11 Best Picture Hanging Tool (2024)

A well-done portrait may not create that perfect aesthetic impression if you don’t hang it properly. That’s why as you fork out for one, you should spare a few bucks to go to a decent picture hanging tool.

Even with the highest-quality nails, screws, and other fasteners, keeping that painting floating on the wall takes more than just the suspension hardware. You have to get a tool to help you hang it straight—and that’s where picture-hanging tools come into play.

A picture hanging tool is a surefire way to keep your paintings hanging on the wall level. By keeping them straight, they minimizes the chances of them coming down. What’s more, these tools are usually versatile and will stretch their usefulness beyond art.

But do all picture hanging tools work equally? Not really. These hangers differ in reliability, durability, and other performance parameters. So, what makes a decent picture hanging tool? Well, below are some of the industry-leading options.

11 Best Picture Hanging Tool

1. Hang It Perfect HIP36 Picture Hanging Tool

Hang It Perfect HIP36 Picture Hanging Tool

Position and level your lovely painting on the wall using this picture hanging tool. The high-quality piece is one of the most versatile options out there, making it one of the must-have items for every home.

With this piece, you will find it easy and convenient to handle a wide variety of installation jobs. You can use it for hanging pictures, shelves, mirrors, and portraits. In addition to that, you should find it helpful when spacing and positioning frame groupings.  

The multi-purpose piece comes with everything you need to mount whatever you want with ease and in no time. The built-in ruler helps in positioning your mounting hardware. To keep your object level, this unit has a small bubble that slides forth and back.

Once you’ve identified the ideal position for your picture, the pins at the back of the arm will help you mark where your mounting hardware should go. And with lightweight design, expect minimal hand fatigue when using the tool for extended periods.

The unit is available in three sizes; 24 inches, 36 inches, and 48 inches. Therefore, no matter your hanging needs, you should find a size that fits it best. After use, this unit will compact for convenient and space-saving storage.

  • Multi-purpose piece.
  • A built-in bubble level.
  • Available in three size options.
  • The marking pins should be a little longer.

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2. Go Hang It! HNG001TLDX Pro –Picture Hanging & Leveling Tool

Go Hang It! HNG001TLDX Pro –Picture Hanging

Forget about the hassle of using tape measure when positioning your pictures and paintings. With this picture hanging tool, you will like how straightforward it gets to mount right your stuff on the wall the first time.

This hanging and leveling accessory comes with all the mounting hardware you need. With 85 pieces, you may not need to buy anything separately once you get this kit. You will also get magnekeys, push pin, and removable level in the kit.

The magnekeys have pins on one side for marking your walls. Therefore, with this kit, expect your unit to hang in the exact vertical and horizontal position you were anticipating in the beginning.

The magnekeys rae compatible with D-hook, sawtooth, and precision hangers. Hence, no matter what you choose to use for your hanging, expect to get a professional-grade outcome without repeating any step.

The handy level detaches easily and will go on your picture’s frame. This way, it allows you to level your painting before marking the surface. Lastly, all the accessories come in a durably-constructed case for maximum durability.

  • Detachable level.
  • Magnekeys are a brilliant idea.
  • Mounting hardware included.
  • A bit on the expensive side but worth every penny.

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3. Dekava Picture Hanging Kit

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One thing you need to avoid when hanging your picture is misplaced nails. As simple as aligning looks, you need the right tool to do it correctly. And yes, as you think about the accessory to get, consider giving this kit a thought.

The Dekava Picture Hanging Kit packs a whopping 220 accessories. With all these pieces, you should have enough supply for use on up to 85 frames. With that said, if you have lots of pictures that you need to hang, this unit should meet your needs.

Unlike some kits that will include hooks of the same size, the hooks in this kit have strength ranging from 10 lbs. to 100 lbs. Hence, it’s safe to see it as one of the kits that comes with a wide range of hanging needs in mind.

