11 Best Patio Heaters (2024)

During home remodeling, architects and interior designs often suggest different elements that can modernize their buildings. If you are thinking of a new patio for your modern home, you might want to consider some fixtures.

Usually, patios with a cozy ambiance are nice spaces for friends and family to relax. Heat fixtures like electric patio heaters allow people to enjoy chilly evenings in outdoor environments.

Apart from keeping everyone warm during chilly seasons, patio heaters with sturdy mount-frames have more stability. Instead of mounting these fixtures on soils, they will be more stable on concrete and metal platforms.

The best patio heaters have more important features than aesthetic designs. A function like built-in safety valves helps to shut-off patio heaters that tilt or fall accidentally. With this safety mechanism, you can prevent hazards from heating elements of patio heaters.

More so, you can choose the right theme of patio heaters that complements the appearance of your cool outdoor landscapes. Premium models of patio heaters have rust-resistant frames that can withstand moisture, seawater salts.

If you have a beach house, patio heaters with weather-resistant materials can retain their shine and serve for many years.

Modern patio heaters come in a range of designs like wall-mounted and tabletops. Depending on your choice, you can get an ideal patio heater to decorate homes, restaurants, and bars.

Here are 11 well-built patio heater models that allow outdoor spaces to remain comfy during unbearable weather conditions.

Top 11 Patio Heaters

#01. AZ Patio Heaters GS-F-PC Propane Fire Pit

AZ Patio Heaters GS-F-PC Propane Fire Pit

Wouldn’t you like to heat and enhance your patio space with an antique bronze finish? AZ Patio Heaters uses propane and butane gases that have low carbon compositions. So, there’s little or no risk of toxic fumes. Enjoy chilly evenings with friends and family in a relaxed ambiance.

This model of AZ patio heater is suitable for under-the-stars spaces too. More so, it comes with an integrated Piezo ignition mechanism that works with a 3/4-inch (diameter) fire-glass cover.

As a well-designed heater that generates 41,000 BTUs, its fire-glass shields the burner and conserves heat. You can enjoy warmth all-evening from the lava rocks and glowing logs of the heating element.

  • The antique bronze finish is an elegant design element that enhances wooden patio furniture.

  • It saves space for other patio fixtures with its 38-inch tabletop and 17-inch burn area

  • Everyone can stay warm in an outdoor space that’s within 15 feet radius of this patio heater because it emits 40,000 BTU

  • You might have to press the ignition knob of this patio heater very hard to keep it lit.

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#02. hOmeLabs Gas Patio Heater


Patio heaters that generate consistent heat without emitting toxic fume are ideal alternatives to regular fire pits. This noiseless hOmeLabs Gas Patio Heater has a built-in knob that allows you to choose between low and high heat settings easily.

Since the variable heat-control button is user-friendly, you don’t need to press very hard before turning and hutting-off the heater.

Another important feature of this 87-inch patio heater is its sturdy construction with an attachment of wheels. This part of the hOmeLabs patio heater base allows for easy mobility. Also, it comes with an 18.1-inch (diameter) base reservoir that holds bags of sand and water to increase its level of stability.

You might not need another portable patio heater when this well-designed gas model provides 41,000 BTU of heat for outdoor spaces.

  • It burns clean gas (propane) and doesn’t pollute your outdoor spaces like other hydrocarbon fuels

  • It comes with a tabletop and an adjustable shelf for drinks and wine glasses

  • A quality craft with a bronze hammered finish, high-grade stainless and mesh steel and

  • Its one-step ignition system is easy to activate

  • The sleek construction has little resistance to weather effects when it’s exposed to snow.

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#03. Hiland HLI-1P Electric Parasol/Umbrella Patio Heater

Hiland HLI-1P

This Hiland Parasol/Umbrella Patio Heater discharges heat in indoor and outdoor spaces with much precision. It offers both aesthetic appeal and efficient heating to patio users.

Before your outdoor relaxation on a chilly night, slide this heater’s clamp on the (table umbrella) parasol’s pole. Then ensure a firm attachment that forms an overhead coverage on patio’s deck. It’s easy to set up when you follow the instruction of the heater’s operational manual.

