11 Best Plasma Lighters (2023)

The inconvenience of striking a match stick in windy environments might trigger you to use plasma lighters. Since the latter have windproof and user-friendly designs, you can use them in any environment.

Normally, plasma lighters contain butane and other types of flammable gases. While many plasma lighters are rechargeable, others come with simple designs and they don’t depend on the efficiency of lithium-ion cells.

You can tell the level of the battery’s charge with LED indicator lights on premium plasma lighters. However, the best plasma lighter comes with safety features that prevent any risk of hazards.

These types don’t sputter, but they often come with lids that prevent sparks on the electric arc if it’s closed. Apart from cigarettes, your favorite plasma lighter can provide flames for candles.

Since plasma lighters can withstand bad and windy weather conditions, one stroke keeps them burning for a long time. Also, premium plasma lighters with hard housings are resistant to external temperature changes.

Different features of plasma lighters often attract smart buyers, but it goes beyond aesthetics.

You should compare these features and see their level of convenient use. Here are some models of plasma lighters in the market place. We have analyzed their pros and cons to help you make the right choice.

Top 11 Plasma Lighters

#1. Lcfun Plasma Lighters

Lcfun Plasma Lighters

Lcfun Plasma Lighters come with wind-resistant electric arcs and overcharge protection mechanisms. This 12.9-inch lighter has a compact design and a blend of zinc alloy housing. You can monitor the battery life from the indicators and it warns you when the battery is low.

It runs on a built-in lithium battery that gets to 100% charge in 10 minutes. Also, the stylish design of this plasma lighter allows you to ignite cigarettes, firewood, paper, and candles easily. Unlike regular lighters, you don’t have to refuel this portable lighter with gas.

Instead, you can depend on its flameless arc in rainy and windy outdoor environments. It can serve for at least one hour when it’s charged, and this full capacity can light up about 45 cigarettes per charge.

  • Automatic power-off protection of 10 seconds.

  • A 4-level power display and sleek housing

  • Its reusable design doesn’t need refueling like normal lighters

  • The battery life of 1 hour might be too low for heavy smokers.

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#2. iLevar Plasma Lighter

iLevar Plasma Lighter

Do you need a plasma lighter that fits in your cigarette case? iLevar Plasma Lighter comes with a dual arc design, and it’s a perfect gift idea for friends and family. Unlike other single-arc plasma lighters, this electronic lighter model burns 5 times faster and it has a built-in 280mAh battery.

Apart from its large-capacity battery, this arc lighter has stylish designs of zinc alloy and ceramic materials. However, the ceramic plate has a high resistance to external temperature.

This high-quality construction guarantees durability. Since the battery comes with 700 charge cycles, you can ignite cigarettes about 300 times. Also, this no-flame rechargeable lighter can be used in a windy environment.

  • Four LED battery lights

  • Windproof and flameless designs

  • The built-in battery doesn’t generate high-voltage power

  • If the lid is open and the lighter is not used in 10 seconds, it deactivates the LED lights and you need to close the lid and reopen before an ignition.

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#3. Lcfun Camouflage Dual Arc Lighter

Lcfun Camouflage Dual Arc Lighter

Most times the strength of materials determines their qualities, and this Lcfun Camouflage Plasma Lighter comes with waterproof housing. The lid’s design is a metal-ring seal that prevents water from soaking the electric arc during rainy days.

It’s the ideal lighter to bring for camping activities. Also, this lighter comes with a thick rope that allows you to hang it on your neck stylishly.

Apart from the thickness of its lanyard, the material doesn’t wear easily. The comfort of using wearable windproof plasma lighters is high when you multitask.

So, you can jog, hike, and enjoy an outdoor adventure with a favorite lighter within your reach. Additionally, this Lcfun flameless lighter has a USB port for recharging its built-in battery.

  • Waterproof Design

  • Ergonomic design and rugged construction

  • The distinctive appearance of camouflage

  • It might not work well with all tobacco pipes.

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#4. TG Plasma Lighter

TG Plasma Lighter

Do you need a plasma light with a firm-grasp lid that prevents water from reaching its electric arc? The TG Dual Arc Plasma lighter comes with a button-activated lid. Also, it has a unique design of a USB charging port that’s close to the power button.

With a 220mAh built-in lithium-ion battery, you only need 2 hours of charge to enjoy quality time with this lighter. Its electric dual-arc technology prevents blow-out of flames when you need to ignite objects.

While the casing is made from durable silicone rubber, this flameless lighter uses a short circuit protection mechanism. Additionally, this lightweight plasma lighter can serve as a gift idea for colleagues and friends.

  • It uses push-to-open and lock mechanism

  • Wind and waterproof

  • A built-in USB port and rechargeable battery

  • The lid is not impact-resistant.

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#5. Kivors Plasma Lighter

Kivors Plasma Lighter

This Kivors flameless lighter comes with an amazing multi-colored design. It has an embossed image of a dragon on the wider side of its casing. The pattern of the Chinese dragon allows you to identify the lighter easily.

