11 Best Paint Scrapers (2024)

Applying new paint can be fun, but removing worn-out paint can be overly stressful, especially if you use the wrong tool.

To add to this, some tools can gouge surfaces during the paint removal process, thus resulting in additional repair costs.

Nonetheless, you can avoid this by using the high-quality paint scrapers that we have highlighted below.

The scrapers that we have covered will allow you to remove old paint with surgical precision without causing any damage to the base material.

In addition to this, most of the tools are versatile and can assist you when tackling other scraping tasks.

Plus, the paint scrapers are equipped with precision machined cutting edges that will enable you to slice through layers of paint with the utmost ease.

11 Best Paint Scrapers

1. Bahco 665 Premium Ergonomic Carbide Scraper

Bahco 665 Premium Ergonomic Carbide Scraper

Featuring a two-component handle design, the Bahco-665 will allow you to scrape paint from surfaces while applying the least amount of effort. Its ergonomic design makes it a suitable tool for all handymen.

The plastic knob at the top enables users to operate the tool using two hands. As a result, the blade will scrape off more paint with every pass that you make.

More on the blade, it is double-edged to maximize the tool’s overall performance. The front end of this paint scraper has a low profile design, so you will be able to access confined spaces with ease.

The carbide blade comes pre-attached, meaning that you can use the tool immediately after it arrives on your doorstep.

In addition to this, the blade is replaceable, so you can swap it with a new one when required. The good thing about this paint scraper is that it can be used on a wide range of surfaces.

As such, it won’t matter whether you are working with metal, concrete, or wood, the Bahco-665 will ensure that all the paint is removed from the surface.

Nonetheless, you need to be cautious when scraping delicate materials like wood since the blade can easily gouge the work material.

This scraper is easy to work with and can particularly come on handy when tackling scraping tasks that require extra strength.

Plus, this tool is engineered in such a way that the blade cannot detach even when you apply maximum pulling force on the handle.

Besides, the rear handle is designed with an edge guard that will prevent your hand from slipping as you pull on the tool.

You can easily attach the tool to your belt using the included holster. This will free your hands, thus allowing you to do other things.

  • Heavy duty
  • Ultra-sharp scrapping blade
  • Durable
  • Swapping blades may take time

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2. ORIENTOOLS Heavy Duty Painting Stripping Tools

ORIENTOOLS Heavy Duty Painting Stripping Tools

When you buy this product, you will get a pair of high-quality paint scraping tools that will help you when cleaning surfaces.

These tools are designed with your needs and comfort in mind, and that is exactly why they have amazing features that will simplify all paint stripping tasks.

First off, both tools are equipped with sharp blades that will allow you to remove worn-out paint without breaking a sweat.

Moreover, the blades are slightly tilted to allow for precision-scraping. For user safety, each blade is held in place by two strong screws.

Also, the scraper blades are designed with thin cutting edges, so they cannot easily cut you when making swaps.

Additionally, the blades won’t loosen in between the work session provided that you fasten them properly.

The blade holder is toughened to increase performance and durability. This means that the blades won’t budge regardless of how hard you pull the handle.

Furthermore, the shaft is made of superior stainless steel to prevent breakage when the scrapers are in use.

The handles are fitted with hard-wearing PVC materials and are also textured to maximize grip. This will give you both comfort and control when scraping paint and other adhesives from surfaces.

  • Anti-skid design
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic design
  • Replacement blades are not included

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3. Bates- Paint Scraper

Bates- Paint Scraper

Bates presents you with a versatile paint scraper that can assist you in so many ways. By just looking at this tool, you can tell that it was designed for performance.

The scraping blade is specialized for multiple tasks, so it won’t only help you in scraping paint but can also prove useful when handling other tasks.

Since the blade is made of carbon steel, it won’t break during usage. With this tool, you will have an easier time tackling renovation and repair projects around your home.

The rigid blade is rust-resistant and won’t lose its edge easily even after taking on multiple scraping tasks.

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Also, the scraping edge is precision ground, so it can cut through several layers of dried paint with a single pass.

The handle features a full tang design and is firmly riveted to the blade for durability purposes. It also has a hammer end, which can help you drive small nails into materials.

But, that is not all; one side of the blade can work as a gouger, while the other can help you loosen screws from surfaces.

As you can see, this scraper has virtually all features that a professional painter would look for in a tool of this class.

All the parts are strongly built to ensure that users get long-lasting service. The scraper also has a built-in hanging hole that you can use during storage.

  • Multifunctional
  • Reliable
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • The handle needs improvement

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4. Werxrite RetraGuard Paint Scraper

Werxrite RetraGuard Paint Scraper

Werxrite’s RetraGuard scraper is built from superior quality materials that will provide you with quality service.

The handle is plastic-built, but that does not mean that it is flimsy. In fact, it is tough and equally lightweight, allowing for fast and efficient paint removal.

Still, on the handle, its walls are extremely thick, hence making it impact-resistant.

This tool can particularly assist you when scraping paint from delicate surfaces such as glass, stovetops, finished wood, ceramic tile, just to mention but a few.

