Top 15 Best Portable Band Saws In (2023)

A band saw comes in when tackling tasks that are mostly detached from your homes such as in the fields, parks, and woods. Finding the right band saw for the job is definitely the first step towards obtaining some nice work outcomes.

Considering also that these saws are very expensive, you have to employ some care to find the right one.

We have tried and tested many saws and have narrowed down to some reliable ones.

In our discussions below, we have reviewed these saws and also examined some of the frequently asked questions with regards to these implements.

Read through to find the inspiration you need to pick the right one.

WEN Portable Band Saw for Metal, 10-Amp, Variable...
  • Huge cutting capacity makes cuts up to 5 inches wide and 5 inches deep

15 Best Portable Band Saws

#1: WEN 94396 Handheld Portable Band Saw for Metal

WEN 94396

If you intend to saw through many kinds of materials at a time, you want an all-powerful band saw. Well, you should look to no other saw than this one. It has the distinctive ability to cut through pipes, rebar, plastic, and metals.

Huge Cutting Capacity

As hinted above, this machine has a huge cutting capacity indeed. It, in fact, has the ability to incuse up to 5 inches of depth and 5 inches of width. You have it for your prioritization if you want to handle those huge metals.

Variable Speed Operations

In the course of your cutting, you will be able to enjoy the pleasure of variable speed operations. You will have the pleasure of adjusting its blades’ speeds from 60 to 420 feet per minute.

10-ampere Motor

Generating the rotation power is the 10-ampere motor. It is this motor that is chiefly responsible for making the machine cut through the plastics, metals, and other materials. Being powerful, it makes the process go faster and expend less effort.

  • Features a large and comfortable metal cutting blade

  • Possesses an adjustable front handle

  • Operable by ball-bearing blade guides

  • The external blade tensioning lever sets the right cutting tone

  • Lighter and more convenient to carry around

  • Consumes higher levels of electrical energy

  • Takes up a larger mounting space

  • Calls for huge muscle power to engage

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#2: DEWALT Portable Band Saw (DWM120K)


Looking for a band saw to use for many years to come? The one you choose has to be strong and durable indeed. This is the one you should set your eyes on as it is the stronger and reliable one.

LED Sight Light

At the side of the saw is some LED sight light. This one illuminates your workspace to let you see the tasks you do well. With this arrangement in mind, it is possible for you to operate in pitch darkness environments.

Integrated Hang Hook

An integrated hang hook lets you hang the saw without necessarily posing some damage to the front handles or the castings. This expedites the storage and retrieval of the item whenever you might need the same.

Variable Speed Dial

You will lastly enjoy the pleasure of regulating the pace of sawing. This you shall do by engaging the variable speed dial. With this feature, you will be able to vary and handle 100-350 strokes per minute.

  • Withstands repeated abuse without sustaining damages

  • Easier to store and retrieve when needed

  • Highly versatile to handle many incidences of use

  • Generates awesome cutting power

  • Customizable to handle specific materials and applications

  • Costs a lot to acquire

  • When damaged, requires hefty maintenance

  • Requires many other accessories to operationalize

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#3: Makita XBP02Z Cordless Portable Band Saw

Makita XBP02Z

Want to cut many kinds of metallic materials? Without wasting much of your time, this indeed is the band saw to look up to. This saw is indeed versatile enough to cut many metals and undertake many cutting styles.

Makita-built Motor

At its core is the Makita-built motor. This one generates awesome cutting power which also translates into faster cutting speeds. In this way, the machine is able to cut through many kinds of materials and substances.

Protective Rubber Bumper

A thick protective rubber bumper also exists in this band saw. The bumper basically plays the role of adding stability to your cutting. It dampens vibrations and slows down the likelihood of fidgeting to do this.

Trigger Switch

To operationalize the machine, you will make do with a trigger switch. Unlike other switches, this one comprises a lock-off feature that requires two actions to power it on. These prevent accidental switching which is obviously detrimental to your health.

  • Its cutting capacity is large enough to handle intense chores

  • Achieves faster cutting outcomes

  • Alerts you whenever an issue arises

  • Lets you match the speed to the precise applications

  • Easily operable via conveniently located variable speed control knob

  • Imposes some strains on you

  • Shorter operational span

  • Requires constant battery recharge

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#4: Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12 Cordless Band saw Kit

Milwaukee 2429-21XC

For those lighter and impromptu cutting tasks, you want a band saw that is easier to operate as well. This one is so simple that you may operate it using only one of your hands. This notwithstanding, it is still able to deliver optimal outcomes.

Powerful Motor

A powerful motor stands tall among its many excellent features. Courtesy of this powerful motor, you will be able to incise ¾ inches of cutting depth in only 3 seconds. The motor is able to take on 150 cuts per charge.

