Top 11 Best Pond Lights (2024)

When it comes to beautifying your outdoor space, there are a hundred and one ways you may go about it. However, even with the so many means, nothing seems to come closer to offering the level of elegance that a fish pond creates in your space.

The beauty generated when the sun’s rays reflect off the small finned creatures as they swim in the serene waters is simply incomparable.

Nevertheless, as soon as the sun begins to set, the waters start growing dim and the amazing beauty is lost eventually when dark sets in. Too sad, right? Well, it was until pond lights found their way into the market.

Pond lights are a special type of lamps that extend the daytime fanciness of your fish pond to the night. They highlight the dark waters at night to create great reflections that you will enjoy to see.

Unlike the conventional models, pond lights are waterproof so they won’t go off even with years of remaining submerged in water. With us today are the 11 best pond lights for your backyard!

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Top 11 Pond Light Reviews

#1 YUNLIGHTS Submersible Led Lights

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These pond lights come in an affordable pack of 4. Each light has a diameter of 2.1 inches and houses about 10 high-quality LEDs. Therefore, the four lights will highlight your pond using the bright 40 LEDs. Each of the four pieces arrives with its controller for smooth customization.

Using the controller, you can choose the illumination color from the 16 available options. You can also pick the preferred lighting mode from the 4 available, that is, flash, strobe, smooth, and fade.

The lights adopt premium-grade PC construction. This material is not only pressure resistant but also boasts incredible light transmission capabilities for more efficient light transmission. The double-layer waterproof construction and the soft silicone O-ring blocks water from accessing the interior components.

The wireless light uses three AAA batteries which will run for 10-12 hours non-stop. After the batteries run out, they are easy to replace so that you will always keep your backyard pool looking fancier.

  • The four lights are very affordable.

  • The remote controllers are easy to operate.

  • There are 16 colors and 4 modes for selection.

  • The material is pressure resistant.

  • Replacing batteries every 12 hours can be costly in the long term.

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#2 DOCEAN Pond Light

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These pond lights are also sold in a pack of 4. However, in case you want it for a smaller area, you can consider buying a pack of 2 since it’s also available. The lights employ a rotatable design. I mean, you can customize the direction of the light so that it illuminates exactly where you want.

Each light takes pride in the long lifespan that can extend up to 25000 hours of continuous use. With this service life, these submersible lights will outlast the majority of the models in the market.

Each light has an internal IR receiving sensor that detects signals from the high-quality remote controller to allow you to choose the light color, brightness level, mode, and speed. In other words, with the 24-key remote controller, you can customize the pool to look just as you want it.

The IP68 waterproof design lets you submerge the light in water without damage. For this reason, the light is versatile and will work in ponds, fish tank, pool, fountain, waterfall, and other water lighting applications.

  • The head allows up to 180-degree adjustment.

  • It is an efficient model.

  • They allow for lots of customizations.

  • The sealing is excellent.

  • The suction cups aren’t the best.

  • It could be better if the color-changing interval was a bit longer.

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#3 Biling Solar Pond Lights

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Since these pond lights utilize solar energy, they are a nice purchase for anyone intending to enhance the beauty of their ponds without incurring the recurrent costs of batteries or increased electricity bills.

The improved solar panel will recharge during the day, illuminate the pond automatically when the dark comes and then turn the lights off at sunrise. I mean, with this solar pond light you won’t even need a reminder for turning the lights on/off since the process is automated. Since the solar panel is large and of high-quality, it will provide enough power for 20 hours of continuous use when fully charged.

The lights come in a pack of 3, each having 6 built-in LEDs. The two color modes ensure greater versatility since you can customize the setting to the one that goes best with the outdoor event you are having.

To let you buy with confidence, the construction of these lights is of the highest waterproof rating standard. Hence, they will provide an underwater illumination solution to your pond and pool for years to come.

The lights will permit up to 90-degree adjustability while the solar panel is 180 degrees customizable for optimal sunlight exposure.

  • The lights and the solar panel are adjustable.

  • The auto on/off function is a plus.

  • Installing the lights is a breeze.

  • The amphibious design permits underwater and on land use.

  • There are only two modes.

  • The price is a little high although worth every penny.

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#4 S SMIFUL Lawn Light

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Coming in a pack of 4 with each piece boasting 6 super-bright LEDs, this submersible light should provide enough illumination for the large ponds. The IP 68 waterproof design stands up to years of underwater use.

The waterproof design suits use in ponds, pools, fountains and other underwater applications around the home or commercial places. In fact, since it adopts an amphibious design, expect this light to be one of the most versatile options you will come across in the market.

The high-quality lights are ultra-efficient and will not heat up even with extended use underwater. Also, the joint stands of this light are 180 degrees adjustable to allow you to easily control where the light illuminates.

