Top 15 Best Moving Blankets (2024)

When moving property and belongings from part of the country to another in an open car or van, they are definitely exposed to the external weather elements.

These may compromise their stature and subsequent functionality. The only way to prevent this from happening is to cover them fully.

The moving blankets exist to play this role. Unlike your ordinary blankets, these ones are designed not for use by humans but by cargo haulers.

They offer excellent protection to the merchandise against the extremes of weather elements and precipitation. We samples and review 15 best moving blankets here below for your consideration.

PONGHEI 2 Moving Blankets 40"x 72" Heavy Duty...
  • Professional Moving Blanket -- 40" x 72" moving & packing blankets that provide exceptional damage protection from scratches, dirt, and moisture when moving or transporting furniture, appliances, and other valuable large items. It's also handy to pad moving boxes when shipping fragile items.

15 Best Moving Blankets

#1: Sure-Max 12 Moving & Packing Blankets


This blanket is multipurpose in the sense that it suits both individual and corporate haulers alike. It is also suited for any kind of shipping application irrespective of the distance involved. Consider purchasing it for your convenience.

Premium-grade Material Construction

Only premium materials have been used to make the blanket up. These come in the forms of ultra-plush padded cotton and a resilient fabric cover. They combine to yield substantially low weight that makes for easier handling.

Super Strong

All factors considered, the blanket is super strong. The strength derives from the Polyester binding and zig-zag stitching. They are also reinforced for maximum reliability even then hauling too weighty items.

Pleasantly Elegant

On the whole, the blanket is pleasantly elegant. It incorporates durability, premium quality, and cost-effectiveness all in one comprehensive packaging. Expect hence to enjoy the highest levels of satisfaction imaginable.

  • Handles professional and do-it-yourself applications equally well

  • Extremely breathable and unlikely to harm your items

  • Covers and protects both sides of the items

  • Quilted for added strength and vitality

  • Protects your items firmly and securely

  • Are not washable

  • Do not tumble dry

  • Slightly tedious to care for and maintain

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#2: Uboxes Textile Moving Blankets (54 x 72 Inch)


Looking for a blanket for one-time use? This is the one that is most suited for the role. It is short-lasting yet still reliable enough to cover your items fully from all forms of damages while in transit. Go for it!

Soft and Durable Quilted Fabric

The fabric that makes the blanket up is soft and durable. This stems from the fact that it is quilted and made to be extremely tough. They are hence ideally meant for draping all forms of furniture and items.

Rope and Ratchet Straps

For securing your items, you have the ratchet or the rope straps for your consideration and use. They do a generally good job of securing all your items firmly and securely in place. This means you get to enjoy maximum peace of mind.

Exceedingly Tough

On the whole, the blanket is exceedingly tough. It has been particularly noted to shield your items from scratches and dents. This way, it spares you from the need to pay too much of your time and money in sprucing them.

  • Features a comfortable fabric-mix for long-term reliability

  • Comprises a comprehensive packaging for wholesome use

  • Comes in many color and style options

  • Perfectly suited for the North American market

  • Quite light owing to the 1.66-pound weight

  • Delivers less value for money

  • Inconvenient to handle and make do with

  • Only for do-it-yourself activities

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#3: Nova Microdermabrasion 12 Moving Packing Blankets

No products found.

In case you are on the lookout for a moving blanket to use indefinitely, you have no better bet than this one. It is wholly built to last as it is stronger and more resilient to the extremes of weather elements.

Clean Padding

Clean padding does stand out as the premier trait of this moving blanket. Thanks to this cleanness, the padding hardly gets wet even when bombarded with strong waves of precipitation. It also spares your furniture from stains.

Durable Pad

Other than being clean, the pad is also durable enough to use repeatedly for an extended duration of time. This, in fact, is what makes it suitable for use indefinitely. Some Polyester binding makes this possible.

Quilted Build

To reinforce the strength, the cover boasts of the Zig-zag stitching. These hold the inner cushioning firmly in place to yield consistent padding protection outcomes. The end results are added strength and vitality.

  • Covers and protects your items firmly

  • Offers adequate protection from dents, dings, and scratches

  • Highly resilient to tears and holes

  • Serves professional and do-it-yourself applications

  • Inflicts reduced costs of repairs and maintenance

  • Costs a lot to purchase

  • Too tedious to haul and handle

  • Cumbersome to fidget and move around

No products found.

#4: New Haven Moving Equipment 1 Dozen Textile Moving Blankets

New Haven

If all you want is to cover your items from one point to another, you have no better companion than this specific moving blanket. It is simpler yet extremely capable of providing reliable applications all the while.

