Top 15 Best Pallet Busters (2024)

After repeated use, the pallets will usually sustain some damages beyond repairs. That is when you need to dismantle it completely to let you re-use the wood for other purposes.

For your own safety and convenience, you want to use a tool that is specially designed for that job. We have seen it wise to showcase a couple of these to you in our buying guide below.

Vestil SKB-DLX Deluxe Steel Pallet Buster with...
  • Deluxe pallet buster is designed for disassembling pallets easily

15 Pallet Busters Reviews

#1: Molomax Pallet Buster


Do you also intend to break pallets over and above merely dismantling them? If that is your goal, we suggest that you try this pallet buster out. As you are about to see, this buster has all the tolls, specifications, and other vital parameters needful for the job.

Steel Head

It does have a tough and sturdy steelhead. It is this one which provides the strength necessary to break pallets. Being strong and sturdy, this head guarantees that you do a pretty great job on the whole.

2 Secure Locking Pins

Some simple yet reliable locking pins also form a vital part and parcel of this pallet buster. They are generally quicker and will hardly fall out when they are engaged. You may count on them to do you some good job.

4-inch Spread

In between the forks are some 4-inch spreads. This arrangement allows the pallet buster to fit over some 2-inch by 4-inch surface. For this reason, you will handle bulkier pallets with relative ease and convenience.


  • Does not suffer from the consequence of lost screws
  • Saves time, money, and resources
  • Does not damage your boards at all
  • Handles different kinds of decks
  • Guarantees you some satisfaction


  • Demands some fair degree of expertise
  • May inflict some injuries on you
  • Its handles slip and predispose you to some injuries

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#2: Roughneck 64640 Pallet Buster


If you want to lift large items relatively easily, you require a pallet buster which is similarly optimized for such kinds of applications. This is the one to look up to. It is on the whole pretty easy to engage and will also handle slabs.

Demolition and Lifting Bar

Its bar, which forms the most significant portion of it, is designed to demolish and lift at the same time. It measures a whopping 94 cm (37inches) and is hence sufficiently large enough to take on just about any other kind of work.


On the whole, this tool is multipurpose. It can rip up floorboards and take down ceilings at the same time. With it in your hands, you will not have to waste much of your time or effort ‘looking elsewhere.’


All its parts and components are heavy-duty. They are tough and very resilient to the common agents of wear and tear. This allows you to lift and nudge heavier objects without the associated risks of destroying or damaging your tool.


  • Suffers less from the risks of item drops
  • Prevents injuries to you and damages to your items
  • Positions slabs and breaks pallets
  • Handles general demolition work perfectly
  • Performs multiple chores at a time


  • Only for the strong and powered persons
  • Demands too huge working spaces
  • Does not fold and won’t store easily

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#3: Eizzy Bar Pro Pallet Buster

Eizzy Bar

Could it be that your search for the right pallet buster is dictated by the need to disassemble all kinds of pallets? Well, this one will do you more than just that. It will also undo all kinds of materials like fences and decks.

43-inch Handle

The handle of this pallet buster measures an impressive 43 inches long. It allows for the easy access of those areas of portions of your items that are ordinarily hard-to-reach. You hence tend to enjoy some conveniences.

Ultimate Pallet Pry Bar

Perhaps no other buster is as great to use as this one. It contains all the top parts, features, and specifications necessary to make the most of a pallet removal exercise.


All its crucial parts and components are built to last. This is to mean that they are strong and resists the various agents of corrosion with relative ease. These include corrosion, dents, and cleavages.


  • Reclaims and aids the recycle of wood
  • Performs better and faster than traditional wood
  • Great for both home and business applications
  • Lightweight and less strenuous to handle
  • Performs numerous operational cycles


  • Handles the disassembly only
  • Unreliable for the other kinds of chores
  • Leaves behind limited value for your money

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#4: Duckbill Deck Wrecker Pallet Buster


To quickly dismantle pallets, docks, and decks in seconds, you need to tool that is strong and at the same time easier to handle. This is where this particular pallet buster comes in. It is also better suited for that very role.

Steel Head

Coming in first among the list of its most notable features is the steelhead. This one spans the single and the double joists. In the process, it also pries the nailed or screwed boards by employing maximum leverage.

Strong Fiberglass Handle

A strong fiberglass handle also exists to facilitate your use and applications of this pallet buster. The handle is not only light but also appropriately equipped for the job. Its non-slip padded grip is by far the most notable.

Patented Design

Lastly comes the patented design. This one basically makes use of the leverage for the task of prying the boards faster easier and more effectively. Moreover, it also impacts the floor joists well.

