Top 11 Best Plastic Storage Drawers (2024)

No matter the time and effort you put into making your house tidy and organized, it will all be in vain if you don’t have a place to stash your stuff. Jewelry, toys, and old books are just a few of the many accessories that will make things harder for you. That’s why every meticulous housekeeper needs a nice storage drawer to keep all these things from scattering all over the space.

Storage drawers are specifically designed for keeping toys, jewelry, and other items safely put. They are majorly available in wooden, metallic, and plastic constructions. While those made of wood and metal are more durable, they don’t offer the same level of portability and elegance as the plastic counterparts. Also, plastic storage drawers come in a price that most people can accommodate in their budgets.

Now, if you came here looking for one plastic storage drawer that will give you the best bang for your buck, you just made the right decision coming here. We have put together some of the 11 best plastic storage drawers. Take a walk with us as we examine each option keenly.

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11 Plastic Storage Drawers

#1 IRIS USA, Inc. MC-322-TOP 4-Drawer Storage Cart

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If you have a lot of stuff, you need to get a large plastic storage drawer. The large storage needs to have dependable casters to make moving the entire unit around your space a piece of cake.

Now, if you are looking for a high-quality plastic storage drawer that will give you a good amount of space, this top-notch product is one of the options you can consider giving a shot.

It’s among the highly-rated options out there. Hence, we don’t expect it to disappoint easily. Measuring 14. 25″ long, 12. 05″ wide, and 26. 44″ high, chances are that it will accommodate all your accessories and still have some space for more.

The amazing product comes from IRIS USA Inc., an American organization established in 1994 with the major aim of producing and supplying innovative home products to customers around the globe.

The product offers a total of 4 drawers. Therefore, it will not only keep your essentials from scattering on your space but also organized. The top drawer is thoughtfully partitioned, making it excellent for small essentials.

All the drawers have built-in stops to keep them from falling out when opened. This feature permits access into the drawer with both hands for more user convenience. The smooth-glide casters will save you a great deal of work when moving the unit around your space.

  • The wheels are removable.
  • The drawer stops are a plus.
  • The top tray has an organizer tray.
  • The casters won’t scratch the floor.
  • It would be better if it were heavier at the bottom.
  • The drawers slide out quite easily when empty.

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#2 Sterilite 25306P01 3 Drawer Wide Weave Tower

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Our second option on the list measures 15.875″ deep, 21.875″ long, and 24″ high. Therefore, it’s still large enough to accommodate all your essentials without taking much space in your room.

Like the previous option, this product has multiple drawers to keep all your essentials organized for quick access. However, unlike the preceding model that has four drawers, this option has three but larger ones.

As the name hints, the 3-drawer tower is from Sterilite, a well-reputed organization that is based in the United States. That said, it’s one of the options you can buy with confidence that it will give you the best value for your money.

The three drawers are opaque. This design ensures that it keeps all your essentials hidden from all that pay a visit. The stylish weave pattern steps up the overall visual appeal of your space.

Although it’s of plastic, this storage tower adopts a furniture-like look. The rich Espresso finish perfectly blends in with your furniture and makes the unit look more expensive than it actually is.

The handles are durably-constructed. Furthermore, they feel great in the palm since they have an ergonomic design. That said, you will find it easy to pull out and push back the drawers even when fully loaded with stuff.

  • The overall look is nice.
  • The price is great.
  • It comes already assembled.
  • The plastic construction is long-lasting.
  • The thickness may not support putting heavy things on it.
  • It doesn’t have casters.

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#3 mDesign Plastic Storage Organizer

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If your room doesn’t have enough space, you need a drawer with a space-saving design. Now, whether you want one for your office, dormitory, bedroom, crafts room, bathroom, laundry room, kids’ room, RV, or any other limited space, you won’t afford to overlook this option.

The cubic storage unit has a side dimension of 6.5 inches to keep the footprint as tiny as possible. Although small, this unit by mDesign offers three easy-pull drawers to keep all your essentials properly organized.

