values of measurements. This Homgeek milligram scale is a pro-grade model that has built-in wind-shelter.

With this feature, you can avoid undue influences from any external condition that can affect the weighing accuracy. Also, it’s easy to calibrate this device by selecting the ‘MODE,’ and following the manufacturer’s instruction. There’s a count (PCS) button) that can lock the value of any reading after obtaining the weights of items.

  • This package comes with a set of tweezers, weighing tray, and a 50-gram calibration dead weight.

  • It has the tare & PCS functions

  • It measures 4.52 x 2.56 x 1.24 inches, and the LCD screen displays 5 digits

  • The tweezers are not well-designed.

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#07. KUBEI Digital Milligram Jewelry Scale

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Digital milligram scales that have user-friendly features are very convenient to use. This KUBEI pocket-size milligram scales measures 6.7 x 4.3 x 4.1 inches, and its weighing plate has a concave design that enhances the stability of loads.

With the cutting-edge technology of polymer lithium battery, you will not have issues of recharging every time. Also, its high-precision sensors and circuit board are well-sealed.

The construction is compact and it allows you to recalibrate to get an accurate weight when an error is large. Unlike other milligrams scales, KUBEI Jewelry Scale uses nine (ozt / g / dwt / oz / ml / ct / lb / tl / gn) units of measurements and it comes with a 10-gram weight for calibration .

  • It comes with USB charging cable and rechargeable batteries

  • It uses a counting (PCS) function of 25 to 100 units.

  • A wind-shelter that prevents particles from causing errors in results.

  • Since the density of water is different from other liquids, you’ll not have accurate results when you weigh containers with other types of liquids (not water).

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#08. PoLLux GEM20 Milligram Digital Pocket Scale

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PoLLux GEM20 Milligram Digital Scale has a 4-digit LCD screen with blue backlight. It uses a gravity sensor that can weigh small items of about 20 grams. The built-in stainless steel weight plate has an elaborate plastic shield.

This stylish design ensures protection from humid and dusty environments. With incremental measurements, if 0.001 grams, you can determine the objects that weigh about 0.003 grams. It’s this high-sensitivity and versatility that increases the value of the GEM20 digital scale.

Apart from the five easy-to-use buttons, you can see the value of measurements in 6 (g / dwt / oz. /gn / ct. / ozt.) units. Measure the weight of jewelry, powder, herbs, pills, coins, and other small items accurately.

  • As a lightweight (0.3 lbs) scale, you can transport this handheld device easily.

  • It comes with accessories like a carrying case (leather bag), tray, batteries, tweezers, and calibration weight

  • It measures 3.9 x 3.4 x 1 inches, and it fits the pocket

  • You might need to recalibrate it regularly.

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#09. Weigh Gram TOP-100 Scale Digital Pocket Scale

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Weigh Gram Scale Digital makes it effortless to weigh all your small items. As a pocket-sized scale for small knickknacks, you can determine the weight of a range of objects that are less than 100 grams.

It’s ideal for merchants that deal in gold, silver, and precious gems. Also, collectors of coins and small memorabilia can use this model of the Weigh Gram scale. Apart from its 100-gram capacity, this TOP-100 scale reads a little value like 0.01g.

This lightweight pocket scale has a stainless steel platform that fits your weighing needs. It has a 60-second automatic shut-off mode that preserves battery life when the measuring unit is idle.

You don’t need to worry about the risk of abrasion from rough surfaces because this scale has a built-in protective flip cover. As a sturdy piece of plastic cover, the design is elaborate and offers protection for the LCD and buttons.

  • It has the tare function and soft-touch buttons that are sensitive

  • Large weighing capacity of 100 grams

  • A blue backlit LCD screen

  • It only has 4 different (g / dwt / oz / ozt. ) modes of displaying weights.

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#10. NEWACALOX Digital Milligram Scale

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With a fine gold finish, this NEWACALOX 50-gram capacity digital scale serves all weighing needs that include tiny laboratory tools, jewelry, powders, and medications.

It has an LCD high-definition (HD) display, the tare, and PCS counting functions. Apart from the teralitre (Tl) measurement that can be obtained within seconds, this milligram scale measures in 7 (g / mg / oz / ct / ozt / dwt / gn ) units.

