Top 11 Best Oil Lamps (2024)

Even with electricity shining bright in our homes, we haven’t found something that entirely replaces the value of an oil lamp yet.

Using basic materials to light up space, oil lamps have been in existence for quite some good time. These lights are portable and come in handy during camp tours and in periods of power outages.

Now, apart from illuminating your space, oil lamps create a warm and inviting atmosphere, making it one of your reliable solutions when your indoor space turns unbearably cold.

But does this qualify every oil lamp out there as worth buying? Not at all: that’s why we are here. Just go through our review and grab the one that seems perfect for you!

Top 11 Best Oil Lamps

#1 Clear Pedestal Style Oil Lamp

Clear Pedestal Style

There are lots of features to like in this lamp. For example, it adopts an elegant design. This design means that it not only brings light to your space but also a charming look that adds character to your space.

The clear glass allows you to see the oil level as it burns to always know when it is the right time to refill it without relying on surprises.

Although it looks great with clear oil, you can dress it up with more beauty by using different colors of oil. The lamp utilizes paraffin, citronella, and ultra-pure oil although you should never mix these fuels.

Having been made with versatility in mind, this light suits both indoor and outdoor spaces. The reservoir boasts a capacity of 32 ounces, enough to keep it going for quite some good time.

The lamp features a bronze plated burner that will stand the test of time. The burner adjusts counter-clockwise for a safer setup.

Also, the burner accommodates a 3/4 inch wick which is also part of the package. The wick can be cut to produce a flame of your desired shape.

  • It comes with an extra roll of wick.

  • The transparent glass makes it easy to see the oil level.

  • The flame is adjustable.

  • It utilizes a very beautiful design.

  • The glass construction means that you have to handle it cautiously.

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#2 Lamplight 52664 Farmer’s Lantern

Lamplight 52664

Although there is nothing special about its design, this oil lamp is also another great option that will do the work right. The unit features high-quality construction that makes it one of the market’s most durable options.

For this reason, if you are interested in reliability and durability, you should not go beyond this premium-grade model.

The metal construction comes with a nice finish. The premium coating prevents it from rusting when simultaneously improving the overall aesthetics of the lamp.

The reservoir offers enough capacity for up to 5 ounces of oil. I mean, with such capacity, you will get up to 15 hours of constant burning: Forget about the hassle of refilling it frequently.

However, a few customers reported the unit to leak, especially when filled. Nevertheless, most of the buyers of this product receive it in tip-top condition and have nothing against it.

The small design renders it ideal for use in small rooms since it does not take much space. Also, the compact size makes it ideal for campers and travelers.

  • It is lightweight for easy portability.

  • The compact size is great.

  • The price is very affordable.

  • It does not produce fumes.

  • The oil capacity could be larger.

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#3 DANFORTH – Skipper Pewter Oil Lamp


In case you are still undecided about the type of gift you may get for your loved one, this is one of the greatest gifts you can offer them on their special days.

The unit even comes in a gift box as a sign that it is made to serve as an excellent gift to your most treasured.

The design is not the simplest and that is why the package contains care instructions to guarantee maximum durability even in unfamiliar hands.

The lamp does not come with the best price tag. However, taking into consideration its reliability, durability, and beauty, we can confidently argue that it lives up to every penny.

The lamp stands at a height of 6 inches, making it the smallest option in the mariner family. The smaller size suits smaller spaces and maximizes portability to make it your all-time perfect travel partner.

The US-made unit has an oil capacity of 4 ounces. With every ounce burning up to 3 hours, expect it to keep going for up to 12 hours when full.

I mean, even with the small reservoir, it will illuminate your space all-night-long!

The bright and steady light it produces makes it an ideal option for use in any area of the home during periods of power outages or when there is a need to create a cozy atmosphere.

  • The light from the lamp is great.

  • It comes from the United States.

  • It is a perfect gift.

  • The chimney ensures that it stays brighter for a long period.

  • Not the perfect news for the low-budget homeowners.

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#4 Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern (German Made Oil Lamp)

Feuerhand Hurricane

This high-quality lamp measures 10 inches tall. The lamp uses 1/2-inch wick to illuminate your space. It burns two times brighter than standard lamps of the same wick size.

Therefore, in case you want an ultra-bright oil lamp, the Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern from Germany should be your ideal option.

Also, it is designed to work in all conditions, whether indoor or outdoor. The globe is crack-resistant even when it comes into contact with rain or snow, bringing an emergency light that will last.

Its elegant powder coat finish adds unique accents of beauty to your space, making it a perfect addition to any room in your home.

Furthermore, the premium coating is heat resistant to ensure that it does not come out even with extended use.

The durable paint protects the durable metal construction from rust to ensure that you get a unit that will last year after year. The oil container offers enough capacity for up to 10 ounces of oil.

With such capacity, this lamp burn will burn up to 20 hours non-stop so that you don’t have to worry about the hassle of refilling the reservoir now and then.