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  • Slides smoothly under the board
  • Lifts the board in one piece alone
  • Has almost no equal in tackling the load lifting
  • Versatile head rotates to make room for close working
  • Relatively simpler to make use of


  • Takes longer to yield the required outcomes
  • May pose some injuries on your part
  • Damages your items when handled recklessly

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#5: Stoic Tools Pallet Buster


This pallet buster is mostly designed and suited for those who have sensitive skin and hands. That is because it wards off all kinds of injuries, bruises, and blisters which other busters have been noted to bring about.

Extra-long Pole

Its handle, which doubles up as its most significant part, comes in the form of an extra-long pole. This design and structure arrangement gives you the leverage you require for tackling any demolition job with maximum convenience.

Multi-purpose Nail Remover/Pry Bar

With this pole, it is possible for you to get rid of the nails in several options. As a matter of fact, you can remove the nails from just about any angle or standing position. You have some convenience to rip from it.

Real Cowhide Leather Gloves

Some pair of real cowhide leather gloves also exist to expedite your handling of this implement. They have double-layered palms to ward off scrapes, splinters, and blisters from arising.


  • Dismantles and removes docks easily
  • Has a wrecking bar to help with a nail pulling
  • Protects your hands and nails well
  • Performs a range of do-it-yourself chores
  • Saves time while ripping wood pallets apart


  • Potentially risky while splitting boards
  • Requires a fair amount of effort on your part
  • Calls for frequent repairs and maintenance

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#6: Vergo Industrial Pallet Buster


Tackling tough and difficult do-it-yourself jobs is never a meant feat. You require a very tough and durable pallet buster. It is only in this manner that you will manage to retain the nature of the pallet indefinitely.

Effective Disassembly

Generally speaking, this pallet buster is pretty great at disassembling the pallets. That is due to its highly responsive nature combined with its relative ease of handling.

Tough Head

A tough head exists to let you impact the hardest kinds of wood and materials reliably. While operating the pallet buster, you may count on it not to break apart or splinter the wood into tinier pieces or particles.

Durable Steel Construction

All the vital parts and components of the pallet buster are made of the durable stainless steel material. They hence feature some added strength not to mention lasting a longer span or duration of life.


  • Gets rid of docks well
  • Eliminates broken or ghastly pallets faster and easier
  • Lighter in weight and convenient to carry around
  • Highly responsive to the slight prompts
  • Useful for those do-it-yourself applications


  • You really have to stay alert while using it
  • Chances of recovering may not be easy if you happen to hit your body
  • Requires extra strength to use repeatedly

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#7: Esright Industrial Pallet Buster


Do you have some broken or untidy pallets you wish to get rid of faster, safely, or easily? We recommend that you utilize this particular pallet buster. The implement is specifically intended for this very role.

Articulating Head

An articulating head stands tall among all the features, parts and specifications of this tool. With this head, it is almost impossible for your wooden components to split or break apart in the course of handling.

Deluxe Pallet Buster

On the whole, this pallet buster has some special elegance. Apart from merely disassembling your parts and wood easily, the pallet goes beyond that to enhance the décor of your interior.

Great Strength

It also exudes some great strength and awesome power. This is mainly made possible by the durable steel construction which adorns much of its parts and components. You also get to enjoy an extended lifespan.


  • Requires almost no muscle power to engage
  • May be used to carrying out many tasks
  • Handle the task of dock removal as well
  • Yields some industrial strength when deployed
  • Simple enough for do-it-yourself applications


  • Hardly effective for other kinds of applications
  • Easily damaged when subjected to too strong impacts
  • Inflicts higher maintenance costs

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#8: Angel Guard Deck Demon Pallet Buster

Angel Guard

Just in case you are a career workman, we do recommend the use of this otherwise long-lasting and especially durable kind of a tool. That is because the tool is stronger and highly versatile for your use.

Long-lasting Quality

All factors considered, this pallet buster has some long-lasting quality. This mainly stems from its commercial-grade and solid steel construction. It is this trait that enables it to manage many projects within its lifetime.

Dual-claw Head

With this tool, you may choose to tackle your tasks with one or both prongs. Courtesy of this arrangement, you will enjoy some fair degree of convenience of use. At the same time, you will enjoy seamless operations.

Extra-Long 44-inch Handle

Finally, the pallet buster comes with some extra-long handle which measures an impressive 44 inches. The handle is cushioned for your comfort and the eliminations of blisters and bruises.


