Top 15 Best Overhead Garage Storage (2024)

Short on space but have many gears to store? The overhead garage storage compartments will definitely come to your rescue.

As their designation implies, this kind of storage is fitted on the ceiling of your garage. It is subsequently used to safeguard those gears which are related to vehicles.

Many players engage in the manufacture of these items. In an attempt to find one, you will ordinarily have to struggle too much. Thankfully, this ought not to be the case.

We have decided to come in and make your search more efficient. Take some time to read through our reviews below for the insight you need.

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15 Best Overhead Garage Storage

#1: FLEXIMOUNTS 4×8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack

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Do you reside in an area that is generally prone to flooding? Well, you have a companion in this garage storage. That is because the item stays tucked away from the floor and out of the reach of the danger zone. At the same time, it is also strong enough to provide excellent support.


It is possible for you to adjust the height of this storage facility from 22-40 inches. Thanks to this arrangement, you will be able to customize it to your height length and at the same time enjoy the comfort of easy access.

Steel Construction

In its entirety, the gear is made of steel. This being the case, it is stronger, firmer, and of course, very durable. As a matter of fact, you will be able to hold a whopping 600 pounds of weight! Would you trade it for anything else?

Integrated Grid Design

An integrated grid design also exists as part of this equipment. On account of this design, the equipment is sturdy, more stable, and well able to facilitate long term use. This is not to mention that it hardly fidgets and is hence safer.

  • Keeps your garage in a state of neatness

  • Fastened by top quality screws for added strength and support

  • Attaches to two studs for firmer support

  • Comes along with six vertical posts for enhanced stability

  • Protects all your items and gears safely

  • Restricted only to areas that are prone to flooding

  • Demands complex installation procedures

  • Requires constant lubrication and handling

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#2: MonsterRax 4×8 Garage Storage Rack

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Have some too weighty load to take care of? We invite you to try your luck with this specific garage storage. It is strong enough, a fact that makes it capable of handling a higher weight level. Then, its parts also endure the test of time.

Plywood Decks

Topping the charts with regards to its awesome features is the plywood decks. These are strong and firm enough to provide the support necessary for your use. In particular, the deck lets you tuck the moving boxes safely and securely.

14-16 Gauge Industrial Steel

Its makeup and construction is also pretty firm. The 14-16 gauge industrial steel is extensively used to spruce it up. This material has been noted to confer a safer and heavy-duty construction which is crucial for your reliability in the long run.

600-pound Weight Capacity

We have already hinted out that this equipment is able to handle higher weights. Well, it turns out that it is indeed capable of handling 600 pounds of weight. This is definitely large enough for you to tuck your heaviest loads and gears smoothly.

  • Its racks adjust to suit your unique needs

  • Manufactured using heavy-duty materials for your long-term reliability

  • Fastened securely by use of the oversized lag bolts

  • Firm enough to endure repeated use and applications

  • Distributes weight more evenly to prevent any accidents from arising

  • Calls for huge muscle power to engage

  • Generates too much friction in the course of the use

  • Emits a rather squeaky noise when handled

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#3: HyLoft 00540 Overhead Storage System

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Could it be that you have some large, bulky, and clumsy items to take care of? We draw your attention to this garage storage system. By its sheer massive size, the storage is indeed well able to handle the largest gears available quite conveniently.

Durable Exterior

Its exterior is pretty durable. That is mainly because it boasts of all stainless steel construction that is similarly finished with powder coating. The exterior is resistant to scratches and is thus long-lasting and reliable to engage.

30 Cubic Square Feet

A storage compartment yet again comes in. The compartment measures 30 cubic square feet and is thus pretty spacious. In this space, it is possible for you to tuck in your coolers, luggage, and seasonal decorations succinctly.

Excellent Construction

All factors considered, the item is made of strong and ordinarily highly resilient materials. These are attractive, durable, and scratch-resistant metallic materials. They have the attendant benefit of making your storage device pretty reliable.

