Top 11 Best Mole Traps (2024)

If you are a gardener, you can confirm how good it feels to plant seeds in the soil, leaving only to come back in less than a week to find them sprouted. It gives more delight to see the shoots develop and grow to blossom and then produce fruits.

It isn’t easy as it sounds, though, since there’s much to face that requires you to invest time, energy, and money to ensure the safety and health of your plants. Leave alone weeding and fighting pests, fighting moles often turns the greatest test that most gardeners have to face.

A mole is a destructive small mammal that lives in tunnels. It attacks the plants at the roots leaving them with suppressed to no chances of survival. Now, if this is one of the invaders you have in your garden, one of our mole traps here will turn your best friend! Pick your favorite option from our 11 best mole traps in the market!

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Top 11 Mole Trap Reviews

#1 Wire Tek 1001 EasySet Mole Eliminator Trap

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This mole trap provides a reliable way of getting rid of moles from your yard and garden without relying on guesswork like some of the models in the market.

The unit is designed for effectiveness no matter the species of the moles, unlike some options that are made with only a specific species in mind.

The US-made trap sets up in minutes. In fact, you won’t need to dig holes when setting it up. I mean, in case you don’t have all the time for set up, this is one of the models you can consider giving a shot.

To get it ready, locate the mole tunnel and set the jaws at the center of the ridge keeping the base level with the ground. Step on the foot lever until it locks- and that’s it; as easy as a five-finger exercise!

Also, since this unit does not need sharp prongs or tongs, it’s one of the safest ways you can embrace to get rid of the destructive and infuriating creatures. It arrives in a pair.

  • It is effective.

  • It is quick to set up.

  • The trap is safe to use.

  • It comes from the United States.

  • It is not exactly cheap.

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#2 Tomcat 0363210 Mole Trap

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Our second option on the list comes from Tomcat. The trap is engineered using materials of the highest quality. Hence, this mole trap is among the few reliable and durable options you will come across in the market.

In fact, because of its effectiveness in doing what it is made to do, Tomcat 0363210 Mole Trap is among the best-selling options in the market.

The mole trap is designed for safety. Additionally, most users claim that it is easier to set than most traditional traps. The hands-free unit effectively kills the stubborn moles without drawing blood.

To set the mole trap, just find the active burrows, insert the trap, and activate the trigger. Also, the mole trap is affordable so you can consider it if you are operating under minimal effort or in case you need to grab several of them.

  • It will not corrode.

  • It works on moles of all sizes.

  • It is very easy to set.

  • The materials are of premium quality.

  • Not the cheapest you will come across.

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#3 Aspectek Mole Trap Gopher Trap Easy Set Eliminator

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Don’t allow moles to trouble you and your valuable plants when you can turn to this reliable trap for rescue. Like the first option we have on our list, this unit does not require you to dig, so you can consider buying it if you want something that is easy to set.

To get the trap set, simply find an active tunnel and place the closed jaws of the unit at the center of the path. Step the trap down to activate the trigger and that’s it, easier than it has ever been!

The unit is easily triggered by burrowing pests which makes it highly efficient and effective. Also, since it is activated when underground, this unit remains an ideal purchase for homes with juniors and pets.

The unit is of galvanized steel. Hence, it is sturdy enough to withstand years of outdoor use. The solid steel structure is also rust-resistant so you can expect it to maintain its look and strength for several years of use.

  • The construction is weatherproof.

  • It comes with understandable instructions.

  • It is rust-resistant.

  • It is very effective.

  • It may require an extra hand to release the mole.

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#4 Around The Home (EMT) Metal Easy Mole Trap

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This trap uses great design and concept to take care of the destructive moles causing havoc in your garden. It adopts electroplated steel for superior strength and years of rust-free performance.

The spring is of stainless steel construction that is also weatherproof and resistant to rust. I mean, in case you are looking for a very sturdy trap that will not disappoint with years of use, this amazing device is a nice place to invest.

