Top 11 Best Overbed Tables (2023)

For most people, the bed is the most comfortable place in the house. As such, leaving it may at times be somewhat difficult due to underlying health conditions or fatigue.

However, by using an overbed table, you will be able to do several things without moving from your bed. These units are uniquely constructed such that they can easily slide across your bed, thus providing you with a platform that you can use when reading, eating, computing, etc. Here is a detailed review list with some of the best overbed tables.

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11 Best Overbed Tables

#1 Vaunn Medical Overbed Bedside Table

Vaunn Medical Overbed Bedside Table

This overbed table will allow you to engage in different kinds of activities while at the comfort of your bed. It will enable you to use your laptop, read, or even have breakfast without leaving your cozy bed. More to this, the table is quite versatile, thus making it a suitable option for home and hospital use. The tabletop is 30 inches (L) by15 inches (W) and is made from high-quality wood. Also, the top surface has a wood grain design and is also textured to prevent items from sliding off.

The edges of the tabletop are conveniently rounded to protect you from potential injuries. Additionally, this feature gives the table an aesthetic appearance. You can also make adjustments to the table height depending on the angle in which you are in. As such, you will be able to lower or raise the tabletop from 28 inches to 40 inches. Moreover, the locking handle is spring-loaded, so you will only apply a small amount of effort when adjusting the unit. Once the preferred height is attained, the table will lock in place, thus allowing you to do whatever you were doing without being inconvenienced by unnecessary table movements.

When it comes to the frame, the manufacturers have used high-quality steel to give you a stable overbed table that is dependable. It has a tubular design, so it’s not only durable but also lightweight. The base is fitted with four swivel casters that will allow you to move the table effortlessly. Plus, two of the casters have a locking mechanism, which will provide you with extra stability. This way, the table will stand firmly without making any movements. More on the base, it has an H design and also spreads out to cover a wide area, thus enhancing support.

  • Easy maneuverability
  • The frame is chrome-plated to enhance durability
  • High-quality welding
  • Does not swivel

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#2 Medline Adjustable Overbed Table

Medline Adjustable Overbed Table

The overbed table from Medline has a maximum load-bearing capacity of 50lbs, making it one of the reliable overbed tables on the market. This unit combines comfort and durability to give you a high-quality overbed table that will make your life easier. The tabletop is ergonomically designed to provide you exceptional service. To add to this, it is built from a composite material, which does not crack nor peel compared to wooden tabletops. Furthermore, the unit has a minimalistic design, so you can maneuver it in tight spaces with ease.

Your items won’t fall off from the table since it has a spacious top measuring 30 inches long x 15 inches wide. A small section of the tabletop is slightly grooved to provide you with an area on which you can place can cups, tumblers, or glasses. The base is powder-coated to limit corrosion and prevent the build-up of rust. Cleaning the tabletop won’t be difficult since the surface is smooth. Besides, it is also impervious to moisture, so it won’t be affected by spills. Depending on the height of your bed, you can adjust the table anywhere between 30-42 inches.

Also, the base of this overbed table will fit your under bed perfectly, leaving you with enough space to move about. Furthermore, the adjustment lever can be tuned using one hand, thus making it convenient for all users. This overbed table is easy to assemble since all the screws and parts are included. However, you should be very cautious when handling the spring-loaded piece. Ensure that you point it away from you during the assembly to avoid injuries.

  • Comes with an assembly manual
  • Rolling deign
  • Sturdy construction
  • You can only lock two casters

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#3 Carex Overbed Table

Carex Overbed Table

This unit is designed with a C shaped base, which makes it compatible with chairs and wheelchairs. It has a rectangular top measuring 33 inches by 16 inches and can hold up to 50 pounds of weight. The tabletop is made with the needs of all users in mind, so both right and left-handed persons will find this table comfortable. Moreover, the height is adjustable, hence allowing you to customize the table according to your requirements. Furthermore, you can also use this equipment as a bedside table.

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The base is equipped with smooth-rolling wheels, which will allow you to move the table without putting in a struggle. What’s more, the wheels have a swivel design, so you can maneuver the table in any direction. This overbed table provides you with a platform that you can use when writing, reading, eating, typing, etc. The fun part is that you will be able to do all this without leaving your comfortable bed.

Additionally, the top surface is made from tough ABS plastic, which is extremely durable. The base, on the other hand, is built from high-quality polypropylene. These materials are strong and durable, so you have full confidence in this overbed table. This unit will allow you to sit in ergonomic positions, thus minimize back strain. The easy-to-follow assembly booklet will help you achieve quick installation.

