10 Best Paver Sealers (2023)

Buying a house is a big deal because it satisfies one of the basic needs of humans: shelter. But then, people need more from the shelter that its provision of protection from the external world. They also require that it provides comfort and aesthetics.

Yes, the interior and exterior of the house we live in should look good and give a sense of satisfaction every day. This is why many people love to invest hugely on paver patios, pathways with masonry, concrete/paved driveways, slated pool decks and so on.

However, these things will only give way to wear from the elements after some years. They, therefore, need to be maintained from time to time in order to retain their value. This underscores the significance of paver sealers.

These are often solvent-based chemical compositions that protect pavers, concretes and masonry stones from wearing out as a result of strong weather conditions, stains and dirt. They also ensure that pavers get renewed shine and low gloss, thereby making the little details of your yard stand out.

Unfortunately, getting the right paver sealers can be a hard one. This owes to the fact that a bad product can end up being counterproductive, as well as sheer waste of money, time and effort.

We have put together and reviewed some of the best paver sealers out there. Without much ado, let’s get right into them.

Reviews Of 10 Best Paver Sealer

#1. Foundation Armour AR350 solvent based Acrylic wet look concrete sealer and paver sealer

Foundation Armour AR350

One phobia most people have is that when you are doing paver sealers, you have to do it right. This one is a top product that will reward the trust customers repose in it with pure efficiency.

Foundation Armour AR350 comes in a 5-gallon pail, containing 5 gallons of solvent-based acrylic wet look liters of sealer. It works for both interior and exterior surfaces, with an expected longevity of about 3-7 years for the former and 1-3 years for the latter.

So, what do you get from this sealer? You are guaranteed of an enhancement of the dull concrete, tiled or paved surfaces with a shiny wet look with a gloss that is low.

Characteristic of many paver sealers that are being manufactured today is the tendency to go yellow. Foundation Armour AR350 is non-yellowing and without an offensive odor after you have applied it. On the contrary, it is quite breathable.

What’s more, this sealer can be mixed with non-slip additives, which are also manufactured by Amour in fine and coarse variants. All that needs to be done is to mix the additive with the sealer before application and to prevent slip.

  • Self-priming

  • Works fine with additives for non-slip

  • Great protection and low gloss for exterior and interior surfaces

  • It is breathable

  • Long-lasting

  • May not be effective for pool decks

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#2. DOMINATOR SG+ High-gloss Paver Sealer and Decorative Concrete wet-look


Sometimes you need more than a low gloss finish for your concrete or brick surfaces. Not all the best sealers give you this feature. However, this one by DOMINATOR will provide an amazing gloss finish after application.

It comes in a 5-gallon package with an overall coverage range of up to 2000 Square feet. You will be needing 1 gallon for 400 Square feet in a coat, meaning two coats will get the job done for said range.

The sealer will provide restoration for dull pavers and give them quality Sheen with durability assured. It also protects whatever surface that you are using it for from UV rays, stain, and rainfall.

Another great feature of this product is that it is easy to apply. You can use a roller or power sprayer. Interestingly, this one only requires only 45 minutes for the first coat to dry up, unlike other solvent-based sealers that dry after 24 hours.

The fact that it gives no offensive odor makes adds to the easy application. It also makes for easy cleanup.

  • Easy to apply

  • Breathable

  • Long-lasting

  • Provides color enhancement

  • Low slip

  • Cannot be used for stone surfaces

  • Too much stickiness

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#3. Enduracoat 100% acrylic “wet look” semi-gloss concrete sealer solvent based

Enduracoat 100% acrylic

There is no better way to preserve the looks of your stone, brick or concrete pavers that deploying a nice application of sealer on them. But you need to get the perfect one for the job.

This is exactly what Enduracoat “wet look” semi-gloss concrete sealer. It is a solvent-based, one hundred percent acrylic paver sealer that gives shine just as much as protection to your pavers, garages, driveways, and whatnot.

It is quite durable for both interior and exterior surfaces. However, the sealer will last longer on interior surfaces than exterior ones. You will get a minimum of 1-year longevity for the later, which is good enough or maybe not for some.

Depending on how porous or dull the surface to which you are applying the sealer, you are going to need 1 gallon for 150 to 300 square feet. With the 5-gallon you are purchasing, you will get a lot of ground covered.

Aside from giving long-lasting shine, this with protecting adequate protection to all surfaces from chemicals, sweltering sun rays, water, oil, and other damaging substances. This, of course, is dependent on the right application.

  • Great for stamped concrete

  • Semi-gloss and wet-look

  • Has bad odor

  • Requires grantor grip for non-slip

  • Cannot be applied with a roller

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#4. Foundation Armor WL550 Wet Look Enhancer Sealer

Foundation Armor WL550

WL550 Wet Look Enhancer Sealer is another product from foundation armor that works great on slates, stones, concrete, bricks, and pavers. This is not quite like AR350 which is an excellent product by every standard but something close yo it.