The 3-in-one heat lamp for patios uses a safety anti-tilt mechanism that prevents hazards when the installation isn’t stable. Also, the 3 burners generate enough heat for everyone that’s within a 15-square foot radius. You can use this patio heater in the garden to keep guests warm during a dinner party.

With an impressive design of 1500-Watts stainless steel heating element, this 110-volt patio heater provides instant warmth. Additionally, its variable temperature control unit is useful when the temperature of your outdoor space begins to drop.

  • It designed for patio parasol and umbrellas

  • It’s designed with an IP certified waterproof material

  • A 3-in-1 burner that provides instant heat

  • The style of mounting this patio umbrella allows it to dissipate sufficient heat to your head and shoulders, but little heat to your legs.

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#04. Trustech Infrared Vertical Patio Heater

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If you have a big patio or large garage (for 2 cars), this TRUSTECH patio heater can provide instant warmth with a high-level power. Apart from being efficient during cold fall and winter seasons, it dissipates heat to your body directly.

It works like sunlight’s radiation but uses harmless infrared rays that save between 40 to 60% of electricity. Another important quality of this Trustech vertical patio heater model is its performance in outdoor spaces like backyard gardens.

According to the manufacturer, infrared rays from the gold-coated tubes can boost metabolism and alleviate painful symptoms of arthritis. These health claims can bring relieving feelings for your elderly family members and friends that suffer from joint aches.

As a radiant heater that’s designed for precision heating, you can use this portable household equipment to create a comfortable space around you.

  • This electric patio heater comes with a handheld remote control

  • It has 24-hour timing functions with auto shut-off (when it overheats) and 3-level heat settings

  • A fast and effective space-heating element that creates a warm zone within 3 seconds

  • The heater emits a soft glow of amber through its glare-free carbon fiber tubes, but the intensity might disrupt sleep at night.

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#05. DONYER POWER Electric Patio Heater


Do you need portable heaters that are mounted on the ceilings of patios like chandeliers? DONYER POWER Patio Heater uses an input voltage of 110-130V and halogen heating pipes that emits warm glow of light.

Depending on your heating requirements, 1500W of power might be conducive for a chilly evening in the patio. However, this patio heater creates a warm zone for children and pets. It uses a drawstring of that allows you to switch to a low-heat intensity of 600W when it’s pulled once, but shuts-off after the third pull.

With a 17-inch diameter, you can sit under this lightweight (4.21 lbs) patio heater with friends and enjoy memorable moments in the balcony, dining room, garden, and camping BBQ area. It’s 13 inches high, but you can adjust the height with a 1-meter at any time.

When you need to assemble this patio heater, attach the hook in any suitable structure and enjoy comfortable warmth.

  • It’s easy to install this portable patio heater

  • Two adjustable heat settings (600W and 1500W)

  • The coverage of heat emission is about 65 square feet

  • It’s a small (17 x 17 x 10 inches) ceiling-mounted patio heater.

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#06. Heat Storm Tradesman Outdoor Infrared Heater

Heat Storm Tradesman

Do you need a replacement patio heater that’s easy to assemble? Apart from the ease of setting up this portable Heat Storm outdoor heater, it offers silent directional heating to any area of space. So, you can focus the high-intensity heat to where guests are seated in your patio and other work areas.

This Tradesman Outdoor Infrared Heater uses Quartz as heating elements. They can generate 1500 Watts of clean energy. Unlike gas heaters for patios, this infrared heater doesn’t burn fossil fuels. Instead, it comes less electrical energy and converts it to body-friendly heat.

As an IP35-rated device, it’s suitable for use in outdoor environments during wet days. The likelihood of spending huge costs on maintenance is very low. Also, you might not need an electric extension box because this outdoor heater comes with a 6.5-foot cord and a built-in three-pronged plug for wall outlets. You can power this Infrared Quartz Heater with a 120V source.

  • It comes with a sturdy mounting bracket for horizontal or vertical walls

  • It has an IP35 weatherproof rating that guarantees safety from electrical shocks

  • You don’t need to ensure proper ventilation because this electric heater doesn’t emit toxic fumes

  • The Heat Storm infrared heater model doesn’t have a built-in thermostat.