The organizer makes use of top-grade plastic. This material is BPA and chlorine-free. Thus, it’s food safe and will serve well for keeping food-related stuff. You can use the organizer as a single unit or align a number of them vertically or horizontally to come up with a storage center of your configuration.

The cube storage organizer will keep all your pens, scissors, sticky notes, dry erase markers, highlighters, stamps, batteries, and more safely put. The durable knobs have a rust-resistant chrome finish to make it a breeze to operate the drawers.

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Our hand-picked version is of clear material to ensure that you will never open the wrong drawer. However, if you want a bit of privacy, we still have another version that strategically combines opaque and clear parts to keep all your accessories safe from prying eyes without sacrificing accessibility speed.

  • It is very versatile.
  • It takes a small space.
  • It is very easy to clean.
  • It has decorative knobs.
  • It isn’t the best if you want it for plenty of stuff.
  • It may not open easily for the first few days.

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#4 HOMZ Plastic 5 Drawer Medium Storage Tower

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This plastic organizer by HOMZ arrives in a set of two. Each unit offers five drawers of different sizes. Therefore, whether your stuff comprises of small or large supplies or both, you will have an excellent drawer for them.

All the drawers have the same length and width, 12.31″ and 9.92″ respectively. However, the difference in size comes in the height: larger drawers boast a height of 6.85 inches while those intended for smaller accessories stand only 3 inches high.

All the drawers make use of a see-through design. This makes it easy to see the contents of each compartment for quicker access. The black frame steps up the overall beauty of the storage tower.

The set is very versatile and will fit use in the kitchen, laundry room, dorm, bedroom, classroom, office, and any other space where a decent-grade plastic storage organizer may be appreciated.

The product comes fully assembled so that you can put it into use direct away from the box. The top features a recessed design that keeps pens and other essentials from falling off when placed on top of it.

And just in case you are doubting its construction, it’s of commercial-grade crystal clear plastic material. Hence, expect it to stand up to the abuse of regular use even in the most rugged working environments such as garages.

  • The plastic will not warp.
  • The storage tower remains intact even when lifted with contents.
  • The set is lightweight but durable.
  • The drawers are of different sizes for different accessories.
  • Some users would appreciate it more if it were sturdier.
  • It is not easy to move when full.

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#5 Honey-Can-Do Plastic Drawers

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If you have several varieties of supplies, it will be wise to buy a plastic storage organizer with many compartments. This way, you will find it easy to keep all your accessories properly organized each kind in its own space.

This model is among the organizers we recommend for you. Offering up to 12 drawers, this storage unit brings more storage compartments than you probably need for your essentials- no more digging inside stuff to find what you need.

No matter how huge a storage organizer is, it can never be enough to meet the needs of all users. With this in mind, the manufacturer designs the cart top in a manner that leaves the user with additional storage space should the drawers run out of space.

The semi-transparent drawers will keep the contents of the box hidden from afar but reveal them as you draw closer to get what you need. With the drawers coming in different sizes, it’s now possible to keep big and small necessities all in one storage unit.

The unit also features high-quality wheels. These casters make it a piece of cake to move the unit when loaded. When not in motion, the reliable locking mechanism will stand it at the exact spot you want it.

With all that said, we don’t deny the fact that this product also has its flaws. For instance, since it doesn’t come assembled, you will need to dedicate a few of your minutes to put it together. Luckily, the manufacturer includes everything to make the work straightforward for anyone.

  • 12 drawers are a good number.
  • The cart offers additional storage space at the top.
  • The wheels have a reliable locking mechanism.
  • It’s easy to put together.
  • It doesn’t come fully assembled.
  • It’s a little costly.

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#6 iDesign BPA-Free Plastic 3-Drawer Vanity Organizer

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For those that want a small and stylish storage organizer for keeping a given category of their essentials, let’s say beauty products, here comes one of the units conceived with their needs in mind.

This organizer has a cubic shape with each side measuring just 6.5 inches. It offers three spacious drawers to give enough storage area for your small essentials when maintaining the tiniest footprint.

