11 Best Mosquito Foggers (2023)

Mosquitoes are everywhere and could disturb your quiet outdoor relaxation with humming sounds.

In worse circumstances, a certain species of female mosquitoes infect people with the plasmodium parasite-causing malaria.

However, you can make every outdoor environment free from these flying insects by using the best mosquito foggers.

Usually, bugs and mosquito fogging-devices are easy to use.

As a pest-control machine for handheld applications, fogger manufacturers attract customers with different designs.

Generally, these mosquito-fogging machines have harness (for shoulder and waist), internal combustion engines, nozzle, and trigger units.

Many backpack foggers come with (at least) 3-gallon containers for chemicals. Regardless of their shapes and sizes, mosquito fogger models could either be propane or electric-powered products.

However, the efficiency of emitting fog (mist) depends on a range of factors. Different brands of mosquito foggers use thermal and ULV technologies to spray tiny drops of insecticides.

Our reviews on top 11 mosquito foggers examine different factors that make great buying decisions.

These fogger models have advanced pest control technology that can boost your experience of killing mosquitoes smartly.

Keep on reading to understand how to pick the right mosquito foggers.

11 Best Mosquito Foggers

#1. Makita MM4 4-Stroke Engine Mist Blower

Makita MM4

One of the most impressive features of this Makita PM7650H model is its low-noise 75.6 CC engine. There are built-in anti-vibration damper springs between the engine and its frame.

During fumigations, you will not feel any discomforting movement of a vibrating mist blower on your shoulder. Also, the 3.67-HP MM4 engine consumes less fuel. Unlike regular foggers, it means that you can save money with the 4-stroke engine of this model.

Usually, high-end mosquito foggers with 4-stroke engines can send streams of insecticide to 2500 square feet spaces within ten minutes. This MM4 Mist Blower provides uniform spray dispersion of both weed and other pest control chemicals.

  • Its automatic decompression mechanism starts the engine quickly

  • L-shaped 3.9-gallon chemical tank that has a low center of gravity

  • User-friendly switch that allows air intake, mixture, and flow of liquid chemicals automatically

  • The vibration level is low, but engine sound in the range of 74 dB(A) might be loud.

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#2. Solo 451 2-Stroke Gas-Powered Mist Blower

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The Solo 451 Mosquito Fogger comes with a 3-gallon tank for chemicals. Apart from being lightweight (2 lbs), its compact size and soft-cushioned backrest prevent fatigue during operations.

With a backpack design, it’s easy to target its pistol-grip handle to areas with pests without wasting your insecticide. Also, the Solo two-stroke (66.5 CC) engine can generate about 824 CFM of air for a wide dispersion of chemicals.

  • It has a built-in metering valve that controls your chemical usage during operations

  • Sturdy engine components and a polymer impeller that optimize efficiency. The crankcase and cylinder are made from Aluminum and Nickel and Silicon Carbide materials

  • The 3-gallon chemical tank is corrosion-resistant, and its material doesn’t react to chemicals.

  • Unlike other models, this Solo 451 mist blower’s 3-gallon tank might be too small to mix chemicals for heavy-duty tasks.

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#3. Invatech Italia 868 Mosquito Fogger

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This Invatech Italia backpack-style mister duster is a cold fogger, and it doesn’t emit gaseous fumes. Its surface-spraying strength can cover both 39 and 32 feet of horizontal and vertical areas.

With a design of 4.3-horsepower motor, this Invatech Italia 868 model handles leaf-blowing and mosquito-fogging tasks effectively. Since cold foggers emit invisible fog, it might be difficult to control the fog as you eliminate mosquitoes.

However, it takes one minute for the 868 to disperses 14 lbs of insecticide powder. This efficiency rate might suit your pest control needs.

  • It is compatible with liquid, granular, and powder types of insecticide chemicals

  • Its fan system produces 805 CFM of air.

  • This model has a translucent tank that allows users to monitor the level of chemicals. Also, the 3.7-gallon tank (14 liters) has an extra-wide mouth that allows for re-filling

  • Normally, 2-stroke engines need fuel and oil mixture in the ratio of 50:1. So, you’ll need an additional budget for oil before running this Invatech Italia 868 model.

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#4. Mosquito Magician 2-Stroke 3 HP Gas-Powered Backpack Fogger

Mosquito Magician 2-Stroke

Are you looking for a mosquito sprayer with an energy-efficient engine that can handle both commercial and residential applications?

This 24.25-lbs fogger disperses atomized spray to a maximum distance of 50 feet. It’s the ideal commercial-grade backpack fogger for any type of outdoor space around your property.

Also, this Mosquito Magician model comes with an adjustable nozzle that optimizes the spray volume of target areas. However, you might desire a bigger tank to mix chemicals because it only has a 3.7-gallon capacity.

  • This model comes with 2 gallons of non-toxic Mosquito Magician concentrate.

  • Its 3.7-gallon tank has a wide mouth funnel (6 inches) that makes cleaning and refilling very easy

  • Apart from mosquitoes, you can target crawling and flying pests that are 40 feet within reach of its adjustable nozzle

  • During long periods of mosquito fogging, its weight (24.25 lbs) might not be comfortable for the user.