Most users like that setting up the trap is a piece of cake. However, a few users claim that the unit may pop up a few times before finally getting the hang of using it. Nevertheless, you can avoid all these by following the manufacturer’s instructions that arrive with the trap.

As you would expect from a product of its quality, expect to pay a few more dollars for this trap than you would on other cheap models.

  • It is a well-built trap.

  • The instructions are great.

  • It will not tarnish.

  • The product is solid.

  • It is quite hard to unset for relocation.

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#5 Black Hole Reusable Spring Loaded Gopher Trap for Outdoor Pest Control

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There are more than just rodents to deal with in your garden. Now, whether you are struggling with moles, gophers, shrews, mice, voles, rats or any other unwanted invader in your garden, this spring-loaded trap offers a dependable solution.

The premium-quality device is engineered with versatility in mind and that’s why you can count on it to get rid of just about any burrowing creature in your lawn.

However, consider wearing gloves when using it to avoid leaving your scent since nearly all these creatures have an excellent sense of smell and can easily avoid the trap once they detect a human smell.

The unit makes use of commercial-grade plastic construction. Therefore, it is very solid and should serve in your garden for seasons. The plastic construction also is an implication that it does not stand any chance of rusting like the metallic options.

  • It is a multi-purpose unit.

  • The plastic construction is sturdy.

  • It does not catch rust.

  • Delivery is fast.

  • The hole seems a little small for big moles.

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#6 Centurion 93523 Tunnel Mole Trap (Multi-Color)

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No matter the size and the species of the mole, this high-quality unit traps any mole that walks into it. This makes it an ideal option for you if you do not know the kinds of varmints causing trouble in your lawn.

The high-quality trap makes use of very durable construction. Hence, it will serve in the garden for some good number of years. In fact, since all the components are of the highest-quality, this mole trap will outlast the majority of other options of their caliber.

The rugged metal construction has a durable coating for superior protection from rust and other harsh elements it may encounter in your garden. The unit is also reusable. Hence, a single unit to take care of several moles in your garden.

You will also like that this tunnel mole trap sets up in a breeze. For this reason, if you are looking for an effective mole trap that is straightforward to use, do not go beyond this unit.

  • It is easy to use.

  • All the materials are top-grade.

  • It is reusable.

  • The price is great for the quality.

  • The design looks a little complicated for first-timers.

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#7 Cinch Mole Trap with Tunnel Marking Flag (Medium) Heavy-Duty

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This unit works for moles, gophers, and other destructive rodents. Hence, if you are fighting any or all these infuriating creatures, this unit will be a nice place for you to invest your money.

It is middle-sized to handle most rodent sizes to give you a rodent-free garden you have always wanted to have. Nevertheless, the mole eliminator is also available in small and larger sizes.

No matter the size, these mole traps feature galvanized steel construction. In other words, you can use them in any outdoor setting since they are made to stand up to extended use in the inclement weather.

The device is also re-usable. Hence, one should be enough to address the stubborn moles in your lawn. The easy-to-follow manual makes it easy for just about anyone to get the best out of the unit.

  • It is a multi-purpose mole trap.

  • There are varieties of sizes available.

  • The user manual is very comprehensive.

  • The steel construction is weatherproof.

  • Although it catches, it isn’t that good at killing.

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#8 Outdoor Rodent Trap (Mini Ouell) Secure Mice

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This device is also for outdoor use. It features galvanized steel construction that is weatherproof and rust-resistant. The sturdy steel construction is an implication that this premium-grade unit will last for a lifetime.

The simple yet reliable design means that it is easy to use and highly effective in doing what its made to do. Being one of the most versatile options, this trap works on moles, mice, rats, chipmunks, and other small rodents.

The compact design of the killer machine makes it easy to carry the machine to the intended place of use in your garden. The small size of the trap also means that it can fit in tight spaces that other normal traps cannot fit.

Unlike some of the traps on our list, this device works with baits to maximize the chances of making a catch. The bait is well guarded so there is no chance of a rodent to get away with it.