Great Ergonomic Option

On the whole, this blanket is both ergonomic and great. This means it grants you the power to cover your precious items without necessarily having to incur too many expenses to do so.

Strong and Lightweight

To enable this to happen, it is also strong and light in weight. Both traits are brought about by the strong pieces of fabrics that have been used to make it up. Owing to this, you have the benefit of maximum convenience.

Dependable Brand

New Haven Moving Equipment, the manufacturer of this wonderful moving blanket, is a dependable brand indeed. It boasts of 108 years of manufacturing quality. Also, it enjoys excellent customer care backing.

  • Protects items when packing and moving

  • Maintains the stature of your valuable objects

  • Good enough for basic storage needs

  • Less expensive than blankets of similar functionality

  • Facilitates the storage of items as well

  • Applicable for only one-time storage

  • Lacks the ultraviolet protection

  • Becomes obsolete after one-time use

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#5: Stalwart Moving Blanket for Protecting Furniture


Could it be that your items are only furniture and furniture alone? Well, you have no better companion than this specific blanket. It is wholly intended for the furniture and the furniture alone.

Multi-use Pad

With this blanket, it is possible to tackle many activities and uses. That is mainly due to its ability to protect furniture and vehicles alike. Thus, you get to earn much more than you pay for by choosing it.


It is also manufactured using recycled materials. This fact enables the cover to be safe and appropriate for use in your environment. Thus, you also get to save the pace of climate change while utilizing the blanket.

Durable Quilted Build

In all, the moving blanket is durable and tough, thanks to the quilted build. Zig-Zag double stitching exists primarily to make this feat achievable. You have some maximum peace of mind for your use.

  • Protects all your belongings from harsh weather elements

  • Excellent padding creates a softer surface for picnics and camping

  • Enables multiple uses and applications

  • Made wholly of recyclable materials

  • Guards against the surface damages for your peace of mind

  • Limited to furniture alone

  • Yields reduced value for money

  • Good only for a do-it-yourselfer

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#6: Cheap Moving Boxes (72 x 80 Inches) Pro Moving Blankets, Pack of 12, Blue/Black (MB104)

Cheap Moving Boxes

Have no clear purpose in mind? Choose this general-purpose moving blanket and enjoy the comfort of being able to use it for many of the day-to-day chores. Moreover, it also suits the do-it-yourself mover.

Double-lock Stitched Quilts

Some double-lock stitched quilts stand tall among all the many benefits that the blanket has to offer. The quilts are manufactured of the durable non-woven fabrics and are hence more resilient to your use.

Heavy-duty Materials

Apart from the tough stitching, the materials that make the blanket up are also heavy-duty and strong. They are not only thick but are also padded for added strength. As such, they provide adequate protection from scratches.

Fray-resistant Fabrics

Its materials are also resistant to frays. They are richer in quality and are hence less likely to wear out even when they are rubbed against other materials or hard surfaces. This makes for repeated use.

  • Wraps around all form of furniture and appliances

  • Secures the moving pads well

  • Assures items of the strength and vitality they need

  • Protects finishes from unnecessary damages

  • Imbues some aesthetics owing to the black exterior

  • Unsuitable for professional applications

  • Unlikely to take you longer and further

  • Costs a lot more to maintain

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#7: DINY Home & Style Moving Storage Packing Blanket

DINY Home & Style

Are you a professional mover or packer? Look to no other moving blanket than this one. It is tough and resilient enough for professional applications. Moreover, its size is also warm and comfortable enough for good use.

Double-stitched Non-woven Fabric

Standing tall among its most honorable features is the non-woven fabric that is strong. It derives its strength from the double stitching that makes it also able to endure the extremes of impacts and weights.

Washable and Grime-resistant

As part of its strength and vitality, the fabric is also resistant to grime. This mainly stems from the trait of machine-washable. You simply dip it into the machine, switch it on, and there you go!

Recycled Cotton Filling

A recycled cotton filling concludes the list of the most adorable aspects of this moving blanket. The filling is thicker and is mainly derived from materials that are recycled. Adorning its top is a clean polyester cover.

  • Good enough for the quick works

  • Accords an added layer of protection to your furniture

  • Allows for long-term safe-keeping

  • Boasts of a professional build and vitality

  • Large enough for wholesome cover and protection

  • Too bulky to engage

  • Quite cumbersome to tuck and store

  • May suffocate a smaller person

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#8: TUSY 12 Moving Packing Blankets (72″ x 80″)


It is not uncommon for the moving blankets to tear apart while in the course of transit. That is because of the sharpness of the various items that are in the move. Only a blanket that is strong enough like this one may come in handy.

Professional Protection

With this blanket, it is possible for you to enjoy the benefits of professional protection of your merchandise while in transit. This way, it prevents damages from afflicting your upholstery and furniture.


