15 Best Portable AM FM Radios (2024)

Are you a music enthusiast? Would you want to enjoy unconstrained listening of your favorite tracks?

Well, your answer lies in the acquisition of a suitable portable AM FM radio.

These are small and handy communications tools which let you receive signals from the various local stations.

Being small and portable, they also allow for easy transportation to any remote location.

To be able to find the most appropriate one for your course, you will have to carry out extensive research towards the same.

You need not do that though. We have already done that.

Our review below focuses on those key issues which will help you to easily identify and find a quick match for a good one for yourself.

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15 Best Portable AM FM Radio Reviews

#1: Panasonic RF-2400D AM / FM Radio

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Lack any tuning skills? You want an analog radio which is simpler to comprehend and engage as the need may so determine. This is the radio we suggest that you lay your hands on. Being simple, it is easier to handle.

Excellent Parts and Components

Though analog, this radio is equipped with excellent parts and components. Among these are the ferrite antenna and the 10 cm speaker respectively. They jointly exude good sound output quality for your easy listening.

Effective Audio System

All factors considered this radio is truly an effective audio system. Bringing about this efficacy is the 770mW maximum power output. You may be sure to listen to great audio output that is appropriately shielded from any form of interference hence.

Variable Power Sources

You may power this radio with many kinds of sources and via many power ports. Among these are the 6V DC battery, and 120V AC batteries, respectively. With this arrangement in mind, you may be sure to enjoy unconstrained levels of conveniences.

  • Manufactured by the reputable Panasonic brand

  • Performs reliably even in moments of national disasters and harsh weather

  • Tuned to produce pretty clear sounds

  • Its knob is very simple to engage

  • Accepts the 3.5 mm headphone

  • Lacking in many parts and features

  • Produces comparatively poorer sound quality

  • Easily prone to damages

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#2: PowerBear AM FM Portable Radio

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Do you engage in many outdoor activities? Well, we are pleased to announce to you the existence of this portable radio. It fits many outdoor applications like barbequing, fishing, hiking, and camping. That is because it can catch signals from afar off.

FM/AM Switch

To help you to tune this radio, there comes an FM/AM switch. This one basically lets you shuffle smoothly from one mode to another. In this way, you get to listen to all kinds of stations regardless of where you are in the country.

Long-range Antenna

Complementing the switches above is the long-range antenna. As the designation implies, this one will catch even the faintest of signals from whichever locality you happen to find yourself in. It hence ensures that you listen to your favorite tunes smoothly.

Built-in Headphone Port

A built-in headphone port also comes along this device. You simply attach your headphone to this port to let it stream the music output to your ears. Being built-in, it spares you from the need to acquire and attach yours.

  • Lets you stream your favorite contents from all music stations

  • Gives you the leeway to broadcast your news seamlessly in times of emergencies

  • Compact enough to fit in your palm

  • Awesome for regular travels and commuting

  • Light enough to carry around with ease

  • Lower sound output power

  • Performs poorly in harsh weather

  • Yields lower sound power output

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#3: 1 A2BVV PR-137 AM/FM 2 Band Portable Radio

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Prepping for an adverse weather condition or power outages? Well, this is a radio you badly want to incorporate in your preparation regimen. Why? It is specially designed to take on such circumstances with ruthless efficacy!

Convenient Carrying Handle

You will find it quite convenient to carry along; courtesy of the convenient carrying handles. These ones let you take this radio to your playroom, gym, picnics, beaches, and parks without any undue hindrances.

Built-in Undetachable Power Cord

To let you supply sufficient levels of power to your radio, this gadget comes along with the built-in undetachable power cord. This one guarantees some unconstrained inflow of power whenever you might need it.

3.5 mm Headphone Input Jack

Lastly comes the 3.5 mm headphone input jack. As you may already have guessed, you will use this one to stream the audio output from your radio to your ears. It is strong enough to guarantee sufficient inflow of signals.

  • Its excellent allows you to enjoy live radio just about anywhere

  • Usable smoothly and freely in many rooms and porches in your typical home

  • Lets you to listen to your favorite radio programs

  • The telescopic antenna adjusts for exceptional reception

  • Yields higher quality sound output

  • Requires some excellent skills to engage

  • Might not deliver quality outcomes under some circumstances

  • Calls for greater levels of attentiveness

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#4: Sony ICFP26 Portable AM/FM Radio

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Have some minimal storage spaces in your home? Well, this is a nice radio to consider choosing and using. It is compact enough to fit your smallest available storage spaces. This is besides being able to carry around easily.

Built-in Hand Strap

You will, as a matter of fact, be able to attach this radio to your hands. It comes along with some built-in hand straps to let you achieve this very feat. This way, the pleasure of improved portability is yours to come by.

