Top 11 Best Mold Removers (2023)

Mold spores disperse fungus that contaminates the air, and they thrive in moist environments. According to science, warm air absorbs moisture faster than cold environments. This scientific concept explains the tendency of mold growth in low-temperature rooms.

A bathroom is a commonplace where mildews and molds grow. Even fixtures like bathroom tiles, towel bowls will be generated molds. Regardless of bathroom and kitchen window designs that allow ambient light to dry damp areas like walls, other factors support the growth of molds.

Apart from ensuring modern building standards, poor ventilation can increase the relative humidity of any room. When your room’s humidity level exceeds 60 %, it may trigger the formation of mold on carpets, corners of walls and ceilings.

Usually, your wet and dirty environment allows mold spores to float and smell in the air. In worse conditions, the quality of air will be contaminated with fungus. With mold stain removers, you can attack fungus and algae on concrete fences, AC Units, attics, and, wood beams. It’s important to ensure mold-free environments with the best mold removers.

When you suffer from over-exposure of molds and mildews, the chances of escaping respiratory issues and allergic reactions are very slim. This condition is a threat to the health of you and other residents.

You can remove molds from wall tiles and concrete walls without using toxic remover products. However, it’s better to buy safe and effective stain removal products with knowledge of what they offer.

Our review of some market brands and their features can help you to pick any of these 11 products. Let’s see how these pro-grade stain removers can provide long-lasting results.

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11 Best Mold Removers

#1. Zep Mold Stain and Mildew Stain Remover

Zep Mold Stain and Mildew Stain Remover

Zep Mold Stain Remover prevents the growth of mold and mildew. This remover product is suitable for removing stains from porcelain tubs, bathroom ceilings, shower tiles, and toilet sinks.

As a barrier to the growth of mold and mildew, carpet care professionals and janitors can use this cleaning chemical to improve the quality of their services.

With this 32-ounces (946 mL) formula, you can apply concentrated bleach on affected surfaces and see how stains will disappear.

Apart from the ease of using this spray stain remover, it has a smooth smell. Also, Zep is an industrial-grade product and a must-have for every homeowner.

  • Mold stain inhibitor

  • Antimicrobial formula

  • It’s suitable for both outdoor and indoor use

  • The acidic content can bleach concrete wall paints when it’s applied excessively.

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#2. EcoClean Solutions Lemocide Mold Killer

EcoClean Solutions

Without hiring a professional, you can disinfect materials with mildew and molds. EcoClean Solutions Pro-grade mold killer and deodorizers are suitable for commercial applications.

Normally, bacteria cause odors in food processing facilities and kitchens of restaurants. This lemon-scent product offers an amazing opportunity of cleaning decayed food that causes molds on countertops, wall tiles, and grouts.

Its impact on non-porous surfaces prevents future accumulation of fungicidal agents. Also, it leaves your interior space with fresh smelling lemon all day.

  • Lemon Scent

  • Industrial-grade disinfectant

  • Apart from mildew and mold, this chemical kills viruses and bacteria.

  • After excessive spraying of a particular spot with stubborn mold stains, this disinfecting chemical might leave a bleached surface.

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#3. Mold Armor FG516 Mold Blocker, Trigger Spray 32-Ounce

Mold Armor FG516

Antimicrobial mold blocker from Mold Armor offers an amazing value. This formula is a proprietary blend of Ammonium chloride and other ingredients. After spraying this mold blocking-formula, it leaves long-lasting effects.

Home Armor prevents the spread of mold and mildew stains faster than regular remover products. You don’t need to scrub after spraying the chemical.

While mold and mildew stains disappear, this bleach-based formula creates a powerful barrier against the formation of molds. Wouldn’t you like to try this affordable and effective solution?

  • It’s a durable product

  • Easy to apply on affected tiles, and wall surfaces

  • Mold Armor is a reputable US cleaning industry leader

  • You might need to apply this mold-spray blocker every 2 months.

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#4. Star Brite Mold & Mildew Stain Remover

Star Brite

Apply this Star Brite stain remover in one easy step. The strength of this high-alkaline formula is ideal for cleaning industrial facilities. Usually, pro-grade mold remover sprays are EPA-approved.

They are used by janitors in hospitals, hotels, and restaurants. With a 22 Oz triple-action formula, you can remove mildew stains from seat covers, leather, and vinyl upholstery. Even at home, you can spray this chemical on tough grime and grease stains on garage doors.

During wet seasons, molds often grow on acrylic signposts and outdoor canvas of storefronts. This product contains chelating agents that clear dirt particles on fiberglass walls, and drywall panels. Get ready to fight tough stains without scrubbing the platform.

  • It contains surfactants that clear molds on outdoor materials

  • This concentrated formula is suitable on concrete, boats, and RVs

  • A high-alkaline chemical that lifts stains from a different medium

  • You might need to use protective equipment because of the strong odor.

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#5. BioCide Laboratories Biocide 100 Mold Bomb Fogger

BioCide Laboratories

Are you struggling to prevent molds from growing on your property? Suppress the growth of molds on your RV and concrete walls with Biocide Laboratories Mold Fogger.