  • Sufficiently large to accommodate all accessories

  • Holds well over 250 pounds of weight and load

  • Handles those large and bulky items with utmost reliability

  • Sets up pretty simply without any hassles on your part

  • Offers plenty of floor space for your own maximum comfort

  • Requires plenty of space to mount

  • Unsuitable for those who are less knowledgeable

  • Inflicts higher operational and maintenance expenses on you

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#4: SafeRacks Accessory Hook Package

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Is your garage too small and cramped up? You cannot pick any storage rack randomly. Instead, the one you pick for your job has to similarly be small and able to fit the space available. We invite you to try your luck on this one. It is compact enough to do just that.

High-quality Material Construction

In all, only high-quality materials have been used to make this gear up. Thanks to these high-quality materials, the rack is similarly stronger and resilient to the elements of deterioration. This makes it also capable of bearing much weight.

Industrial Strength Makeup

Other than being higher in quality, the materials also exude industrial strength. This further makes it better placed at bearing much weight of the load. Some powder coat finish comes up to reinforce the strength of the material altogether.

Comprehensive Stature

In all, the item is comprehensive in its stature. It comprises some four-rail hooks and a further four utility hooks. They jointly combine to make your work all the more, simpler. That is mainly because they see to it that you handle all of your needs conveniently ‘under one roof.’

  • Makes room for easy installations

  • Comes along with some 10 deck hooks for expedited fastening

  • Manages a variety of uses and applications

  • Manufactured by a well-reputable company

  • Too small for accommodating large loads

  • Yields limited returns on investments

  • Collapses easily under excess weights

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#5: MonsterRax 4×8 Overhead Rack

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For your own safety and utmost peace of mind, you want a storage item that is backed by a favorable customer service regime. This is the one we would ask that you place your bet on. It is indeed manufactured by a reputable firm and is hence safe enough for your long-term use.

Customizable Ceiling Drop Length

It is possible for you to customize the drop length of this garage storage equipment. For this, you will choose from around three adjustable ranges. These are 12-21 inches; 18-33 inches; and 24-45 inches respectively. This leeway is definitely good as it gives you some freedom of choice.

Heavy-duty Ceiling Brackets

To make your installations all the more hassle-free, the storage gadget has some heavy-duty ceiling brackets. They are made of the 14-gauge steel and are strong enough to provide the support necessary to bear extreme weight levels.

Heavy-duty Wire Decking

Rounding up the list of the most awesome features is the heavy-duty wire decking. It is the decking that holds your gears firmly in place. Being simple and highly versatile, the decking is faster, simpler, and safer to assemble.

  • Patented parts and components

  • Backed by a generous lifetime warranty

  • The ceiling distance is customizable for your own convenience

  • Secured firmly for added safety when in use

  • Boasts of a whopping 1,500-pound breaking strength

  • Potentially injurious to you

  • Too heavy to engage with limited muscle

  • If broken, repairs may be too strenuous

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#6: Bora Portamate PBR-004 Wood Organizer & Lumber Storage Metal Rack

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Intending to safeguard some building supplies on your premises? Well, you have this particular storage equipment. It is specifically designed for handling such items by its sheer makeup and construction. You have it for your added safety too!


The storage equipment mounts on the walls. This is a feat it achieves faster, hassle-free and with the greatest levels of reliability possible. By virtue of fitting on the walls, it saves on space requirements while expediting your storage.

4-level Wall Mount

Other than mounting on the walls, the equipment also contains some four levels of storage spaces for your leverage. Thus, it economizes on space yet at the same time ensures that all of your gears are effectively handled.

440-pounds Capacity

On the whole, the equipment is capable of handling 440 pounds of combined weight. This comes to roughly 110 pounds per shelf. Definitely, this is good because it means you will tuck all of your gears in one location.

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

  • Lasts longer owing to the heavy-duty construction

  • Appropriately coated to safeguard against faster deteriorations

  • Guarantees years of versatile use and applications

  • Stores heavy slabs and hardware pretty effectively

  • Limited only to the building supplies

  • Cannot accept any extras and attachments

  • Demands too much space on your part

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#7: ASIBT S-Type for Cleaning Tools Organizer

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Though primarily intended for the garages, this one fits many other kinds of rooms too. Top examples of these are the utility rooms and the sheds. Thus, it is a good one to look up to if you happen to be a person who changes locations every now and then.