The remote controller allows you to easily adjust the brightness level and the illumination mode from the 4 available settings.

  • The 6 LEDs are super bright.

  • It is very efficient.

  • The remote control is of high-quality.

  • It is very long-lasting.

  • The plastic material isn’t the best but it’s very durable.

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#5 Alitade Submersible Led Lights

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These submersible LED lights are sealed to ensure that they hold fast to their integrity even with extended underwater utilization. The 4 lights house 52 ultra-bright LEDs to illuminate your pool brighter just as you would want it.

The improved technology on the LEDs guarantees richer and more vibrant colors than most competing models. For this reason, these LEDs will give the pool beauty that you will hardly find with other models.

The lamps use AA batteries that have a larger battery capacity than the AAA versions. Therefore, in case you want a battery-powered light that won’t require more frequent swapping of batteries; this is the ideal light to add to your shopping cart. Nevertheless, they do not arrive with batteries although they are readily available in the market.

The package also includes four remote controllers, one for every light. Each remote controller has 28 easy-press buttons and comes with batteries. With these controllers, you can adjust the color, brightness and perform other basic operations within a 30-foot range.

  • The batteries are greatly durable.

  • The remote controllers are easy to operate.

  • The maximum remote control range of 30 feet is impressive.

  • The improved technology illuminates richer colors.

  • There are no batteries in the package.

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#6 LOFTEK Submersible LED Lights

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LOFTEK Submersible LED Lights also arrive in a set of 4 that will work for a standard size pond. However, if you have a larger pond, these lamps can also come in packs of 8. The built-in 13 LEDs shines brighter and use AAA batteries that will last up to 20 hours and not 6 hours like the AA versions.

The high-quality lights provide great performance whether using them underwater or in dry places. I mean, whether you want to use them in the pond, swimming pool, fish tank, aquarium, bathtub, garden, or as ambiance lights, they will not disappoint.

The radio frequency remote boasts greater signal transmission capability since it can operate from a maximum distance of 50 meters, unlike the IR controller that has a very short control range. In fact, you don’t even have to aim the remote at the light since it can operate in any direction.

As if not enough, the IR signals can penetrate through walls so you can customize the settings from afar. The memory setting ensures that they light up in their previous settings so that you won’t have to reprogram every time you turn them on.

The lights allow the user to select from 10 colors and brightness levels depending on the user’s preference. For this reason, you can set the LEDs to the ideal setting for the outdoor event you are hosting. Also, the auto shut-off feature means that you can program the lights to go off after 2/4/6/24 hours.

  • The IR remote controller can control multiple lights at once.

  • The remote control coverage of 50 meters is great.

  • It adjusts to suit an outdoor event.

  • The memory function eliminates the need for re-setting when you light them up.

  • The magnets do not work perfectly.

  • The suction cups need a slight step up.

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#7 Heansun Pond Light Underwater Light

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This light will work ideally whether you put it underwater or use it as an outdoor landscape light. The LEDs are neither too bright nor too dim so they won’t harm your eyes. The light allows for 90 degrees adjustments while the solar panel permits 120-degree customizations for maximum sun exposure.

For the first-timers, the pond light fixes in a breeze. Nevertheless, in case you get stuck along the way, the package includes a very comprehensive guide that provides a step by step guide.

The solar panel has high-quality light sensors that detect when it’s dusk/dawn to turn the light on/off automatically. However, to enjoy this feature, you need to turn on the power button at the back of the panel when installing.

To test the feature during installation, cover the solar panel with an opaque material and turn on the light. When it illuminates, you are good to continue with the installation process.

  • The light and the solar panel are adjustable.

  • It is very easy to install.

  • The automated on/off function is fantastic.

  • It is great for a small area.

  • Some wish that the light was brighter.

  • The solar panel and battery capacities are quite small.

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#8 WEGEEY Pond Light

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The construction of these submersible lights is not only durable but also environmentally friendly. Hence, you can invest in it with the peace of mind that it will not harm the small finned creatures in your pond. The 36 LEDs are super bright but ultra-efficient so they won’t increase your electricity bill even with regular use.

Therefore, the 4 lights will illuminate using 144 LEDs, a very good number for use in large water pools. The average shelf life of 50000 hours implies that the light is engineered for durability.

The IR controller has a maximum control range of 15 meters and does not require a line of sight to operate. Also, the IR signals will penetrate thicker materials that conventional remotes can’t, making it one of the most responsive remotes in the market.

The head adjusts to the direction of your choice to ensure that it illuminates exactly where you want it. The powerful suction cups make them easy to install and they won’t come out easily like most options. However, for sturdier mounting, the lights also permit the use of screws that come in the box.