The kit also comes with a ruler. What’s more, the ruler has built-in levels and marking nails. Thus, this set will handle every step of the hanging process without the need for any external accessory— not even a mere pencil.

If you haven’t used a hanging tool before, this unit is a cinch to use. Hence, with a little common sense, anyone should reap the most out of this kit in their very first time using it. About the price, almost every homeowner’s budget will accommodate this kit.

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4. Bagokie Picture Hanging Kit

Bagokie Picture Hanging Kit

Hang your art in the exact spot vertically and horizontally with minimal effort and in a fraction of the time. With this affordable picture hanging kit, you may never have to worry your pictures are hanging crooked.

You are getting a multi-purpose kit containing a hanging tool, necessary hardware, level ruler, and other accessories you may need for your job. The high-quality option works ideally for clocks, paintings, frames, mirrors, and just about anything else you might want to keep floating on your wall.

Using the hanging tool is a straightforward process. Begin by placing your picture frame on the hook and find the ideal spot to mount it on the wall. After you get that exact position, press the button to mark the area, hammer directly into the mark, hang the picture, and that’s it!

We all want to avoid damaging the wall when hanging whatever we want to. Now, with this in mind, this kit comes with a bottom rubber pad to prevent it from scratching your wall. No more ugly marks on your beautiful wall!

The comfortable grip ensures a comfortable in-hand feel of this picture-hanging tool. Additionally, the features a telescopic design. In other words, you can adjust its size to match the needs of the hour.

  • Scratchproof bottom mat.
  • Telescopic handle.
  • The ruler uses two measurement units.
  • The thick hook may not fit in some hangers.

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5. BLACK+DECKER BDMKIT101C MarkIT Picture Hanging Kit

BLACK+DECKER BDMKIT101C MarkIT Picture Hanging Kit

Black + Decker has for decades been one of the industry leaders in the power and hand tools industry. She’s famous for producing innovative products that make life easier and stress-free.

Now, when searching for a picture-hanging tool, this Black + Decker option is one of the tools you can consider buying. Like any other product from the manufacturer, this tool has lots of fantastic features. Therefore, expect a user experience that’s hard for competitors to replicate.

The well-thought-out design allows you to spread out the arms when you want to use it. After you hang your portrait or whatever thing you wanted, the “wings” will fold down for compact storage and transportation.

To get you started right off the bat, the manufacturer sends the unit with 30 pieces of mounting hardware. You will find these pieces in the on-board storage system of this tool. They include hooks, small screws, and a few other hardware you might need when hanging your picture.

The bubble level will ensure that you end up with professional results every time. On the downsides, a few customers wish that it was a little thinner than it actually is. However, since it still does the work right, that shouldn’t stop you from buying it.

  • It comes from the United States.
  • Wings fold down neatly.
  • Smart built-in storage system.
  • A little thicker than some users want it.

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6. Pointool PO-2100 Picture Hanging Tool

Pointool PO-2100 Picture Hanging Tool

Make your pictures and paintings look neat and well thought about by using this high-quality hanging tool. As simple as it seems, this piece goes a long way to make your frame groupings more harmonious.

This tool allows you to know where exactly to punch holes. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about do-overs when hanging your mirror, flat-screen TV, or any other item—neither will you have to rely on someone else to tell you whether your picture frame is straight or not.

The piece has two levels, one for the horizontal axis and the other for the vertical axis. Hence, whatever you hang using this tool will be spot-on straight on both axes. That means with this tool, expect the straight edges of your picture frames to line up neatly as you would want them to.

The picture hanging tool features premium ABS and stainless steel construction. That renders it one of the options you can rely on to offer long-lasting performance. And with the user-friendly design, decoration jobs are now easier than ever.

The hanging tool comes with a wide assortment of mounting hardware to meet a variety of needs. The materials used for the accessories are also of the highest quality. Hence, expect them to provide reliable support to your items.