The sealer contains 5 liters will that do justice to the surface of about 450 Square feet in two coats and close to 1000 Square feet in a single quote. With this stuff, you are assured of renewed shine all for porous surfaces, both indoor and outdoor.

The sealer also assures of water penetration into concretes and other strong pathway materials, ensuring that they last long. Actually, this should last for up to 3 to 5 years after use if it is properly applied. It will also ensure that no surface film is left behind after use.

Foundation Armor WL550 will provide enhancement to unsealed surfaces and beautiful darkening. Beyond the glint and gleam that this sealer will add to your pavers, it will give protection against rainfall and ultraviolet rays.

  • UV rays resistant

  • Water-resistant

  • Breathable and gives no bad odor

  • Excellent water penetration into the concrete

  • Cannot be used on unsealed surfaces

  • Will not give a glossy finish

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#5. Concrete Sealer USA PS101 Siliconate multi-surface Water-based penetrating sealer

Concrete Sealer USA PS101

People spend a huge amount of money on flooring their patios, driveways, garages and other areas within and outside their buildings. But this will depreciate after some time due to weathering and other effects. Maintenance of these flooring is therefore important.

Concrete Sealer USA PS101 Siliconate will do a neat job of maintaining the shine and longevity of your pavers.

This sealer is very easy to apply as with other ones you will find around. But one good added advantage of it is that your flooring will become an easy one to clean.

It is also resistant to excessive heat from Sundays as well as water-resistant. Unlike some other sealers this one will not yellow.

This water-based concrete sealer will ensure that value is re-added to your pavers at a good price. So, if you are the type that loves to get value for money, you can consider this sealer.

  • Ensures that traction is maintained

  • UV rays resistant

  • Non-yellowing

  • Highly breathable

  • Not intended to resist oil

  • Low absorption of water

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#6. Foundation Armour SX500 WB DOT Water Based Concrete Sealer

Foundation Armour SX500

Maintenance is a key factor in preserving the flooring parts of your building structure. If you need to commit some funds on this, then you must go for the right sealer. Foundation Armour SX500 WB DOT concrete Sealer falls in that category.

It comes in a 5-gallon pail with content sufficient for 500 square feet if you go with the recommended 2 coats. Perhaps you have more grounds to cover. Then, you can procure more pails with quality performance assured.

How so? The sealer is made with ingredients that are way more effective than many of its competitors. These will ensure that the surfaces you are going to be using it to become resistant to common damages.

It is good for interior and exterior surfaces. Interestingly, this one will do quite well with pool decks, providing approximately 95% absorption of water unlike many of its competitors.

Equally important to note is the fact that the sealer is breathable. You have no need to worry about offensive odor after the day of application.

  • High water resistance

  • Easy to apply

  • It is breathable

  • Non-slippery

  • More gallons needed for surfaces larger than 500 square feet

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#7. Black diamond stoneworks Wetlook Natural stone sealer

Black diamond stoneworks Wetlook Natural stone sealer

This product is another real deal. If you need an ever-shining surface for your pavers, concrete, brick or otherwise, then you can consider going for Black diamond stoneworks Wetlook Natural stone sealer.

Well, as can be discerned from the product name, this is probably best for stone flooring. But make no mistake about it. This one will give a beautiful shine to bricks, slates, pavers, concrete and other flooring materials as well.

The sealer will roughly cover 500 square feet but given the recommended two coats, you are probably going to need more than one gallon. It is easy to apply using a roller, brush or sprayer.

With this sealer, you are sure that your stone walls, floors and masonry surfaces will not be darkened. It is also non-yellowing. All you get is a milky white that allows you to see what you are doing during application.

The only thing that can make you complain about this sealer is if you do no follow the instructions. And these are quite simple. You are to avoid using under direct sunlight, ensure the weatherman says “no rainfall in the next 24 hours”, and confirm the weather to be 50-80° Fahrenheit for 24 hours.

  • Can be applied with a brush, roller, and sprayer

  • Non-yellowing

  • Works for most masonry surfaces, interior, and exterior

  • It comes in 1 gallon, meaning you need to procure more than one keg.

  • Not suitable for tiles or polished stones

  • Not really wet-look as advertised

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#8. Eagle Sealer EPS5 Clear Paver Sealer

Eagle Sealer EPS5

To have a patio translates to you creating an avenue for you to either spend quality-alone time or gather with your family at your backyard. It adds more beauty to your ambiance and no one will trade that for something else.

Manufactured in the USA, Eagle Sealer EPS5 is packaged in a 5-gallon pail that can be easily resealed. It provides quality protection from water, oil and other substances that take the shine of your concrete, stone or brick surfaces.

This stuff is also self-priming, meaning that it does not need any prior preparation or additional substance before use. For non-slip, the sealer has an additional component of additives already. Simply apply the content with a roller or pressure sprayer.

Some sealers require that you apply 3 coats or more to get results. However, the finish may end up not lasting beyond a few months. Eagle Sealer EPS5, on the contrary, gives a great seal with only two coats!

Looking to give your driveway or patio pavers a long-lasting shine and resistance against the effects of the elements? Then, you are going to find this product a great deal.