1-5/8-inch Cut Capacity

The saw’s cutting capacity is an impressive 1-5/8-inch. With this capacity in mind, you will be able to tackle many kinds of applications with ease. LED lighting also comes along to make your paths shinier.

OSHA Guarding Requirements

Lastly, the appliance meets and exceeds the OSHA guarding requirements. These ones stipulate among others that the band saw be capable of operating with the use of only one hand at a time.

  • Its blade tension adjusts to let you cut through your depths with ease

  • Tracks the blades with relative ease

  • Draws its power from the 12V battery

  • Simpler and easier to handle than many other saws

  • Endures the test of time

  • Unsuitable for professional applications

  • It becomes obsolete too soon!

  • Requires hefty repairs and maintenance

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#5: Bosch GCB10-5 Deep-Cut Band Saw

Bosch GCB10-5

Intending to handle professional jobs? We invite you to try this saw out. That is because it delivers awesome power which is able to cut through those materials that are ordinarily too tough.

Deep-cut Capability

You will be able to enjoy some deep cutting outcomes using this band saw. The feat is mainly achievable by the fact that the appliance incises up to around 4-3/4 inches of depth per pass.

Compact Design

All factors considered this saw is compact and light in weight. This stems from its 14.5 pounds of weight. You will subsequently find it useful for handling those tough overhead materials with relative ease.

Variable-speed Settings

As a last benefit, you will also be able to vary the speeds of your cutting appropriately. With this kind of variance, you will be able to match the cutting speed with the kind of material you have in mind.

  • Delivers clean and accurate cuts on the whole

  • Requires almost no rework after a cutting exercise

  • Does not produce sparks in the course of operations

  • Cuts through a variety of materials and surfaces

  • Guarantees your safety at all times of use

  • Demands some expertise prior to use

  • May disadvantage those without necessary skills

  • Unsuitable for starters and the less skilled

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#6: SWAG V3.0 Portaband Table


Of all the saws we have under our radar, it is this that is the most durable. It is also tough and reliable enough owing to its 18 pounds of weight. Try it for those strenuous jobs.

3/16-inch Thick Steel Plate

In its entirety, the saw features a thick steel plate that measures 3/16 inches. It is this one that delivers the cutting power and actions necessary to set your materials and other substances apart.

Plenty of Cutting Area

You will also get to enjoy plenty of cutting area. That is because the saw when installed, stretches out to 22 inches tall, 18 inches deep, and 13.5 inches wide. You will not have to put in too much effort to obtain the desired ends hence.

Comprehensive Stature

The saw comes about as a comprehensive kit. As part of its packaging, the kit comprises all the hardware components you need to achieve the cutting outcomes of your choice and expectations.

  • Excellent cutting dimensions and sizes

  • Manufactured by a brand that is reputable

  • Withstands repeated incidences of impacts well

  • Does not break down every now and then

  • Delivers consistent and awesome cutting actions

  • None

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#7: Rockwell BladeRunner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw RK7323

Rockwell BladeRunner

The typical cutting chore requires many kinds of maneuvers and operations. To save yourself some time and space, you need to choose a saw that has the ability to handle many kinds of cutting operations. This is a good one to start with since it can tackle inside cuts, miter, scrolls, and rips.

Faster No-Load Speed

Compared to the many other kinds of saws, this one is pretty faster. Its speed without any load comes to about 3,000 strokes per minute. Thanks to this arrangement, you will truly be able to enjoy faster cutting outcomes.

Hold-down Guard and Splitter

With the hold-down splitter and guard, you will be capable of cutting wider materials with relative ease. In this way, you will be able to do more within a shorter duration of time.

Larger Rip Fence

Its rip fence is larger than those of many kinds of band saws. By virtue of the larger rip fence, you will be able to enjoy better controls which definitely results in better controls and more accurate cuts.

  • Delivers the necessary cutting outcomes within seconds

  • Tackles many kinds of materials with absolute reliability

  • Gives you the freedom to carry it just about anywhere with ease

  • Does not impose any muscle strains when handled

  • Handles many kinds of cutting chores and undertakings

  • Only for the extremely skilled persons

  • Calls for huge attention and focus from you

  • Its repairs and maintenance is too tedious

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#8: SKIL 3386-01 2.5-Amp Band Saw

SKIL 3386-01

Are you lumber who handles many kinds of wood materials? Make your life easier and smoother by choosing a multipurpose and very reliable band saw of this kind. Read on to find out how suited for the job it is…

Articulating LED Work Light

An articulating LED work light comes in first among the list of its most excellent features. This one basically lights up your workspace in such a way as to let you behold the progress in the most vivid manner.

Rip Fence and Miter Gauge

Coming in next is a rip fence and some miter gauge. The former guides the workpiece to deliver straight cuttings while the latter aids in the generation of the crosscuts.

