Top 15 Best Planter Caddies (2024)

Want to grow your plants conveniently whether indoors or outdoors? You must use a suitable plant caddy for the job. These are portable and compact growing pots that provide the support and strength you need to grow your plants and expose them to the sun as well.

The biggest hurdle towards enjoying the advantages that they bring along is to find the most suitable one. That is why a suitable guide to that end of this kind is by all means called for. We have also included a “frequently asked questions” segment to additional insights. It is our hope that you will be able to make the most defining choice thereafter.

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15 Best Planter Caddies

#1: Bosmere S14410 Down Under Plant Caddie

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This pot is able to support a whopping 500 pounds. Thus, it is strong enough to be able to facilitate the growth of your plants from scratch through to the finishing lines. It is particularly good outdoors.


In all, the pot has the ability to rotate without necessarily requiring that you lift it off the ground. This is definitely great as it allows for added exposure to the external elements that are needed in the growth phase.

360º Sun Exposure

The caddy is also able to confer all-round exposure to the sun and other external weather elements. For this reason, your plants will enjoy the luxury of comprehensive and uniform growth when planted here.

High-quality Wheels

At its base are some five high-quality wheels. These attach to one locking caster to maintain your caddie firmly in place. They also expedite the processes of transportation to the desired remote location of use.

  • Leaves a comfortable clearance from the ground

  • Rotates without necessarily requiring that you lift it

  • Turns and swivels to allow for wholesome exposure to the sun

  • Accompanied by a saucer for expedited installation

  • Drains off excess moisture to prevent acidity and leaching

  • Quite bulky to move around

  • Demands huge muscle power to engage

  • Calls for excess mounting space

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#2: Rocky Mountain Goods Planter Caddy

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Do you happen to change places and locations every quite often? We draw your attention to this specific plant caddie. It is light and agile enough to allow for smooth and easy relocation if need be.

Ultraviolet-resistant Planter

This item is highly resistant to the risks of Ultraviolet radiation. It is hence reliable enough to use for your plants. It acts principally by reflecting and scattering away excess heat to allow your plants to thrive.

Tip-proof Design

It does come about in a tip-proof design. This one comes along with the wall rim that maintains it in an absolute state of security. This way, it stays secure enough in such a way as not to fall off easily.

Extra-strength Wheels

Its wheels, when compared to those of its peers, are extra strong. They allow for smooth and easy maneuverability. At the same time, they also accord unparalleled stability that makes comfortable handling.

  • Stays hidden from the views of others

  • Enjoys a lifetime warranty backup

  • Moves your plants out and about the desired area with ease

  • Handles the heaviest plants with absolute ease

  • Useful for indoor and outdoor applications

  • Has a limited weight-bearing capacity

  • Does not ‘grow’ with your plants

  • Becomes too obsolete a bit too soon!

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#3: CERBIOR Plant Caddy Heavy Duty Plant Pot

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Want a caddie for one plant? There is no need to clutter your space with a larger pot. Only a simple, small and compact one of this kind may help. It also haves the added benefit of being agile enough.

Wood-Poly Composite Square Pot

It is on the whole manufactured by use of the wood-poly composite material that is square in shape. Thus, it stays free and appropriately protected against the surface scratches and stains.

Modern and Stylish Design

To add to the above, the caddie also exudes a modern and stylish design. It hence has the ability to enhance your interior décor and elegance. By placing your bet on it, you get to enjoy added value for money.

Excellent Design and Applications

In totality, this item comes about in an excellent design and also manages many applications. You will find it useful in hauling the heavy plants, garden pots, and many potted trees without suffering huge losses.

  • Negates the need to expend too much effort to haul

  • Turns and locks easily when on the wheels

  • Swivels at an angle of 360° for wholesome maneuverability

  • Gets to the farthest corners with absolute ease

  • Re-positions your plants smoothly as need be

  • Extremely small carrying capacity

  • Yields limited returns on investments

  • Has no room for upgrades and extras

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#4: Devault 722802 16in Plant Dolly

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Live in an area that experiences limited solar insolation? You have to similarly lookout for a pot that is able to trap excess heat. This one that bears the black color is a good one to rely on.

Black Color

As we have already hinted, the exterior of this pot is black in color. It is subsequently capable of trapping as much heat as possibly can. This lets your plants to thrive without excess sunshine outside.

Maneuverable Wheels

Its wheels are highly maneuverable. They do contain the swivel casters that are manufactured using steel materials. The arrangement allows for the transportation of larger and bulkier plants with absolute ease.

Polyethylene Base

At its base is the heavy-duty Polythene material. This material resists the adverse weather conditions like humidity and excess dryness. It also serves to retain plenty of moisture that your plants require to grow luxuriously.