Because they are beyond special, the manufacturer knows that there is a likelihood that you won’t settle for one. That’s why they are designed to stack neatly to create more storage space for your other stuff without claiming additional floor space.

Like most of the preceding models on our top-notch list, iDesign 3-Drawer Vanity Organizer has transparent walls. The see-through material allows you to see what you need from the drawers even before you open them.

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The durably-constructed knobs allow for quick and smooth access of each drawer. Their polished chrome finish makes them highly stylish when improving the overall visual appeal of the storage drawer.

The plastic construction is top-class and does not contain harmful materials such as BPA and chlorine. That said, you can buy this organizer with the peace of mind that you are getting something safe for you, the people around you as well as the environment.

  • They are stackable.
  • The clear design reveals the contents of each drawer for quick access.
  • The depth of the drawers is nice.
  • The quality is impressive.
  • It would be better if the drawers were partitioned.
  • A single unit may not offer enough space for people with lots of stuff.

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#7 Akro-Mils 10144 Hardware and Craft Cabinet

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Could you be looking for a plastic storage cabinet that will offer plenty of storage compartments for all your supplies without costing you an arm and a leg? Well, the market may not offer a better deal!

Akro-Mils 10144 gives the user a total of 44 compartments. Of these drawers, 14 large drawers lay at the bottom while 32 smaller ones sit on top. The larger storage compartments are good for big and heavy tools while the smaller trays work perfectly for small and lightweight products.

If you still need more space, eight dividers are included for the smaller boxes and four for the larger trays. With all these compartments, chances are that you will have enough for all your things and have enough room for more stuff in the future.

With all these storage areas, this storage cabinet will make a perfect unit for use in hardware, classroom, workshop, or just for use at home by passionate DIYers who have many tools.

Because of the many drawers, it will typically take several attempts to pull out the right box. With that in mind, these drawers are clear to make it easy for you to see the one containing the tools that you need- you will never pull out the wrong box again!

  • It is very large.
  • It has dividers for better organization.
  • It is very stable.
  • It is affordable.
  • Several storage drawers are quite rough-edged.
  • More dividers would be good.

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#8 Deflecto 350201 Stackable Cube Organizer Cross Dividers

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Don’t let clutter slow you down or frustrate your efforts of keeping your space neat. With this organizer, you will have enough place to stash all your accessories ranging from glitter pens and highlighters to tapes and other tools in your work area.

The unit has a cubic design with either of the sides measuring 6 inches. Thus, it’s neither too small for the small stuff nor too large to claim lots of space in your office or any other area with limited space.

The cross dividers intelligently create multiple storage compartments. Hence, you can now store your office paraphernalia in style. And just in case you find the compartments to be smaller than you need, the dividers are removable to fit your individual needs.

Most users love the futuristic design of these premium drawers since it accents any room- whether office, crafts room, bedroom, kids room, or any area where you may want it to serve.

If you choose to settle for several of them, the top these drawers will allow for easy stacking. That makes it easy to expand your storage space without taking more room in your space. Also, each cube comes with two connectors to make it simple to link the organizers from either of its four sides.

No matter the direction you choose to stack the organizers, the transparent design makes it easy to see the contents of each. This saves you time so that you have ample time to concentrate on whatever you are doing.

  • The cross dividers are great.
  • The clips make it easy to put them together.
  • It has multiple configuration options.
  • The dividers are removable.
  • The foggy exterior doesn’t look nice to all users.
  • The material looks cheap although it actually isn’t.

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#9 IRIS USA, Inc. CDD-XS3 Compact Desktop 3-Drawer System

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Make the most of your untidy space using this storage system. Grab the set of two to enjoy a nifty way of keeping your accessories or take multiple sets and arrange them in a row to get tons of space for all your things.

Each organizer has 3 drawers. This means that the set gives you six storage trays. With all these storage boxes, the organizer will handle different kinds of items- you can now keep your space just as neat as you have always wanted.

