Top 11 Best Nut Driver Sets (2023)

If you are a workman in any field, you must have a well-equipped toolbox for you to perform your projects more effectively and efficiently.

Now, if you are an electrician, one of the must-have tools is the nut driver set. This tool comes in handy when tightening or loosening bolts, nuts or other fasteners.

A nut driver takes the appearance of a screwdriver in that they both have a cylindrical handle although the nut driver features a hexagonal tip, unlike the screwdriver.

When selecting a nut driver set, you need the best quality that will get the job done without damaging the fasteners.

Here are some of the recommendable options for you to carry in mind before you leave for the market.

SWANLAKE 20PCS Power Nut Driver Set for Impact...
  • This 20pcs nut drive set is forged from high hardness chrome vanadium steel. The surface is treated with anti-corrosion sand blasting. After the whole high temperature quenching heat treatment, the product has high hardness and is durable.

11 Nut Driver Set Reviews

#1 Klein Tools 647 Nut Driver Set

Klein Tools 647

Klein is an American Manufacturer that is known for making professional-grade tools that deliver greater precision and performance. With over 160 years in the industry, Klein has perfectly mastered the art of making tools that meet professional needs. And yes, coming from this great manufacturer, this is among the few nut driver sets that you can count on to get the job done right. This set comes with seven pieces to provide a solution for any fastening needs.

Hollow Shaft

When choosing a nut driver set, it’s important to note that there are some that have hollow shafts while others have solid shafts. Generally, hollow shafts offer a great advantage since they allow you to work on long bolts, unlike the solid design. This set has a hollow shaft which means that a long fastener will never slow your operations down.

Chrome Plating

Another great feature about this driver set is that the shafts have a chrome plating. This feature provides a smooth feel, steps up the aesthetics of the tool, and offers resistance to corrosion to ensure extended service life.

Cushion-Grip Handles

Since nut driver sets use torsion force to fasten nuts, you will definitely need to get the one that offers the best grip. And yes, this is one of the models out there that have been made with ergonomics in mind. Each piece comes with a cushion grip handle to guarantee perfect grip and minimize hand fatigue when using the tool for a more extended period.


  • The handle gives an excellent grip.
  • The pieces are durable.
  • The quality is great.


  • They are non-magnetic.

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#2 GEARWRENCH 8916 Nut Driver Set


Just in case you are looking for a nut driver set without a bunch of separate fixed heads, this should be the right way for you to go. The 16-piece set comes with a premium handle that is easy to attach or remove shafts. The handle features oil and solvent resistant design that combines with dual durometer grip to guarantee superior comfort and high torque.

Color-Coded Shafts

With 16 pieces, selecting the right shaft for the application can turn to be time-consuming especially if you have to read the sizes of each one after the other. With this in mind, the shafts are color-coded to allow you to know the right tool for your application with just a glance.

Reversible Ratcheting Mechanism

Another great feature about this set is that the handle employs a reversible ratcheting mechanism. This feature makes it easy to use the tool and allows for efficient fastening and loosening of nuts and bolts.

Premium Case

For the new electricians or technicians who are yet to buy a toolbox, this option is designed with you in mind. The set comes with a premium-grade case that allows you to conveniently store all the pieces when not in use or when you need to transport them. In other words, you will never find a missing piece since you can now store them all in the case.


  • The chrome finish protects the pieces from corrosion.
  • It comes with a decent case.
  • It saves storage space since the drivers are not individually handled.


  • The handle is a bit short.

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#3 Klein Tools 631 Nut Driver Set

Klein Tools 631 

Just like the earlier sibling from the same manufacturer, this is also another great option you can rely upon to give you the best value for your money. The driver nut set features premium shafts that have a chrome plating to provide smooth and offer resistance to corrosion to provide extended durability. The shafts are also hollow hence they will suit long bolt applications.

Multiple Sizes

To suit different bolt and nut sizes, this set consists of 7 pieces each of varying sizes. The multiple sizes mean that you will always be ready to tackle any fastening or loosening challenge that comes your way when performing your operations.