  • High-quality materials.
  • Design-friendly tool.
  • Picture accuracy is impressive.
  • A longer tool would be better.

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7. ROMILE Multifunction Picture Hanging Tool

ROMILE Multifunction Picture Hanging Tool

Get everything in the right spot level using this hanging tool. The unit turns helpful when it’s time to hang clocks, galleries, pictures, and more on the wall without the hassle that comes with tape measures and other measuring tools.

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The unit has built-in levels for best-in-class accuracy when hanging your items. Also, like the majority of the preceding models, this accessory has pins that will mark exactly where the nails go.

The rubber cushion at the bottom of the tool will protect your walls from scratches. Therefore, this unit is among the few models that won’t rob your wall of its beauty. The easy-to-use design makes it possible for anyone to do the job right in the first use.

Although it’s a high-performance tool, this piece comes with the pocket friendliest price tag of all members on our list. That means if you are looking to reap the most without paying the most, this could be the tool you need to consider buying.

When it comes to durability, this unit neither comes shy. The top-grade plastic construction is durable. That means if you are looking for a tool that you can use for years to come, this piece should meet your needs.

  • Rubber cushion for smooth interactions with the wall.
  • Top-grade plastic construction.
  • Pocket-friendly price tag.
  • No plenty of mounting hardware.

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8. Hang-O-Matic All-in-One Picture Hanging Tool

Hang-O-Matic All-in-One Picture Hanging Tool

No matter the years you’ve served in the art industry, hanging pictures straight the first time isn’t as easy as it seems. That’s why as a dedicated artist, you need to have the right hanging tool. A decent hanger will bring the best out of your hard work by presenting your picture more professionally.

Now, the Hang-O-Matic is one of the reliable picture hanging tools out there. It makes installing paintings, clocks, shelves, TVs, and other objects easier and quicker than it has ever been.

You can use this unit to measure, level, and mark. Therefore, it’s one piece that will tackle correctly all the steps involved in hanging your picture. Hence, with this piece, you won’t need an additional tool to do the work right.

For those that are using a tool of it’s kind for the first time, this tool is as simple to use as it appears in the design. Just align its pointers with the anchor points of your picture, level it at your intended position, mark, install fasteners, hang it, and that’s it!

The on-board tape measure features a telescopic design that allows you to extend it up to six feet. That means if you want a unit that will help you install small and big objects, you can count on this model.

  • Compacts for storage.
  • Extendable tape measure maximizes usefulness.
  • It serves well for hanging small and big pictures.
  • The tape measure is quite hard to read, especially where the secondary “hook” is.

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9. i-FSK Picture Hanging Tool

i-FSK Picture Hanging Tool

Install your picture in less time, more accurately, and with minimal damage to the wall using this i-FSK Picture Hanging Tool. This option packs everything a unit of its kind needs to have for spot-on accuracy and make your work a breeze.

The piece makes use of industrial-grade ABS plastic. With that said, whether you need it for regular or occasional use, you can buy this hanging tool knowing that you are getting a tool you won’t have to replace any time soon.

About versatility, you can use it to hang a wide variety of objects. It’s ideal for pictures, clocks, artwork, degrees, frames, and more. What’s more, it works with a wide assortment of suspension hardware. That means you can choose the hardware that works perfectly for the item you want to hang.

The unit comes in a conspicuous yellow color, making it more noticeable when trying to look for it in a pool of other tools. However, it’s also available in red and green color options if you don’t want to settle for yellow.

If you’ve interacted with other hanging tools, there’s nothing new in using this piece. For the first-timers, the simple design of this top-notch piece makes it possible to get it right in their first installation.

  • Available in three color varieties.
  • Supports a wide variety of mounting hardware.
  • Will save time.
  • Still not the most durable.

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10. Bassion 2-Pack Picture Perfect Hanging System

Bassion 2-Pack Picture Perfect Hanging System

The tenth option on the list also comes in a noticeable yellow color. That means you will spend less time locating the tool amidst others and in installation. That makes it a perfect option for the “busy bees” with more to do in less time.