  • Requires no gloves on your part
  • Prevents your boards from busting or bending
  • Removes the target materials at a faster rate
  • Highly effective by reason of requiring less energy input on your part
  • Gets rid of any fasteners that may be left behind
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  • Disparaging to inexperienced users and starters
  • Quite cumbersome to fully comprehend and effectively engage
  • Will need expensive maintenance procedures

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#9: Vestil SKB-DLX Pallet Buster


Are you a starter in the field of pallet busting? Well, you require a pallet buster which is also simpler in scope and hence easier to engage. Look no further than this one. As you are about to note, the buster has the bare minimum parts to set you off.

Added Strength and Long Life

Though designed for light chores, this pallet buster experiences some added strength and generally longer life. These two benefits arise from the steel materials which form a vital part of it.

Deluxe Pallet Buster

Its outward appearance is great to behold. Indeed, it is deluxe in nature, construction and overall stature. You should also expect the buster to be a good decorative item in your workshop.

Cleaner Outcomes

This pallet buster leaves behind some relatively cleaner outcomes indeed. It allows you to remove the pallet boards but without the attendant undesirable issues of splitting or breaking your wood.


  • Disassembles the pallets easier
  • Hardly splits or breaks the wood
  • May even remove the dock board
  • Truly great for starters and inexperienced users
  • Straight forward and less inconveniencing


  • Lacks a couple of vital parts and components
  • May not handle tough chores easily
  • Brings about limited benefits on the whole

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#10: Yaheetech Pallet Buster


Different pallet busters are made and meant for different kinds of users. This one mostly fits that person who is keen on leveraging the do-it-yourself benefits. Further to that, the pallet buster is also practical for furniture projects.

5-inch Paddles Handles

Some 5-inch paddle handles stand tall among its most desirable traits and features. Over and above being long, the handles also confer some comfortable grips as well as extra handling capability.

Premium Iron Frame

Its frame is made of the premium iron material. It is further coated with some spraying coating which is intended to block off agents of corrosion. This definitely means longer lifespan on your part.

Steel Design

Closing the list of its most admirable set of features is the steel design. The steel is known to be strong and durable indeed. For this reason, the pallet buster is great for use in harsh conditions and everyday applications.


  • Highly versatile for tackling all kinds of applications
  • Great for many maintenance and construction activities
  • Spares your planks from possible damages and breakages
  • Requires less muscle power to engage
  • Performs a couple of relevant tasks as well


  • Not at all useful for professional applications
  • Has a shorter lifespan and is hence less reliable in the long run
  • Unsuitable for your long-term applications

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#11: CTS Welding Pallet Buster

CTS Welding

Those chores that are ordinarily hard and difficult may never be achievable by the use of the common everyday pallet busters. Needless to say, they too call for equally heavy-duty tools and equipment like this.

Steel Construction

The pallet comes almost entirely in the form of some steel construction. Steel is known to be long-lasting, tough, and sturdy. This similarly means that the buster is equally reliable in the long run.

1.25-inch Insert

An insert which measures the comfortable 1.25 inches also exists as a part and parcel of your handle. It extends the lifespan and the functionality of your handle considerably. This makes it more effective.

Easy-install Handle

Over and above being able to achieve many benefits, the handle is also easier-to-install. You only have to use a screw and screwdriver to be able to accomplish that feat. This is not to mention that you do not really have to possess great expertise.


  • Disassembles skids and pallets easily
  • Handles do-it-yourself projects well
  • May perform a couple of other chores with ease
  • Reclaims pallet woods easily
  • Customizable to your unique requirements


  • Inflicts fatigue and boredom with use
  • Higher acquisition costs on your part
  • Definitely not for novices and beginners

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#12: ikris Heavy Duty Steel Pallet Buster


For industrial and professional applications, you yet again have this pallet buster for your consideration. The tool is generally tougher, stronger, enduring, and more resilient companion for any typical workshop.

Industrial-Grade Steel Construction

To let it be capable of performing the chores stated above, the pallet buster is available in some industrial-grade steel construction. It is subsequently tougher, firmer, and on the whole reliable in enduring strong impacts.

Pivoting Action

Setting this pallet buster apart from the others is the pivoting action mechanism. As the name suggests, this action allows for the disassembly of the various docks, decks, and pallets with relative ease.

Enamel Paint Coat

Throughout the exterior of the pallet buster is some enamel paint coat. The role of this coating is basically to shield the metallic components of the pallet from direct exposure to the harsh external elements.