  • Accommodates planters up to 300 pounds

  • Comes in some excellent dimensions

  • Manufactured using steel and plastic materials

  • Available in numerous designs

  • Allows for smooth and easy mobility

  • Can desiccate the plants when used in hot areas

  • Limited to those times that have limited solar insolation

  • Easily sustains perforations

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#5: Amagabeli Garden & Home 12″ Metal Plant Caddy

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Searching for a growth pot to use repeatedly for a prolonged duration of time? Well, you have no better bet than this one! It is made of the tough iron material that endures many beatings to enable prolonged use.

Universal Wheels

Attached at the base of the item are some universal wheels. By being ‘universal,’ they allow for moving in any directions easily and simply. While at it, they cut down the effort you need to push them around.

Solid Welded Construction

The core of the pot, on the other hand, bears the solid welded construction. On the strength of this makeup, the pot is truly tough and highly resilient to the common forms of damages.

Reinforced Wheel Axis Base

Other than bearing the universal wheels, the base also contains the reinforced wheel axis. Thanks to this stature, the pot is able to bear heavier pots without the risks of breaking apart as is the norm with others.

  • Its frame is tough and solid enough for your overall reliability

  • A sturdy iron structure prevents frequent damages

  • Coated with a fine exterior material for added longevity

  • Resists rusting and other forms of damages

  • Unlikely to dampen and damage your floors

  • Demands excessive repairs and maintenance

  • Cannot add to your beauty and décor

  • Favors only those with excess muscle power

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#6: JzNova Plant Pallet Caddy

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Planning to relocate to extremely detached areas? Only a planter of this kind may come to your rescue. It is overall pretty agile, easier to move around, and very sturdy. These are the traits that are mandatory for remote applications.

Strengthening Resin Tray

A strengthening resin tray stands tall among all its vital parts and components. This material is ordinarily strong, tough, and hard enough to bear the harshest impacts. It does not also rust or age easily.

360° Universal Wheels

It rests on wheels that have the ability to swivel at an angle of 360°. In doing so the wheels allow for smooth and easier motions to the required areas of use. They also give the freedom to move about in any direction.

Round Shape Pallet

A round shape pallet also exists in the pot. It plays the role of storing water. While at it, the pallet also prevents the floor from getting too wet and possibly sustaining adverse damages.

  • Strong thanks to an equally stronger formulation

  • Tougher enough to resist any form of aging

  • Superior to those that are manufactured using metals

  • Stands steadily and firm when mounted on the floor

  • Able to handle much other paraphernalia

  • Unable to accommodate more luxurious plants

  • Easily tips off when pushed or shoved

  • Cannot protect against Ultraviolet radiation

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#7: Murilan Rolling Plant Pallet Caddy

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Want a pot that blends well with your décor? You have a worthy companion in this specific pot. Its distinctive brown color does indeed blend well with your furniture and other vital possessions.

Strong Hardness and Toughness

When all is said and done, the gadget is strong, hard and tough in equal measure. This is made possible by the use of the strengthening resin material. It is hence able to endure excess impacts and forces.

Lockable Caster Wheels

All its structural parts and components are anchored on the lockable caster wheels. These play the role of reducing the need to lift heavily and turn it about as the need may so determine.

Repositions Smoothly

You will also enjoy the rare benefit of repositioning smoothly. Thus, you will be able to take it just about where you want to at any given point in time. All these you do without having to lift too heavily.

  • Serves many tasks and purposes

  • Hauls heavy trash as well

  • Does not scratch your floor unnecessarily

  • Moves your plants to wherever you may want

  • Hauls huge load without breaking apart

  • Suffers from overheating

  • Does not trap or conserve moisture

  • Poorly drained and hence less likely to enhance the growth of your plants

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#8: DECOLUXES Lockable Patio Outdoor Roller Flower Pot

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Is your search for the right planter mainly dictated by the patio use? You have no worthier companion than this one. It is overall able to fit your patios and other outdoor areas without having to squeeze it through.

Sturdy Heavy-duty Plant Caddy

The caddy is sturdy and heavy-duty at the same time. Thus, it is stronger and able to facilitate the handling of the heaviest plants that are generally beyond the scope of your ordinary pots.

Square Shape

Unlike your ordinary pots, this one comes in a square shape. It is this shape that allows it to fit the many squeezed and tight areas without having to push through too much.

Properly Drained

Lastly, it is properly drained to allow for the smooth discharge of the unwanted waters. It thus suffers not from the menace of clogging or acidity. This lets your plant growth without undue hindrances.