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#5. Petra 1200W Electric Fogger 4-Gallon Tank With Wide Lid

Petra 1200W

While it’s important to consider an electric fogger model’s quality, its functionality will determine your level of satisfaction.

This Petra Mosquito Fogger comes with many cost-saving features like the adjustable spray flow mechanism and screen filter in the tank. Also, an adjustable clamp that holds the filter and prevents particles from flowing into the tank with insecticides.

Unlike most mosquito foggers, you can use this atomizer backpack sprayer for many pest control applications. It comes with a commercial-grade hose for ULV misting, and targeted plants in hard-to-reach places.

  • It disperses an average liquid size of 20-50 microns

  • A powerful 1200W motor with a great fan speed

  • Heavy-duty shoulder and waist harness that prevents discomfort.

  • The range of dispersion for insecticide (powder chemicals and liquid) is only 15 feet.

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#6. Sprayers 3WF-3A 2-Stroke Gasoline-Powered Mosquito Fogger

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Eliminating pests and parasites from their natural habitat could be a hassle. However, this Sprayers 3WF-3A model has a fan speed of 5500 (rev/ min) that makes it get rid of these insects.

As a portable and lightweight backpack model, it has plastic components to make your misting tasks convenient. Also, its 2-stroke gasoline engine uses a smart recoil start mechanism that’s safe.

Unlike other backpack-style foggers that users have to struggle with ignition systems, this Sprayer model is very easy to operate.

  • It comes with a chassis design that offers stability for users. Also, the structure is well-aligned with a low center of gravity.

  • Adjustable handle with four switches for your desired spray output

  • This backpack-design comes with an integrated fuel tank that makes a compact construction.

  • This nozzle is not user-friendly when you need to spray tall trees. Its spray height can only cover vertical distances of 8 meters.

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#7. Ridgeyard 2-Stroke Engine With 14L Tank

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This Ridgeyard gasoline-powered model is a 3-in-one fogger because it’s a duster and leaf-blowing machine. Apart from domestic pest control, you can use this 2-stroke backpack sprayer for agricultural purposes.

With this fogger, Ridgeyard offers you a smart way of saving money. It has built-in easy-to-use features like a black rod that regulates the amount of dry (insecticide or herbicide) powder and knob for adjusting the throttle’s speed. These simple control mechanisms increase the help to maximize atomization.

  • Its large commercial-grade hose disperses 3.7 kg of chemical (powder) per minute

  • It comes with a safety feature that prevents sparks triggered by high temperature during operations

  • The 2-stroke 43CC engine delivers powerful sprays and makes this fogger an efficient tool

  • The 3-liter chemical tank offers small volumes and its only ideal for short ranges during operations.

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#8. HD Hudson Manufacturing 2.4 HP Engine Mist Blower

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Translucent tanks of mosquito foggers help you to track the usage of chemicals. Also, this Hudson 18539 model comes with a large 2-stroke 2.4 HP engine for versatile applications. Unlike mosquitoes, flying and crawling insects attach garden plants during different seasons of the year.

This HD Hudson gas-powered professional fogger keeps you prepared for both pest control and granular fertilizer applications. However, there’s nothing spectacular about its 3.75-gallon tank for chemicals.

  • Easily convertible Bak-Pak duster and mist blower units with 2 built-in tank inserts.

  • It has a translucent fuel tank that’s made from tough poly materials

  • It comes with a large 2-stroke, 2.4 HP engine

  • The size of its chemical tank’s opening is 8-3/8 inches, and it’s not convenient for users to close or open with one hand.

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#9. SHZICMY SINYI TF708 Petrol-Powered Backpack Sprayer 20-Liter Tank

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Some of the prominent features that you can enjoy with this SHZICMY SINYI TF708 model are rare. It comes with a large 20-liter backpack-style tank to spray herbicides and insecticides.

However, the two-stroke gasoline engine requires a mixing ratio of 20 or 25:1 for the fuel and oil. Unlike other 2-stroke engines, you need to read the manual before mixing and adjusting this fogger’s high-pressure piston pump.

It might be a complex procedure, but the CDI ignition and recoil starting mechanisms make the starting operation very easy.

  • The switch that adjusts spray levels have four settings

  • It has more plastic structure (tanks, covers, hose, and fan blades) that ensures durability, and high resistance to corrosion

  • Adjustable handle and extendable nozzle for convenient operations

  • While in operation, it only reaches a vertical spray height of between 6 to 8 meters.

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#10. Cardinal CMD65 3HP Engine 3-in-1 Backpack Sprayer

Cardinal CMD65

The Cardinal CMD65 has everything that you need for long-range sprays. With an impressive mist range of 30ft, you can eliminate every crawling and flying pest within its horizontal distance.

Also, this CMD65 backpack mosquito fogger’s handle is ideal for versatile spray operations. It can spray large outdoor areas around homes, big farms, and gardens.