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Tip Identification

Obviously, with the seven pieces looking similar, it is difficult to differentiate the right size for the application at hand. To make things more straightforward, the size of every nut driver is indicated at the handle end for accurate selection the first time. The handle ends also have a color coding that makes it easy to pick the right piece without having to read the sizes every time.

Ergonomic Handles

If you are looking for a nut driver set that is designed with ergonomics in mind, you won’t be wrong to add this selection to your shopping cart. Each piece features a cushion grip handle that will keep your hand in place when in use to ensure comfort and maximum performance.


  • The strong magnet doesn’t lose its hold.
  • It provides a good grip.
  • The color variations of the handle make it easy to pick the right tool.


  • It would be better if the set had additional sizes.

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#4 Electric Hand Drill – PNDB1A by TACKLIFE

No products found.

If you want a high-quality nut driver set that you can use with a power driver or screw gun, this should be the ideal option the market holds for you. The nut driver bit set comes with 20 pieces for broader applications. The set features widely compatible 1/4-inch hex shanks that lock firmly in conventional chunks easily to save time.

High Hardness

This nut driver bit set is constructed from high-quality alloy steel that can stand up to everyday use for years to come. The chrome steel material also offers abrasion resistance for years of use. Furthermore, the premium construction is complemented by a sandblasted finish that delivers reliable resistance to corrosion.

Unique Storage

Unlike most nut driver sets that come with a storage case, this set comes with a work belt storage clip that makes transportation and storage easier. Furthermore, the plastic strips ensure that the pieces remain well organized so that you have an easy time picking the right piece for your project.


Whether you want it for woodworking, household DIY projects, auto parts, or maybe for use in a professional repair, this set is engineered with versatility as a priority to make it a staple addition to your toolbox. The nut driver bit set can be used with an electric drill, manual and electric screwdrivers, pistol drill, pneumatic drill, and many more.


  • The set is highly durable.
  • They come with a high-quality finish.
  • The size indicator is easy to read.


  • They are not magnetic.

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#5 Klein Tools 647M Nut Driver Set

Klein Tools 647M 

Also coming from Klein, this nut driver set shares majority of the features with the Klein 647 model. However, unlike the earlier reviewed model that is non-magnetic, Klein 647M is magnetic. The high-strength magnets at the tips save operation time and money by minimizing the chances of dropping and losing a bolt.

Wide Application

The set consists of 7 pieces; 646-3/16M, 646-1/4M, 646-5/16M, 646-11/32M, 646-3/8M, 646-7/16M and 646-1/2M to suit multiple applications. Each driver (except the 646-3/16M) has hollow shafts for long bolt applications. The 6-inch hollow shaft means that they can be used for nearly any bolt length.

High-Quality Shafts

Unless you pay special attention to the material of the shafts, there are more chances of ending up with a nut driver set of inferior quality. The shafts of this set are of high-quality material for maximum durability. The chrome plating extends the service life of the shafts by offering resistance to rust and corrosion.

Unique Internal Flanges

For maximum effectiveness, the shaft needs to remain firmly held in place. And yes, this set features handy internal flanges that offer a twist-resistant anchor to the shafts to ensure that you get the best user experience when using the set.


  • The humanized design of the handle ensures comfort.
  • The hex size identification makes it easy to pick the right driver.
  • The color-coded handles make identification more straightforward.


  • It would be better if all the drivers were magnetic.

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#6 DEWALT DWMT73808 Nut Driver Set


We all know Dewalt as a well-trusted American Manufacturer for hand tools and power tools in the woodworking, construction, and manufacturing applications. Also coming from Dewalt, this nut driver set is tailored to deliver high performance in nearly any bolt application.  The 70-piece set means that you will always have the right tool for any project.

Vinyl Handle

Unlike the independent handle design that takes much space in the toolbox, the bits of this set are designed to fit into a single handle firmly. The premium handle is of the vinyl material that offers hand comfort to eliminate hand fatigue making it an ideal option for the big projects.