The oil tank has a special seal that prevents it from leaking even when filled. The pack contains Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern, an extra wick and care instructions.

  • The design is great.

  • The globe is crack-resistant.

  • The handle is oversized for easy grabbing.

  • The reinforced tank will not leak.

  • The paint job is not done perfectly.

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#5 Lamplight Montana Oil Lamp

Lamplight Montana

With this oil lamp, you will always be prepared to face power outages. The piece comes from Lamplight, one of the industry-leading producers of reliable products for lighting your space during times of emergency.

It features a very beautiful design that improves the decor of your space. Therefore, in case you are looking for an elegantly designed lamp, this option should be among your top priorities.

Also, Lamplight Montana Oil Lamp features high-quality construction. Therefore, expect it to stand up to different weather conditions season after season for years.

The burner is also of high-grade material and will serve greatly throughout the lifespan of the lantern.

The 7/8-inch wick will illuminate your room brightly so that you will always be ready to face the circumstance the next time something pulls out the power plug of your home.

Most users like that the lamp is super easy to light. Its large reservoir holds up to 15.5 ounces of oil.

With such size, you can rely on this premium-grade unit to light up your space for up to 25 hours before the need for refilling. The unit will not leak even when full to keep your space clean.

  • It does not leak.

  • It comes with a nice mounting bracket.

  • It casts a nice light.

  • The capacity of the tank is great.

  • It may be too small for some spaces.

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#6 Stansport Small Hurricane Lantern (Red)

Stansport Small Hurricane

This 12-inch oil lamp is also available in a smaller 8-inch version. With the two size varieties, it is now easy to pick the correct one for your space.

No matter the size you choose, you will get a durably-constructed lamp that will deliver long-lasting use. A classic red finish covers the sturdy metal construction to prevent it from rusting.

The premium coating also makes the lamp greatly appealing to the look, promising to deliver beauty in whatever space you bring it.

The glass globe also comes with durability in mind and will not become overly hot with long hours of use. The construction, glass globe, and the adjustable wick allow for versatility.

The knob makes adjusting brightness level a breeze so that you will always have your space lit in just the manner you want it. Therefore, you can use it with confidence whether indoors, backyard, patio or any other place around the home.

The metal carrying handle makes it easy to move the illuminant safely even when lit while the hanging loop means that you will never have to spare for it a spot on your table when not in use.

The lamp uses kerosene or standard lamp oil and should not be overfilled to ensure safety.

  • It is available in two sizes.

  • The carry handle enhances portability.

  • The red finish is aesthetically appealing.

  • The control knob operates smoothly.

  • The finish may not hold up very long in the outside.

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#7 Vermont Lanterns Brass Mini Small Oil Lamp (6.5″ Antique Brass)

Vermont Lanterns

This lamp is 6.5 inches tall and only three inches wide. I mean, it comes with a convenient size for most applications. The size of the lantern also makes it easy to carry the light from one room to another.

Our hand-picked model features a very beautiful antique brass finish that adds unique accents of style to your space.

Nevertheless, this burner is also available in three other finishes, that is, pewter, brass, and nickel chrome. With all these color varieties available, chances are that you will get the one that just dovetails your space perfectly.

I mean whether you want it for use in restaurants, weddings, bedrooms, hallways, bathrooms, and whatever space, you will always have an option.

The 1/8-inch round wick is adjustable using the strategically-positioned control knob for maximum user convenience. Therefore, whether you want it bright or dim, you can always adjust it depending on your needs.

The solid brass construction holds the promise of durability since it can withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

The lamp comes with the wick already installed ready to light up your space. It uses standard lamp oil or kerosene which you have to buy separately.

  • The four finishes suit different settings.

  • The size is very convenient.

  • The installed wick rids you of the installation hassle.

  • The package is done perfectly.

  • The 1/8-inch wick does not produce enough light for reading or writing.

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#8 Vermont Lanterns Brass Mini XL 7″ – Small Oil Lamp (Antique Brass)

Vermont Lanterns

Also coming from Vermont Lanterns, it’s easy to mistake this lantern with just the reviewed sibling. The two brothers share most similarities although they also have some noticeable differences.

For example, this unit is 7 inches tall, slightly larger than the previous option that measures 6.5 inches.

However, it also maintains the width of 3 inches that takes less space on your bedroom table and on any other place where you stand it.

The model comes with a charming antique brass finish although it is also available in other finishes. The variety of finishes increases their versatility since it will allow you to use them in nearly any setting.

Unlike the sibling that comes with a round 1/8-inch wick, this option uses a 1/2-inch flat wick. Therefore, expect the lamp to boast more light output as compared to the smaller brother.

The solid brass construction stands the test of time even with regular use.

In other words, in case you need a combination of functionality, style, and durability, this lamp should be among the top models on your priority list.

Like a majority of the lamps, this option uses kerosene and standard lamp oil to burn.

  • The light output is impressive for the size.

