Top 11 Best Pole Hedge Trimmers (2024)

If you keep a large garden with a privet hedge, it might make a beautiful perimeter around your property for many decades. However, hedges are breeding ground for pests and stubborn weeds when they are filled with unkempt shrubs and woody bushes.

Unlike open-field landscapes, a hedgerow helps to maintain the privacy of homeowners and their property. Usually, it’s difficult to reach and trim a tall hedge with traditional gardening tools. Achieving this task with your garden shears might be time-consuming and even cumbersome.

Lawn care professionals use special equipment to trim hedges, but it often not a cost-effective option like owning the best pole hedge trimmers. You can keep a nice garden of small shrubs and big hedges with different types of pole hedge trimmers.

Since these trimming tools have replacement parts and useful accessories, they are easy to maintain and can last for many years. By using innovative trimmers, you can customize the appearance of any line of shrubs and maintain a buffer strip of hedges.

Battery-powered hedge trimmers are easy to use. Some of these types of hedge trimmers are designed with telescopic and multi-angle poles.

Grasses and garden soils are soft and slippery during fall, spring, and winter seasons. So, it makes sense to use extendable and multi-angle poles. These types allow you to work from any position. This design enables you to trim hard-to-reach places without hassles.

Pole hedge trimmers are technical tools with built-in motors that make hundreds of strokes every minute. They have long serrated blades and powerful laser-cut teeth. Normally, these blades are close to the poles because of the operator’s safety.

You can get suitable models of pole hedge trimmers for your professional or DIY gardening task with this buying guide. However, you need to understand the basic features of a favorite model of pole hedge trimmers that will boost satisfaction.

11 Best Pole Hedge Trimmers

#01. GARCARE 4.8-Amp Multi-Angle Corded Pole Hedge Trimmer


Do you need a cord-type pole hedge trimmer to give tall bushes and shrubs in your yard a befitting makeover? GARCARE Pole Hedge Trimmer comes with diamond-grinded and laser-cut blades that allow you to clean the yard in a hassle-free way.

The performance of this 20-inch blade will exceed your expectations of trimmers with quick-cutting speeds. Also, this easy-to-clean steel blade has a 3/4-inch cutting capacity. GARCARE hedge trimmer comes with a 6-position pivoting head.

With this component, you can trim hedges and tough shrubs from a range of angles. Unlike other models of pole hedge trimmers, this tool comes with a blade cover and shoulder harness. Additionally, it has a cord-lock design that prevents any chance of disconnections from the source of power.

  • Rust-proof steel blades

  • A 9.2ft extendable pole with an aluminum telescopic tube

  • It has a soft-padded grip that eases the discomfort of trimming during long periods of garden maintenance tasks

  • The built-in 4.8 amp electric motor runs quietly

  • To ensure sharp and smoother cuts, you need to lubricate the blades of this pole hedge trimmer regularly.

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#02. DEWALT 40V MAX Telescoping Pole Hedge Trimmer


With an extra-cutting capacity of hardened steel blades, this Telescoping Pole Hedge Trimmer can deliver its strong performance on the thickest hedges in compact spaces of your yard. This DEWALT 40V MAX model is a high-quality pole hedge trimmer with a long reach.

It works with a rechargeable battery and comes with a 22-inch dual steel blade. This laser-cut piece of steel has a 1-inch cutting gap between its teeth. Also, the trimmer comes with an articulating head that you can lock in 8 different positions.

However, you can adjust this component in increments of 15 degrees. DEWALT is a reputable manufacturer of versatile power tools, but this pole hedge trimmer has one of the most impressive features. The 3700-stroke per minute brushless motor has a low-maintenance rating.

  • The telescoping shaft extends to 70 inches and retracts to 45 inches

  • It has 15% shaft length more than regular telescoping hedge trimmers

  • 8 locking positions

  • This pole hedge trimmer package doesn’t come with accessories like a battery and its charging unit.

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#03. Greenworks 20-Inch 40V Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer

Greenworks 20-Inch

GreenWorks cordless pole hedge trimmer comes with a cut capacity of 1.8 inches and a 3-position pivoting head. With its extendable handle and the pivoting head, you can slice tough twigs from multiple angles.

Unlike other cordless pole hedge trimmers that use drawstrings to start their ignition systems, this 9.6 lbs trimmer uses the G-MAX 40V Lithium-ion battery technology. Its user-friendly electric start button is responsive even when you work during snowy and rainy days.