  • Serves many plant-growth related purposes

  • Stacks to allow for multiple story growth

  • Lockable wheels add to your own safety

  • Adds some décor to your home

  • Useful for friends and family alike

  • Too large for indoor use

  • Unfriendly to the environment courtesy of the use of wood

  • Lasts a shorter duration of time

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#9: Magicfly Movable Plant Caddy

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Just in case you are intent on growing your plants for long indoors and outdoors, we suggest that you try a hand on this one. It is made of the heavy-duty iron that stands tall to the elements of damages not to mention being agile.

Sturdy Iron Structure

Its skeleton is a sturdy iron structure. This one is welded to a steel material that measures 4 mm thick. On account of this awesome makeup, the structure is waterproof and able to ensure prolonged use.

360° Rotation Lockable Wheels

All the parts and specifications we have talked about above are mounted on lockable wheels that swivel at an angle of 360°. In doing so, it makes it possible for you to take the entire structure wherever the need may want.

Versatile Plant Caddy

All factors considered, this item is capable of tackling many relevant chores that revolve around plant care. At the same time, it also gives you the freedom to maneuver it out and about a desired area.

  • Displays the plants in any direction of your choice

  • Adds some durability and beauty to your rooms

  • Its wheels are smooth enough not to scratch your surfaces

  • Holds a whopping 88 pounds of weight

  • Fits nicely on your desks, patios, and decks

  • Lacks drains and perforations

  • Can hurt or injure you if you handle it recklessly

  • Needs oiling and appropriate maintenance

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#10: Amkoskr 2 Pack 12″ Black Plant Caddy Round Movable Planter

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You don’t have the necessary muscle power? Worry not! It is still possible for you to enjoy the benefit of moving around the caddie with ease. There is a catch though. You must insist on this particularly, lightweight item.

Multi-shaped Stature

Though largely coming about in a round shape pallet, this item is nonetheless able to adapt to different kinds of shapes. Thus, it is able to handle many shapes of planter caddies as well. This makes for easy fitting.

360° Caster Wheels

The base of the container attaches to some caster wheels that are able to swivel at the angle of 360°. With this structure intact, you may count on the gadget to move your flowers and other items easily.

Thickened PP + Resin Material

Throughout its makeup, the thickened PP and the resin materials are extensively used. They are richer in quality and are also sturdy. On the strength of this, they cut down the costs of operations you would need to expend.

  • Thick and strong materials lengthen the lifespan

  • Durable and stable in equal measure

  • Has a higher load-bearing capacity

  • The wheels swivel to allow for easy movements

  • Enjoys a lifetime backing and warranty

  • Dents and warps easily when overwhelmed with excess weights

  • Its weight-bearing capacity is somewhat limited

  • Collapses when subjected to too much weight

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#11: LITADA Acacia Wood Plant Caddy (Set of 2)

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No other caddy is better suited for the placing of flowers and displaying the same outside. An acacia wooden construction is what is largely credited for the attainment of this feat.

Durable Material and Color

Durable material is used extensively to make the item up. Its exterior on the other hand features a breathtaking color. These two allow for the dual benefits of both style and functionality.

Stable and Study

Overall, the gadget is both stable and sturdy enough. It is hence unlikely to fidget and fall off even when shaken vigorously. This also makes it pretty equipped to bear heavier weights and clumsier articles.


With this item at your fingertips, you will be able to handle many relevant tasks and chores. These include those gears and paraphernalia that are necessary for expediting the plant growth and development.

  • Negates the need for heavy lifting

  • Rotates smoothly to allow for seamless maneuverability

  • Hauls big vases in whichever direction with absolute ease

  • The flat and broad base prevents the possibilities of sliding

  • Never sustains scratches even when used on wood floors

  • Breaks apart too easily

  • Rots and deteriorates when exposed to heavy moisture

  • Manages only a limited cycle of use

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#12: Bosmere Black S51510 Down Under Plant Saucer

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If all you want is to maintain your plants down under, you have no better companion than this one. It is small compact and tight enough to allow for just that. We ask that you give it a topmost priority.

Skid-free Wheels and Base

The base and the wheels of the caddie are both skid-free. Simply put: they are less likely to skid off or lose control when moved out and about a given surface. This gives you the strength and confidence you need to ride along.

Highly Versatile

By its sheer nature and material construction, the gadget is useful on just about any other surface. You will indeed find it as useful atop the carpets, wood floors, tiles, decks, and indeed, more besides!

Seamless Adjustability

You will also enjoy the rare privilege of being able to adjust the various parameters of the item seamlessly. These require almost no excess muscle power on your part but settle faster.