Dedicated Headphone Socket

This radio will also allow you to listen to audio outputs at a more personal level. It does have some dedicated headphone socket to make this possible. This is the functionality you engage when you do not want to interfere with the others around you.

Status Indicators

Setting this radio farther apart from the others is the existence of the status indicators. These showcase to you the levels of the battery charge. In this way, you stay posted on the progress and prepare appropriately for any eventuality.

  • Accepts many kinds of headphones

  • The telescoping antenna captures the faintest signals

  • Comes along with a carrying strap for your added convenience

  • Powered by two AA batteries

  • Has an LED tuning indicator for your own smooth tracking

  • Does not endure the test of time

  • Easily susceptible to damages and dangers

  • Quite prone to adverse weather conditions

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#5: Sangean PR-D18BK AM/FM/Portable Digital Radio

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Looking for a radio for your outdoor activities? Well, this one is great for your picnics, ball games, camping trips, and other forms of outdoors. It is, therefore, a good one to lay your hand on if you are planning for an outdoor.

True Digital Radio Tuning

Unlike many other radios like it, this one tunes using the true digital radio functionality. It hence saves a great deal of your time and effort. This is besides the smooth and comfortable operations you get to manage.

Auto Seek Functionality

In many cases, finding the right station in your locality is normally daunting. Not so with this radio. Courtesy of its auto seek functionality, it quickly and promptly finds all the active stations in your area.

Dual Alarm Settings

The radio comes along with some two alarms. You use one as a timer and another one as your ordinary alarm. Thanks to these two arrangements, you will get to enjoy so much more benefits with your purchase.

  • Draws its power from two AA batteries

  • Comes in four different color combinations

  • Saves and plays up to 10 stations automatically

  • Equipped with a backlit LCD display for your own accurate tracking

  • Picks those signals which are ordinarily too faint

  • Inflicts a higher level of utility bill on your part

  • Costs a lot to acquire and make do with

  • Relatively tedious to carry around

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#6: Flyoukki Pocket Small Radio by Flyoukki

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In case you jog, walk, and exercise a lot, the radio you use has to be physically strong to be able to handle such circumstances with ease. This is a good one to attempt owing to its strong composure and makeup.

Super Lightweight

On the whole, this radio is super light in weight. It measures a paltry 2 ounces. This arrangement allows it to store and transport easily. It is this trait that in fact suits it for your rigorous and exercising needs.

Pocket Size

Other than the lightweight, this radio is also small enough to be able to fit in your pockets. You will yet again find the radio a truly reliable companion to carry around to a remote locale or for those rigorous chores.

Strong Reception

Compared to its peers, the reception of this radio is stronger. Thanks to this arrangement, you will find the radio a worthy companion to pick and stream music while in just about any other location out there.

  • Has a high-quality reception capability

  • Equipped with an automatic search and store feature

  • Remembers a whopping 58 favorite stations

  • Takes on the harshest impacts without wavering

  • Accompanies you wherever you might want to go

  • Lacks an external speaker

  • Does not have a backlight display

  • Its spare parts are rather more expensive

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#7: RadioShack Portable Analog Tuning AM/FM/Weather Tabletop Radio

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Searching for radio for everyday use and applications? Waste not your time with any other radio out there. Instead, lay your hand on this very model. The reason underlying this is its ordinary makeup and construction.

Contoured Handle

The handle of the radio comes in a contour shape. This shape lets you slip your hands smoothly in. On account of this, you will find the radio a bit comfortable to handle and carry around if you have to move.

AC Cord Storage Compartment

Many radios will often require that you store your cord separately from the system. The case is however completely different from this one. Instead, it has its own built-in storage compartment to allow for this.

Classic Design and Simple Layout

In its entirety, this radio comes along in some simple layout and classic design. The design makes the radio perfectly suited for both emergencies and vacations at a time. It, therefore, makes your time awesome.

  • Does not constrain you at all when you have to use it

  • Powered by AC source or batteries

  • Plays in the beach, garage or the kitchens alike

  • Shuffles between the AM and FM modes smoothly

  • Communicates with seven weather channels

  • Too simple in scope and functionality

  • Poor reception in certain areas and times

  • Brings about limited benefits to you

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#8: Vondior AM FM Battery Operated Portable Pocket Radio

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Many radios are able to receive the signals and reproduce the same efficiently. However, only a few, like this one, may guarantee long term reliability. You want to prioritize it for your peace of mind and enjoyment of audio contents.

Built-in Large Speaker

Standing tall among all the features that the radio has is a built-in speaker. The role of this is to exude higher sound output to you. In fact, it is capable of filling an entire room with audio quality and let many enjoy the benefits.

Vintage Construction Modern Look

The radio itself is vintage in construction yet exhibits some modern looks. This means it gives you a taste of both worlds. You get to enjoy the awesome looks of the years of yore but with the functionality of today.


