Top 11 Best Needle Nose Pliers In 2020

With the thick jaws of needle-nose pliers, you don’t have to exert much force on the handle of your cutter. Technicians and craftsmen use these tools to grab, twist, and snip wires.

The best needle nose pliers have induction-hardened cutting knives. Depending on the thickness of these knives, you wires-cutting tasks during installation and repair projects wires will be easy. These types of long-nose pliers have been built with tough materials that make them durable tools.

Sets of quality pliers with different shapes of noses (45 to 90 degrees), and lengths (8 to 12 inches) are versatile work tools. Apart from their slim head designs, premium needle-nose pliers have soft-grip handles.

If you need needle-nose pliers for heavy-duty tasks, it’s important to consider the molding process and overall quality. While models with materials that have dual metals (metals) might be heavier, you can balance their impressive cutting power with the design.

Many long-nose pliers have fewer features, but there’s no better alternative to models that have strong and stable jaws. After all, the purpose of using these cutting tools is to snip wires efficiently. A reliable pivot point and slim-profile nose can get to hard-to-reach places.

Grabbing hardware like narrow-nose profile pliers is an essential tool for first responders during emergency services.

Even jewelers use needle-nose pliers with cutting edges that are made from carbon-steel alloys. It’s the right tool for beading pieces of jewelry and breaking the links of the straps of wristwatches. Generally, long nose pliers are versatile.

The types with comfortable handles and long-tempered jaws are suitable for performing many common tasks. You should look beyond aesthetics when shopping for needle-nose pliers.

Instead, rust-proof designs and other properties of these yanking tools prevent early replacement costs. These are some factors that make high-end needle-nose pliers.

Top 11 Best Needle Nose Pliers

#01. Klein Tools J203-8 Journeyman Long-Nose Pliers

Klein Tools J203-8

Klein Tools 8-Inch Journeyman long-nose pliers are for heavy-duty cutting applications. It has all that you need in pliers with a needle nose. The cutting power comes from its heavy design.

These journeyman pliers have slim-profile heads that can reach confined parts of any material, and long handles for leverage. Also, the dual-material molding process ensures its durability. You can bend, and twist with these pliers effortlessly.

With these induction-hardened cutting knives, you can complete professional and DIY activities quickly. The quality of construction is great because this Journeyman long-nose model gives long-lasting cuts on hardened wires and cotter pins.

  • The riveted joint moves smoothly

  • Induction-hardened knives

  • Extended handles for better grips

  • These pliers suit heavy-duty projects, but they don’t clamp towards the handle for small objects.

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#02. Channellock 8-inch 3017 Long Nose Pliers

Channellock 8-inch 3017

Do you need the right long-nose pliers without side cutters? Channellock’s high-carbon steel construction and rustproof technology give this pair of pliers performance. Normally, carbon C1080 steel has high tensile strength and the impact resistance of this tool is impressive.

It’s durability and superior cutting edge life makes the tool a great purchase decision. However, a design without side cutters is complemented with a slim 0.14-inch (width) nose. So, you can reach tight spaces conveniently.

Apart from the long nose, this pair of Pliers come with a knife and anvil style cutting edge. If there’s a cutting task, Channellock’s blue handle’s unique profile is built to enhance your grip.

With the cutting power and extra precision, you can have clean and long-lasting cuts. Also, the 8-inch 3017 jaw length (2.36 inches) is suitable for working on small accessories and gadgets.

  • Laser and heat-treated cutting edges

  • Crosshatch pattern on jaws ensure tight grips

  • Long-nose pliers that allow you to work in tight areas

  • A finely-coated finish

  • You’ll need to clean the pivot and oil the jaws regularly.

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#03. Neiko 02105A 11″ Long Nose Pliers Set

Neiko 02105A

You can enjoy comfortable grips with these rubber non-slip handles. This pair of needle-nose pliers have forged metal construction.

