Top 11 Best Portable Air Tanks (2023)

The weekend seems to be approaching the end, you have had a good time with your family far away from home.

The sun has already gone down and you are all seated in the car on your way back home. Things seem to be running smoothly, but then you begin to doubt that something is not right!

A moment later you realize that it’s your car tire- it’s almost flat and needs a boosting! You are in the middle of nowhere, and you still have a very long way to go! You don’t have a spare wheel and it’s tens of miles to the nearest gas station!

Well, this is more than enough to spoil the fun! It’s a nightmare that no car owner would want to experience. And yes, unless you have a portable air tank, you are never safe!

A portable air tank is a storage compartment for compressed air that is specially designed for inflation purposes ranging from car tire and pool toys to air-powered tools.

Since it is portable, you can take anywhere you want or even keep it in your car to provide quick access to compressed air in case of an emergency.

And because it is something that you won’t use more often, it’s very important to ensure that the model you buy can stand the test of time.

To find out the market’s top options, we delved deeply into the market to keenly examine the features of every portable air compressor. Here are the markets top 11 air portable tanks we came out with!

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11 Best Air Portable Tanks

#1 Pro-Force FT5 5-Gallon Portable Air Tank


When buying a portable air tank, you should buy a tank that will guarantee support in case of an emergency. And yes, this is one of the ideal options that you can always count on to get back your vehicle running the next time your car tire needs an urgent refill; you can now drive with confidence even when your spare wheel is not up to par.

Although it is a portable option, it can accommodate compressed air to a capacity of five gallons. In other words, the air tank is large enough to hold air for more than one tire. Although it is not the largest capacity in the market, it boasts a maximum pressure of 135 PSI which is more than in most other tanks that only supply 125 PSI of pressure and low.

Pro-Force FT5 Portable Air Tank also comes fully assembled for use straight away upon arrival. Therefore, just in case you want to avoid the hassle, this model should be a good option for you. The tank is of premium-grade brass manifold material for durability. The solid welded-on handle allows for better handling of the unit when carrying it to the site of need.

Additionally, this model comes with an accurate pressure gauge to ensure that you will always fill your car to the right capacity. The chuck also performs correctly and comes as part of the hose hence cannot be separated. Therefore, if you need it to use it for cleaning, you may need to buy a replacement to get it to work with your airbrush.

What we like:

  • The construction of the tank is excellent.
  • The pressure is very impressive.
  • The air hose does not leak like in some models.

Area of improvement:

  • This portable air tank is slightly overpriced considering its limited capacity.

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#2 Longacre 50316 Lightweight Polished Air Tank


Also in the list, this is yet another model you can add to your car for the sake of emergency. Just like the earlier model, this tank holds up to five gallons of air, large enough to pressure up more than one tire. The tank delivers an impressive pressure supply that will power-up your flat tire in no time.

Furthermore, when it’s time to refill the tank, it features a unique inlet valve that equips the tank to capacity in just 15 seconds or less with adequate air supply. Therefore, it is pretty faster to refill this model, unlike other tanks that take about 90 seconds of your precious time! I mean, if you find yourself in a hurry most of the times, this is one of the perfect models you should consider investing in.

The tank has a beautiful finish and feels high-quality. The rubber feet keep it stable when in use. The premium-grade air hose doesn’t leak, making it a good choice for the people that want it for occasional use.

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The ergonomic handle delivers hand comfort when carrying the tank to minimize hand fatigue. The pressure gauge is also large to make it easy to read even from a distance; you will never misread!

What we like:

  • It comes with a handy gauge-holder bracket.
  • It features very high-quality welds.
  • It does not lose air.

Area of improvement:

  • The tank is on the more expensive side.

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#3 Performance Tool W10005 Portable Air Tank

Performance Tool

Coming from one of the best manufacturers, this portable air tank comes with sturdy construction. The aluminum material is the major reason behind its long-serving yet lightweight design. The premium-grade tank also has a capacity of five gallons for better portability. However, in case you feel this capacity is not adequate for your needs, the tank is also available in a larger capacity of eleven gallons.

This option has a hi-viz color for better visibility even in areas with difficult lighting conditions; you won’t have a problem to locate the unit the next time you are in a hurry. Performance Tool W10005 also features a humanized handle that makes transportation easier than ever. The air hose is of high-quality for longevity and does not leak like most hoses.

However, unlike the Pro-Force FT5 which delivers a pressure of 135 PSI, this tank has a maximum pressure of 125 PSI. Although this is slightly low, it will still get the job done in less time. Also, the tank has strong threads that will not get loosened even when you attach something with greater pressure.

What we like:

  • It is available in two capacities.
  • The built-in gauge is of high quality.
  • The standard chuck fits most tire valves.

Area of improvement:

  • The knob is of plastic which means that it can break easily.

