11 Best Portable Plasma Cutters (2024)

Whether it is in woodworking, metalworking, DIY projects or whatever profession you are into, it’s important to have the right tools for the work.

Getting the right equipment for your project makes work easier and more fun! Now, in case you are in the metal cutting business, one of the must-haves for you is a plasma cutter.

For the sake of the uninitiated, plasma is considered as the fourth state of matter besides the commonly known solid, liquid, and gas.

This state of matter is achieved by heating gases to extremely high temperatures.

Now, a plasma cutter is a machine that applies arc to compressed air blown out at very high speeds to create a torch that slices through any conductive material like a hot knife through butter.

The invention of this machine revolutionalized metalworking and has become one of the most embraced technologies in the business.

Currently, plasma cutters are available for nearly all budgets.

Nevertheless, not all models do exactly as they claim. This article pools some of the market’s best plasma cutters you should never hesitate to carry back home.

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11 Best Portable Plasma Cutters

#1 HeroCut 35i Plasma Cutter CUT35i 110V HF Touch Arc Starting Inverter Air Plasma Cutter

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Taking the first spot on our list, this high-quality plasma cutter comes stacked with features you need to enjoy a user experience like no other.

The machine is a product of the state-of-the-art Insulated Gate Bipolar Technology (IGBT) technology. Therefore, you can count on it for reliable performance when cutting through several metals.

The piece tackles metals such as copper, stainless steel, aluminum, iron, and other common metals. For this reason, we won’t be wrong to conclude that it is one of the most versatile portable plasma cutters out there.

The high-quality cutter delivers a 6-mm clean cut at the pressure of 60 PSI and an 8-mm severance cut under the same setting.

Hence, expect this high-quality tool to tackle nearly any project in your garage, workshop or any other place where you may want to cut metal at any point.

The robust construction guarantees years of service while the fan system cools the unit to ensure better performance during extended projects.

Herocut 35i Plasma Cutter weighs 6.5 kgs. In other words, in case you need a tool that you can easily carry to and from a job site, this metal cutter should be a great option for you.

  • It arrives with perfect packaging.

  • Delivery is normally quick.

  • The price is great.

  • The ground cable is a little short.

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#2 Reboot Plasma Cutter 40Amps AC 110V Portable Metal Cutter

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This metal slicer also packs fantastic features that most metalworkers want in a plasma cutter. For example, it is ruggedly constructed for durability.

Also, the components are of the highest quality. Hence, expect it to outperform most of the competing models out there. The unit also utilizes the IGBT technology for enhanced user experience.

The Reboot Plasma Cutter delivers a maximum cutting thickness of 2/5-inches on metals such as alloy steel, chrome, cast iron, stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, and other many materials.

Therefore, expect this plasma cutter to handle nearly every cutting need you have. The air pressure of 60-70 PSI means that it is designed to handle heavy cutting needs than most of the models out there.

The unit runs on a 110 Volt DC Current with a duty cycle rating of 60% at 40A and 100% at 20A. Most users like that it is easy to set up and use.

This feature makes it a great purchase for beginners and professionals who want a unit that sets up in a breeze.

The users also appreciate that the torch feels great in the hands and that it has a nice trigger guard to protect you from turning the torch accidentally.

  • The roller guide ensures clean cuts.

  • It is easy on the wallet.

  • It is very easy to set up.

  • Under very few occasions the unit may come with few flaws.

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#3 LOTOS LT5000D 50A Air Inverter Plasma Cutter (Dual Voltage 110/220VAC)

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This plasma cutter employs a switch power technology that reduces the weight significantly without sacrificing capability. The unit also comes with an ergonomic handle. This grip makes it easy to bring to your job site or for carrying it around the worksite.

LOTOS LT5000D comes with rugged construction that can stand up to regular heavy use in busy industrial environment and construction applications.

Therefore, expect it to handle comfortably all home projects. The unit uses unhazardous compressed air to slice through steel, aluminum, iron, copper, and other common metals.

The machine creates a torch that cuts through your workpiece to a maximum depth of 1/2-inch for a clean-cut and up to 3/4-inch when doing a severance cut.

The MOSFET transistors deliver high power output which allows the user to tackle thick metals easily. This modern technology also ensures a steady output for the thin workpieces.

The torch trigger adjusts for custom fit whereas the torch head adopts a low-profile design that permits use in confined spaces where the conventional models cannot fit.

  • The unit cuts efficiently.

  • It has an ergonomic handle for easy carrying.

  • It feels solid.

  • The consumables are quite expensive to replace.

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#4 SUNGOLDPOWER 50A Air Plasma Cutter

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Although portable, this unit boasts great cutting capability that you will hardly find in other units in the same price range. The amazing cutter has improved cutting speed and will deliver smooth and clean cuts on several materials.

The cutting current adjusts easily depending on the type of material you are using so that you get perfect results in every task.

I mean, in case you find yourself cutting different materials more often, the SungoldPower 50A Air Plasma Cutter should be a nice purchase for you.