It delivers superior performance on different cutting-operations during automotive repairs. Also, hobbyists can use these 11-inch pliers for home garage tasks. The carbon steel construction is durable, and the set includes other types of (curved tip) pliers that might be useful.

It’s a choice that offers value for hard-earned money. These hardened teeth are sturdy and they grip tightly on big and thin objects. If you need durable pliers, don’t hesitate to buy this Neiko set.

  • 4 piece-set with 2 long-nose pliers

  • An extra-long (11 inches) length

  • Cross-cut teeth for Omni-directional gripping of objects

  • It’s more expensive than regular pliers

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#04. TEKTON Mini Needle Nose Pliers


This pair of TEKTON Mini needle-nose pliers offer effortless reach into the narrowest areas of materials. Its handles have a wide profile that allows enough space for your finger to grip comfortably.

These cushioned vinyl grips enhance the feeling of working with the right pliers because they allow you to have better control. Apart from the slender profile of its tapered nose, it has a fine tip for gripping, twisting, and pulling tiny wires.

More so, you can use these precision tips for bending small items with low tensile strengths. With a recessed-coil spring that squeezes and opens smoothly, you might not have to struggle with these TEKTON needle-nose pliers during work.

This feature minimizes hand fatigue and the frustration of working with hand tools in chilly outdoor environments.

  • The recessed-coil spring makes an opening angle of 137 degrees

  • A wide-profile handles

  • This pair of pliers supports a strong grip because of its diamond-shaped and crosscut teeth

  • This tool is moderately weighty

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#05. KNIPEX Tools Long Nose Pliers with Cutter


If you need cutting pliers with a superior grade of steel, Knipex needle nose pliers are the right tool. It comes cutting-edge jaws that allow you to make soft twists on electrical wires.

This pair of 8-inch pliers’ riveted joint aligns with ease and cuts without hesitation. With cutting edge teeth, you can make quick fixes and adjustments. The pair of needle-nose pliers are suitable for cutting 3.2mm (medium hardwire) and 2.2mm (hardwire) respectively.

KNIPEX Tools pliers’ plastic-coated handles make it easy to identify your tools. During exposures to heat, the rubber cover feels comfortable to use. Also, the forged steel and elastic precision tips have a weight balance that the tool very portable.

  • Resilient precision tips

  • Oil-hardened steel frames

  • Induction-hardened cutting edges

  • The curved handles might feel uncomfortable for users with small hands

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#06. Klein Tools Linemans Pliers Needle Nose Pliers

Klein Tools

Enjoy greater reach with this needle-nose pliers. This 8-Inch Klein Tools Linemans Pliers with side cutters is suitable for tinkering and automotive repairs.

It doesn’t require much effort to strip wires into bits with these side cutters. Also, the cutting edges can strip 12-gauge materials and parallel wires. With long jaws, you can maintain strong grips on objects.

The riveted joint doesn’t get stuck or hard to open, this feature enhances the pliers’ usability. Usually, hand tools with bright colors are attractive. Linemans Pliers’ yellow plastic handles ensure stable grips.

The shape of these extended handles allows users to spread force on these alligator pliers easily. It’s pleasurable when using soft-grip handles to grip and perform cutting tasks.

  • Extended plastic handles

  • The hot-riveted pivot that moves smoothly

  • Induction-hardened side cutter

  • Users with small hands don’t enjoy much ease of use with this tool.

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#07. WORKPRO 7-piece Pliers Set

WORKPRO 7-piece

Workpro 7-piece Pliers Set makes a well-equipped toolbox for professional, DIY, and home garage use. The kit contains 4-1/2, 6-inch pliers with a long nose that sturdy non-slip handles. Other tools in this set are 6-inch slip joint, 7-inch Linesman, 6-inch diagonal, 8-inch slip joint, and 8-inch groove joint pliers.

However, you can enjoy cutting ease and performance with the needle-nose pliers. With the precision tip to can apply long-lasting twists and cutting of thin wires.