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#4 JEGS Performance Products 81002 Portable Aluminum Air Tank


Summer is approaching, and as people converge at the beaches and public swimming pools, inflatable swimming floats come in handy. Now, if you want an air tank that will meet your summer’s inflation needs, this is one of the options you may consider giving a shot.

The premium-grade tank has durable aluminum construction for increased durability. And since aluminum is naturally lighter as compared to other metals of equal durability, you can be sure that you will have an easy time to carry the unit to where you need to use it. In fact, when you compare the weight of this tank to comparatively sized steel tanks, it is 50% lighter.

The premium satin finish steps up the aesthetics of the tank giving it a beautiful look. Although its capacity is pretty lower than that of other tanks in our review, it is large enough to meet all your inflation needs. However, just in case the capacity of 3.5 gallons is not ideal for your case, this tank is also available in other different capacities and configurations.

The USA-made unit supplies air at the maximum pressure of 125 PSI to help save time. The 36-inch hose is pretty long for increased user convenience while the pressure-relieve valve allows for storage.

What we like:

  • The quality is outstanding.
  • The pressure of 125 PSI will do the work faster.
  • It is lighter in weight.

Area of improvement:

  • It is quite taller than other models which mean that it may fit in tight storage spaces.

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#5 California Air Tools AUX10 Portable Air Tank

California Air Tools

California Air Tools AUX10 Portable Air Tank boasts high-quality construction that will stand the test of time. The premium-grade tank has a large capacity of ten gallons, which is higher than any of the models reviewed earlier. With this capacity, you can always drive with confidence that you have more than enough should your tires need some boost when away from a gas station.

The tank has a beautiful silver color that will look great not just in any car but also in any garage and workshop. The welded-on handle combines with the lightweight design to heighten the portability of the unit. Whether you want to use it for inflation purposes or for cleaning applications, this model is designed to allow for versatility.

The tank has an airflow pressure of 125 PSI that offers better user convenience. The hose is high-quality and can serve for years to come without leaking. The tank also has a reliable pressure gauge, air-line shutoff, and a regulator. After exhausting the air in the tank, you can refill it any air service station or air compressor in a matter of minutes so that you remain ever ready for the next challenge.

What we like:

  • It is versatile.
  • 8 pounds is pretty lower for its capacity.
  • The chunk is of top-class quality.
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Area of improvement:

  • The maximum pressure of 125 PSI is not the best rate you can get in the market.

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#6 Hyundai HHT5GAT Air Inflation Tank


This portable air tank comes with a capacity of five gallons that will restore your car tire to its bouncing state. The inflation tank is of rugged steel construction that can last for years. Although the construction is solid, this tank weighs less than 20 pounds making it easy to transport to a flat tire or a spray gun even when distance is a factor. Also, the professional-grade welds prevent leaks whereas the compact design facilitates transportation and makes it easy to store since it will not take much space in your car or workshop.

The tank comes with an attractive color that will step up the aesthetics of any workshop or garage. The maximum pressure of 100 PSI means that it takes less time to inflate a tire, swimming pool toy, sporting equipment, pneumatic tools or any other air-powered tools. The standard air chunk is made with compatibility in mind since it goes with nearly any tire valve.

The precise pressure gauge is easy to read even at a glance. Moreover, the unique handle features a rubberized grip that eliminates hand fatigue by providing a comfortable balance that distributes the weight when transporting the unit to the site of use. This unit comes with a 2-foot recoil hose and an inflation nozzle so that you can use it straight away.

What we like:

  • It comes with a premium finish.
  • It has an accurate pressure gauge.
  • It comes with clear instructions.

Area of improvement:

  • Although it is portable, transportation would be easier if it were of aluminum in place of steel.

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#7 JEGS 81001 5 gal Horizontal Portable Aluminum Air Tank


Also coming from JEGS, this portable air tank has a capacity of five gallons that will meet your inflation needs. The premium-grade air tank boasts solid aluminum construction for extended durability. And since aluminum is lighter than steel, this compressor comes with half the weight of the steel tanks of the same size. Therefore, if you are looking for an air tank that you will be transporting to and from the job site, this would be a good way for you to go.

The rugged aluminum construction is finished in satin to ensure that it withstands corrosion and the harsh elements of the outdoor environment. The beautiful satin finish also provides the tank with an aesthetically appealing look that will impress in any workshop. Just like the JEGS 81002 tank, this model will hold up to a maximum pressure of 125 PSI. Therefore, if you are a busy car owner or a DIY homeowner who considers time precious, this model should set things on track in no time. The 36-inch hose is designed with durability in mind hence will not leak even with years of use.

What we like:

  • The tank only weighs about nine pounds.
  • It will not rust.
  • It is easy to fill.

Area of improvement:

  • The finish on the stand needs slight improvement.

