11 Best Pocket Tools For EDC (2024)

Each day brings along its own challenges. That’s why you should always be ready to face the day and everything it poses your way. And what other simple and convenient way is there to tackle the day other than having the right paraphernalia for EDC?

With a wise combination of EDC tools, it’s easy to accomplish some tasks that would have been hard or even impossible to put to bed with bare hands. Innovators and craftsmen borrow the idea of multi-functionality from the Swiss Army Knife. Nevertheless, modern multi-tools for EDC come in a more portable single-piece format and are less complex to use since they don’t have any moving parts.

However, with the majority carrying different functionalities, how well you are going to approach your day with confidence will depend on the type of pocket tool you choose for your EDC.

Whether you want one for your do-it-yourself projects or as a backup accessory for your keychain, our coverage suggests some of the market’s finest pocket tools for EDC. Pick one from the list to enjoy multi-functionality in a compact and most portable design.

Wallet Multi-Tool, PocketMonkey 12-in-1 Credit...
  • HANDY MULTI TOOL - This version of PocketMonkey has 18 tools and a minimal design that fits in your wallet, so it's always there when you need it.

11 Best Pocket Tools For EDC

#1 Zootility Tools PocketMonkey Multi-Tool

Zootility Tools PocketMonkey Multi-Tool

Pocket tools for EDC come in different shapes, designs, and pack a wide range of functionalities. That said, getting the right tool for use isn’t as straightforward as the accessories actually look.

Now, on our top spot is one of the amazing designs you can rely on to give you the most value for your money. As small as it appears, bringing along this tool is equivalent to having 21 tools. That said, expect it to tackle almost every project nature throws your way.

In this case, you are getting wrenches, orange peeler, cell-phone stand, ruler, bottle opener, letter opener, string cutter, screwdrivers, headphone cord wrap, and more. Even with the staggering number of functionalities, we love that this multi-tool still adopts a minimal design- you can fit it in your wallet without affecting how it closes.

Of course, since its quite thin, we don’t expect it to be the ideal option for some of the heaviest-duty tasks. However, when it comes to doing what is within its capability, this is one tool you can always count on.

The product adopts hardened stainless steel construction. Hence, you can buy it with confidence that it will not bend or lose its strength with time. Finally, it is from an American facility if that matters to you.

  • It comes in a travel-friendly design.
  • It’s easy to maintain clean.
  • It features heated-steel construction.
  • The cutting edges could be a little sharper.

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#2 Gerber Shard Keychain Tool – Silver [30-001501]

Gerber Shard Keychain Tool

Although it carries one of the smallest designs in the market, don’t let the compact size of this pocket tool to fool you- this small unit from Gerner packs almost everything you need to approach your day with confidence.

Other than serving as a backup tool for your keychain, you are getting a small flat driver, wire stripper, pry bar, bottle opener, lanyard hole, and more. In other words, it comes with nearly all the basic tools that most people need frequently in your everyday affairs.

The unit makes use of a lightweight design. Therefore, if you love traveling and are looking for a unit that will help you get over daily troubles without slowing you down, you won’t go wrong with these models.

The stainless steel construction lets you buy with the confidence that it will stand the test of time no matter the level of abuse. For additional durability and beauty, the manufacturer covers the metal construction with a premium nickel coat.

And even with all that it can offer, we like that this keychain tool comes with a pocket-friendly price. Thus, if your budget can’t allow you to settle for the high-end options, here is one of the units to give a try.

  • It is affordable.
  • The titanium coating prevents corrosion.
  • It has a lightweight but sturdy design.
  • The edges are quite sharp to carry in your pocket.

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#3 ISPANDY Credit Card Multitool Pocket Tool

No products found.

We all agree that one of the joys of life is having friends who are always by your side through thick and thin. Loyal and honesty are hard to find, and that’s why you should often find a way to express how fortunate you feel to have him/her in your life.

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Now, for the friends that love camping, hunting, or outdoor trips, here comes one of the perfect gifts for them. The 18-in-1 design gives a whopping 11 functionalities. Therefore, with this tool, it’s possible to handle troubles right and left without the need to carry along the hefty toolbox.

The compass feature means that it’s now hard to lose the way back home even when digital specialty devices such as GPS frustrate. The surgical blade is ultra-sharp and embraces a pocket safe design.

Other great features you get from this unit are a spark magnesium firestarter, ruler, emergency whistle, tweezers, ruler, and magnifying glass are a few of the many functionalities that this unit can offer.

The compact and smart credit-card design means that this pocket tool will fit neatly in the pocket or wallet. It’s ideal for a tool for those that love spending most of their time hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities.

  • The wallet knife works wonders.
  • The credit-card design is a plus.
  • Credit-card design is a nice idea.
  • The knife grinder is not so good.

No products found.

#4 Titaner Titanium Multitool EDC Gear Keychain Tools

Titaner Titanium Multitool EDC Gear Keychain Tools

This unit marries exquisite craftsmanship with high-strength construction for a highly functional pocket tool for EDC you can rely on to help you tackle basic daily troubles with minimal effort.