Finally, the radio has that ability to take you back to those good old younger years. It achieves this feat mainly because it does not corrupt the sound outputs of those years.

  • Quite simple and straight forward to comprehend

  • Very relaxed and unlikely to squeeze you out

  • Great and useful for those who have no complex operational skill

  • Plays that music of yore with utmost zeal and zest

  • Delivers authentic pleasure in real-time

  • Accepts fewer attachments and accessories

  • Certainly not so convenient for poor weather

  • Requires frequent repairs and maintenance

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#9: DreamSky Portable AM FM Radio with Speaker

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Emergency situations like the hurricanes, fire outbreaks, and earthquakes require extraordinary kinds of radios. Unfortunately, not every other radio is appropriately equipped for them. Only a specialized one such as this may deliver the necessary help.

Radio Whirl Dial

To tune your radio or set your desired station, you will make do with a radio whirl dial. This one is large and subsequently easier to operate. Moreover, it is capable of setting the desired mode; be it the AM or the FM.

Built-in High-performance Speaker

A built-in high-performance speaker also forms a vital part of this machine. This one works hand in hand with the telescoping antennae to yield crisp and high-quality sound output. In turn, it manages a good listening experience.

Compact Portable AM/FM Radio

By virtue of measuring only 4.7 inches long by 0.8 inches wide by 2.9 inches deep, this radio is compact enough to fit all the available storage spaces. These include your pockets, suitcases or backpacks and so on.

  • Truly simple in scope and overall makeup

  • Grants you complete controls of the management and operation procedures

  • Indicates the level of progress and consumption of your batteries

  • Reliable for on-the-go use and applications

  • Good enough for both indoor and outdoor use

  • May not serve you well under normal circumstances

  • Has to stay idle for far too long

  • Not for one who is passionate and fulltime listener of music

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#10: Retekess V115 Portable AM FM Radio

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Live in an area that is served wholly with shortwave radio signals only? There is no need to choose a radio that is superfluous. All you have to do is to lay your hands on this one which operates wholly via the shortwave option.

Rechargeable Battery

The radio stands apart from the others in that it draws its power from rechargeable batteries. These batteries are rated a whopping 1,000mAh and consequently last longer than usual. Then, you do not have to buy newer batteries every now and then.

Recording Ability

Other than merely picking and transmitting signals, this radio also has that ability to record the sounds altogether. You simply have to slot in a micro memory card and that is it! You may use it to capture your favorite programs.

Adjustable LCD Display Backlight

An adjustable LCD display which is lit at the back also exists as a part of this radio. The display lets you know the ongoings of the radio such as the battery level, music strength, and waves. They let you know what to anticipate when.

  • Multilingual i.e. supports Spanish, English, and Chinese

  • Charges from your computer and phones via a USB port

  • Allows for future upgrades if need be

  • Lets you alter the assigned radio stations as per your preference

  • Delivers much more benefits given its smaller package

  • Does not have an alarm

  • Lacks an adaptor too!

  • Too small for long-term use

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#11: JESSON Personal AM FM Pocket Radio

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Looking for a radio purely for personalized listening? Get hold of this one and grab it at the earliest opportunity! The radio is indeed small and wholly optimized for personalized use and listening.


When viewed from all sides, this radio mini-sized. This, in fact, is the trait that makes it simpler to carry around and to transport to a remote location. It hence guarantees that you enjoy your awesome sound outputs whenever and wherever.


Its batteries are also rechargeable. They come in a built-in 500mAh rechargeable battery. Thanks to this arrangement, they are capable of supporting a long time working hours and periods of reliable use.


To make it possible for you to easily stream the contents, this radio yet again contains some earphone slots. They are the ones in which you fix your earphones and there you go! Your listening experience will never be the same again!

  • Searches and stores the radio stations automatically

  • Operable by a few simplified buttons

  • Prevents accidental operations when not needed

  • Is an ideal gift for your family and friends alike

  • Tough enough to take on sporty conditions

  • Unable to fill a whole room with sound output

  • Its speakers are not too potent

  • Falls short of many parts and functionalities

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#12: SEMIER AM/FM Portable Radio

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In moments of harsh weather, it is never uncommon for there to be frequent power outages as well. You have to arm yourself appropriately for this very eventuality too! This, you can only do, if you pick and use a good radio like this.

AM/FM Analogue Tuner

Topping the crats with regards to its elegant features is the AM/FM analog tuner. This one as the designation already implies, exists to shuffle you between the analog and the digital modes smoothly.

Built-in Large Speaker

Coming in next is some built-in large speaker. The role of this is to exude the sound output considerably. It is a good one for your whole family use owing to its distinctive capability to fill entre room with sound.

3.5 mm Mono Headphone Input Jack

Then, a mono headphone input jack which measures 3.5 mm also comes along as part of the entire package. The jacks will not let you disturb the others around you given its highly private nature.