Most customers like that the organizers have an indented top. This design gives the users more storage space for other accessories without the worry that they may fall off when moving the box.

You can use the drawer for keeping stationery, prescription glasses, tool pieces, or even bathroom supplies. With all these, we are safe to claim that this storage system is among the models that are conceived with versatility in mind.

Although they are generally lightweight, the sturdy construction makes the set tough enough to withstand everyday rigor. And for those that the country of origin matters, this set comes from the United States.

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#10 HOMZ 3 Drawer Medium Storage Cart

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Whether you want it for storing shoes, seasonal holiday decorations, clothes, office supplies, bath items, toys, or any other stuff, this storage cart comes with a size large enough to accommodate different stuff.

It has 3 storage boxes that are neither too large nor small but of medium size to provide you with a good storage area without demanding much space in your room. That said, this organizer will be good for rooms running out of space.

The organizer makes use of incredibly tough plastic material in its construction. Also, the see-through material makes it easy to see what each drawer contains so that you know the right box to open.

The purple frame steps up the overall beauty of any room. However, in case you think a different color will work better for your needs, you can still choose either black, bold lime, and white colors.

The unit is designed to allow the user to easily mount the casters for easy maneuverability when loaded. However, if you prefer it without the wheels, or want it to remain in the same spot, these casters are pretty easy to remove.

  • There are multiple frame color options.
  • The casters are easy to remove.
  • The material is very durable.
  • The size works well for most accessories.
  • Some users claim that the wheels aren’t the sturdiest.
  • It doesn’t offer many storage trays.

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#11 STORi Audrey Stackable Cosmetic Organizer Drawers

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For those that have plenty of cosmetic stuff, this organizer is designed with them in mind. But beauty products aren’t all that it can handle-it will handle just about anything that can fit.

The 2 plastic drawers let you sort your stuff for quick convenience and better organization. For instance, you can use one drawer for storing makeup brushes and the other for makeup bottles.

Each drawer is made with materials of the highest quality in a USA-based facility. Therefore, these storage organizers will stand up to the abuse of regular use even in the most rugged spaces.

The clear plastic material lets you see what you want from any of the sides. Also, since they are stackable, you can arrange several of them on top of each other to create an adorable storage area for your valuables.

In terms of size, each drawer is 8 inches long, 6 inches wide, and about 6.75 inches tall. However, in case you need a smaller size, there are smaller versions that measure 4.5 inches tall.

  • The unit looks nice.
  • They are perfect for storing medicine.
  • The organizers are stackable.
  • There are 2 size varieties for selection.
  • More drawers would give better value for money.
  • It isn’t perfect for you if you want one that will conceal your stuff.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need a plastic storage drawer?

Plastic storage drawer provides easy and an inexpensive way of keeping all your stuff properly arranged. This keeps your space tidier and makes the accessories easy and more convenient to access.

What do you need to consider when buying a plastic storage drawer?

Before you buy an organizer, consider the number of trays, material, size, portability, and of course, the price. The material needs to be tough for durability. The number of trays, size, and price remain subjective. If you need a portable drawer, consider those with casters.

Where can you use plastic storage drawers?

One thing about these organizers is that they are very versatile. Most of them will serve well whether you use them in the bathroom, bedroom, kids’ room, offices, RV, or any other place.

How long will plastic storage drawers serve you?

Well, the durability here will depend on the build quality and how well you take good care of it. If you get a high-quality plastic drawer, chances are that you will use it for a lifetime.

Transparent or Opaque Plastic Storage Drawers?

It will all depend on the kind of stuff. If you want to use them for things that you don’t want to be revealed to all who come about or for accessories not used often, an opaque drawer will be the best way to go. However, if you want it for accessories that you use very often or require easy access, clear storage drawers are nice for you.

Final Verdict

Considering the role that they play, plastic storage drawers are a must-have for every home. They come in different sizes, designs, colors, and shapes, making it easy to find the ideal one for your needs. Go through our article to identify the one that seems to work best for your needs.

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