Molded Case

Since the set comes with 70 pieces, the chances of losing a piece are very high especially if you decide to store each separately. However, to curb this, this set comes with a durable case that nicely nests in a larger toolbox. The case features an internal tray that keeps each piece in place during transportation and storage and allows you to customize how you organize the pieces.

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State-of-the-art Sockets

Some bolts such as those made of brass can easily get stripped when fastening. To offer protection to such bolts, the sockets of this nut driver set features a knurled beauty rings that significantly minimizes slippage when tightening a bolt. Forget about the frustration of damaged bolts!


  • It is ideal for accessing hard-to-reach spots.
  • The premium-quality case allows you to view the pieces without opening it makes it easy to identify a missing piece.
  • The quality of the driver bits is great.


  • The finish may begin to wear off after some time leaving the bits at the risk of corroding.

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#7 TEKTON 2938 Nut Driver Set


If you are in the hunt up for the best deal on the market, this nut driver set is among the hottest deals you will come across on the market. Although the price is much lower than that the competitors’, the quality matches that of other high-priced models making it an excellent option for anyone in need of a high-quality nut driver set without reaching deep into your wallet.

Red Storage Clip

The set comes with a convenient storage clip that holds every piece in its slot for convenient transportation and to make it easy to identify when there is a missing piece. The convenient storage clip fits in a larger toolbox while the red color is highly conspicuous making it easy to spot the clip in a fully-equipped toolbox.

Robust construction

Every piece of TEKTON 2938 is constructed from hardened chrome vanadium steel to ensure exceptional strength and extended durability. The sandblasted finish in every piece protects the set from corrosion ensuring superior performance in every application for years to come.

Versatile Design

This set features a universal 0.25-inch hex shank that permits easy changing of chunks. The universal design also means that the set allows for wider compatibility since it can be used with any screw gun, drill, and driver.


  • The set is built to last.
  • The ratchet mechanism of the set is a plus.
  • It is easy to use.


  • Not suitable for a busy contractor since they are made to suit occasional use perfectly.

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#8 Neiko 10250A Nut Driver Set

Neiko 10250A 

If you are after durability, it would be wise to give this nut driver set a try. The drivers are of professional-grade chrome vanadium steel that delivers extra durability. The black phosphate coating on the other side means that you can buy with the peace of mind that the pieces will not corrode over time. The durable coating also offers abrasion resistance.

Lobular Design

A good number of nut driver sets out there grab nuts by the corners increasing the chances of damaging nuts with increased torsion. However, Neiko 10250A features a lobular design that grabs the nuts by the sides eliminating any chances of getting stripped off when fastening.

Laser engravings

To make it easy to read the size markings of each setter in a glance, each piece is laser engraved in an easy-to-read marking to help save time and eliminate guesswork when choosing the ideal piece for the project you ware working on.

Duo Versatility

Both the metric and standard tips are included in the nut setters. This feature increases the versatility since it means that the set should suffice for every application. The duo versatility feature also adds convenience and saves you time and money.


  • The set comes in a handy storage case.
  • The set features a size for nearly every use.
  • The construction is sturdy.


  • Under rear occasions, the magnets may fall out after using for quite a long time.

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#9 ARES 70028 | SAE Impact Magnetic Nut Driver Set

ARES 70028

This set comes with five pieces available in both the metric and standard options. The set includes 1/4-inch, 5/16-inch, 3/8-inch, 7/16-inch, and 1/2-inch nut drivers. In other words, this set is an ideal option for common applications. Each nut driver comes with a length of 65 mm (2.5 inches) to let you reach where your fingers cannot.

Super strong magnet

Although most manufacturers term their nut driver set as magnetic, the fact remains that most of these sets offer very weak magnetism that cannot hold for long. However, with this nut driver set, it is a totally different set since it boasts industrial-strength magnets that ensures precise application and ensures that everything stays where you want it.


Just like some preceding models, each magnetic nut driver features a 1/4-inch hex shank. The universal size smoothly goes with most drill chuck allowing you to use them with your most trusted tools to handle the toughest projects.