  • Provides a high level of water resistance

  • Also UV Rays resistance

  • Non-slippery

  • Non-yellowing

  • Long-lasting shine

  • The offensive smell after use, though it will be gone after a few days of ventilation

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#9. Quest Chemicals Touchcrete Concrete Sealer

Quest Chemicals Touchcrete Concrete Sealer

Finding a good paver sealer that will give you more than two years guarantee of durability is hard. Quest Chemicals Touchcrete Concrete Sealer assures of well over 5 years, promising a refund of your money if you eventually find it a hoax! Now that’s one tough promise.

But then, the sealer is actually made of the best composition of high-quality chemicals that will ensure that it penetrates beyond the surface of your pavers to give them long-term protection.

It comes in one-gallon and covers around 600 Square feet of the ground. You can use it for patios, sidewalks, garages, and others as long as they are paved. It is equally good for interior surfaces including tiles.

One impressive feature of this sealer is that it has great water and slip resistance. You will need to ensure that you follow the instructions of the sealer to get this result. Fulfill this condition and you have access to this beautiful attribute.

The sealer is equally easy to use, as it is with other similar products. However, with this one there are more options for things that can be deployed for application. You may use a brush, any type of outdoor sprayer and roller.

  • Easy to use: More than two options for application

  • Non-slippery

  • Water-resistant

  • Long-lasting performance

  • Could discolor the some surfaces

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#10. Kilz L390201 Interior/Exterior Concrete, Brick and Tile Liquid Masonry Sealer

Kilz L390201

This sealer is maybe not top five but surely good enough to make our list. It is acrylic-based and comes in a one-gallon keg of 4 liters. The content will cover approximately 250 to 400 Square feet, though you may be needing more than 1 gallon depending on the texture of the surface on which it is being applied.

Like all other sealers on the market, this one is equally easy to use. It can be applied with a durable pad applicator, sprayer, and roller. You may even consider using a brush but that must be done with great care.

This sealer is good for interior and exterior surfaces as expected. But then, weather conditions must be monitored before application. Sunlight must be totally avoided when putting this to use.

Since the double coating is the generally recommended application of paver sealers, most people are keen on how soon do they dry. Well, this one does pretty well by drying within one hour. It can be recoated 4-5 hours after the first coat.

If properly used, your brick, concrete, stone and other interior and exterior surfaces will not only get a new shine. They will also be protected from the effects of oil, UV rays, and water.

  • Gives wet-look finish

  • Non-Yellowing

  • Easy to apply

  • Non-slippery

  • Content is small

  • Not suitable for pool decks

  • Not good for colored surfaces

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the paver sealer last?

Some of them promise as much as 5 to 10 years but the reality is that the average longevity of paver sealers is 3 years.

What is the recommended number of coats for this sealer?

One coat is never enough. So, two coats are recommended. However, perhaps you have a sealer that is not good enough for the porosity, stain or damage done to the surface upon which you are applying it. You may have to do something like 3 coats to get the job done.

How long do you have to wait to put a second coat?

This is often about the drying time of the stuff. You cannot but wait for a while before applying the second coat. If the temperature is high, then you can do the second coating in 5-6 hours. At the very most, you can wait for 24 hours for the second coat, if you could muster such patience and another day thereafter for foot traffic.

Does this product work well on the pool area slate?

It depends. Most manufacturers are honest about this, they ensure that it is clearly stated in product information whether their sealers are good for pool slates or not. Some of the products on our list are perfect for pool decks due to their high capacity for water resistance.

Will the surface be slippery?

More often than not you see “non-slip” as part of product information of sealers. However, not all of them live up to this claim. If the surface is stony then you may not have to be bothered about slippery. Only smooth surfaces can cause slip when sealers are applied. It must be added that while some of the products have non-slip or grip ingredients, many others will require non-slip additives.

Is it wet-look and how long does that last?

Yes. Most of them are wet-look but for a few exceptions. Nevertheless, the wet-look is quite transient, though losing this feature is not tantamount to losing the shine on the surface.

Does the sealer have a strong smell?

Since the content of sealers is mostly composed of chemicals, it is only natural to get pungent smell during application while applying them. It is nonetheless possible for some products to be breathable, and generally, the smell wears out after some days.

Is this product made in USA?

Many of them are made in the USA. But several ones that will not give value for money are also made in the USA. So, it’s not about where it is made but the exact quality you get from it.

Final Verdict

For the right maintenance of your pavers, concrete, and whatnot, sealers come highly recommended. There is no point beautifying your house with great designs made of masonry stones, bricks or pavers without having a plan to give them adequate protection from the effects of water, UV rays and oil.

You must nevertheless be cognizant of the fact that these products require that you follow the instructions that come with them when going about the application. You’d really be glad you did, else the result may not be as expected.

Better still, you could simply pay for the services of a professional to do the application for you. It really won’t hurt if you did.

More importantly, and if you are a staunch DIYer, make a careful pick from our list of quality paver sealer. It’s all up to you.

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