Other models of NEWACALOX have measuring capacities of 100 and 200 grams. However, this model has an error range of ±0.005 grams. Also, it comes with an automatic shut-off timing feature.

With high-precision and multifunctional features, you can read values with its big LED display comfortably. Additionally, you can recharge the batteries of this milligram scale with a USB cable.

  • For accurate measurements, you can set this scale in incremental value of 0.001g and weigh items that are less than 0.005g

  • It uses high-precision gravity sensors

  • You can convert measurements

  • The gold casing of this scale might not be durable.

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#11. NEWACALOX Rechargeable Digital Milligram Scales

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This model of the NEWACALOX Rechargeable Scale comes with innovative features. Apart from a built-in 10g weighing hole that prevents weight losses during calibrations, this jewelry scale can weigh items that are about 100 grams.

Its anti-skid weighing tray is made from ABS plastic, and there’s a little chance of spilling items when you use the tray. Since external factors might affect accurate measurements, NEWACALOX’s windshield can prevent these unwanted occurrences.

When there’s no interference, you’ll be confident of getting precise results. Also, this scale has been configured to works with increments of 0.001g, and its advanced sensor technology ensures quick results. Apart from this mini-pocket scale, you’ll receive a windshield, calibration weight, and a USB charging cable.

  • A rechargeable lithium battery

  • 9 units (g / lb / oz / dwt / ct / ml / ozt / gn / tl) of convertible measurements

  • PCS counting, the tare, and automatic shut-off (60, 120, 180 seconds) functions

  • Low battery indicator

  • It has a bulky construction that might not be easy to slide into small pockets.

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How To Buy The Right Milligram Scale

Digital milligram scales often have small shapes because they are designed to be transported easily. Many users prefer to slide milligrams scales in pockets and pouches. Since these handheld devices have different designs, you need to buy the right model with essential features that optimize your applications.

Range of Measurements

The capacity of digital pocket scales varies according to their designs. Usually, it’s common to find models of digital milligram scales that can weigh items that are between 10 to 100 grams. However, you can get superior models with weighing capacities of 500 grams.

You can choose a lesser capacity if it meets your weighing needs because the term – milligrams relates to very little weights. Don’t undermine the level of accuracy when choosing any milligram scale. Also, milligram scales that provide very accurate results have an accuracy of about 0.0001 gram.

Multifunctional Scales

Versatility is a great feature of milligram scales because they can weigh small laboratory specimens, jewelry, ingredients, and medications. Also, a multifunctional scale can be calibrated easily and saves its battery life with short automatic time-off periods that are not greater than 60 seconds.

Since environmental effects like wind and dust particles affect weight measurements, the windshield of milligram scales prevents these external conditions from resting on weighing plates and influencing their accuracy levels.

Units Of Measurements

Milligram scales with 4 measuring units have limited ranges of converting (or displaying) results. If you are sell stones and metals, jewelry that reads values in Carats is the right type of tool for your business.

However, it’s important to buy weight-measuring tools that can convert and display of 6 measuring units.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do small weights come with milligram scales?

Usually, measuring (big and small) scales need calibrations. When a digital milligram scale is idle and it doesn’t show zero digits, it means you need to recalibrate it. With these calibration tools, it’s easy to configure the scale and get an accurate reading at any time.

What is a high-precision sensor?

A high-precision sensor works with the circuit board of digital milligram scales. This component allows you to get the accurate value of tiny items like a dollar bill.

Usually, measuring scales are rated according to their features and precision strengths. With the sensor of these scales, you can obtain the weights of small objects even they weigh 0.01g.

Final Verdict

Apart from accurate calculations, people will like to transact business with you when your milligram scale measures precisely.

Without using digital scales that convert units easily, you might experience trust issues with clients. Also, your food production process might not end up well when you measure ingredients inconsistently.

These milligram scales have LCDs that are easy to read even in poorly-lit areas. Also, they have many features that can improve your measuring applications. We expect you to enjoy optimal satisfaction after buying any of these milligram digital scales because they are easy to maintain.

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