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#8 Pro-LifT W-1010A Grey Air Tank


Pro-Lift 1010A is made of heavy-gauge steel material. The steel construction makes it stronger and more durable than the conventional air tanks that are of aluminum material. A durable baked enamel finish covers the steel material to offer resistance to rust and other harsh elements. Although it is of steel, it only weighs 25 pounds, making it lighter than other steel tanks. Therefore, if you want a combination of durability and portability, you should not go beyond this option.

Whether you want to use it vertically or horizontally, the design of this tank allows for such convenience. The tank offers a capacity of ten gallons hence will fill more than two tires. The solid stand provides stability to the unit when in use. Also, Pro-Lift 1010A comes with an accurate pressure gauge that is easy to read.

The handle is strategically positioned on top of the tank for convenient handling while the built-in pressure bypass valve and the 4-foot rubber rose to make pumping more quick and straightforward. The unit delivers a maximum pressure of 125 PSI to get you pumped up in no time.

What we like:

  • This tank is pretty solid.
  • The shut-off valve holds air well.
  • The price is great.

Area of improvement:

  • You need to check the compatibility of the chuck with your tire’s air valve.

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#9 Pro-LifT W-1005 Grey Air Tank


Also coming from Pro-Lift, this air tank will last. The tank features solid steel construction with beautiful enamel finish to resist rust and other harsh weather elements Mother Nature is likely to throw at it. Unlike the preceding model that has a capacity of ten gallons, this model holds a maximum of five gallons. Therefore, if you want a strong and durable air tank that will suit lighter inflation needs, this would serve better. And since it comes with a smaller capacity, it has a lower weight of 18 pounds for better portability.

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Pro-LifT W-1005 also features a stand that keeps it stable when placed horizontally. But just in case you want to use it vertically, it is built to offer such flexibility. This compartment has an advanced shut-off valve which keeps compressed air perfectly held without leaking. The 32-inch hose will also not leak to ensure that you will always have enough air when a need arises. The pressure capacity of 125 PSI means that it is one of the options you can count on to accomplish the work in no time.

What we like:

  • The handle makes it easy to carry.
  • It will not rust like some steel tanks.
  • The hose is of high quality.

Area of improvement:

  • It does not have a drain valve at the bottom.

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#10 Larin AT-11 Portable Air Tank


Larin AT portable air tank has a larger capacity than any of the preceding models on the list. With a capacity of 11 gallons, this option guarantees to meet your heavy need for compressed air when gas stations seem inaccessible to you. Apart from inflation, you can also use this air tank for cleaning and other applications. The steel tank boasts excellent welds and will not lose air when in store.

The beautiful finish resists rusts and stands up to harsh outdoor conditions to elongate the longevity of the tank. Like the majority of other models in our review, Larin AT offers a maximum pressure of 125 PSI. However, it arrives with a 44-inch hose, which is longer than any of the preceding choices to ensure that you enjoy higher levels of convenience. The product meets the strictest ANSI standards so you can buy with confidence.

What we like:

  • It is easy to handle.
  • It is a lightweight option.
  • The quality of the unit feels great.

Area of improvement:

  • The quality of the chuck does not match that of the tank.

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#11 Kobalt Multi-Purpose Air Tank


If you want something that is unique, this tank comes with a design of its own kind to permit multiple applications. The tank provides enough space that can hold up to seven gallons of air. The unit arrives with a four-foot hose that has premium construction for durability. Although the body is of heavy-gauge steel, this unit is lightweight for easy transportation.

The convenient handle makes handling easy while the two stands provide maximum stability to the tank when in use. Kobalt Multi-Purpose Air Tank delivers a maximum airflow pressure of 165 PSI. Therefore, when it comes to pumping up tires, it takes the shortest time than any other member in our list. The chucks are of good quality and will fit the standard air valves nicely. The drain valve lets you remove condensation from the tank.

What we like:

  • The pressure of 165 PSI is impressive.
  • The steel construction is durable.
  • The welding is good.

Area of improvement:

  • A greater capacity would be a plus.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is a portable air tank used for?

A portable air tank is an air storage compartment majorly found in garages and workshops for storing compressed air. Since it is portable, it provides convenient access to compressed air especially in conditions where gas stations are inaccessible.

How do you fill a portable air tank?

Answer: You can fill your air tank using air compressors. These compressors are normally found in truck stops and gas stations. To refill the tank, simply attach the hose of the compressor to your tank and activate the compressor. Keep checking the pressure gauge to disconnect the hose when the tank is full.

Which is the best portable air tank?

The market has very good portable tanks although there a few that are poorly constructed. This review covers some of the market’s top options that should meet all your needs.

Final verdict

Choosing a portable air tank can be a daunting affair since you have to take a number of factors such as construction, weight, capacity, maximum pressure, ergonomics, and other many factors into consideration. Our review is a compilation of models that come with the best combination of these features. The options come with different capacities so that you can choose the ideal size for your need. Getting the ideal portable air tank has just gotten easy than ever!

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