The product adopts high-quality titanium construction. Therefore, it’s very durable, lightweight, and will retain its shape for many years. The blue finish makes it cute although it is also available in the grey version.

The tool adopts a compact design for easy portability. In fact, since it’s far way smaller than most of the units of its caliber in the market, this accessory will be a good option for anyone looking for one to serve as a keychain pendant.

The small design packs 7 functionalities. Other than working with your keychain, this unit offers you a wrench, bottle opener, hex bit driver, box opener, and other functionalities in a design that’s hard to design.

Lastly, we appreciate that this multi-tool is TSA friendly. That said, if you need a high-quality multifunctional tool that you can rely on whenever and wherever you are, the Titaner Titanium Multitool EDC Gear won’t disappoint easily.

  • The size works well for a keychain.
  • It’s very sturdy.
  • There are 2 color varieties available.
  • It’s quite small for some applications.

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#5 Geekey Multi-tool – Key shaped pocket tool

Geekey Multi-tool

There are plenty of things to admire about this pocket tool. For instance, though it’s one of the smallest units we have on the list, it combines all the functionalities of your everyday go-to tools in a compact design that’s easy to carry anywhere.

The key-shaped design is a brilliant idea, especially for a tool that is designed to spend its whole life alongside your keys. The compact design will work well with the size of your keyring to make carrying it a breeze.

The compact size alongside the TSA-compliant serrated edge means that this tool is sure to bring you solutions to your everyday problems even in areas where you can’t take other tools.

The 420 stainless steel construction lets you buy with confidence that the tool will serve you for many years when using it in the most rugged conditions such as camping, biking, hiking, hunting, and other demanding outdoor applications.

The unit packs a protractor, metric ruler, wire bender, smoking pipe, a serrated edge, lanyard hole, file, bottle opener, and a long list of other features you are likely to find handy in your everyday chores.

  • The quality is amazing.
  • The design is very smart.
  • It is TSA-approved.
  • A larger keyring would be better.

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#6 SOG MacV Tool SM1001

SOG MacV Tool

The next pocket tool for EDC on our reliable list is also TSA-resistant. Therefore, you can carry it on your next trip with confidence that you will go through all the security checks without attracting any questions from the security officers.

The versatility you get from this unit is equivalent to having 12 tools for the work. I mean, with the bottle opener, line cutter, flathead drivers, carbide knife sharpener, wrenches, and other features, you will always be ready for just about anything the day brings your way.

The size of the lanyard hole allows you to attach it to your keys with ultimate ease. That said, there is minimal to no chance at all of forgetting this tool when going out since it’s made to stay with your keys.

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The single-piece multitool embraces extra-tough 3Cr13 stainless steel construction. Therefore, it’s one piece that won’t let you down in terms of durability. The black coating on the piece improves the aesthetics and gives it amazing durability.

The overall appearance of this tool is that of the original skull from the MACV SOG group. Therefore, it’s not only very cute but also unique from the rest of the members of the competition. Hence, if you value uniqueness highly, this tool comes with people of your kind in mind.

  • The skull shape looks nice.
  • The black finish is high-quality.
  • Most of its features are on another level.
  • The cutter isn’t very sharp.

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#7 Gerber Curve Multi-Tool, Gray [31-000206]

Gerber Curve Multi-Tool

Always have the right tool for the daily basic operations everywhere you go without having to carry your toolbox all along. And yes, one of the tools you will find handy more regularly is the Gerber Curve Multi-tool.

Unlike most of our previous suggestions with a fixed design, this unit has several moving parts. Some of these components include a premium blade and a high-quality fingernail file.

Other features you will get from this multi-tool accessory include flathead screwdrivers, bottle opener, Phillips screwdrivers, and many more. Hence, no matter the problem you may find at hand, expect this multi-tool to provide a way out with ease.

The unit features high-strength stainless steel construction. Therefore, other than doing what it’s made to do perfectly, the unit will retain its shape for a lifetime, something you are unlikely to get from other units of the same caliber.

While most of the units come with a keychain hole, this unit from Gerber has a convenient carabiner clip. Hence, you can attach it to your keychain or belt loop depending on your preference.

  • The blade is very sharp.
  • The carabiner clip is an added advantage.
  • It retains its shape.
  • The blade loses its sharpness pretty quickly.

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#8 Keyport Anywhere Tools MOCA II 11-in-1 Multitool Keychain

Keyport Anywhere Tools MOCA

Although this accessory is the size of an index finger, it packs a whopping 11 tools. Therefore, it’s one of the versatile tools that you will find handy in almost every camping adventure.

Whether you need it to open a can of your favorite beverage, cut a fishing line, tighten a bolt, remover a staple, or even get precise measurements of an object, this unit features a thoughtful combination of features.

The unit features a pocket clip that is of one-piece spring steel. Therefore, with this feature, attaching and detaching modules is a snap. In fact, the pocket clip can also double up as a money clip.