304 Stainless Steel Material

All in all, the garage storage is made of the 304 stainless steel material. This material is resistant to corrosion and is hence long-lasting. On account of this, the item indeed features you great levels of reliability which is definitely good.

S-shaped Hook

An S-shaped hook that does not skid also, is part of this item. You use the hook to fix the garage storage appropriately and tightly for that matter. The hook is pretty reliable and stable in equal measure.


Lastly, the facility also saves a great deal of space. This is mainly due to the fact that it takes up less space by virtue of the compact size. You have it for your consideration if you happen to have a cramped up space to work with.

  • Has a strong load-bearing capacity

  • Declutter your workspace considerably

  • Mounts easily on the walls without slipping off

  • Quite a nice addition to your home or office

  • Its sturdy design expedites the operations and mounting

  • Quite complicated to handle

  • May not be easy to relocate or modify after installation

  • Too small to handle a too large load

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#8: StoreYourBoard Wheelbarrow Ceiling Storage

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Have some too weighty items to safeguard? Look to no other storage apparatus than this for that very purpose. Why? It is very strong and reliable enough which makes it capable of handling the clumsy wheelbarrows and other bulky items.

Secure Loading Brackets

Topping the charts with regards to its most awesome features are the secure loading brackets. These brackets come in the form of some heavy-duty square shapes. They hold the load firmly in place to prevent the same from fidgeting unnecessarily.

Auto-Locking Brake System

To even make your items more secure, the garage storage does have an auto-locking brake system. As you may well have guessed, the system locks automatically without any input from you. In this way, it makes your work safer.

Center Connecting Strap

At its center is the connecting strap. The strap hoists an added secure hold on your wheelbarrows. In this way, it makes the wheelbarrow safer and more convenient to handle. Also, it makes your load unlikely to fall off or sustain damages.

  • Takes up the most limited spaces available

  • Operable easily via a locking mechanism

  • Installs faster and effortless

  • Comes about in an exclusive patented design

  • Pretty reliable in handling clumsy objects

  • May not do well in handling smaller objects

  • Requires too much effort on your part

  • Costlier to install and operationalize

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#9: NewAge Products Garage Overheads – 40191

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Have some long items to bear? You have this specific overhead garage storage to make do with. It does comprise a hanging bar that allows you to create an added layer of storage below that of your overhead rack. This is what makes it suitable for that role.

Impressive Weight Capacity

All its constituent parts and components have an impressive weight capacity. Each bar bears 50 pounds; each hook 25 pounds while each hook 15 pounds. Thus, it is strong and reliable enough to be able to handle all your purposes well.

Multi-Purpose Hooks

Also available in the storage device are some multipurpose hooks. These ones hang items like sporting goods, lawn chairs, bikes, and other apparatus firmly. They also allow for easier access and retrieval if and when the need determines.


Some J-hooks also exist as accessories to the equipment. The hooks hang your cords, hoses, and shovels. They are not only easier to install but also provide extra storage to all the gears you have in mind. This definitely brings along added convenience of use.

  • Holds higher levels of weight per hanging storage

  • Resistant to scratches and other forms of damages

  • Can hang many items and gears simultaneously

  • Adjusts for added comfort and convenience

  • Attaches to the ceilings and walls

  • Requires some assembly right before use

  • Very clumsy and difficult to fix in place

  • Prolonged exposure may pose some damage to the structures

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#10: SLDL Broom Mop Holder Storage Systems

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Looking for garage storage for frequent and everyday use? This is the one we would ask that you tap your hands into. That is because it is stronger, heavy-duty, and indeed, well capable of handling many goods.

Excellent Design

Deliberate attempts have been made by the manufacturer to make this equipment reliable. The excellent design is the one that is responsible for this role. Indeed, the equipment bears some petal-shaped and triangular buckle designs.