This cover is two-sided, a fact that makes it capable of impacting the two surfaces of the items concerned. This can only mean one thing. Adequate protection from all forms of possible damages.

Durable Structure

Only durable materials have been used to make the structure of this moving blanket. These are recycled cotton padding, a polyester binding, and stitching that is tough and reliable enough for added strength.

  • Unparalleled with regards to the protection of fragile items

  • Highly-resistant to tears and frays

  • Boasts of added strength and reinforcements

  • Shields items from pet damages and other scratches

  • Ensures adequate safety and security

  • Difficult to clean and maintain

  • Takes too long to dry up

  • Quite weighty to move around with ease

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#9: Forearm Forklift FFMB Moving Blanket

Forearm Forklift FFMB

Pieces of furniture, being small and agile, are particularly prone to damages. The moving blanket you choose for the job definitely has to be strong enough to accord added protection and prevention of any damages when moving.

Woven Construction

Its fabrics are woven into shape. They are pretty tough in such a way as to manage heavy-duty support and applications. On the basis of this construction, the blanket shields delicate items better and reliably.

Adequate Storage

Owing to its extra-large size, this blanket provides adequate storage solutions for you. You have it for your consideration if you intend to handle extremely large pieces of furniture for yourself.

Reusable Poly Zip Bag

All these elegant parts and components are packaged in a reusable poly zip bag. This bag fits snugly in your car and the home without imposing the need for additional space and sphere of use for yourself.

  • Medium shape and stature

  • Weighs a paltry 3.5 pounds

  • Provides adequate protection to your furnishings while in the move

  • Expedites the remodeling of your home as well

  • Capable of protecting the cargo and cargo area of your vehicle

  • Unlikely to meet many other needs

  • Somewhat limited in scope and reliability

  • Easily sustains damages and other elements of breakups

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#10: SOMIDE Moving Blanket


Do you devote much of your time outdoors? You definitely want a blanket that is versatile and tough enough for use in many outdoor applications. This is the one to look up to as it handles many such applications.

Quite Thicker

When compared to your ordinary blankets, this one seems to be thicker and subsequently more protective. As such, it is a good one to use for applications that involve exposure to excess levels of precipitation.

Supreme-grade Quality

It draws its thickness from the supreme-grade quality materials. Thanks to this awesome strength, the blanket can protect your valuables, appliances, and furniture from all forms of possible damages.

Exceedingly Durable

On the whole, the blanket is exceedingly durable. What with durable six threads and the double-lock stitching mechanisms? You have it for the taking when handling stronger items of use.

  • Has a distinctive superior cushioning

  • Does not bleed when wet

  • Unlikely to stain your furniture when on the move

  • Its padding is clean and soft

  • Useful for many tasks and purposes

  • Gets too dirty too soon!

  • Unsuitable for professional applications

  • Requires constant cleanliness to keep in check

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#11: WEN 272812 Heavy Duty Padded Moving Blankets (72-Inch by 80-Inch)

WEN 272812

Are you a general house mover? Save yourself some time and effort by placing your bet on this specific moving blanket. It is universal in the sense that it covers all the pieces of furniture and possessions in a typical household.

Heavy-duty Non-woven Blanket

This blanket is heavy-duty indeed. Owing to this heavy-duty nature, the blanket is subsequently heavier, tougher and more likely to yield the utmost protection your appliances require while on the go.

Internal Padding

Its interior is padded for added comfort and reliability. The padding plays the role of adding some comfort and support to the items that are transported. Moreover, it also prevents any damages to the surfaces.

Polyester Double-stitched Material

At its core is the Polyester material that is double-stitched. Thanks to this makeup, the material accords added strength and flexibility throughout your journeys and movements. All these add to maximum reliability.

  • Machine washable and ready to keep clean

  • Hardly damages your furniture unnecessarily

  • Handles delicate items particularly well

  • Guards your pieces of furniture with maximum zeal

  • Wards off scratches and other unwanted forms of damages

  • Quite costly to come by

  • Slightly complicated to a simple user

  • Traps excessive levels of dirt and dust

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#12: US Cargo Control Supreme Mover Moving Blankets

US Cargo Control

Do you intend to move your items over a long distance? Did you nod to this question? The blanket you choose has to be able to perform well across numerous weather and climatic conditions. Choose none-other this.

Premium Cotton/Polyester Blend

Enabling the blanket to meet this expectation is the blend of premium cotton and polyester materials. Owing to this blend, the material is extremely durable and is able to take you longer further.

3-inch Black Woven Binding

Binding the various pieces of fabric together is a black woven material that measures 3 inches. This binding is very strong and less likely to unravel even when the blanket is washed repeatedly.