  • The construction is environmentally friendly.

  • It offers versatility in mounting.

  • The 144 LEDs will work perfectly for larger pools.

  • The package includes a power plug.

  • The remote coverage is not good underwater.

  • The fade feature could have been a little faster.

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#9 NANGOALA Underwater Submersible Led Lights

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These submersible lamps are powered by 3 AAA batteries. These batteries will run for about 10-12 hours depending on the user’s settings. Since they are not in the package, the user needs to buy them separately but this isn’t a big deal since the pair boasts the best price tag in the market.

The dual lights have 10 super-bright built-in LEDs that will illuminate your pool, pond, fish tank, or any other area as if it were day. The lamps have built-in iron sheet ballast that makes them both floatable and submersible.

I mean, whether they will float or sink will depend on the type of batteries you insert. For example, by using batteries that are less than 10 grams, these lights will remain on the water while weighted batteries with more than 10 grams make the lamps to sink.

The lamps’ construction provides a reliable watertight seal for extended underwater use with confidence. The 4 color-changing modes and 16 different static colors allow you to customize the lights to go with an event. The infrared remote has a control range of 24-28 feet although it will only penetrate water up to about 2 feet deep.

  • They look amazing.

  • They can float/submerge

  • The price is very friendly.

  • It permits a variety of settings.

  • They don’t have the longest lifespan.

  • You still have to buy the batteries separately.

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#10 Qoolife RGBW Underwater LED Lights

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You will love the mounting versatility that the pair offers. I mean, you can utilize the suction cups, magnet, or mount using screws depending on where you want to install them- You can even hang them on a nail if you don’t want to use them in water.

The special double waterproof structure implies that these lights are made to spend their entire lifespan in water. Therefore, expect them to hardly let you down when using them in the pond, pool, bathtub, and any other water area.

The radiofrequency controllers outperform their IR cousins in terms of control range, directionality and the ability to pass through thicker walls. However, the signal will only penetrate water up to 2 feet since water absorbs all kinds of signals.

The remote allows you to control the level of brightness, the flashing mode as well as program the unit to go off automatically after 0.5/1/2/3 hours. And since one remote controller can work on multiple lights, you can add more sets but use the same RC for the work.

  • The remote is very responsive.

  • The lights are durable.

  • The controller arrives with batteries.

  • The sealing of the compartment is excellent.

  • The batteries are not rechargeable.

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#11 SHOYO Underwater Light

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This underwater light is among the few options that meet the strictest waterproofing standards. For this reason, you can buy this pond light with the peace of mind that you are getting a high-quality unit that will survive underwater use for years.

The 36 high-quality LEDs do not produce UV or radiate IR making it a safe choice for use around the fish. The LEDs are very bright but also efficient so that you won’t have to recharge them more frequently like most of the rechargeable models.

The lamp is programmed to auto-cycle 7 colors in every 1-2 seconds using either of the selected patterns. However, if you don’t want the auto-cycle function, you set them to one color using the high-quality controller.

The head of the lights will rotate to the direction of your choice so that the lights illuminate exactly where you want them. The 4 suctions cups provide a convenient way of mounting the lamps on several surfaces. The cable is 24 feet long for greater flexibility.

  • The instructions are understandable.

  • The cable is long for flexibility.

  • They are rechargeable.

  • The color-changing interval is good.

  • The suction cups won’t stick them for long underwater.

  • The cable length is quite short for some applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Are pond lights bad for fish?

Since pond lights are safe, they won’t harm the fish. In fact, some will attract the fish making them to swim around them. Therefore, if you are wondering whether they are good for the small aquatic beings, they are.

What pond lights should I buy?

With the so many options available out there, it’s normal to get stranded about the exact model that you should buy. To sift out the ideal model from the bazillion options, consider the construction, adjustability, efficiency, cost, brightness level, the lifespan rating, and the quality of the controller.

Which are the top-rated pond lights?

Since a majority of models share most features, it’s hard to tell the market’s leading options from the rest. However, if that is what you need, we have put them together on our review of the top 11 pond lights.

How often should fish be fed?

Normally, digestion in fish will take 16-24 hours. Therefore, feeding them once a day should be fine. However, it is healthier to feed them with smaller quantities of food twice a day.

How do I keep my pond water clear?

There are many measures you can use to keep the pond water crystal clear. For example, you should avoid overfeeding the fish to avoid leftovers in the water. Also, you should ensure that you remove falling leaves and other debris immediately to prevent them from decaying. Maintaining a healthy count is also recommendable.


Although most pond lights in the market claim to have waterproof construction, only a few will support underwater use in their entire lifespan. Therefore, before you pick one, you need to be sure that it is made for extended underwater use. Our review combines some of the few reliable options you will find in the market.

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