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Chrome Vanadium Material

ARES 70028 nut driver set is constructed with commercial-grade chrome vanadium steel material that stands the test of time. The premium-grade coating prolongs the life of the nut driver by resisting corrosion and abrasion.


  • The nut drivers do not lose their magnetism.
  • It can be used with impact wrenches and drivers.
  • The set comes in a durable plastic case.


  • The 2.5 inches may not be enough length for the long screws.

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#10 Irwin Tools 1948791 Nut Driver Set

Irwin Tools 1948791

If you want high-quality nut drivers for everyday use, Irwin Tools 1948791 Nut Driver Set could be what you need. The drivers feature a high-quality strong abrasion-resistant construction for enhanced durability. The excellent workmanship delivers high performance making it an ideal option for professional application. The drivers feature hollow shafts for tackling long bolts with ease.

Acetate Handle

Irwin 1948791 nut drivers feature uniquely-designed acetate handle that increases the service life of every unit even under high torsion force. The grip features three zones of comfort which delivers all-day comfort eliminating hand fatigue caused by extended use. The comfortable design makes the set a perfect suit for busy technicians.

Stamped Tip

Since the nut drivers come with the same color, one can easily argue that it is quite difficult to distinguish the different sizes. However, this is not actually the case since the handle end is stamped with tip size making it easy to identify. The size markings are pretty big and easy to read hence they should not cause a problem to people using glasses or with visual impairment.

Six-Sided Head

Each driver set comes with the hexagonal drive. The six-sided design is designed with high precision to ensure perfect grip to bolts. This feature makes fastening and loosening bolts and nuts easier and minimizes the chances of causing damage to the fastener.


  • The size markings are easy to read for easy identification.
  • The handle is very comfortable and provides a good grip.
  • The acetate handle is highly durable.


  • It would be easier to identify the drivers if the handle tips had different tones.

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#11 Klein Tools 32800 Nut Driver Set

Klein Tools 32800

If you want a portable driver set, this could be the perfect solution for you. This top-class nut driver comes with a single handle that to save on space that the independently-handled design could have eaten. The six drivers suit most applications.


If you are a serious technician, a dedicated homeowner, or a no-joke DIY enthusiast, the chances are that you only have limited space left in your toolbox. Therefore, instead of buying a nut driver set with multiple pieces, you can consider this option that comes with 6-in-1 handle design. This versatile design means that the piece will take minimum storage space in your toolbox without compromising on the functionality of the independently-headed nut drivers.

High-quality construction

When choosing hand tools, quality remains a crucial consideration since it can define the performance of your purchase. This nut driver features a combination of highest quality materials and superior workmanship for excellent performance in any application.

Cushion Grip Handle

Another attractive feature about this nut driver is that it comes with a cushiony handle. The comfortable design offers perfect grip to provide added torque without causing hand fatigue. The handle is also of commercial-class material for maximum durability.


  • The 6-in-1 design saves storage space.
  • The handle is durable and comfortable.
  • The 4-inch shaft is built to last.


  • It lacks the 1/2-inch driver which is among the most common sizes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are magnetic nut driver sets more expensive than the non-magnetic?

The price of the magnetic driver set may not differ much with that of the non-magnetic types. The price will depend on the quality of the materials and the manufacturer. You may even find some magnetic options going for a better price than non-magnetic nut drivers.

How many pieces are included in a nut driver set?

Here, the number of pieces will also depend on the model you choose. Some models may come with as much as 70 pieces while some may come with just 5 or even less.

How do you know the right nut driver set for you?

To select the ideal option for you, consider the quality the materials used, ergonomics, the type of shaft, and the quality of the coating. Also, ensure that the size markings are conveniently positioned.


Generally, using a nut driver is more convenient than a wrench that requires constant repositioning.

The nut drivers can also be used in confined spaces that cannot be accessed using a wrench.

Although choosing the right option for you from the myriad of options could have initially looked like a mission-impossible, it’s now pretty straightforward after going through our reviews.

The reviews clearly bring out the uniqueness of each top-notch option making it easy to identify the perfect suit for your job. Why not add your favorite pick to the shopping cart?

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