  • Versatile
  • Easy to work with
  • Conveniently designed
  • The tabletop does not tilt

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#4 Seville Classics AIRLIFT 30″ Gas-Spring Height-Adjustable Overbed

Seville Classics AIRLIFT Gas-Spring Height-Adjustable Overbed

The overbed table by Seville Classics has a low-profile base, which you can easily fit under your recliner, bed, or sofa. In addition to this, the tabletop is constructed from high-quality medium-density fiberboard, which has a PVC laminate. This feature provides you with an easy-to-clean surface that is also spill-proof. Thanks to the pneumatic spring column, you will be able to adjust the height of the tabletop quietly without disturbing the peace of those around you.

You can raise the table height slowly by pressing the airlift lever lightly. However, a firm press will raise the table rapidly. This overbed table will enable you to stay productive even when in your bed. It has amazing features that work in concert to provide you with quality comfort. The base has split ends, which lock around other pieces of furniture for enhanced stability. More to this, the edges are beveled and rounded to prevent accidental injuries.

To enhance durability, the base is spray painted to make it more resistant to corrosive elements. As such, this unit will remain in good shape provided that you give it proper care. This overbed table is ideal for those who are recuperating and can as well assist those who prefer working from home. You can easily roll this unit from one room to another with the help of the 1.5-inch casters.

  • Has a medical-grade design
  • Spacious tabletop
  • Quick assembly
  • Can only hold up to 40lbs compared to most overbed tables which have a maximum weight capacity of 50lbs

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#5 Platinum Health Acrobat Professional Overbed or Laptop Table

Platinum Health Acrobat Professional Overbed or Laptop Table

The acrobat professional overbed takes flexibility to the next level. This unit is designed with advanced features that will allow you to make customizations, which will provide you with optimal comfort. As a result, you will be able to avoid sitting in bad postures, thus saving you from back problems. The base is U-shaped, thereby allowing you to bring the table closer when using a chair. This unit has a split surface design, which allows you to tilt the main tabletop without changing the position of the smaller top.

This feature can assist you when using laptops, books, and other work materials. As such, you can place your writing pad on the stationary platform while tilting the other part. This overbed table is made from heavy gauge materials, which will provide you with long-lasting durability. The wood grain finish enhances overall appearance and also makes the table easy to clean.

Furthermore, this overbed table can fold flat for convenient storage. This unit has four wheels for quick and efficient maneuverability. Also, it is available in two colors, thus allowing you to select the color that fits your preference. You can go for the overbed table with brown tabletop or white birch. The main tabletop has integrated barriers, which will prevent your items from sliding off the table.

  • Has a small footprint
  • Height adjustable
  • Ergonomically built
  • The casters are not as durable

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#6 Invacare Overbed Table

Invacare Overbed Table

If you prefer having your breakfast in bed, this is one of the overbed tables that you can consider using. The tabletop can tilt in either direction, so you can adjust it to suit your sitting position. Besides, the tilt-top provides you with three angle options, which you can use to get the desired comfort. Additionally, the overbed table is equipped with a pressure-sensitive lever that allows you to change the height in an instant.

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The height can be increased from 28 inches to 40 inches. Through this, you will have a chance of choosing the suitable table height that will keep you in the right position. More to this, the edges of the tabletop are molded to enhance user protection. This unit has a large H-style base which measures 26 inches (L) x 15.5 inches (W). Consequently, this provides the table with maximum support, thus preventing it from falling over.

This table will allow you to do several things while comfortably seated on your bed. Its design makes it an ideal overbed table for anyone who is looking to work without coming out of bed. Moreover, it has a flat tabletop, which is conveniently large, thus providing you with enough room to do most of your things. This unit is laptop compatible, so you can type as much as you want without getting fatigued easily.

  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Well designed
  • Casters don’t roll smoothly on carpeted floors

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#7 Coavas Overbed Table

Coavas Overbed Table

The overbed table from Coavas is suitable for beds that are 15.7 inches to 23.6 inches high. Being a high-quality overbed table, this unit has all the qualities that you may need. That said, it is built to satisfy most of your needs while enjoying the warmth of your bed. This unit is not pre-assembled, so you will have to put it together once your package arrives. However, it comes with an installation guide, bolts, nuts, and any other piece that you may require when assembling the pieces.

If everything is linked as per the instructions, you will be done with the assembly in 10 to 20 minutes. What’s more, you can customize the height up to three levels. The available height levels include; 26.4 inches, 28.8 inches, and 31.1inches. It is advisable to choose the height settings according to the size of your bed. This will allow you to get the outcome that you long for. The mast attaches to the base via a sturdy triangular structure, which locks both pieces together, providing you with top-class stability.

The medium-density fiberboard used in crafting the tabletop is lightweight and durable. If you pair this feature with the swivel casters, you will have a high-quality overbed table that is equally portable. This unit has a large adjustment knob, which will allow you to lock the table in the position that suits you most. To change the height, simply unscrew the knob and align it with one of the holes then screw the lock in place.