In fact, with the ability to cut carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, alloy steel, and other metals, expect it to address all your cutting needs both at home and the construction site.

The unit boasts a high maximum depth of 1/2-inch on clean cuts with a consistent cutting current.

The IGBT inverter switch is easy to adjust while the LCD is easy to read from the distance. The package includes a cutter, air regulator, hose clamp, gas hose, 2 cutter consumables, 13-ft plasma cutting torch, and a 10 -ft ground clamp.

Most users like that this plasma cutter does not produce much noise like some of the members of the competition out there.

  • It is ideal for both pros and beginners.

  • It is a dual-voltage machine.

  • The LCD is nice.

  • Not exactly the most affordable plasma cutter.

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#5 SUNCOO Portable Pro. Plasma Cutter (Cut 50 Electric DC Inverter) Metal Plasma Cutting Machine

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This high-quality plasma cutter is also powerful enough to handle nearly any metal out there. The amazing product from SUNCOO has sturdy construction to serve you year after another.

The improved heat dissipation prevents the internal components from overheating for greater service life.

The unit boasts high energy-saving capability minimizes energy costs, making it an ideal option for demanding applications. The equipment has a cutting capacity of 12 mm.

With such cutting capability, this option allows you to cut through thicker metal workpieces easily and quicker than many competing models out there. For this reason, this unit remains one of the most versatile in the market.

Additionally, this unit requires less cleaning and maintenance which leaves you with little work to do without sacrificing on the quality of cut.

The duty cycle of 60% shows that it is designed with extended projects in mind. The control panel is easy to use and will allow the user to adjust the settings with less hassle.

The unit adapts to 110-220V input power. The lightweight design makes carrying to the worksite a piece of cake while the shoulder strap adds convenience to portability.

  • It comes with heavy-duty construction.

  • It works on either 110V or 220V.

  • The shoulder strap is a plus.

  • The instructional manual is not the best although setting it up by oneself is a breeze.

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#6 CUT-50, 50 Amp Pro Plasma Cutter (DC Inverter 110/230V)

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This plasma cutter works with 100-240V input power for greater convenience. The package arrives with plug adapters so that you don’t have to buy separately.

The torch design ensures a comfortable user grip for accurate and precise cuts in every project. Also, the ergonomic grip features heat and impact-resistant material that gives the user maximum controlling ability.

The 15-50 amp unit delivers clean cuts of up to 0.75 inches deep with a severance cut capacity of an inch. Therefore, expect it to handle nearly any material that you throw at it.

This feature renders it an ideal option for the industrial, construction, home, and hobby use. Also, this plasma cutter is easy to maintain and for hassle-free maintenance.

The package weight ranges around 21.56 lbs which translates to approximately 10 kgs. Although it is not the most lightweight piece in the market, it is still convenient for moving around the job site with minimum hassle.

The product comes with an instructional manual to eliminate guesswork and ensure excellent results for beginners and pros alike.

  • It requires less clean up.

  • It comes with an adapter cord.

  • It is a dual-voltage plasma cutter.

  • It’s a bit heavy although in the category of the lightweight.

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#7 VIVOHOME Portable DC Inverter Plasma Cutter Cutting Machine (Dual Voltage 110V/220V CUT-50)

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This machine boasts a cutting speed that is 1.8 times faster than acetylene cutting. Hence, expect to get the work done sooner. For this reason, this portable plasma cutter comes in handy in large cutting projects.

The duty cycle score ranges at 60%. This rating implies that the unit can work non-stop for up to 6 minutes every 10 minutes. This amazing capability will allow the user to finish job projects quicker than ever.

The torch slices through metal easily to a maximum thickness of 12mm, making it one of the market’s mightiest machines. The device utilizes the latest inverter technology which reduces the overall weight of the machine to an easy-to-manage 23 lbs.

I mean, in case you want a plasma cutter that you can conveniently bring to the construction site and then back to the workshop after use, the Vivohome Portable DC Inverter Plasma Cutter should be an excellent option for you.

The all-in-one kit contains the cutting torch, earth clamp, 2 pieces of plasma tip, air regulator, PG head, 2 pieces of hoop, 2 pieces of gas pipe claspers, goggles, welding face mask, pressure reducing valve, wire brush, and a user manual.

The user guide is written in easy-to-understand English to ensure that everyone gets the best out of the machine without having to rely on guesswork.

  • The consumables are readily available.

  • The shoulder strap enhances portability.

  • It is an excellent entry-level cutter.

  • You have to buy a plug separately.

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#8 PRIMEWELD Premium & Rugged 50A Air Inverter Plasma Cutter

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If you want a budget-friendly plasma cutter that you will carry from one project to another with less hassle, you won’t go wrong with the PRIMEWELD Premium & Rugged 50A Plasma Cutter.

The unit tackles metals such as copper, aluminum, stainless steel, alloy steel, mild steel and just about any other metal that comes its way with ease.

The unit is designed with high-quality components to guarantee great performance throughout the product’s lifetime.