  • Backed by a diligent customer care team

  • Picks signals using a powerful telescopic antenna

  • Gives the leeway to enjoy live radio just about anywhere

  • Great for your garages and anywhere in your house

  • Unlikely to blow off in times of power interruptions

  • Its battery is not rechargeable

  • Very prone to damages when handled recklessly

  • Draws its power from batteries alone

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#13: Horologe Portable Pocket Handy AM/FM Radio

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To be able to take your own listening experience further, you have to acquire and make use of a radio which has that ability to store and retrieve channels automatically. This one will do you some good with regards to this.

Digital Tuning

Its tuner is digital rather than analog. This saves you some bit of time and also makes your own use seamless. Moreover, it comes along with an LCD screen to showcase the ongoing of the tasks you are performing.

Portable Pocket Radio

The radio is on the whole portable and compact at the same time. You will find it a great companion for your frequent and regular travels at a time. Choose and use it in those locations that are detached from the mainstream.

Alarm Clock Radio

Also packaged in this radio is some alarm clock. You are able to set the alarm in the 12 and the 24 hour systems if you so wish. This arrangement lets you wake up just when you badly need it. You will not really get late.

  • Has room for manual adjustments and saving of channels

  • Delivers powerful sound output from a convenient package

  • Tunes in to your favorite local radio and television stations

  • Yields higher quality sound outputs

  • Draws its power from the batteries

  • Definitely not for those who lack the relevant skills

  • Easily prone to confusion and signal mishaps

  • Useful only in those areas which have many stations

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#14: AM // FM Portable Pocket Radio with Best Reception

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Of all the radios in our crosshairs, it is this one which has the best reception. You have it for your own taking and consideration if you mind a lot about your reception capabilities. Do get hold of it right away!

Superior Reception

The radio, as we have already stated, manages some superior reception. This is made possible by the telescopic antennae which pick those signals which are too faint for the other kinds of signals to manage.

Small-sized and Handheld

All factors considered, this radio is smaller in size and capable of being held by the hands. You will hence find it simpler to carry around when moving or commuting out and about the desired location.


As a last measure, it is made of eco-friendly materials. The rechargeable batteries are the chief of these. They spare you the need to constantly dump batteries to your batteries and in doing so harm it all together.

  • Good for your beach and hiking escapades

  • Picks signals when in those emergency circumstances

  • Keeps you connected even when the moments are troubling

  • Will work well in your backyards and garages

  • Brings your whole family together

  • Drains the battery charges faster than other radios

  • Has a rather limited functionality

  • Maintenance and repairs are too technical

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#15: HDi Audio Home Portable Retro AM/FM Radio

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To be able to accurately pick the radio signals, you want one which is easier to manage. We ask that you set your eyes on this specific radio. It is packed with a host of control panels which make feat attainable.

Premium Built-in Speaker

Its speaker is premium, by virtue of possessing many elegant parts and components which are endemic to itself. The selectable low or high tone tops these features. They give off exceptional music output quality.

Headphone jack

To stream this music from your radio to your ears, you will make do with a standard headphone jack that measures 3.5 mm. It lets you listen without any possibilities that you will disturb the others around you.

LED Tuning

As you juggle your way on this radio, you will enjoy the accompaniment of an LED tuning indicator. These indicators will keep posted on your progress and use of the radio to stem any inconsistencies and errors.

  • Powered by the powerful 120V AC power outlet

  • Comes along with its own power cable

  • Works with the D size batteries as well

  • A large tuning knob to ease your operations

  • Delivers the best reception quality possible

  • Has a rather nondescript appearance

  • Some users may find it quite hard to operate

  • Can do nothing more than merely picking your signals

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How can I get better FM reception in my building?

You may choose to attach an upgraded indoor antenna to that radio. Read through the manufacturer’s manual carefully to know how to go about that specific issue.

Q2. Why does my radio work better when I touch it?

Your body also serves as the antennae. If and when you touch it, you get to boost the signals, a fact that boosts the reception of the radio considerably. This is why the radio works better whenever you touch it.

Q3. How can I get FM radio reception in my metal building?

Sometimes metallic buildings do bounce back the waves and hence lead to poorer reception. To stem this, you are advised to place some outside antennas. They will pick the signals freely from the air and then channel the same to the radio inside.

Q4. Can I use a TV antenna for FM radio?

The frequencies which are employed by the FM radio transmissions are closer to those which are employed by the VHF television counterparts. It hence goes that your ordinary television antennae will operate smoothly with your FM radios too!

Q5. Which country is known to be the country of origin of Murphy radio?

England it is! This brand was based in the English city of Welwyn Garden. The brand came to be in 1929 and was founded by one Frank Murphy and E.J. Power. It mainly specialized in the production of home radio sets.

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