This mold remover is a must-have for DIYers and water remediation experts. While you clean surfaces with mold stains, it disinfects and neutralizes bad odors. Usually, a damp room has some characteristic smell of microorganisms.

With this Mildew Bomb Fogger, you can stop the harmful activities of fungi, viruses, germs, and bacteria species. Unlike regular mold cleaning solutions, Biocide 100 is very effective on mold-infested carpets and appliances.

  • It’s suitable for removing toxic black mold (Stachybotrys)

  • This product clears damp bedroom closet and bathroom walls with molds and mildews

  • It’s a safe EPA-approved product

  • If you don’t shake the 170-gram mold fogger very well, results might be unsatisfactory.

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#6. EcoClean Solutions Mold, Mildew & Algae Remover

EcoClean Solutions

After spraying those nasty molds and mildews on bathroom grouts, allow EcoClean Solutions Remover to soak the surface material for some hours.

As a no-scrub stain remover, this formula helps to clear stubborn mildews quickly. It’s tough on algae but gentle on boat seats. Also, it has powerful cleansing actions on vinyl, concrete tiles, and drywall materials.

During mold remediation projects, you just need to spray and rinse affected spots with water.

This easy-to-use mold-cleaning solution is effective and available in 1 and 4-gallon containers.

Don’t forget to ensure even spread of this EcoClean Solutions chemical across streaks of mildews

  • It provides instant results

  • It’s suitable on the surface of several materials

  • One gallon covers 300 to 400 square feet

  • It contains bleach and might be unsafe to keep the product close to food items.

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#7. RMR Brands RMR-141 RTU Mold Killer And Fungicide

RMR Brands RMR-141

RMR Brands RMR-141 RTU mold killer is effective on odor-causing bacteria that pollute the air. As a disinfectant with chlorine compounds, this mold remover has double-action strength against black molds on tile grouts.

This fungicidal product comes to a sprayer that’s easy to use. It disperses disinfectant chemicals across a wide surface area with speed. More so, it’s a bleach-free remover product for negatively charged bacteria.

You can keep kitchen countertops and bathroom tiles clean. However, it might not work on non-recommended products. Bacteria and viruses can’t thrive after spraying this disinfectant. So, you can kill different types of household fungi and bacteria with RMR-141 RTU.

However, keep out of children’s reach and store mold-removal spray products after use.

  • It’s a soil-tolerant product

  • 32 Fl Oz bottle a broad-spectrum formula

  • This formula inhibits over 140 different microorganisms.

  • It has a nice scent

  • This product doesn’t work on carpet molds and mildews.

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#8. 3M Marine Mildew Blocker

3M Marine

Exposure to marine environments can ruin your boat’s seat cushions. Since mildews thrive on damp fabric and leather materials, you should block them very early. Use 3M Mildew Spray products and apply the right treatment for lasting protection.

This industrial-grade formula works by creating chemical barriers to protect any surface with mold stains. It works well on materials that are in marine environments or around water bodies.

3M Mildew Stain Remover is a non-toxic formula that can keep damp vinyl, canvas and surfaces shining every time.

  • It’s a 16.9-ounce lightweight product

  • It offers non-stain invisible barriers

  • This formula contains body-friendly ingredients.

  • It only works on the above-the-waterline surfaces of affected materials.

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#9. EnviroCare Corporation Moldex Mold Killer

EnviroCare Corporation

Experience the pleasure of releasing quick sprays of mold prevention chemicals on your shower curtains. EnviroCare Moldex Mold Killer is a trigger-type sprayer that comes with 32 Ounce of disinfecting chemicals.

Normally, materials that have an affinity for water often help molds to grow.

However, this mold stain cleaner contains Ammonium chloride and fungicidal chemicals that can handle industrial cleaning projects. Also, it’s a must-have for your toolbox if you live in flood-prone regions.

Many mold stain remover products contain harsh chemicals, but Moldex Mold Killer is safe and non-corrosive.

  • A bleach-free formula

  • It can remove black molds that are caused by gray water

  • This chemical deodorizes foul smell and disinfects

  • The scent of this mold killer isn’t strong enough to neutralize odors from wet carpets.

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#10. Skylarlife Home Mold & Mildew Remover


Do you want to target accumulations of molds with effective formula accurately? SKYLAR LIFE recommends this stain remover product for molds on hard surfaces.

The gel formula is 150 grams, and it comes in a small container that has a nozzle attached to its cover. More so, the application doesn’t require any scrubbing because the gel offers fast-cleansing actions.

You need to break the seal before applying the get on vertical and horizontal surfaces with mildews. This concentration of gel stain remover is tough on silicone sealants, showerheads, tiles, and grout with molds. However, it might take at least 8 hours to see the result after rinsing the stains.

  • The gel doesn’t drip down on vertical surfaces. Instead, this formula clings to tiles because it has great viscosity

  • A powerful concentration of chemicals

  • It’s ideal for mildews and molds that grow on kitchen sinks, bathroom windows, bath tiles.

  • This product is for small-scale mold removal tasks.