Since the casing is made from BPA-free materials, it might not cause irritations when you keep it close to your skin. Also, there’s lasting firepower to ignite a range of materials because of its superior electric arc (double) design.

While it uses an energy-saving rechargeable battery, you can use this Kivors plasma lighter without hassles in any outdoor environment.

It allows you to ignite 300 times before recharging the battery. However, the full-charge status is only after 2 hours of charging the battery. With the micro-USB port, you can charge this lighter in your car or with other household devices.

  • Its efficiency is higher than single arc lighters

  • It has a user-friendly side button that triggers the ignition

  • The indicator light allows you to monitor the battery’s cycles

  • The casing has an aesthetic design of a Chinese dragon

  • The flameless light is intense and it burns quickly.

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#6. RONXS Plasma Lighter

RONXS Plasma Lighter

While this model of RONXS arc lighter looks like a magic wand, it comes with 5 LED lights and a beautiful storage case. The flameless light from the electric arc of this RONXS Plasma Lighter doesn’t produce any smell or sparks. It’s a perfect lighter for candles, dry leaves, and other combustible materials. You can adjust the flexible neck, and use the 360-degree arc for your lighting need.

Unlike regular lighters, this RONXS model allows you to ignite more than 500 times. Also, its LED battery indicator displays the amount of charge. Since it comes with windproof design, the electric pulse is reliable during outdoor applications.

There are no hassles with lighting up your cigarettes because the safety switch prevents fingers from reaching the flame. Additionally, the superior design makes this portable plasma lighter a great traveling accessory.

  • It comes with a USB charging cable

  • Its battery has a large capacity

  • The unique design features a long and flexible 10cm (4 inches) neck

  • It doesn’t have an impressive safety function.

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#7. Saberlight Sparq XL Plasma Lighter

Saberlight Sparq XL Plasma Lighter

This Saberlight Plasma lighter has more features than regular lighter. it comes with a triple-beam electric arc that burns with intense heat when it’s the charge is full. This impressive design responds well to its user-friendly ignition button.

Apart from just lighting your bongs and birthday candles, this switch on allows you to turn it on/off seamlessly.

As a portable accessory with a rechargeable Lithium polymer battery, Saberlight plasma lighter allows much ease of use. Also, the safety function is top-notch and a closed lid doesn’t trigger the electric arc.

This portable plasma lighter emits powerful heat, and its electric arc stays lit when you hold the ignition switch.

  • Triple-beam

  • It comes with a smooth casing

  • Easy-to-open lid

  • Considering the ease of use, kids might misuse this lighter

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#8. Tesla Coil Plasma Lighter

Tesla Coil Plasma Lighter

Tesla Coil Lighter has a slim-profile design. Its electric arc flame works well for electronic cigarettes.

Since it provides intense flame for at least 5 seconds, it’s an economical choice for smokers, survivalists, outdoor enthusiasts, and household users.

When you turn it on, the ignition mechanism’s high-pitch noise starts and continues. However, this Tesla Coil Lighter comes with a USB port that allows you to on-demand charging when you are on the road. Also, its eco-friendly and windproof designs are impressive features.

Don’t expect this plasma lighter’s 5mm arc to extinguish the flame when you close the lid. Its superior design makes it preferable to regular plasma lighters with the poor build quality.

  • A lightweight (3 oz) design

  • Gunmetal casing

  • A full charge offers 300 uses

  • The lid often gets in the way of votive candles’ wicks.

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#9. Lonni Electric Plasma Lighter

Lonni Electric Plasma Lighter

Do you need a durable plasma lighter for your camping and BBQ stoves? Lonni Plasma Lighter comes with a sleek design and it takes about 70 minutes to charge.

Usually, plasma lighters with USB charging ports use built-in batteries, but this Lonni model uses an 800mAh removable battery. It’s rechargeable and you only need about 1.5 hours for a full charge.

As a high-capacity battery, it ignites and offers 500 uses. You don’t need a source like a wall socket to charge your Lonni Electric Lighter.

Simply plug the USB connector from this plasma lighter to your power bank, phone, and laptop. Also, the lighter displays lights that indicate the level of the battery’s charge.

  • Detachable 800mAh battery

  • It’s suitable for pipes and cigars

  • A windproof and temperature-resistant: design

  • It doesn’t have a lightweight design.

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#10. Q&G Dual Arc Plasma Lighter

Q&G Dual Arc Plasma Lighter

During high-altitude explorations or outdoor camping, you need a reliable plasma lighter. Q&G Double Arc Lighter comes in a range of colors like blue, black, camouflage, and red.

Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery and the ignition button has a chrome accent. This plasma lighter comes with a detachable lanyard that attaches well to your backpack and neck. Also, this mini-electric lighter has a compact design.

You don’t need to protect the flameless arc from wind, and it allows you to use it in high altitudes.

With an impact-resistant case, this Q&G lighter model shows a durable design that makes a great buying decision. Additionally, its zinc alloy case is waterproof and resistant to wind.