Dust Port

Rounding up the list of the most honorable features is the dust port. It basically minimizes the accumulation of debris and dust in the course of cutting your materials. This way, it gives off cleaner cutting outcomes.

  • Delivers more accurate cutting outcomes

  • Lets you work in the dark unhindered

  • Clears all dirt and dust as you make your cuts

  • Adjusts the various parameters for your comfort and convenience

  • Handles metals and wood alike

  • Cuts fewer materials on the whole

  • Brings about limited value for money

  • Not great for your professional tasks and undertakings

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#9: MK Morse ZWEP441418MC Portable Band Saw

MK Morse ZWEP441418MC

It is not uncommon for the machine you use to vibrate excessively in the course of a cutting exercise. These vibrations will often cause blisters and predispose you to all kinds of injuries. That is why you want a saw that is vibration-free, like this one.

Strong Cutting Parameters

Its cutting parameters are very strong indeed. Indeed, the solids and the tubing are made of metals that are machinable. You should hence expect to cut through the toughest materials with ease.

High-speed Steel

High-Speed steel also exists for your faster cutting. This steel is welded on your electron beam and attaches to a flexible backer. Together, they bring about longer lasting cutting outcomes.

Shock and Heat-resistant Blades

As highlighted above, the blades are resistant to the risks of shocks and heat. You hence have the leeway to cut through your materials without the associated risks of vibrations and blisters.

  • Works alongside all the portable band saw machines in existence

  • Comprises some premium blades which last longer

  • Endures the longest duration of time possible

  • Takes on many incidences of use and applications

  • Reduces the likelihoods of blisters and other problems

  • Its blades easily sustain damages

  • Requires constant maintenance to keep in the best shape

  • Demands great care on your part

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#10: Bosch Bare-Tool BSH180B Lithium-Ion Compact Band Saw

Bosch Bare-Tool BSH180B

Is your working space too tight? You should similarly choose a saw that is compact enough to fit the cramped up spaces. This is the one we ask that you place your bet on to enjoy those associated benefits.

Best-in-class Compact Size

We have already highlighted that the saw is compact in size, As a matter of fact, this saw is up to 60% lighter and up to 40% more compact than those ordinary deep cut saws.

Rugged Aluminum Base

Its base comes in the form of the rugged Aluminum material. For this reason, it is lighter and more portable on the whole. With this stature, the saw has the ability to stand to the tough job site conditions you will confront from time to time.

Electronic Cell Protection (ECP)

Setting this saw apart from the others is the electronic cell protection feature. With this feature, your battery will be able to stay safe from the risks of overloading, overheating, and deep discharge.

  • Lighter and more convenient to carry around

  • Exudes some awesome cutting capacity

  • Suitable for use by many kinds of professionals and workmen

  • Operable by a flexible power system

  • Lets you work in the dark with ease

  • Cannot handle strenuous chores easily

  • Has a limited operational cycle

  • Breaks down too soon

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#11: Chicago Electric Band Saw Kit


Prolonged and long-term use requires that the saw you lay your hands on be smoother to handle and make do with. Well, this one as some superior ergonomics which give off more accurate cuts and imposes limited fatigue.

Amazing Variable Speeds

This machine delivers some amazingly variable speeds indeed. The speed options let you match the kind of material with the precise speed which may be needful for cutting the exact kind of material you have in mind.

Comfortable Operational Speeds

With this machine, it is possible for you to operate smoothly and comfortably in many speed options. That is because you may vary the speeds from 0-420 feet per minute. You hence get to enjoy some convenience while cutting.

3 Wheel-bearing Blade Guides

Some three wheel-bearing blade guides also exist for your own use and applications. You use these saws to deliver some accurate, consistent and reliable cutting outcomes.

  • Draws its power from a powerful motor

  • Its speeds vary to handle your unique cutting needs

  • Boasts of the impressive 5 by 5 inches deep cut capacity

  • Weighs a paltry 16 pounds

  • Incorporates a needle-bearing-mounted spindle for ease of operations

  • Does not accept any upgrades at all

  • Generates some squeaky noises while cutting

  • Easily sustains damages and corrosion

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#12: DEWALT DW3982 14 TPI Portable Band Saw Blade


To be able to take on strenuous chores and undertakings, you want an equally reliable band saw. We are pleased to let you know that this one resists heat and other elements of wear. It is hence a good one to start with.

8% Cobalt Contents

The materials that make the band saw up comprise some 8% Cobalt contents. As such, the saw is more durable than it would under normal circumstances. It is this trait that makes it able to endure the wears perfectly.

Rc 65-67 Tooth Hardness

Its teeth are harder and more durable than those of the ordinary band saws. With increased hardness comes the benefit of the increased wear resistance. You also get to enjoy some awesome experiences while cutting through your materials.