  • It has a very strong spring.

  • It is easy to clean.

  • The metal is fantastic.

  • It comes with a compact design.

  • The small size means that it is easy for the rodent to drag it a few inches after being caught.

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#9 Topcat the vole and mole trap

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Although you can also opt for chemicals as an effective way of killing rodents and moles, they are environmentally unfriendly and can affect the soil pH.

Now, if you are looking for a humane way of dealing with destructive rodents and tunneling animals in your yard, this mole trap should be good for you. It is of commercial-grade material that is not only safe to the environment but also the users.

The stainless steel construction makes it super strong and resistant to rust and inclement weather in your garden. The unit works excellently for both voles and moles, qualifying it as one of the market’s versatile options.

In fact, since it is designed to catch rodents from either direction of the tunnel, this is one of the most effective options you can opt for in the market. You will also like how simple it is easy to remove a catch.

  • It traps from either side of the tunnel.

  • It is a heavy-duty trap.

  • It is environmentally safe.

  • It is ideal for voles.

  • It works with bait.

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#10 Catchmaster Savage 660 Easy Set Mole Trap

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Don’t allow moles and other burrowing rodents to cause damage in your lawn. This updated mole trap will catch moles of all sizes among other rodents in your lawn, making it one of the amazing options out there.

The mole is poison-free, so it is environmentally friendly and safe for human use. Also, you will like that it does not require use with bait like some of the models out there.

The trap is ruggedly constructed to last for a lifetime and will not rust with time like other metallic traps in the market. After catching, this unit releases your catch easily and sets again with less hassle.

The durable unit arrives in a pack of 1 although it can also come in an affordable pack of 2 in case.

  • The black paint is long-lasting.

  • It works like a champ.

  • The blades are super sharp.

  • It is very sturdy.

  • The trigger is not the most sensitive.

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#11 Wire Tek 1001 EasySet Mole Eliminator Trap

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This mole trap will impress from different dimensions. For example, it utilizes a very sturdy construction. This feature renders it one of the market’s most long-lasting options. Therefore, if you want a mole killer that will last, this option should be in your priority list.

The premium coating on the metal construction resists rusts and withstands tough weather since it is made for outdoor use.

The spring mechanism of the unit is very reliable while the simple design makes it one of the easiest models to set. Actually, just like the early version, this unit does not require one to dig when setting up.

The unit comes from the United States. For this reason, its quality will hardly disappoint. In fact, since it is effective and efficient, Wire Tek 1001 EasySet Mole Eliminator Trap is highly reliable and one of the best-rated options in the market.

  • The instructions are excellent.

  • It is of rugged materials.

  • Setting the tool is a piece of cake.

  • It gets the work done.

  • Not the best-priced unit in the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What food attracts moles?

Although moles destroy plants, they only use them for nesting and not for food. These burrowing mammals feed on insects, earthworms, grubs, among other small organisms. Therefore, using any of these as bait would be an attractive way to drive the mole into the trap.

What time of day are moles most active?

Based on research, moles operate in 4-hour shifts. I mean, we can’t say that they are more active during the day or night. Nevertheless, they like being more active when it is quiet. Hence, you are likely to catch them early in the morning or in the late hours of the evening.

How many moles usually live together?

Moles live a solitary life. They will only come together when they need to breed. For this reason, you may need to transfer your trap to another active tunnel every time you catch.

How deep do moles dig?

Since they have very sharp claws, moles can dig really deep. According to experts, moles won’t dig less than 10 inches underground unless when in search of a mate.

How fast does a mole dig?

Since they have very sharp claws, moles can make tunnels really fast. In fact, they can dig up to 15 feet per hour on soft grounds.


Using a mole trap is an environmentally-friendly way of getting rid of moles and other destructive soil creatures. However, the reliability of the trap is vital for success.

Our review covers some of the market’s most reliable mole traps. Just grab one from our list of top 11 mole traps and it will hardly disappoint.

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