  • Drains the plants exceptionally well

  • Leads to healthier and luxurious plants

  • Supports up to 500 pounds

  • Simpler to adjust and set out for use

  • Mounts on just about any other surface

  • Too small for taller plants

  • Manages poor exposure to the sun

  • Can suffocate your plants and stifle their growths

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#13: Moutik 3 Pack Round Plant Caddy

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Is your home cramped up? You want to make use of the caddy that is able to swivel in multiple directions. This is your only guarantee that it shall get wherever you want with the least amount of effort attainable.

Multipurpose Plant Trolley

It mounts on a trolley that is indeed able to handle multiple roles. Thus, you will find it a lot easier to take to the desired location of use. This also gives off a sense of confidence and comfort on your part.

Rustproof & Non-stick

All the parts and components do not rust or stick. Instead, they stand to the harsh external weather elements to bring about years of reliable use. On account of this, they also cost less to operationalize.

Heavy-duty Construction

For all practical purposes, the gadget is strong and resilient thanks mainly to the heavy-duty construction. This makeup grants it the power to withstand the harshest impacts and stay resilient all the while.

  • Has a strong load-bearing capacity

  • Able to hold multiple planters

  • Enables easy movements out and about your room

  • Stable and agile enough for frequent use

  • Omnidirectional wheels pave way for smooth maneuverability

  • Too cramped up in stature

  • Strictly for indoor use

  • Cannot pair and attach to other extras

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#14: Skelang 11.5″ Plant Stand with Lock Wheel, Cast Iron Plant Pallet Caddy Plant Pot

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If you change locations regularly, you want a caddie that can fold to allow for smooth transportation. We invite you to try your luck with this particular gadget. Its coaster and other vital parts do fold.

Durable and Elegant

The item is overall both durable and elegant. Thus, it is a good one to consider using to enhance the beauty of your own interiors. That notwithstanding, you still will not forfeit the benefit of stable applications.

Powerful Capacity

By virtue of comprising three durable rolling wheels, the item has an awesome capacity indeed. It is subsequently well able to take on those chores that are beyond the scope of your ordinary caddies.

350-pound Weight Capacity

All its vital parts and components manage to bear a whopping 350 pounds of weight. Definitely, this is large enough to take on just about every other heavy gear or pot. It also ‘grows’ with your plants all along.

  • Gives you the freedom to take it anywhere

  • Good enough for the indoor use

  • Its smooth and mute wheels won’t scratch your floors

  • Serves many purposes and fits many areas

  • Adds some retro luxury to your rooms

  • Demands excessive muscle power to haul

  • Requires constant upgrades to operationalize

  • Its parts are prone to rust every now and then

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#15: CHUNGUN [External 11.0~14.9 inch [Internal 9.6~13.5 inch] Plant Caddy

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Wet and humid areas have the adverse side effect of being highly prone to the risks of rust and aging. If you reside in such an area, you desperately want to choose this one that neither ages nor rusts.

Green and Pollution-free Resin

The resin that is used to construct it is both green and pollution-free. It is as such eco-friendly and safer for your plants and households. If you care for your environment, you want to prioritize it.

Properly Drained

It is also on the whole well-drained and less predisposed to the risks of clogging and acidity. This is largely made possible by some two holes that exist at the base. They also give the roots room to roam about.

Rib Construction Design

Its base, on the other hand, features the rib construction design. The design bolsters the durability of the item. Specifically, it prevents the same from sustaining too many damages a bit too soon!

  • Available in excellent dimensions

  • Its wheels are soft and smooth

  • Lasts longer than many other items of its kinds

  • Enjoys a 5-year warranty backing

  • Moves all the paraphernalia necessary for effective plant growth

  • Potentially floods your rooms

  • Lacks any aesthetic appeal

  • Adds almost no extra value to your households

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are planter caddies made from?

Many materials are used to make these vital pieces of equipment. These are iron, wood, Aluminum, and stainless steel. The right choice on the basis of this consideration largely depends on the environment of use and the weights you want to bear.

How are planter caddies measured?

They are for a large part measured by the diameter and designated in inches. Then again, the measurements stretch from one side to another. In some rare cases, the measurements may straddle the top to the bottom.

Are resin caddies good for plants?

YES, they are used extensively owing to the extremely lighter weights that make them easier to carry around. Moreover, they are also firm and stable enough to withstand being blown away by the harsh winds. Many also use them to re-decorate the landscape.

Are metal caddies bad for plants?

YES, they are! They normally tend to overheat. If and when this happens, they damage the plants principally by way of sucking up all the moisture. This is the least you would want to happen to your plants.

What informs the choice of the best planter caddie?

A number of factors converge to make the right choice. These are the desired weight capacity, the structural strength of the item in question, intended area of use, and the cost implications. Be sure to assess your needs just fine before proceeding for a purchase.

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