It’s a perfect tool for every home renovation and garden maintenance projects. WORKPRO long-nose pliers have adjustable (width) jaws that are designed for versatile applications. Its built-to-last and this feature indicate the value of using quality gripping tools.

  • Durable body construction

  • A pair of needle-nose pliers that’s ideal for holding and bending objects

  • Brushed steel with high quality

  • The tensile strength the needle nose is low, and it’s not suitable for thick-diameter and hardened metals

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#08. NIDAYE 6 Inch Precision Long Reach Needle Nose Pliers


NIDAYE drop-forged carbon-steel nose pliers come with a nice brushed finish. The molded-plastic handles have an attractive coat. Normally, quality double-dipped handles often feel comfortable use.

These textured and non-slip plastic handles ensure firm securing of wires and tiny objects. They provide the leverage of applying force and proper control. Unlike long nose pliers that cause fatigue, the leaf spring-loaded design makes it easy to open.

Usually, needle-nose pliers with easy-to-use handles help artisans to repair small electronics. As a hobbyist, you can grip small parts of toys and make quick fixes with these pliers. Apart from soft-steel wires, it’s ideal for cutter snips, twin-blade wires, copper, and aluminum coins.

  • Self-opening spring-loaded design

  • Hardened carbon-steel alloy

  • A lightweight (5.6oz) design

  • The wire cutter might not be too sharp.

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#09. Stanley 84-096 5-Inch Needle Nose Pliers

Stanley 84-096

Stanley 84-096 needle nose pliers are great additions to your toolbox. This pair of pliers has insulated handles, forged chrome-nickel steel construction, and rust-proof finish.

These lightweight pliers’ double-dipped handles are comfortable to hold, and the rubber cover is designed with bi-colors for easy identification.

It’s easy for the fine tips of these pliers to reach tight spaces. Also, this 84-096 needle nose pliers is a perfect tool for jewelry-making, and gripping small parts of wristwatches. During your arts and craft jobs, the long tempered jaws can control the bending of wires.

After a gentle squeeze on these handles, the spring-loaded mechanism closes the pliers smoothly. You should expect much ease of use with this pair of 5-inch needle-nose pliers.

  • The aesthetic design of bi-colored handle covers

  • Rust-resistant finish

  • Slip-resistant handles

  • It might be difficult to pick up and pull small-gauge wires.

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#10. Dykes Needle Nose Pliers


Dykes 6-inch extra-long needle nose pliers come with machined jaws for stable and tight grips. These tapered nose pliers are an excellent tool for repairing computer hardware and electronics.

With fine tips and tempered jaws, this pair of pliers can deliver the reliability of that’s needed for one-handed operations. Generally, a carbon-steel construction is tough and this material has extra-strength to grip small objects.

Its leaf spring-loaded design helps to relieve fatigue that often affects the hand during extended periods of work. Apart from these features, the durability of these Dykes needle nose pliers that’s outstanding. Also, these 2.08-ounces pliers come with red plastic-dipped covers.

  • A soft-textured and plastic-dipped handles

  • Leaf Spring-loaded design

  • Durable construction

  • The long jaws don’t close tightly on each other, and it might be difficult to grasp small objects.

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#11. SE LF01 Professional Quality Mini Needle Nose Pliers


Pliers with long necks ensure firmer grips. With these SE LF01 6-inch needle-nose pliers, you can ensure a firm grasp on the objects during work. Beginner craftsmen, electricians, jewelers, and engineers can shape memory wire perfectly.

Its riveted joint and double leaf spring aligns very well and provides smooth movements to bend metal objects. You don’t feel wrist fatigue because this pair of high carbon-steel pliers have a balanced weight.

This high Hardness (55) quality shows the strength of its forged carbon steel material. SE LF01 is a tool for every weather condition and you can grip the wet handles conveniently. Also, this pair of pliers comes with black handles that ensure comfortable grips.

Unlike the types with molded handles, this well-textured plastic is durable. It’s a must-have for all toolboxes for professionals.