  • Easy to use
  • Made from environmentally friendly materials
  • Not heavy
  • Needs assembly

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#8 Roscoe MedicalNon-Tilt Overbed Table

Roscoe MedicalNon-Tilt Overbed Table

With a maximum load capacity of 40lbs, this overbed table can support the weight of your laptop, food, drinks, books, etc. It has a medical-grade design, making it a suitable option for those who are bedridden. Nonetheless, it can also be used by those who love their beds so much but still want to work. The absence of the tilt feature means that the tabletop will never tip over accidentally.

As such, you can place all the items that you may need on this overbed table without worrying about them falling over. The height adjustment feature relies on a powerful hydraulic system, which lifts the tabletop to a maximum height of 45 inches. You won’t have to apply any effort during the lift since you only have to disengage the locking lever. However, you will have to apply some weight on the tabletop when lowering the height.

Like most overbed tables, this unit is fitted with two pairs of wheels, which will help you move the equipment with ease. As if that is not enough, the wheels are lockable, so you can engage the locks once you place the overbed table in a position that is comfortable for you. The tabletop has a walnut wood-grain design and is also flat to provide you with a platform that you can fully rely on.

  • Built from durable steel
  • Hardwearing tabletop
  • Rustproof
  • The lever is too sensitive

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#9 Goplus Overbed Adjustable Table

Goplus Overbed Adjustable Table

You can use this overbed table for different purposes depending on your needs. It can provide you with a platform on which you can read, eat, and even compute. Regardless of what you use it for, this unit will ensure that you get quality results. It is well constructed, thus making it strong and durable. The base is entirely made of steel, so you can buy this overbed table knowing that it is worth what you will pay for.

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It is suitable for use with beds, chairs, couches, and sofas. The large base will ensure that the unit is well anchored to the surface of your floor, while the tabletop provides you with the space that you need to stay productive. The other feature that makes this overbed table worth considering is the fact that the tabletop is tiltable. This will allow you to incline the top part to a position that you find convenient.

If you like, you can as well leave the unit its default position. Either way, it will still provide you with the comfort that you deserve. The tilt adjustment can be made in both directions, so it will depend on the direction and position in which you are in. The base has a large surface area for maximum floor coverage, so the overbed table will always stay in the position that you place it in.

  • Easy to adjust
  • Adaptable design
  • Easy assembly
  • Not super steady

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#10 Tribesigns Overbed Table with Wheels

Tribesigns Overbed Table with Wheels

Compared to the other overbed tables on the list, this unit has a slightly different design. The tabletop sits on a heavy-duty steel frame that is extremely durable. If you are looking for an overbed table that can across the entire width of your bed, this is the option that you can go for. It is equipped with a very large tabletop, which can hold several items at a go.

You can as well use the unit as a desk by placing it next to a wall. The top is 70.8 inches long by 16 inches wide. And can carry a considerable amount of weight. This unit is compatible with most twin and queen size beds. Since the overbed table has casters, you will have an easy time when moving to another room. All you’ll have to do is simply unlock the wheels and push the overbed table to the desired location.

In as much as this overbed table may seem large, it only weighs 61.6lbs, so you won’t have a hard time carrying it when moving out. This overbed table is very versatile and will look good in your bedroom or living area. Additionally, the tabletop is thickened to prevent it from cracking.

  • Heavy-duty design
  • Available in two colors
  • Reliable
  • Height is not adjustable

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#11 Essential Medical Supply Automatic Overbed Table

Essential Medical Supply Automatic Overbed Table

The automatic overbed table from Essential Medical Supply has a tabletop that measures 32 inches x 15 inches. Furthermore, the materials used in the construction are of high quality. As such, the unit will allow you to do your office work comfortably while lying on your bed. This unit also has a highly sensitive lever, which can assist you when adjusting the height.

This mechanism will allow you to set the height at a minimum of 30.5 inches and a maximum of 42.5 inches. You will have an easy time assembling this overbed table as long as you follow the available instructions. Moreover, the tabletop has a laminate finish, which enhances durability. This will protect the upper surface from potential scratches.

To add to this, the unit has a strong mast and a sturdy base that will ensure the whole unit is stable. As a safety measure, the edges are rounded to keep you and your kids safe from possible injuries. The base has a tubular steel design, thereby making it light and tough. This combination provides you with a quality overbed table that will help you in different situations.

  • The tabletop is textured
  • Has a wide tabletop
  • Casters are lockable
  • Tabletop doesn’t tilt

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight can an overbed table hold?

This depends on the quality of the materials used in crafting the table. However, most overbed tables have a maximum weight capacity of 50lbs.

What makes a good overbed table?

High-quality overbed tables are sturdy, adjustable, and also have casters.

Why should I use an overbed table?

Overbed tables allow you to do a number of things while at the comfort of your bed. They can particularly come in handy when caring for the sick.

Final Verdict

The overbed tables on this list are ergonomically designed to provide you with optimal comfort. They are easy to assemble, so you won’t experience any difficulties setting the units up.

As such, you are free to pick any of the overbed tables provided that the dimensions suit the size of your bed.

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