Additionally, the MOCA II module is designed in conformance with the TSA’s description of travel-friendly accessories. Therefore, for those that are looking for airline-friendly options, this multitool will fly with you wherever you go.

The lightweight design is easy to transport. The 420 Stainless Steel will not break when using it for some of the demanding applications. Also, the construction will not catch rust like some options even with extended use in the outdoor environment.

  • The box opener is top-notch.
  • The weight is nice.
  • It is airline-friendly.
  • The size is quite small for some tasks.

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#9 Sheskind Keychain Multi-Tool EDC Mini-Tool 10-in-1 Key Tool

Sheskind Keychain Multi-Tool

The ninth unit on the list comes with the shape of a hippopotamus. Therefore, it’s very cute and will look nice when using it with your keychain. But other than beauty, it has lots of features that most people will appreciate.

Although you may not compare its multifunctionality with that of high-end versions, this unit still packs several functionalities. The 10-in-1 design will provide solutions to your everyday troubles.

The stainless steel construction is extra-tough and will not bend or rust with time. The sandblasting on the surface improves the overall texture of the multitool to make it more comfortable to the plam even with extended use.

The unit features a key-shaped design. Therefore, expect it to be comfortable when carrying in your pocket without sticking out on your keychain like with a few members of the competition.

Finally, other than the hippotamus version, we like that this pocket tool for EDC is available in a wide variety of designs. The available models include silver, shark, and schnauzer.

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#10 True Utility CardSmart – 30-in-1 Credit Card Multitool

True Utility CardSmart

Although its a single piece, having the True Utility CardSmart is like literally possessing 30 tools. The 30-in-1 design indicates that this card will offer the best versatility of any other accessory so far on our list.

The 30 pocket tools it carries include screwdriver, bicycle spanner, can and bottle openers, protractor, ruler, lanyard, wrenches, and other accessories that come in more handily in your everyday affairs.

It’s small and lightweight to make carrying it even on long journeys almost effortless. The stainless steel construction lets you buy knowing that you are getting something that will last for years while the black titanium coating improves aesthetics when providing superior rust protection.

With the convenient size and weight, alongside the level of versatility it offers, this tool is an ideal option for outdoor trips where one doesn’t have close access to other tools. Therefore, if you love camping, fishing, hiking, cycling, or any other outdoor activity, count this option as one of the most reliable pocket tools for EDC you will find in the market.

  • It offers the highest level of versatility.
  • The titanium coating is very durable.
  • It’s perfect for almost any outdoor event.
  • It’s not exactly the most inexpensive tool in the market.

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#11 Steelaid Slim EDC Credit card Pocket tool

Steelaid Slim EDC Credit card Pocket tool

For centuries, we have known dogs as the “men’s best friends.” And yes, their high level of loyalty and the larger than life personality makes dogs the most popular pets around the globe.

Now, for the dog lovers, the last suggestion of our coverage is one unit that’s conceived with them in mind. It has the shape of a dog and comes at a budget-friendly price that most people can afford.

The 6-in-1 accessory will play the role of a file, bottle opener, hex wrench, ruler, and many more depending on what comes your way. To ensure the reliability of the tools anywhere you go, it’s TSA-approved so you never need to worry about it raising issues in the security check.

The mini size nests neatly in a purse or pocket when leaving enough room for your other essentials. Nevertheless, it also works well with a keychain and keyring if that works better for you.

The heavy-duty 440 stainless steel construction will survive many years of use in a rugged environment. The gray titanium coating on the unit prevents rust and makes the unit pretty cute.

  • It is very affordable.
  • The dog-shaped design is a nice idea.
  • It takes minimal space in the pocket.
  • The versatility its not at its best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are EDC Tools?

EDC stands for EveryDay-Carry. Hence, EDC tools are a collection of items that one needs to bring along for their everyday use. They are items that come in handy more frequently anytime anywhere. They require one to keep them within access at all times.

What Do You Consider When Buying A Pocket Tool?

Before you buy a pocket tool for your EDC, you need to consider a few things to ensure that you get the one that best meets your needs. Size, weight, construction, and the level of versatility are a few things to consider.

Why Do You Need A Pocket Tool For Your EDC?

Pocket tools incorporate functionalities that provide an easy way to solve most of the everyday problems. For instance, some come with bottle and can openers, rulers, pry bars, and other features you are likely to find useful more often.

What Should I Carry For EDC?

Other than a multi-tool for EDC, you need to carry other pieces of gear such as flashlight, lighter, bolt-action pen, paper, and others.

What Makes Pocket Tools For EDC Special?

The most amazing thing about pocket tools for EDC is that they offer versatility in small, portable, and usually airline-friendly designs, something that’s really rare to find. That makes them perfect accessories for travel.

Final Verdict

A pocket tool for EDC remains a basic necessity for almost everyone. That’s why these tools have become so popular with days. However, the major problem arises when you have to sift out the ideal option from the rest of the options. Fortunately, this review is sure to simplify things for you. Examine the features of all the members to know the ideal option for you.

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