With this piece, expect to install your tools spot-on straight as you’ve always wanted. The built-in level indicates when whatever you are installing is straight. Hence, you won’t need someone else to tell you whether whatever you’ve installed is level.

What’s more interesting about the level is that it’s detachable. This design allows you to use it over a wide variety of applications. You can use it to check if your clock, socket, TV stand, and kitchen and bathroom accessories are level.

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Since it comes in handy in a wide range of applications, you will find this hanging tool helpful almost in any setting. It will serve you well in the home, office, workplace, or any other area where you might want to hang your pictures or other objects.

Additionally, this picture hanging tool has a rubber pad on the back. This feature ensures that it interacts well with your wall without leaving any marks behind. That means if you are looking for a “wall-friendly” unit that won’t rob your wall of its beauty, you won’t go wrong here.

  • It looks great.
  • Won’t mark the wall.
  • Inexpensive but reliable.
  • The edges aren’t very smooth.

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11. Eelite Life Picture Hanging Tool Kit

Eelite Life Picture Hanging Tool Kit

If you have several objects to hang and don’t have the necessary hardware for the job, try this product. Other than the hanging and leveling tool, the kit offers 211 pieces of hardware– probably more than you will need for your projects.

What’s more, the hardware suits a wide variety of objects and weights. Therefore, whether you want to use it to hang a 10-lb object or one that weighs as much as 100 lbs., you won’t have to buy any mounting hardware separately.

The option will help you to identify the ideal spot for your picture in seconds, saving you the time and effort that comes with measuring tools. The unit will also allow you to mark the place cleanly. Thus, with this tool, there are neither misplaced holes nor drawings on the wall.

For those that want a travel-friendly piece, this kit comes with them in mind. The small size makes it convenient to take anywhere you go. Also, the compact design means it won’t take plenty of storage space when not in use.

Finally, we like that it offers excellent value for money. Of course, it doesn’t come with the smallest price tag. However, considering the build quality and the number of accessories it comes with, we are safe to argue that it’s one option that will give you maximum value for your money.

  • Travel-friendly size.
  • Good value for money.
  • Has everything you need.
  • May come with fewer hardware components missing so ensure you confirm the count.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use the picture hanging tool?

Although we have thousands of picture hanging tools, they all almost work the same way. Begin by placing the picture on the hook of the tool, find the right spot, mark it, install fasteners, and hang it– and that’s it!

Do I really need a picture hanging tool?

If you have lots of things to hang around the house, you will need a hanging tool. This piece will ensure that you hang your stuff straight and well aligned. It will go a long way to make your interior look neater.

How do you level a picture?

One surefire way to ensure that your picture is perfectly straight is by using a level. Also, ensure that you invest in the right hanging hardware and that they are centrally placed.

How high should a picture be hang?

The rule of the thumb is that a painting art should hang between 57 inches and 60 inches from the floor. Where most members of the families are short, consider going by the lower height. For homes with tall stature and with a ceiling that’s taller than eight feet, you can hang your pictures a bit higher than 60 inches from the ground.

What makes 57 inches the most suitable height for hanging pictures?

Well, as aforementioned, your picture should be between 57-60 inches from the ground. So, was 57 just pulled out of thin air? Well, that’s not the case. 57 is the average human eye level. That’s why we added that you have to also consider the height of the people around when deciding what level to hang your pictures.

Final Verdict

A picture hanging tool will help create a cohesive and harmonious atmosphere for your paintings. It provides a dependable and effortless way of having all your pictures hang exactly where you want them.

With a collection of pictures and a little of creativity, you can make a configuration of your own to communicate more than just what’s in the art. But before you get there, you have to select the hanging tool to buy.

We know that isn’t easy, and that’s why this article does the legwork for you. I believe you can now pick the ideal model after reading this review.

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