Reliable Grip

Throughout its exterior is some reliable grip. This one manifests in sliding friction and which basically shields your items from the risks of dropping off. That way, they retain their safety and proper conditions without any undue dangers arising.

SUS 304 Stainless Steel

At its core is the high-quality SUS 304 stainless steel construction. Steel is definitely strong and reliable enough. As such, this structure is similarly longer-lasting and quite reliable in the long run. What’s more? It also requires limited spate of repairs and maintenance.

  • Installs in two ways; self-adhesive and screw drilling

  • Adjusts automatically to the thickness of the handles

  • Appropriately organized for proper functions

  • Usable in the indoor and outdoor environments equally

  • Pretty resilient to scratches, scratches, corrosion and other forms of damages

  • The maximum load is only 30 pounds

  • Reckless handling may cause injuries

  • Unable to accommodate extra attachments

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#11: HARKEN Cargo Box Garage Storage

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Have no one else to stay with you in the room? Worry not! You have a companion in this garage storage device. It is simple and compact enough for one person to handle and engage it. For this reason, it does a pretty good job of safeguarding your gears.

Patented Design

This apparatus stands apart from the others chiefly due to its patented design. Thanks to this design, it loads evenly, lifts and lowers smoothly, and handles all kinds of weights with utmost reliability. With regard to this, it is truly reliable to make do with.

Self-locking Safety Cleat Grips

Coming in next are some self-locking safety cleat grips. These ones engage instantly in the event that the rope is accidentally released. In doing so, it manages to uphold your own safety in times of use. In particular, it prevents damages to the hands.

Quality Manufacturing

By all accounts, the equipment features quality manufacturing. This comes in the form of stainless steel and the double-braided rope. Together, they lengthen the lifetime of service and adds some strength to you too. Furthermore, the item comes with everything you need for installation.

  • Installs faster, conveniently, and with minimal effort

  • Contains hard and reliable components

  • Backed by effective customer service regime

  • Operable by only one person

  • Requires limited muscle power to engage

  • Has a low load-carrying capacity

  • Too simple for complex chores

  • Becomes too obsolete a bit too soon

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#12: Quick Shelf Overhead Storage Unit

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Squeezed on time? Pick this simple and easy to use overhead garage storage device. On the whole, it deploys faster to create an overhead storage unit within the shortest time. As a bonus, it also fits your basement and sheds.

24-inch Wide Unit

On the whole, this unit measures 24 inches wide. This width enables it to handle and accommodate 12 feet of board length. By its sheer width, it is also capable of handling many gears that are ordinarily too wide to handle under normal circumstances.

8 Ceiling Attachment Points

To set it up for eventual use, you have some eight ceiling attachment points for your own use. These points, being many, combine to make your attachments safer and more reliable. This is not to mention that they distribute weight uniformly.

Seamless Compatibility

With this apparatus, it is possible for you to attach the 24-inch wide melamine or plywood materials. This reality definitely brings about added levels of conveniences which definitely brings about higher returns on investments.

  • Large and spacious enough for wholesome applications

  • Requires a limited number of tools to operationalize

  • Comprises a storage unit to safeguard your gears

  • Comes along with its own mounting gears

  • Costs less per unit when compared to other appliances

  • Unsuitable for complex operations

  • Requires many people to install it

  • Accepts almost no attachment

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#13: YUANSHI Ceiling Storage Rack-Double Ladder Ceiling Rack

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If your storage needs vary from time to time, the storage gear you pick has to be adjustable. This is the only way it will be capable of tackling these differences with time. We are pleased to announce to you this one. It not only adjusts but is also large enough for many gears.

Double Ceiling Storage

Unlike many ordinary storage facilities, this one comes about in a double ceiling stature. This arrangement gives you twice the storage capacity of the ordinary facilities. At the same time, it takes up less space.

Heavy-duty Steel Construction

All the crucial parts and components are manufactured using the heavy-duty steel material. Very strong is this structure that it handles 150 pounds and is also firm enough to accommodate the heaviest gears. With it, you have some pleasure of added peace of mind as you store your things.