  • Sturdy lid with O-ring seal

  • The flame is resistant to 80 mph

  • It starts with quickfire

  • It doesn’t have an improved safety mechanism.

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#11. Lcfun Plasma Lighters

Lcfun Plasma Lighters

This lightweight Lcfun Lighter comes with fingerprint switch-touch technology. Its electric arc works without struggling with the ignition switch. You don’t need a hard press on the switch before it ignites. The automatic ignition function activates after 7 seconds.

Even in wet conditions, you can operate this easy-to-use waterproof electric lighter’s ignition switch with your fingerprints. Also, it uses a 4-LED indicator to help you monitor the charge level.

As a safety plasma lighter, its one-second boot mechanism protects children. Usually, windproof plasma lighters are suitable for outdoor environments. However, it’s convenient to use the ignition function for candles, dry leaves, and barbecue pits.

  • Fingerprint sensor technology

  • A four-battery indicator

  • A one-second boot safety mechanism

  • The sleek surface of the casing doesn’t appear very rugged.

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What To Consider When Choosing Plasma Lighters

Since most plasma lighters have built-in USB ports, you can charge them during camping, hunting, backpacking, jogging, and hiking activities. However, you need to consider more features when shopping for well-made plasma lighters.

What Type Of Electric Arc?

Normally, dual-arc flameless lighters require users to keep combustible materials close to the source of heat.

They often with crossover arc designs with little or no space between these arcs. However, triple-beam flameless lighters burn with more intensity. Also, there are zero risks of a blow-out when using a wind-resistant plasma lighter.

You need to consider plasma lighters that are reliable in a rainy or windy environment. Apart from lighting up cigarettes, a versatile electric arc system allows you to ignite fireplace pits, candles, and tobacco pipes. Additionally, these types of arcs are protected by waterproof housings.

Single Arc

The single arc lighter has two electrodes. With a single-arc plasma lighter, you can enjoy more battery life because this type doesn’t generate much heat.

Many people don’t prefer single-arc plasma lighters because it takes a long time to ignite materials that have high heat-resistance levels.

Dual Arc

The dual Arc plasma lighter has four electrodes and produces higher degrees of heat than single arc lighters. These types have fast-draining batteries because the output of heat reduces their power efficiency.

Triple Arc

The triple arc plasma lighter is efficient because they often come with six electrodes. These types emit powerful heat and you can use the electric arc from any angle. Usually, the triple arc design allows a 360-degree use for a range of lighting needs.

Sturdy Construction

Apart from metal and Zinc-alloy casings, it’s rare to see plasma lighters with impact-resistant housings from other materials.

Check the lid whether it clasps well and protects the electric arc from water and weather effects. Also, elements like the sturdy construction of a lighter’s housing and quality ignition technology guarantee durability.

Generally, plasma lighters with metal casings have rigid surfaces. These types can resist the effects of weather conditions and temperature changes. It’s important to consider lighters with splashproof designs too.

The Power And Charging Sources

Usually, plasma lighters have built-in USB ports and rechargeable batteries. With a mini-USB port, you can attach the charging cable to your mobile devices, computers, and power banks.

This component of your electric arc lighter allows on-demand charging. It’s convenient to walk around with your lighter plugged to a power bank in your pocket. However, the charging source could be from the mains directly.

Unlike traditional lighters that run on butane, a plasma lighter could come with a built-in or removable battery.

Lithium-ion batteries have more cycles and battery life. Also, these types are fast-charging batteries. Since Lithium polymer batteries offer long-lasting benefits, you wouldn’t want to use a plasma lighter that only ignites 200 times with a full charge.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some benefits of using plasma lighters?

If you are waiting to drag and puff your favorite tobacco in a windy outdoor environment, it might be frustrating to use regular lighters. The electric arc of plasma lighter produces a flameless heat that resists winds.

You don’t need to keep striking the start button of plasma lighters to ignite your candles, cigarettes, or pipes.

Instead, they use push-buttons that require simple touches with your fingers. One of the Lcfun Lighter models in this buying guide uses fingerprint switch-touch technology.

Apart from wind-resistance, the ignition function of a plasma lighter is independent of refueling with butane gas. You don’t toss these types of lighters into the bin because they are reusable.

How does the safety function of plasma lighters work?

A premium model of plasma lighter comes with a safety feature that prevents an ignition when the lid is closed.

It’s important to disable ignition with the cap locked because kids might use attractive devices carelessly. Also, some well-built plasma lighters don’t allow users to ignite any material during a charging process or when their USB is connected to a cable.

Another safety design comes with a switch that allows you to cut the supply of power that flows to the electrodes. This style of safety is ideal when you intend to storage your plasma lighter.

Final Verdict

It’s important to buy lighters that have a range of user-friendly functions. These models of plasma lighters meet your needs and they are easy to use. You can choose any type that suits your lighting need because they are versatile.

A zinc-alloy casing might add extra weight to the plasma lighter. While many users prefer lightweight plasma lighters, other users don’t care because they prefer wind-resistant lighters. Regardless of your preference, any of these 11 models will improve your satisfaction.

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