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#11. Siamons International Concrobium Mold Control Spray

Siamons International

Depending on the extent of mold growth, you can use 32 or 64-ounce Concrobium Mold Control eliminates these stains. It comes with the trigger-style design that directs streams of chemicals on fungus and bacteria stains.

Ensure to use this liquid formula on non-porous walls inside and outside your home. After the liquid dries on the surface material, you can re-spray to avoid future accumulations of mold in that area.

Also, Siamons International Mold Remover doesn’t contain ammonia or VOCs. Instead, it’s safe for controlling mold growths in kitchens and bathrooms.

  • It kills molds and eliminates nasty odors

  • It doesn’t contain bleach

  • This formula is suitable for cars, tiles, boats, and buildings

  • The 32-ounce spray bottle’s trigger is too close to its discharge point. During removal applications, your pair of rubber gloves might collect some of these chemicals.

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How To Apply Mold And Mildew Stain Remover

Choose Products With Powerful Cleansing Actions

Molds don’t only grow on surface materials. They could penetrate porous wall structures and other soft materials like fabric. While some mold stain remover products require scrubbing the affected surface, other products have self-cleansing strength.

Consider mold and mildew stain cleansers that are suitable for interior and exterior surfaces. Normally, manufacturers of easy-to-apply removers recommend the rinsing with water after spraying the affected surface.

However, it’s better to allow these materials to absorb mold-cleansing formulas for some hours. Wipe and clean stained walls, wood, fiberglass, and leather with a dampened brush or cloth. If you use mold-cleaning products that contain additives like disinfectants, they can help to neutralize odors.

Since a range of microorganisms can be killed with bleach, manufacturers use toxic additives to increase the power of remover products. By adding bleach and Ammonium chloride, you can break colonies of molds and prevent the spread of the fungus. Get products that remove molds, bad odors, and dries quickly.

Volume Per Surface Area

To prevent wastage of concentrated chemicals and discolorations, you need to know the right volume of stain remover to apply.

Check the extent of coverage, and spray above the waterline marks directly. Also, you need to align the discharge point of the sprayer to areas with stains. Usually, 1-gallon mold remover sprays can serve for many months if you apply them sparingly.

How To Prevent Molds

When remodeling or constructing a new building, ensure to fit large windows that allow ambient light. Normally, sunlight and airflow help to dry damp environments.

Since bathrooms and toilets are wet environments, it’s necessary to open your windows and allow proper ventilation. Also, it’s easy to ensure low moisture levels in a healthy environment.

Ensure regular checks, and cleaning of water fixtures too. By installing de-humidifiers, you can suck moisture from damp materials and maintain dry air within your living space.

Use top-rated mold and mildew removers because they offer quick and long-lasting results. With the circulation of fresh air and a mold-free environment, you can enjoy durable walls, tiles, kitchen sink, and plumbing fixtures.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do mold mildew stain removers contain harmful chemicals?

While many manufacturers of cleaners for mold and mildew claim their products are safe, they often contain a blend of chemicals. Usually, proprietary blends of beach-based cleansers contain Sodium Hypochlorite.

Other deodorizing products for mildew stains have pungent odors even they are EPA-certified. We can understand that what gives mold-stain removers their unique features is a mix of chemicals.

While many of these cleaning solutions come with body-friendly formula, they are poisonous on food and drinks. However, manufacturers use different toxicity levels to rate their products.

Why is bleach included in stain removers?

Cleaning products that help to eliminate stubborn stains are effective when they ensure lasting protection against molds and mildews.

Bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite) has powerful cleansing actions on mildew stains but lacks penetrating strength. Also, it may not absorb well in non-porous surfaces like fiberglass and tiles.

This quick-drying chemical inhibits mold growths and prevents more accumulation of moisture in that area. However, regular applications (on a specific spot) with mold stains can cause discoloration of materials.

Are all types of molds harmful?

Black molds are some of the few types that are not harmful. However, they leave irritating stains and odors on damp areas of your living spaces and equipment.

It’s hard to miss black mold spots because of their distinctive colors. Sometimes, you could see white patches around the spores of black molds.

They might not cause allergies like other types of molds, but mold spores are threats to respiratory tracts.

What type of mold stain remover should I use?

Regardless of your choice, a favorite mold-stain cleaning solution should produce toxic fumes. While it’s important to consider potential health hazards, products that can sanitize your damp environment offers double benefits.

Consider your cleaning needs, and use cleaners with fresh-smelling deodorizing chemicals. EcoClean Solutions Lemocide Mold Killer prevents molds and mildews from reappearing, but it leaves your space with a pleasant lemon smell.

Final Verdict

Even with reliable HVAC (heat ventilation and air conditioning) systems, broken plumbing systems can encourage the growth of mildews and molds.

You can save money by fixing items and reversing conditions that support mold growth. However, we have given you 11 effective solutions that stop mildew and molds from reappearing on your properties.

Each of these mold removers come with amazing benefits.

Their cleansing actions are not limited to molds and mildews. Instead, they are harsh on viruses, bacteria, and colonies of other irritating microorganisms.

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