  • It creates a nice warm light.

  • It is very attractive.

  • The piece is super-easy to use.

  • The wick adjuster feels a little loose.

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#9 KMYX Glass Kerosene Lamp

KMYX Glass Kerosene Lamp

This oil lamp comes with top-grade construction for long-lasting performance. The high-temperature glass is windproof. Therefore, expect it to work perfectly well in outdoor applications.

Furthermore, the glass possesses improved light transmission properties to keep your room perfectly lit just as you want it.

Additionally, the adjuster enables you to adjust the size of the flame which in turn regulates the amount of light.

Therefore, you can set the correct amount of light easily depending on what you are doing. The wick adjuster comes out readily when required to allow you to replace the wick with less hassle.

The illuminant works with common fuels such as kerosene, diesel, and plant fuel although they should never be mixed for safety purposes. The design makes it convenient to refuel the lamp.

Nevertheless, the manufacturer recommends that the tank should be filled to 70% capacity for optimal and safe performance.

The stylish design makes it a great addition in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and any other place during periods of a power outage.

  • The glass is wind-proof.

  • The product is very pretty.

  • It is greatly versatile.

  • The adjuster is easy to remove.

  • It is highly fragile since most parts are of glass.

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#10 Firefly Modern Transcend Clear Glass Oil Lamp

Firefly Modern Transcend

This oil lamp is yet another option that will serve as a perfect gift set for both men and women. The set comprises of a transcend oil lamp and a 16-ounce smoke-free and odorless pure lamp oil.

In other words, the set comes ready to ignite your space. The small funnel makes refilling the lamp oil a piece of cake without losing even a single drop of the oil.

The bliss liquid candle comes floating in a clear candle holder which is also open on both ends. The transcend oil lamp adopts a high-grade glass construction that isn’t fragile.

Therefore, expect the set to ignite your space for several years to come. The high-quality candle holder measures 6-5/8 inches tall with a diameter of 3-/8 inches.

In other words, the holder is designed to only take limited space on your table. The oil candle holds approximately 2.7 ounces of oil.

With the estimated burning rate of 6 hours per ounce of oil, expect it to keep going for at least 15 hours. The wick is 2.6 mm thick and replacements are readily available in the market.

  • The quality is excellent.

  • The applicator tip is a plus.

  • The oil burns cleanly and is long-lasting.

  • It is a nice gift for beloveds.

  • It is slightly costly.

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#11 Dietz Original 76 Oil Lamp


This oil lamp is 10 inches tall and 5.9 inches wide. Therefore, it is conveniently sized for maximum versatility. The lamp adopts a rugged metal construction that will last for several years to come no matter the conditions.

Our hand-selected unit comes with a black finish with gold. The powder-coating finish protects the metal construction from rust to elongate the service life of the unit.

Nevertheless, there are other finishes available to allow you to choose the one that best suits your style and the decor of your space.

The globe is also durably constructed with advanced windproof properties for maximum durability. The wick strip accommodates a 1/2-inch wick which illuminates your space brightly to make the lamp ideal during times of power outages.

The globe has improved light transmission properties for even better illumination. The decorative design of the lamp adds a touch of style in any space whereas the large oil tank eliminates the rid of frequent refilling.

The carrying handle makes moving the lamp a snap. The metal handle also allows you to hang it conveniently when not in use.

  • The metal handle is a plus.

  • The finish is rust-resistant.

  • It looks great.

  • The metal base is very solid.

  • Some find it a little hard to refill.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Are oil lamps safe indoors?

Yes. Actually, the majority of these lamps are specially designed to suit both indoor and outdoor applications. Therefore, they are safe to use in the bedroom, kitchen, living room, and any other place at home. However, you should ensure that you only use the recommended fuel.

Is paraffin oil the same as kerosene?

Saw paraffin oil and kerosene in the same context but wondered if they are two different types of fuel? Well, paraffin oil and kerosene are normally used interchangeably especially in areas like the UK and other regions. However, there is a slight difference between the two since paraffin is a more refined version of kerosene. Therefore, paraffin oil burns cleaner than kerosene.

What can I use instead of lamp oil?

What you can use in place of lamp oil will differ from one lamp to another. For this reason, ensure that you check the recommended fuels for the lamp you are using. You should only use the recommended fuel for safety purposes.

Why does my oil lamp wick burn so fast?

The lamp wick burns so fast when used as fuel. I mean, it will only burn fast when you light the lamp without or with inadequate fuel. Therefore, always ensure that you maintain good levels of fuel in your lamp for more long-lasting use.

Are oil lamps dangerous?

Oil lamps are safe when used in the right way. Therefore, provided that you follow the care instructions, they should light up your space with no chance of causing hazards.


With a good oil lamp, your day will never come to a halt even when the lights go. Therefore, it is important to select a nice option that is safe to use.

And yes, among the markets safest oil lamps are those contained on our list. Just go through the entire content to grab the ideal deal for you.

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