You need to maximize comfort during heavy-duty fogging tasks, and the Cardinal Maximum CMD65 is reliable with an air velocity rating of 1400 cubic meters per hour.

  • Lock the throttle control handle, and enjoy a steady fogging speed

  • Ideal for commercial operations with spraying speed of 1 acre/minute

  • 3HP 2-stroke engine with low vibrations

  • Keeping a 35-lbs mosquito fogger on your back for long periods might cause fatigue and discomfort.

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#11. Tomahawk TPS25 6.6-Gallon Backpack Fogger For Mosquitoes and Ticks

Tomahawk TPS25

Get fogger models with faster spraying speeds if your environment has been invaded by bugs, mosquitoes, and ticks that spread LYME disease. The Tomahawk TPS25 comes with a fuel-efficient engine that cuts your spray time in half.

While it’s great for spraying mosquitoes, you can cover an acre with mist within 15 minutes. Apart from

insecticides, this backpack sprayer’s high-pressure pump is compatible with power pesticide and granules of fertilizer.

Also, the Tomahawk TPS25 doesn’t appear like a 26-lbs sprayer because the weight feels light for everyone to handle.

  • Adjustable nozzles for targeting coverage areas and optimizing spray chemicals

  • A horizontal spraying range of 30ft

  • Massive 6.6 gallon tank for liquid and granule chemicals

  • A pump sprayer with cheap-quality materials that might not serve you for a long period

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Benefits of Using Mosquito Foggers

Mosquito Foggers With 4-stroke Engines

Many 4-stroke engines are tougher and built to last more than 2-stroke models. Also, foggers with 4-stroke engines create better air and fuel mixtures. You’ll see fogger models with aluminum components. These types work with low vibrations and noise levels.

Unlike manual sprayers, the 4-stroke engine types work with faster pumps. Normally, 4-stroke engines run with low noise, and their decompression systems deliver high air pressure. With electronic ignition systems, you don’t have to struggle before starting their internal combustion engines.

User-friendly Mechanisms

Versatile mosquito foggers with adjustable flow rates can help to save chemicals (fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides).

Without flow rate adjusting mechanisms, you might disperse chemicals for longer periods, and experience fatigue. Also, it’s better to buy lightweight backpack foggers that are less than 25 lbs.

Low Centre Of Gravity

Naturally, the law of gravity explains the weight distribution of loads. You’ll see many mosquito foggers with plastic and metal constructions, and these materials have different densities.

The material and construction of a backpack sprayer with low gravity often eases fatigue. When you wear backpack foggers with padded shoulder and waist harness, their low-gravity effects distribute weight evenly.

During long periods of operation, users of mosquito foggers with high-density polyethylene materials improve your comfort.

How To Ensure Proper Maintenance

While foggers for commercial operations are sturdier, you can use lightweight models with 2-stroke engines for household chores.

Generally, the maintenance costs for mist blowers and regular foggers are low when you follow manufacturers’ instructions. It’s proper to read the operator’s manual before setting up a fogger.

It helps to know the right particle size of water-based and powder chemicals that you need to spray. Also, ensure that your preferred model has replaceable parts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can I Use Foggers Effectively?

Fog the affected space at least 2 hours before using it. Most efficient pest-control chemicals last for at least 12 hours. So, you’ll need a fogging to ensure a pest-free space.

What the difference between cold and thermal foggers?

A cold fogger is a ULV (ultra-low volume) sprayer that optimizes its droplet (chemical) size. With this ULV application, you can kill pests and parasites without leaving any residue of chemicals in the tank. Also, it’s cost-effective to cover large surface areas with ULV applications.

Thermal and cold foggers offer the same purpose but use different techniques. The former uses heat to atomize a fogging chemical. However, cold foggers don’t have heat barrels that depend on electricity (battery-powered) or gas.

While thermal foggers are more affordable, cold-foggers come with expensive designs that don’t pose significant fire risks.

Unlike thermal foggers, you can control cold forgers with ease because they don’t get too hot during operations. Also, cold foggers don’t dissipate many gaseous fumes like thermal foggers.

You might not see the fumes from cold foggers, and it’s easy to inhale the chemical. However, it’s better to ensure safety by wearing a respirator or nose mask.

Where Should I Use the Mosquito Fogger?

Outdoor spaces with thick vegetations around your yard, standing water where mosquitoes breed, and poolside are common areas of targets.

How Can I Disperse Chemicals Across Wide Areas?

Mosquito foggers with powerful pump pressure and engines are ideal for a long-range of spray. Unlike manual sprayers, high-end models have adjustable throttles with different speed settings for fast and slow applications.

While you don’t have to pump during long spray sessions, a commercial hose and big tank ensure wider coverage of dispersion. These models of mosquito foggers prevent you from spending long periods during pest-control operations.

Final Verdict

Some of the very functional mosquito foggers with 4-stroke engines provide massive torque according to their horsepower (HP) ratings. It shouldn’t be difficult to pick a fogger model that suits your task.

Don’t forget that you can use versatile mosquito foggers for indoor spaces like the attic, garages, hallways, and event halls.

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