Alloy Steel Backer

Backing the strong blades discussed above are some Alloy Steel backer materials. These ones absorb some shocks which in turn results in relieving you from the risks of fatigue, blisters, and frequent exhaustion.

  • Resists wear more reliably than other band saws

  • Lasts comparatively longer than other machines

  • Hardly predisposes you to the risks of fatigue and exhaustion

  • Contains a whopping 14 teeth per inch

  • Delivers the cutting outcomes sooner than other saws

  • Potentially injurious to you

  • Requires too much attention and care

  • Takes up excess storage and mounting space

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#13: WEN 3959 2.5-Amp Benchtop Band Saw

WEN 3959

For your added peace of mind when cutting through your materials, you want a saw that is both powerful and compact. This one blends both parameters at a time and is hence a good one to choose.

2.5-ampere Motor

The machine draws its power from a motor that is rated 2.5 amperes. With this rating, the motor exudes power output that is sufficient to impact well over 2500 feet per minute. It is hence a good item to use for your difficult surfaces.

Ergonomic Design

In all, the machine comes in an ergonomic design indeed. You will subsequently find it easier to handle, carry around, and operationalize. No matter how long you use it, count on it not to let you down at all.

Spacious Work Table

Lastly comes the spacious work table which measures 12-1/4 by 11-7/8 inches. It is atop this table that you place the material you intend to cut or shred to size.

  • Its table bevels to around 45° for your own comfort

  • The cutting surface is truly wide

  • Operates and handles many kinds of blades

  • Comprises a dust port for cleaning your table

  • Achieves a faster cutting speed

  • Quite strenuous to handle and engage

  • Makes you feel too tired too soon

  • A bit clumsy to handle and engage

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#14: New Milwaukee 2429-21xc M12 Cordless Portable Band Saw Kit

New Milwaukee 2429-21xc M12

Preparing to work in the dark? You should choose a saw which is optimized for use in moments of low illumination. By reason of possessing an LED light, this one is more likely to you do some good at such times.

One-handed Power

The saw stands apart from the others in that it is operable by one hand alone. For these reasons, you will find it more portable to make do with as you will not have to expend too much of your muscle power to move it around.

LED Light

As hinted above, the machine is able to let you cut your materials at night or in moments of pitch darkness. The LED lighting mechanism comes in to guarantee that very feat. You have the pleasure of using it wherever.

High-capacity Redlithium Battery

It draws its power from a high-capacity Redlithium battery. Though small and compact, the battery is still sufficient to produce the power that is required to do a good job on the whole.

  • Suitable for the starter and professionals alike

  • Portable enough to carry around with ease

  • Comes along with its own carrying case

  • Meets and exceeds the OSHA guarding requirements

  • Good for those who have never sawed before

  • Has some delicate parts and components

  • Cuts only small diameter materials

  • Not very useful for professional sawing tasks

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#15: LENOX Tools Portable Band Saw Blades (8010838PW185)


Never attempted to saw before? We invite you to try this simple and easy to use the band saw. It indeed possesses only the bare minimum features to allow you to start out well.

High-speed Steel Teeth

Its teeth are capable of attaining higher cutting speeds. You will find the saw a good one to use if you are short in time. This notwithstanding, the saw still gives off stronger and longer-lasting cutting outcomes.

Bi-metal Blades

Unlike your ordinary saws, the blades of this saw are two-in-one. They are subsequently stronger and more resistant to the risks of bending and breaking apart. What’s more? They also last longer.

Tuff Tooth Design

The teeth of the blades are also tougher by virtue of the tuff tooth design. With this kind of arrangement, you should count on the saw to last longer and deliver more reliable cutting outcomes.

  • Backed by excellent customer service

  • Delivers some exceptional performances and experiences

  • Gives off longer lasting cutting outcomes indeed

  • Does not shatter or break under its own weight

  • Brings about higher value for your money

  • Too simple for those complex chores

  • Cannot handle certain cutting maneuvers

  • Will not pierce those tough metals

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is a portable band saw used for?

This kind of saw is mainly used for those light everyday chores which require that you detach yourself from the mainstream. These include the use in forests, wildernesses, and the parks.

Q2. Can band saws cut metal?

YES, it can! You have to be sure that the one you have in mind is optimized for that very role though. Not every saw you lay your hand on randomly will deliver that end to you.

Q3. Is a scroll saw the same as a band saw?

NOT! A scroll saw is mainly employed to cut curves and joints while the band saw is for cutting irregular shapes on the other hand.

Q4. Will a band saw cut cast iron?

Very rarely will this happen. There are exceptional saws though that is strong enough to cut through the cast iron. Be sure to find one that is able to do just that.

Q5. What is the difference between a band saw and a table saw?

A table saw is larger and cuts through equally larger materials. The table saw, on the other hand, is used for those light cutting tasks which require one hand operations. Beyond these two, the saws are pretty much the same.

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