  • Comfortable handles

  • Double leaf spring

  • Nonslip rubber handles with a unique design

  • The level of this tool’s carbon-steel resistance to corrosion is not impressive.

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What To Consider When Shopping For Need-Nose Pliers

Style Of The Nose

An extra-long nose design allows you to work in the narrowest spaces. Pliers with these long dimensions have distinctive designs and the fine tips can pick and pull tiny objects.

This feature eases the inconvenience of ensuring consistent grasps of thin and strong items of jewelry, electrical wires, and medium-gauge plates.

Without these handy tools, it might be difficult to exert enough force to engage those items. Also, pliers with slender-nose nose taper come with solid constructions that are durable.

Powerful Jaws

The cutting-edge jaws of needle-nose pliers ensure that your grasp of objects is not slippery, Since, these jaws don’t rub the surface of materials during work, it might be comfortable to engage them. Also, the serrated teeth of these jaws create interlocking joints around objects.

Precision tips that ensure firm grips allow you to bend, and cut objects. Thicker jaws that open and close gently can grasp firmly. With these types, you might not need to flex wires too much while twisting them.

The Size And Double-dipped Handles

The size of the needle-nose pliers is important. They often come as micro, mini and regular needle-nose pliers of between 5 to 8 inches. Usually, their sizes determine the ease of using them for different jobs.

Choose the right size of pliers that can pull and bend copper wires if your projects involve this material. Pulling a live wire from an outlet or junction box needs needle-nose pliers with the right precision tips. These types of needle-nose pliers can help you to unscrew nuts from a laptop case.

It’s better to use needle-nose pliers with wide and flat handles. A pair of lightweight pliers that’s handy will provide the right traction that you need.

However, no-slip handles with double-dip designs allow you to work with wet hands. During one-handed operations, these handles offer comfortable grips and exceptional ease of use.

Riveted Joints And Recessed Coil Springs

While pliers with spring-loaded designs reduce fatigue levels during usage, this feature allows you to work with minimal adjustments. It enhances the convenience of handling and using pliers. Also, long-arm coil springs open and close gently.

They are fitted between handles of pliers neatly. Some of these designs are discreet, but other models of needle-nose pliers have elaborate designs.

Regardless of the style, recessed-coil springs prevent the operators’ fingers from being tucked accidentally. A premium pair of needle-nose pliers can open at angles of more than 90 degrees. This allowance delivers the right tension for you to work with pliers effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is it important to use wide-profile handles?

Regardless of the size of your favorite needle-nose pliers, their wide-profile handles are designed to make handling very comfortable. Normally, operators with small hands might have difficulties in handling large-profile handles with non-slip covers.

However, a wide profile allows the fingers to spread and rest comfortably. Consider pliers with non-slip vinyl handles when you need to maintain firmer grips during one-handed operations.

What is the effect of the crosscut teeth on the jaws of needle-nose pliers?

With fine crosscut and serrated teeth on across the jaw, you can pull, and bend objects evenly. Apart from pulling, some electrical wires might require a twist that shouldn’t break them.

Also, it’s possible to use either side of the jaw to make straight and lasting cuts. If the task requires a smooth pattern of cuts, these serrations can form uniform contact with the material.

How do I ensure consistent grasps with needle-nose pliers?

Usually, needle-nose pliers with extra-long jaws and slim-profile noses have exceptional holds on materials. Apart from fitting into narrow spaces, they offer a consistent grasp with their fine tips.

Consider these features. They can help you to grasp tiny wires or other parts of materials that require the ease of control from pliers’ handles.

Final Verdict

These models of needle-nose pliers with precision tips are suitable for beginner and expert users. With regularly-spaced teeth and long jaws that can reach tight areas of your materials, you will enjoy the pleasure of working manually.

Also, needle-nose pliers that offer the right balance of weight and the exertion of force doesn’t require you to struggle before using them. We understand these requirements and have recommended functional needle-nose pliers that improve your craftsmanship.

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