The blade is fully retractable, so you can tuck it away when the scraper is not being used.

As such, the blade will be well protected when the tool is in storage, thereby prolonging its durability.

The tool is fitted with a strong detent, which locks the blade guard in place, preventing unnecessary blade movement when the scraper is in safe mode.

To add to this, the blade removal and insertion system is designed with the user’s safety in mind, so you won’t have to worry about getting lacerations when swapping blades.

You can prevent the blade from moving by turning the top knob. Through this, the blade will be firmly tightened and will allow you to scrape continuously without making additional adjustments.

  • Quick-change blade system
  • Screw-reinforced
  • Safe for users
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty scraping tasks

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5. Toughest Tools Paint Scraper

Toughest Tools Paint Scraper

You can simplify all paint scraping tasks using this high-quality scraper from Toughest Tools.

As the brand name suggests, this equipment features a tough scraping blade that can cut through dried paint effortlessly.

This tool is equipped with a soft grip handle, which is ergonomically contoured to match the palm of your hands.

As a result, the tool will provide you with a firm grip, thus allowing you to scrape off paint without experiencing slippage.

Besides, the blade is forged from high-grade carbon steel and is also factory-sharpened for user convenience.

The cutting edge is specially shaped for paint scraping, but it can as well be used when removing other surface materials.

That being said, this tool can scrape caulk, glue, wallpaper, etc. The tool won’t cause any damage to the base material as long as you use it correctly.

Plus, this scraper can work on both rough and smooth surfaces, making it even more reliable.

Aside from dried paint, you can also scrape wet paint from your roller using the curved side of the blade.

With the nail puller in place, you can easily remove nails from surfaces before scraping. Consequently, this preserves blade sharpness since the cutting edge won’t knock against nails as you make passes.

  • Fitted with a rubberized handle
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy construction
  • Can gouge delicate surfaces if too much pressure is applied on the blade

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6. Warner Easy Reach Bent Scraper

Warner Easy Reach Bent Scraper

This scraper will allow you to remove paint from hard-to-reach areas without relying on ladders.

It has a threaded handle, so you can easily attach an extension pole of your choice. As such, it can assist you greatly in all overhead scraping applications.

The handle is conveniently ridged to prevent slippage when working with this scraper.

In terms of durability, the grip area is made from a hard-wearing material that is equally impact resistant.

The same applies to the blade, so users will be able to tackle heavy-duty scraping tasks without damaging the tool.

In addition to paint, this tool can also scrape other surface sealants, so it can prove helpful in different scenarios.

The scraper has an ultra-sharp cutting edge, which allows for fast paint removal. To add to its list of features, the handle feels good in the hands and will enable you to work for long durations without getting fatigued.

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This scraper comes pre-sharpened and also has excellent edge retention. The blade and the handle are counterbalanced to give users maximum control when scraping materials.

And because the blade is slightly curved, you will be able to scrape along edges with minimal strain.

  • Lightweight design
  • Very efficient
  • Excellent quality
  • The edges will dull over time

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7. Red Devil 3110 Double-Edge Scraper

Red Devil 3110 Double-Edge Scraper

Red Devil’s double-edge scraper is made of premium quality carbon steel to maximize user performance.

The tool head is durably built, so it can take on just about any scraping task that you may throw at it.

And since the tool is fitted with two blades, it can remove multiple layers of paint without making several passes.

The soft-grip handle is made of polypropylene for user comfort. This means that you can wield this scraper for an extended duration without getting blisters.

Furthermore, it is not only textured but is also contoured to prevent the tool from slipping from your grasp when working.

Depending on your needs, you can attach the easy-grip knob, especially when scraping stubborn surface materials.

The knob allows for two-handed operation, so you’ll be able to exert more pressure on both the front and rear blade simultaneously.

That way, the blades will cut through the paint smoothly, allowing you to clear the work in good time.

With the help of this scraper, you can easily remove paint from materials without gouging the surface.

Also, the materials used in the construction are exceptionally lightweight, meaning that you won’t be weighed down when tackling large tasks.

When you are done with the work, you can hang the scraper on your tool rack using the hanging hole.

  • The blades are replaceable
  • Non-slip handle
  • Multi-purpose
  • The blade replacements are sold separately

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8. Tarvol Paint & Wall Scraper

Tarvol Paint & Wall Scraper

If you are looking for quality, then this paint scraper from Tarvol may just end your search.

The blade has a large surface area to maximize the scraping effect, so each pass that you make will peel off a large chunk of paint.

Moreover, it is built from high carbon steel and also has a protective mirrored finish, which limits corrosion and rust.

The scraping edge is heat-treated to prevent breakage when scraping tough surfaces. To increase its performance, the cutting edge is beveled for maximum contact.

As such, the blade will lift the paint without leaving abrasion marks on the surface that you are cleaning.

The handle is rubberized to reduce operator fatigue when working on large or small projects. Additionally, the rubber coating increases friction, thereby limiting slippage.