You’ll receive a 2AH battery and charging the unit with this tool. However, this battery system is compatible with G-Max 4.0 Ah (29472) and 2.0 Ah (29462) batteries respectively. Also, this Greenworks pole hedge trimmer’s steel dual-action blade (20-inch) is durable and easy to maintain. It can withstand impacts from frequent use and weather conditions.

  • G-MAX 40V Li-Ion Battery System

  • The limit of its shaft extension is 6.5 feet.

  • This lightweight tool is maneuverable

  • The 2.0 AH (22272) battery’s run time is only 30 minutes.

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#04. DOEWORKS 20V Pole Hedge Trimmer


DOEWORKS offers you a chance to use pole hedge trimmers with a sturdy aluminum telescopic tube for professional garden care services. It comes with metal components that are stable and a hedge-trimming tool that’s easy to lift.

This DOEWORKS cordless electric model uses a 20-volt MAX lithium-ion battery system that has enough juice for continuous use. Unlike NiCad batteries, this lithium-ion technology offers a run time of about one hour and it recharges quickly.

With a cutting gap of 5/8-inch, the teeth of this dual-action blades severe thick bushes and twigs. The 20-inch blade has a 40% reduction of vibration than standard pole hedge trimmers with single-action blades. Also, it’s multi-angle pole shaft allows you to work from different positions conveniently.

  • A high-energy 2Ah lithium-ion battery

  • A wrap-around handle that’s ergonomically-enhanced with a soft grip

  • Rust-proof steel blades

  • The built-in electric motor doesn’t run with low noise levels.

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#05. Earthwise CVPH43018 Corded 4.5 Amp 2-in-1

Earthwise CVPH43018

A hedge trimmer with a detachable pole allows you to use it as a handheld tool. This Earthwise Convertible Pole Hedge Trimmer comes with a perfect 2-in-1 style that fits a range of trimming applications.

While it has a smooth-running 4.5-Amp electric motor, you’ll enjoy its powerful performance of cutting tall and short hedges in the yard.

The Earthwise CVPH43018 kit comes with a blade cover and shoulder harness that guarantees your protection during cutting tasks. Also, its adjustable pivoting head rotates through 6 cutting angles that deliver clean and quick cuts.

With an 18-inch steel blade that has a cutting capacity of 11/16 inches, you can work with less fatigue and enjoy trimming tasks.

  • It allows you to work with a secure grip

  • The pole has a 13-foot overhead reach

  • It has an instant start button

  • A cut angle of -20 to 60 degrees

  • Unlike other lightweight pole hedge trimmers, this tool’s weight imbalance doesn’t allow you to run extended trimming tasks comfortably.

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#06. Sun Joe SJH902E Telescoping Pole Hedge Trimmer

Sun Joe SJH902E

You can avoid an accidental starting with pole hedge trimmers that have dual-handed safety mechanisms. Sun Joe Telescoping Pole Hedge Trimmer comes with a powerful 4-Amp electric motor and 21-inch steel blade.

It’s an ideal hedge-trimming tool for tasks that require precise cuts. While the telescoping pole is extendable to about 7.9 feet, you can maneuver it easily. Also, this tool has 13 feet of overhead reach and it’s pivoting head allows you to trim tall bushes and shrubs from multiple angles.

With this Sun Joe SJH902E model’s 0.7-inch cutting capacity, you’ll enjoy the leverage of hoisting the blade for the tallest hedges. Also, you can align the blade and control it when cutting undergrowth shrubs.

  • Ergonomic handle

  • A telescoping pole that extends from 6.4 to 7.9 feet

  • Multi-angle pivoting head

  • This pole hedge trimmer comes with a long shoulder strap that’s difficult to adjustable.

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#07. Black & Decker LPHT120 Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer

Black & Decker LPHT120

Apart from tall shrubs and hedges, BLACK+DECKER cordless pole trimmer allows you to prune a range of obstacles. The weight balance of this tool offers less stability and control for trimming tasks that need to be done safely. Also, its quick-cutting 18-inch blade offers quick cuts, and built-in electric motor runs with fewer vibrations.

While the dual-action blade has a cutting capacity of 7/16 inches, it ensures that you can cut thick twigs effortlessly. You can detach the pivoting head from its pole with a tool-free mechanism. BLACK+DECKER LPHT120’s 20-Volt Lithium-Ion battery technology has extended run time.