Adjustable Heights

As hinted earlier, the facility allows you to adjust the height. You have the leeway to vary the height from 10-25 inches. This way, you will be able to store items that have varying lengths and overall dimensions.

  • Strong enough to endure the test of time

  • Enjoys some unconditional return regime

  • Fully coated to safeguard against scratches

  • Installs in either direction

  • Takes a shorter duration of time to set up

  • Easily sustains damages in the course of the use

  • Requires constant lubrication to maintain its stature

  • If you are not careful, it might hurt your fingers

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#14: American Phoenix Multi-Color 6 Tire

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Just in case you have items of too many shapes and sizes, you want a similarly comprehensive storage space such as this one. It contains 10 tiers of shelf storage and is hence capable of accommodating all manner of gears. By choosing it, you do not have to look elsewhere for your storage needs.

Free Standing

Unlike the storage apparatus, this one is wholly free-standing in that it requires no external support. This means you may fit or set it up just about anywhere. Thanks to this trait, you may use it independent of the wall and in remote locations too!

Adjustable Metal Bars

Its metal bars adjust to allow you to customize its dimensions as per your unique specifications. Through this trait, it is also possible for you to enjoy some comfort as you move along. It similarly aids you with storing hears of varied shapes and sizes.

Good Material Mix

In its makeup, this storage equipment blends a mixture of plastic and metal. This mix confers some superior advantages indeed. The metal component gives strength whereas the plastic aspect gives comfort during use.

  • Made entirely of high-quality materials

  • Available in many color options

  • Gives you a choice of many sizes

  • Adjustable after every 6 inches

  • Handles all kinds of gears regardless of shapes

  • Requires some assembly prior to use

  • Takes slightly longer to set up

  • Has to be lubricated every now and then

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#15: Tote Trac Garage Storage Rack System

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If much of the load you have in mind is mainly totes and plastic storage bins, you need not look any further than this storage mechanism. Its simplistic nature combined with the excellent construction makes it unrivaled with regards to plastic storage.

“J” Hooks
Some J-shaped hooks exist to aid with the handling and storage of the items we have spelled out. They are removable and four in number. Being sharp and strong, the hooks hold and bear much weight. This is besides being reliable in the long run.

Reinforced Ribs

Its ribs are reinforced for added strength and support. Their added strength and vitality make them quite reliable for long-term use and applications. You will particularly awesome for use in areas under the edges of the rails.

Appropriate Organization

Lastly, the entire storage system is appropriately organized to aid with the retrieval of the gears if need be. This cuts down the time needed for the said feat to be achieved and also minimizes the hassles that are encountered at such times.

  • Requires not that you move anything in the course of operations

  • Slides in and out effortlessly

  • Installs faster and easily

  • Cheaper to come by

  • Holds goods of many shapes and kinds

  • Low weight capacity of only 25 pounds

  • Exclusive to plastics alone

  • Too weak to endure harsh treatments

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How deep should garage shelves be?

Garage shelves, generally speaking, should be deep enough to accommodate items safely and hidden from the views of outsiders. The ideal depth range ought to be 12-16 inches deep. You should also make appropriate arrangements to adjust the length to respond to the sizes of the gears you choose.

Q. How far apart should brackets be for shelving?

For firmer shelving, the brackets should be no more than 24 inches apart. This assumes that the load in question varies from 15-20 pounds. 24 inches has been noted to provide the strength and vitality needed for maximum support.

Q. How thick should Plywood be for garage shelves?

Just a ½ inch thick plywood is enough for the garage shelves. It is this thickness that is firm and strong enough to provide the support necessary to accommodate and bear heavier weights.

Q. What is the best distance between the shelves?

It all depends on what exactly you intend to store in those shelves. If it is to handle and accommodate books, 7-15 inches would be more ideal. Alternatively, 8-12 inches is preferred if the load in question is too large to handle normally.

Q. Can I use OSB for shelving?

YES, you may use the oriented strand board is a good material for shelving. There is a catch, however. This is a material you do not want to be visible to the visitors. That is why you have to conceal it completely.

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