As a result, you will have a firm grip on the tool when making passes. The blade is somewhat flexible, so it will adjust itself depending on the amount of pressure that is applied to the handle.

Furthermore, this tool is perfect for all scraping projects and can be used when removing paint from glass, wooden floors, walls, etc.

However, ensure that you angle the blade correctly to avoid gouging the material.

  • Extremely durable
  • Not heavy
  • Has a hanging hole
  • The brand label is hard to remove

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9. Gomake Locking Razor Blade Scraper

Gomake Locking Razor Blade Scraper

The razor blade scraper by Gomake is suitable for light-duty scraping tasks, so you can use it when working on smooth surfaces.

Also, the tool comes with multiple replacement blades that are both sharp and durable. Besides, all the blades are made of stainless steel, so they won’t rust even when exposed to moist conditions.

Still, ensure that you clean and dry the blades properly after each use to prolong the tool’s service life.

More to this, the edges are precision machined to limit damage when scraping surfaces. This scraper is screw-reinforced for durability, so the blades won’t come off as you scrape.

In addition to this, you can fasten the blade that you intend to use with the help of the included knob.

On the other hand, the handle has an ergonomic shape and is contoured along the edges to increase grip.

Plus, it will provide you with long-lasting service, thanks to the high-quality silicone material used in the construction.

The scraper has a built-in storage container that will help you keep the replacement blades safe.

To make it even better, the blade holder has a straightforward design, so it won’t give you a hard time when changing blades.

Apart from dried paint, you can as well use this tool when scraping decals, labels, stickers, etc.

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10. Manufore Paint Scraper

Manufore Paint Scraper

This paint scraper features a rotatable scraping head that you can turn in either direction using the adjustment switch.

The blade holder is constructed from high-grade aluminum while the handle is rubberized to give users a soft grip.

There are two screws, which hold the blade in place on both sides, so it won’t shift when pressure is applied.

This paint scraper comes with an onboard screwdriver that you can use when swapping blades.

Furthermore, the screwdriver is nicely tucked on the rear side of the handle so it won’t get in your way when you are scraping.

The handle has a tubular design and is also made of strong aluminum. This makes it super lightweight and dependable.

Also, you can replace blades in three simple steps, thereby reducing your downtime. Like most of the paint scrapers that we have reviewed, this tool is multifunctional so it can assist you in countless ways.

It can scrape paint, caulks, putty, labels, residual glue, and surface sealants. And the fact the head can tilt means you will be able to work in confined areas.

The tool is designed with a long handle, which can accommodate both hands. This feature will allow you to keep the scraping head on the right path as you push the tool forward.

That is not all; the surface of the adjustment switch is grooved to prevent slippage. To top it all up, the rear end of the screwdriver has a lanyard hole, which can come in handy during storage.

The kit is inclusive of five additional blades that you can use as replacements in case the current blade wears out.

  • High quality
  • Comfortable handle
  • Smooth operation
  • Not ideal for heavy-duty scraping tasks

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11. Bates- 5 Pc Scraper Tool

Bates- 5 Pc Scraper Tool

Made of rust-resistant steel blades, the tools in this kit can cut through loose or worn-out paint with ease.

However, the handles are made of softwood to give you the comfort that you need when scraping.

The scraper tool can work on a wide range of surfaces, thus saving you from buying additional tools.

That said, it can help you scrape off paint from countertops, wood, stovetops, and many more. They can as well be used when removing old wallpaper from walls.

The paint scraper is uniquely shaped for precision scraping, so it will allow you to peel off the paint without damaging the surface of the material.

More to this, the blade is hardened through a complex process to prevent it from breaking when scraping tough materials.

All the tools in this set are resistant to rust, so you can buy this product knowing that it will last. The lanyard holes are reinforced with steel to maximize durability.

Additionally, the paint scraper has an extension, which you can use when opening paint cans. Plus, the blades will stay sharp for a long period, but this may vary depending on the frequency of use and the type of surfaces that you scrape.

  • Multi-size
  • Premium quality
  • Solid construction
  • The wooden handles are not as comfortable compared to the rubberized options

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a paint scraper on glass surfaces?

Yes. Paint scrapers are very versatile and can prove helpful when scraping different materials, including glass.

However, some paint scrapers may scratch the glass, so ensure that you don’t apply too much pressure on the blade.

Do all paint scrapers come with replaceable blades?

Paint scrapers come in different designs, so some are equipped with replaceable blades while others have permanent blades which are built to last.

Can I sharpen the blade on my paint scraper?

Yes. But this will depend on the type of blade that you are using. If the scraper is fitted with replaceable, then sharpening would be a bad idea.

Nonetheless, most paint scrapers come with blades that can be sharpened multiple times, so ensure that you read the product specifications to learn more about the scraper.

Final verdict

You can easily scrape off worn-out paint using the paint scrapers listed above. By using these tools, you’ll be able to remove the paint with ease without causing any damage to the surface.

To help you out in choosing the perfect equipment for the job, we have included different types of paint scrapers, so it is up to you to pick the tool that suits your scraping needs.

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