Extremely Light

On the whole, the blanket is extremely light in weight by virtue of measuring 7.5 pounds only. On account of this, the material is easier and more convenient to carry around and deploy to the exact location of use.

  • Consists of superior padding that yields maximum support

  • Protects cargo against all forms of shocks and bumps

  • Exudes some smooth finish owing to the zigzag stitching

  • Reusable a couple of times owing to the tough stature

  • Outlasts many other blankets with similar stature

  • Lacks the ability to soundproof your items

  • Unaccompanied by the grommets for hanging

  • Poor breathability traits

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#13: XtremepowerUS Deluxe Moving Blankets (4-Pack)

No products found.

Does your entire career life center on property moving? You definitely want a blanket that is multipurpose in nature and is truly reliable. You have no better companion than this one.

Padded Cotton Batting

A padded cotton batting stands tall among all the many benefits that the blanket has to offer. Thanks to this material in use, the batting is more comfortable to handle and come by.

Reinforced Double-lock Stitched Fabric

In its entirety, the fabric contains some reinforced double stitching that provides the comfort and support you need to handle the heaviest pieces of furniture with utmost reliability.

Double-sided Construction

It also doubles up as being constructed on both sides. This makes it stronger and generally more reliable to make good use of. Thanks to this construction, you may be sure to enjoy added protection at all times.

  • Versatile enough to handle general-purpose applications

  • Pretty breathable to maintain the freshness of your items

  • Protects your floors too!

  • Adds some security to your items and motions as well

  • Highly resistant to tears and frays

  • Disparages those who lack the vital skills

  • Too large and bulky to make good use of

  • When washed, it takes too long to dry

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#14: Traxion 1-500 Black Versa Utility Mat

Traxion 1-500

Generally speaking, these blankets are larger and bulkier to handle and move about. Not so with this one. Instead, this one is small compact and foldable enough to handle and tuck away when needed.

Clean Cushioned Surface

When spread out completely, this fabric offers a clean cushioned surface. Thanks to this clean surface, you may operate smoothly regardless of where and when the duty may call.

Tough Padding

Tough padding also exists to provide added support and comfort. The padding is thicker, firmer, and more protective by the virtue of the closed-cell foam makeup. Have we also stated that it is easier to clean?

Large Coverage Area

Compared to many other blankets, this one provides a large surface for your coverage. The mat stretches to an area of 46 ¾ inches by 25 inches. With this large coverage, the mat allows for comprehensive use.

  • Delivers firm density to your use

  • Wrapped with heavy-duty canvas

  • Conventional rolls up to allow for easier storage

  • A durable double-stitched fabric adorns its seams

  • Works well in every kind of surface

  • Too small to cover all your furniture fully

  • Yields less value for money

  • Cannot resist scratches and other forms of damages

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#15: ZENY 24 Moving Blankets Packing Blanket Quilted Shipping Furniture Pads


Regardless of your specific needs, you need a moving blanket that is especially reliable. You have no better companion than this one. It is suitable for professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike.


This moving blanket is highly resistant to dirt and other forms of debris. It draws this resistance chiefly from the black interior and the Navy blue exterior. These colors have the distinctive ability to conceal dirt.

Double-locked Stitching Design

Its seams are stronger by virtue of the professional double-locked stitching. With this added strength, you may count on the blanket to accord exceptional protection from scratches and other agents of damages.

Comprehensive Makeup

In all, this blanket comprises some 24 moving blankets that measure 80 inches long by 72 inches wide. Thanks to this makeup, the blanket does provide unparalleled protection to your property from all agents of deterioration.

  • Tackles any shipping need regardless of the distance

  • Quite a resilient fabric cover

  • Does not break as easily as other moving blankets

  • Easier to keep clean and wash

  • Manufactured by a reputable brand

  • Incapable of ultraviolet protection

  • Its fabric weakens when damp

  • Not so reliable in the long run

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you wash a moving blanket?

YES, you can! As a matter of fact, many of them are machine-washable. You simply slot them in a washing machine, and that is it! A lot more may be washed by hand nonetheless.

How much does a moving blanket weigh?

These blankets vary greatly in weight. Nonetheless, their median weights are around 8 pounds.

How many moving blankets do I need?

It all depends on the sizes of the items you move from one place to another. You are sure to find the number that is able to wholly cover the items with no space left out.

Are moving blankets warm?

YES, they are! Many of them are thick and heavy-duty. In light of this, they trap all the heat that may otherwise escape into the atmosphere. As such, they are warmer than your ordinary blankets.
How do you secure a moving blanket?

Many contain straps that you engage in to secure the blankets firmly. Some are even accompanied by instructions on how best to go about the issue altogether.

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