  • Neither splits nor breaks the boards
  • Perfect for do-it-yourself projects
  • Delivers 100% customer satisfaction
  • Backed by excellent customer service regime
  • Incorporates many of the functionalities of the ordinary tools and appliances


  • Some users claim it is unsafe and injurious
  • Must be used alongside other safety gears
  • Quite intriguing in scope and use
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#13: go2buy Heavy Duty Steel Pallet Buster


For your safety and comfort while in use, you definitely have to make use of a pallet buster that is optimized for both roles at a time. You have this for your taking and consideration as you are about to see.

Double Fork

Unlike most other pallet busters, this one has not one but two forks. These distribute the effort evenly not to mention applying the force at some two points. The end result is better carrying effort which also prevents the slippage of boards.

1.3-inch Diameter

The diameter of its handle is the impressive 1.3 inches. This arrangement offers some perfect balance which in turn is crucial in exuding maximum leverage. It hence spares you of any unnecessary strains.

5.5-inch Padded Handle

Apart from the handle possessing an awesome diameter, it also measures the awesome 5.5 inches length and is padded as well. The latter two exist to make it easier to handle and all the more comfortable to engage.


  • Removes the decks, handles the wood slide, and tackles pallets
  • Pries the planks and slats apart without inflicting any damages
  • The two forks expedite the busting process
  • Maintains some safety at all times of use
  • Delivers the required ends much faster than other tools


  • Extra-large dimensions mean more storage space
  • Certainly not for tiny and confined spaces
  • Too strenuous to engage for large projects

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#14: Mayhew Select 41104 Pallet Buster


It is important always that you work strictly with those companies or brands that are reputable. The logic here is the need to prevent many of the problems and issues that may usually arise. Try the Mayhew brand as it has never faltered.

44-inch Long Handle

A long handle stands out as the most notable of its awesome set of features. It measures a decent 44 inches long and is also firm and sturdy. By reason of this arrangement, expect it to yield you maximum leverage.

Uniquely-curved Rocker Design

In its overall shape and form, the pallet buster features the uniquely-curved rocker design. It subsequently rolls on the joists conveniently and in the process allows for the easy removal of the boards.

Double Prying Head

Its head lastly is double-prying in nature. Apart from being sturdier the double prying head also lets it fit over all kinds of joists for your maximum leverage. It hence lets you achieve better outcomes at a time.


  • Mayhew is a truly dependable and reputed brand
  • Inflicts almost no damages to the joists
  • Easily re-usable for your great financial savings
  • Gets rid of any nails that may be left behind
  • Rips boards from all materials and structures


  • Costs you more to acquire and make use of
  • Accepts accessories and attachments only from Mayhew
  • A limited degree of freedom of action

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#15: Planteko Pallet Buster


To effectively remove deck boards and other pallets, you require some pallet buster that is truly effective and great for use. This is the role that this specific tool is intended to achieve.

All-in-One Set

By its sheer scope and functionality, this buster is comprehensive. It indeed possesses all the various parts, components, specifications, and functionality which the ideal tool is generally expected to.

41-inch Handle

All the above parts and components are attached to a handle that measures a decent 41 inches. It is hence stretchy and reaches out to those otherwise inaccessible portions of the pallets with relative ease.

Heavy-duty and User-friendly

In all, the pallet is heavy-duty and user-friendly. You may hence devote it to those difficult tasks which require awesome strength and muscle power. Moreover, it is also good for professional and home use at the same time.


  • Easily breaks up pallets and other chores
  • Requires minimum effort on your part
  • Comes along with a free nail-removal crowbar
  • Gets into those tight crevices easily
  • Guarantees your safety at all time of use


  • Has a limited range of applicability
  • Its operational lifespan is quite low
  • When banged, it sustains some damages quite simply

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Frequently Asked Questions

What wood are pallets made of?

Though mostly made of steel or other metals, some pallet busters are made of wood. The fine softwoods like pine, yew, spruce, and Douglas fir are by far the most preferred kinds of wood for the job.

What does the label ‘blue pallet’ mean?

The label ‘blue pallet’ means that the wood that was used to make the pallet was debarked before finally being used to do so. This definitely means it is safer and more reliable for your handling.

What does IPPC marking mean on a pallet?

For one, IPPC stands for the International Plant Protection Convention. It is the prevailing international standards for phytosanitary measures. The standard addresses the importance of treating wood materials whose thicknesses exceed 6 mm.

What is pallet wood treated with?

In most cases, the pallet woods are treated with the processes of fumigation. The process entails the use of the toxic pesticide, methyl bromide. Alternatively, they may be heat-treated in some kilns.

Why do pallets need to be heat-treated?

Heat treating is absolutely vital in that it prevents the spread of wood pests. It does so primarily by destroying the insect larvae and reducing the moisture contents thereof. This, in turn, facilitates the handling of the pallets.

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