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#07. Golden Flame True Commercial Patio Heater

Golden Flame

Do you need a patio heater that’s suitable for commercial outdoor space, and burns quietly? Golden Flame Patio Heater is unique for its 3-sided pyramid shape, but it’s the right heating solution. It emits dancing flames that radiate warm heat.

Unlike gas propane heaters for patios with heavy tanks, this Golden Flame model uses an electronic ignition system. The electric igniter is underneath the heater’s burner plate and Quartz glass tube. It’s difficult to ignore the stylish design of this patio heater because of its impressive Mocha-Bronze finish.

This 94-inch sturdy patio heater has four wheels and thick aluminum frames that allow you to move it around the patio with ease. When using this portable patio heater, avoid body contacts with the emitter screen because it can generate 41,000 BTU.

  • The heater uses an advanced multi-spark ignition system

  • It’s designed with stainless steel and elegant Mocha Bronze Finish

  • It burns with a romantic glow of flames that uplifts the mood of any outdoor social gathering

  • It comes with an aluminum frame that’s not resistant to corrosion.

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#08. PAMAPIC Patio Heater


PAMAPIC patio heater is a compact model that comes with metal doors. The doors provide access to a chamber that allows you to install and replace propane tanks. Unlike other stand-alone natural gas heaters for patios, this PAMAPIC model saves you from the inconvenience of lifting its heavy stainless steel base.

Two smooth-rolling wheels are attached to the base structure, and they complement the heater’s fixed feet. While using this heater in any outdoor environment, you don’t have to worry about strong wind speed that could fall your heater. It has a stable structure and a tip-over protection system. Also, the heating element generates about 46,000 BTUs.

This maximum heat output can provide warmth for you and anyone that is within 18 feet of the patio. Its piezo ignition system uses a reliable control knob. When the patio heater is not in use, you can protect it from rain, snow, and sun with an outdoor patio cover.

  • A polyurethane wheel assembly

  • It comes with safety tilt valves with auto shut-off and reset modes

  • This 88-inch standing patio heater comes with a zippered cover that opens and closes with ease

  • An elegant hammered bronze finish

  • The tank chamber doesn’t have enough space to hold a 30 lb propane bottle.

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#09. BELLEZE Premium Outdoor Patio Heater

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Patio heaters with push-button ignition systems and burners emit odor-free pilot flames are very convenient to use. This BELLEZE gas patio heater has a user-friendly igniter and stainless steel burner that dissipates heat within a radius of 15 feet (175 Sq/Ft).

It’s the type of patio heater that you’d like to use for outdoor Christmas parties with friends and family. BELLEZE 87-inch Premium Patio Heater can generate 48,000 BTUs; it’s an outstanding output when you compare this model with other types of patio heaters.

You might need to move this sturdy piece of equipment to other outdoor areas like poolsides and gardens. Regardless of the hefty size, its set of wheels ensures a high range of mobility.

With this heavy-duty patio heater, you don’t need to worry about noise and toxic fumes. The emitter offers quiet, and consistent heat without any risk of environmental pollutions.

  • A heavy-duty patio heater with hammered bronze finish

  • Variable-heat control settings

  • Automatic shut-off when the heater tilts to 30 degrees

  • A heavy-duty patio heater that weighs 41 lbs should have more than two wheels for users to roll without tilting it.

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#10. FDW Patio Heater


You can have a warm winter on the patio and other outdoor areas of your home with FDW Patio Heater. Also, this gas patio heater comes with stainless steel heating elements that burn brightly. It’s high heat output of 41000BTU is designed to create a warm zone of comfortable temperature.

Since its a CSA Certified-heater, you assured of using a patio heater with an excellent quality. This 88-inch patio heater comes with set of screws. With sand bags the screws will make FDW patio heater’s base very stable and immovable.

On windy days, the patio heater’s 20 lbs propane gas tank can increase its weight and stability too. This feature is ideal when you plan to use the heater from a particular spot for the long period of winter and fall seasons. However, the wheel assembly is easy to roll this patio heater anywhere.