With this tool’s lock-off button, you can activate the switch and avoid accidental start-ups. It’s a lightweight (7.7 lbs) pole hedge trimmer that cuts hard-to-reach hedges with unrivaled precision.

  • A 5-position pivoting head that rotates through a 180-degree angle

  • It’s suitable for clipping 10-feet shrubs and hedges

  • A 20v battery with a longer lifespan

  • Since most of this tool’s weight is towards the motor and blade section, you might experience less stability during strenuous trimming tasks.

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#08. VonHaus 40V Max Cordless 20″ Pole Hedge Trimmer

VonHaus 40V

You don’t need to pull a drawstring or use gas to operate this VonHaus 40V Max Pole Hedge Trimmer. Instead, this 11 lbs cordless trimming tool uses a 2.0Ah Li-ion battery that is interchangeable with the batteries of all VonHaus power tools.

The pivoting head is designed to use from 4 positions, and this style gives you the power and precision to trim at different angles cleanly. It has a superior ergonomic design of an LED charge indicator, and you can monitor the battery life conveniently.

This VonHaus cordless pole trimmer features a 20-inch steel blade that offers dual action for the toughest hedge and shrubs. Also, its telescoping pole allows you to trim all overhead garden greenery because it can be adjusted from 83.8 to 107.5 inches.

Since this tool has a 2-stage safety trigger, you don’t need to worry about accidental operations.

  • The 2.0Ah has a Li-ion battery rapid charge rate of 75 minutes

  • An adjustable shoulder harness ensures weight distribution, balance and increased control of the tool.

  • A powerful electric motor that delivers a no-load run speed of about 1300 RPM

  • This 2.0Ah battery doesn’t have more run time than other pole hedge trimmers with 4.0Ah Li-ion batteries.

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#09. Greenworks 40V 8-Inch Combo Cordless Hedge Trimmer Attachment And Pole Saw

Greenworks 40V

Are you looking for cordless pole saws with hedge trimmer attachments that are easy to operate? GreenWorks 20-Inch pole hedge trimmer comes as a combo kit with an 8-inch chain saw, pole trimmer, G-max 40V li-ion battery, and other accessories.

The dual-action stainless steel blade measures 20 inches and it’s easy to maintain. However, the 8.38 lbs bar and chain saw is serviced with lubricating oil from a translucent tank. This Greenworks 40V 8-inch Combo cordless tool is a blend of durability and efficient performance.

Its built-in electric motor offers superior cutting performance. With a tool that allows you to attach either an 8-inch pole saw or a 20-inch trimmer blade, you can trim scraggly sticks, branches, and hedges easily.

  • The bar and chain saw unit uses an automatic oiler

  • It’s pivoting head allows you to trim hedges from different angles

  • Cushioned grip and electric start designs

  • A 6-foot pole with rugged construction

  • G-max 40V li-ion battery has run time of only 25 minutes.

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#10. GARCARE Corded 2 in 1 Pole and Portable Hedge Trimmer

GARCARE Corded 2 in 1

This GARCARE Hedge Trimmer comes with a cord-type design of a 2-in-1 pole. With GARCARE’s 4.8A electric motor, you can deliver on-demand cutting precision that makes simplifies rigorous hedge trimming jobs. Also, this electric motor has low maintenance and it doesn’t produce toxic emissions.

The aluminum telescopic tube can reach a length of feet. Pole hedge trimmers with laser-cut and dual-action steel blades often produce vibrations that cause imbalance for operators.

However, this model has both front and rear handles that are designed with soft rubber grips to help you find the right balance during strenuous trimming tasks.

Apart from the comfort of trimming tough hedges smoothly, this 20-inch hardened steel blade’s 3/4-inch capacity allows quick cuts. Additionally, its pivoting head allows you to work form 6 multi-angle positions.

  • A rust-resistant and diamond-grinded laser blade

  • The rotary rear handle has 5 adjustable positions

  • It comes with accessories like the blade cover, shoulder harness, and detachable auxiliary handle.

  • This tool might be too heavy for elderly gardeners.

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#11. Sun Joe SJH901E 18-Inch Electric Telescoping Pole Hedge Trimmer

Sun Joe SJH901E 18-Inch

Sun Joe SJH901E Pole Hedge Trimmer comes with enhanced safety features like push-buttons and a quick-release harness. You can sheath the sharp steel blade and store it safely too.