Its outstanding performance allows you to tackle heavy cutting projects without breaking a sweat. The cutter produces a torch that cuts cleanly to a metal with a thickness of 1/2 inch.

However, it boasts a maximum severance thickness of 3/4 inch that solves nearly every metal cutting needs you may have whether at home or in industrial applications.

The dual voltage feature is an indication that the unit is designed with compatibility in mind since it will readily go with 110V and 220V power outlets depending on the one available.

  • The beginners find it an absolute breeze to use.

  • The unit cuts beautifully.

  • The lightweight design ensures portability.

  • The cord is quite short.

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#9 Lotos LT3500 35Amp Air Plasma Cutter

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With the weight of 18 lbs, this plasma cutter is also among the market’s most lightweight modes. Although portable, it cuts up to 2/5 inch deep under maximum output.

Nevertheless, it can still deliver a 1/2-inch severance cut when dealing with extra-thick materials. With these cutting capacities, this metal cutter should handle most metal cutting jobs both at home, garage, and construction site.

However, in case you want one for heavy industrial applications, it is unfortunate that you may have to find another option.

The unit links quickly to your air compressor to get you cutting direct away without any delay. In fact, most users claim that they can finish the set up in a minute or less.

The 110V plug design indicates that the unit will operate with the already existing wall outlet.

The heavy-duty construction stands up to regular use in a rugged construction site whereas the excellent cooling system ensures great performance in prolonged hours of working.

  • The maximum cutting capacity of 1/2-inch is good.

  • The fan cooling system is a plus.

  • The product sets up in less than a minute.

  • Replacement consumables are a bit costly.

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#10 Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter – Tosense CUT50P 50A Dual Voltage 110V/220V

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This equipment has boasts a cutting capacity of 1/2-inch with a maximum severance thickness of 3/4-inches. Being a dual voltage machine, Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter works runs on either 220V 50/60 Hz and 110 V 50/60 Hz.

This feature increases user convenience since it will work readily with the existing power outlet.

The unit is designed to cut just about any type of metal and is suitable for both home and industrial applications.

I mean, no matter the type of metal and setting, you can always count on this piece for professional results in every project. The durable construction of the piece indicates that it is designed to stand the test of time even with everyday use.

The box contains the cutter, gas hose, ground clamp, three electrodes, three cups, three plasma cutter tips, plasma cutting torch, and a spacer guide.

And since the box does not contain a plug, you will have to buy it separately. The controls are intuitive while the LCD screen is easy to read and eye-friendly.

  • It is very versatile.

  • It comes with nearly everything you need to get started direct away.

  • It cuts very nicely.

  • You have to buy a plug separately.

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#11 Hyperikon Plasma Cutter (10 40 Amp, PT 31 LG40 Cutting Torch)

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The comfortable handle of this machine allows you to transfer it from one area to your intended spot conveniently with less hassle. Although it may not boast the best duty cycle rating in the market, its score of 45% is still impressive.

The unit is designed for durability, making it a great choice for anyone in need of a tool that will last for several years to come.

To even make it more long-lasting, this machine features over-heat protection which protects the internal components from heat damage with extended use.

The insulation class F ensures user safety and guarantees stable performance even with extended use.

The IGBT is an advancement of the MOSFET welding technology and is more effective and has a greater heat tolerance capability to support heavy and extended use.

The 13-feet lead cable of the torch offers an extended reach to give the user greater coverage when using the machine.

The cutting thickness of 12 mm is impressive and may differ slightly depending on the type of material you are handling.

  • The accessories are of good quality.

  • It is easy to use for heavy projects.

  • The cutting capacity of 12 mm is great.

  • You will have to buy a regulator for the shield gas.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Can I get a cheap reliable plasma cutter?

Yes. The cost of plasma cutters varies widely. Some models will go for as much as over $500 while others will only cost you less or about $200. Therefore, no matter the size of your pocket, chances are that you will get equipment for your budget.

Do plasma cutters cut Aluminum?

Yes. Plasma cutters will work on any conductive material. Examples of metals that these machines will cut include copper, stainless steel, mild steel, alloy steel, iron cast, and other conductive metals.

Can a plasma cutter hurt your eyes?

The light produced by plasma cutters is very strong. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use protective eyewear when using this machine. The right eye protective gear will keep the eyes safe from the very intense light as well as any flying sparks.

Can plasma cutter cut wood?

As aforementioned, these machines are made for use on conductive materials. Therefore, you cannot use them for cutting wood or plastic since they do not belong to this category.

How thick will a portable plasma cutter cut?

How deep a portable cutter will go depends on the type of cutter and the material. However, most cutters boast a maximum cutting capacity of more than 1/2-inch.


When buying a portable plasma cutter, you need to take into consideration several factors. These factors include construction, maximum cutting thickness, efficiency level, versatility, ease of use, and weight.

However, instead of keenly examining every factor in the bazillion models available, you can pick one of our reviewed features since they have the best part of all these.

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