Don’t worry about incidences of hair lighting because it’s tall enough to prevent such conditions. Usually, outdoor patio heaters with hammered finishes provide great aesthetics to homes, offices, restaurants, and bars.

  • Tilt valve safety mechanism that shuts-off automatically

  • It’s easy to assemble

  • It comes with high-quality stainless steel and bronze components

  • The height of this gas patio heater is not adjustable.

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#11. TRUSTECH Electric Patio Heater


Wouldn’t you like to experience the luxurious feeling of using non-breakable patio heaters with built-in digital display screens? With TRUSTECH Electric Patio Heater’s LCD display, you can monitor and change temperature easily.

This outdoor heater works with 3-speed settings that can be controlled remotely. Unlike regular patio heaters, you don’t need the stress of punching heat control knobs. You can switch to any desired temperature with the remote control conveniently.

More so, the patio heater’s space-saving dimension can fits walls of rooms, backyards, garages, and offices. It uses infrared technology that takes about 3 seconds to deliver instant warmth.

When the patio heater overheats, its built-in thermostat will shut off the heating element automatically. This energy-saving design can help to avoid paying huge costs on utility bills.

  • It ensures at least 50% of energy conservation

  • 3-Speed fast heating modes

  • Digital display with remote control

  • Its wall-mounted design doesn’t enhance portability

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What Are The Common Designs Of Patio Heaters

What type of patio heater is a perfect fit for a modern home or office? Usually, heaters for patios that allow ease of movement are very helpful. While portable patio heaters support multiple place usages, they allow you to relax in any outdoor area within your yard comfortably.

If your patio is too small for a winter season party, you can move your portable patio heater and guests to the poolside of your backyard. Normally, free-standing patio heaters have metal poles, reflectors, fixed bases, and wheel assemblies.

Depending on their sizes, you can tilt and roll them to different positions of outdoor space. These types don’t often use electricity because it would require a very long cord to move them around. Instead, they have storage chambers for 20 and 30 lbs propane bottles.

One of the disadvantages of using free-standing patio heaters is that you might need to stand nearby to enjoy the warmth of their heat.

Apart from free-standing patio heaters, wall-mounted patio heaters are safe for both indoor and outdoor purposes. You can get well-built wall-mounted heaters for patios with remote control devices.

Usually, electric wall-mounted patio heaters with infrared heating elements are cost-effective models. These types are very easy to use and often come with built-in thermostats that regulate temperatures automatically. To install these types, you’ll need a set of screws and mounting brackets.

Another type of heaters for patios have tabletop designs. You don’t need to adjust the angle of the heat from these types of patio heaters. Instead, they offer direction flows of heat. Most premium models of tabletop patio heaters run on electricity and they have 360-degree swivel fan blades.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I know which patio heater has a durable construction?

A patio heater model with an attractive finish might not be durable. Also, patio heaters with durable constructions might not have aesthetically-pleasing designs. One of the smart ways of determining the quality of a material is by knowing its constituent elements.

Usually, stainless steel and aluminum frames of patio heaters are corrosion-resistant. These types of metals might not have great tensile strengths, but they can maintain their shiny appearance and durability for long periods.

What is the right patio heater model with a temperature control mechanism?

I will recommend electric patio heaters with thermostats. While they regulate temperature settings, you can go to bed without the anxiety of checking your equipment at night.

However, some regular gas-powered heaters with 3 settings for controlling heat often come with knobs that are not user-friendly. In this age of innovation, it’s better to use patio heaters with smart designs.

Final Verdict

Patio heaters are important pieces of equipment during windy and chilly seasons. In the winter and fall seasons, you shouldn’t allow cold outdoor environments to keep you indoors. We have selected some premium-quality heaters for patios.

They might have different types of features, but you can enjoy evening relaxations in the patio and gardens with these models of heaters. However, you must ensure to follow the proper maintenance tips as indicate in the user manual of your patio heater. Also, you can use outdoor patio heater covers to prevent the effects of snow, rain, and sun.

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