This adjustable 7.4-feet pole can reach a maximum length of 13 feet. With an 18-inch blade that is resistant to rust, there’s no better alternative that gives value for your money. However, the cutting capacity is 0.7 inches and it allows for controlled and clean cuts.

It allows long-reach cutting tasks with the sturdy telescopic tube. Also, its 3.8-amp motor delivers powerful and precise trimming for small twigs, hedges, and shrubs.

  • The multi-angle pivoting head allows you to adjust from between -90 to 90 degrees

  • The 3.8-amp motor runs with less noise and vibrations

  • It comes with an easy-to-clean, and durable rust-resistant blade

  • The 3.8-amp motor might not be powerful enough for tough hedges.

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Maintenance Tips And Tricks

It’s important to know the right process of maintaining your pole head trimmer because replacement parts often cost extra expenses. Here are some useful tips in this maintenance guide.

Clean the Blade And Pivoting Head

After using your new pole hedge trimmer, detach the steel blade and other components carefully. Then clean the gaps between the blade teeth with a damp rag. Hand-cleaning of the hardened steel blade is better than using a water-spray gun.

Take out particles of dirt from tight corners of the blade’s housing, and pivoting head with a piece of wet cloth. Check the operator’s manual to see how you can detach the clips and hooks around the adjustable pivoting head.

Sometimes, the cutting speed of steel blades help tiny particles of twigs and leaves to accumulate in hard-to-reach parts of the blade’s attachment.

Oil The Blades

Usually, many pole hedge trimmers come with rust-resistant steel blades. While you shouldn’t take the risk of storing these blades in damp toolboxes, it’s proper to keep this component in good shape.

After cleaning the blade with a wet piece of fabric or memory foam; allow the blade to dry and oil with recommended lubricants. However, you can send old electric trimmers to machine shops for routine maintenance.

Sharpen the Blades

It’s weird to see people sharpening the blades of pole hedge trimmers. Since these tools are designed to trim shrubs and hedges, the blade’s teeth don’t need to be sharpened. However, you might consider re-sharpening blunt blades of pole trimmers that are used on hard materials like concrete and hardwood.

These types of materials reduce the cutting power of your tool because it’s not designed for them. Consequently, you’ll need to disengage the steel blade with a vice before sharpening it. Then, grind the blade with a metal filer and sharpen the teeth with precision tools. Instead of testing the sharpness with your fingers, it makes more sense to slide a piece of paper along the blade.

Use Non-Leak Lithium batteries

The source of power is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a pole hedge trimmer. Avoid unstable installation of the Li-ion battery because it might cause short-circuiting of the electric motor. Also, you might not enjoy the cutting capacity of trimmer blades when the battery is low on juice.

It’s important to use Lithium-ion batteries that don’t contain toxic chemicals like mercury and lead. Usually, batteries with mercury electrolytes leak when they are old. This chemical can corrode the positive and negative terminals of the battery’s compartment because it’s toxic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How flexible are the blades of pole hedge trimmers?

The blades of pole hedge trimmers are not flexible, but they have adjustable pivoting heads. These multi-angle pivoting heads are designed to reduce the fatigue of trimming tall hedges. Also, you can reach the top of overhead hedges with 6-position pivoting heads.

This design allows you to align the steel blade in a horizontal or vertical position before trimming scraggly bushes in your yard.

Apart from hedges and shrubs, what are the applications of pole hedge trimmers?

You can perform lawn care services with electric pole trimmers. They are gardening tools for maintaining small branches of garden trees, and flower beds. Generally, this tool helps to clean up the yard and landscapes with thick hedges.

What are the qualities of a good rechargeable battery?

While we recommend quality Li-ion batteries, it’s important to buy long-lasting batteries. Normally, heavy-duty routine trimming tasks take more than 30 minutes. A rechargeable battery that has 25 minutes of run time can’t deliver reliable power for the task.

Apart from extended battery life, a good Li-ion battery has fast-charging (at least 45 minutes for a full charge) and low-drain features.

Final Verdict

Efficient pole hedge trimmers are must-haves for anyone that performs gardening tasks that require precision and clean cuts. These tools that have been reviewed are top-rated models in the marketplace. Also, they have been tested to confirm the features that we have analyzed.

However, the task of maintaining your tools is easier when you follow the manufacturer’s recommendation. While you expect optimal satisfaction with any of these pole hedge trimmers, don’t forget to use their built-in safety mechanisms.

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