Top 11 Best Power Steering Fluids (2024)

The steering wheel is one of the most important components in every vehicle. But, there is another piece that is far much more important, and that is the power steering system. Though it is out of sight, this is where the magic happens.

This unit augments the force that is applied when turning the steering wheel, thereby allowing you to spend less energy when maneuvering the vehicle. However, these systems can only work with the help of power steering fluids.

As such, we have assorted some of the best power steering fluid that will enhance the performance of your vehicle’s steering unit.

Prestone AS262 Power Steering Fluid with Stop Leak...
  • Keeps power-steering systems running smoothly and helps stop or reduce fluid loss caused by leaky seals

11 Power Steering Fluid Reviews

#1 Honda 08206-9002PE Power Steering

Honda 08206-9002PE Power Steering

The Honda 08206-9002PE is a high-quality steering fluid that will give the power steering pump on the vehicle an easy time when the steering unit is being operated. As such, it allows the hydraulic piston to move effortlessly, thus enabling the steering gear to work smoothly. Consequently, you will be able to turn the steering wheel in a facile manner. This formula is compatible with all Honda models, making this an ideal option for people who own Honda automobiles.

This product contains powerful compounds, which have been carefully blended through the use of advanced technological procedures. Through this, the formula is able to deliver high performance without damaging the power steering system. To get the desired outcome, the manufacturers recommend that you consult the owner’s manual. This will give you a detailed report on the vehicle’s specifications.

The fluid comes in a 12-Ounce bottle, and you can buy one bottle or go for the triple pack. This product has gone through laboratory and road tests, so you can use it knowing that the steering unit will provide you with optimum performance. More to this, it protects the steering pump by limiting wear. This product will improve the overall performance of your vehicle since it will allow you to make easy maneuvers. As a reminder, do not use a power steering fluid that is not recommended for Honda automobiles.

  • Maintains a stable pressure during transmission
  • Protects the power steering system from rust corrosion
  • Ready-to-use formula
  • May not suit other vehicle models

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#2 Genuine Ford XT-5-5QM MERCON-V Power Steering Fluid

Genuine Ford XT-5-5QM MERCON-V Power Steering Fluid

The power steering fluid from Ford is also another great option that will enhance the performance of your vehicle. This formula is made up of potent hydro-processed base oils and other high-performance additives that will enable the power steering unit to work efficiently. Also, the fluid can be used as hydraulic oil, thus making it even more effective. It comes in a 1.25 Gal bottle, so you will have enough fluid to keep your steering system running at an optimum level.

More to this, the fluid has a high viscosity index, so it will remain stable even when there is a fluctuation in temperature. As such, the fluid will maintain its original state regardless of whether the temperature is high or low. This will enable you to operate your vehicle in different environments without worrying about the fluid freezing or vaporizing. You can use this product on all Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln automobiles.

This formula has high oxidation resistance, so it won’t be affected by external elements. As a result, it will maintain its qualities even after being in the reservoir tank for some time. This fluid does not form bubbles or foam, so the steering unit will be more responsive to every turn that you make when on the wheel. Additionally, the bottle has a large grooved handle, which will provide you with the needed grip when topping up the fluid tank on the vehicle.

  • Protects the power steering system from wear
  • Prevents sludge from building up
  • The fluid is colored to allow easy detection of leaks
  • The smell may irritate some users

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#3 Genuine GM ACDelco Power Steering Fluid

Genuine GM ACDelco Power Steering Fluid

This fluid is formulated with unique properties, which allows it to deliver exceptional results when applied to power steering systems. Like most steering fluids, it lubricates the unit, thereby preventing the parts that are in direct contact from wearing out. In addition, the fluid eradicates squeals that may be experienced when the system is working. Besides, the formula provides the power steering unit with enhanced protection, hence improving the lifespan of some of the components.

As a hydraulic fluid, this formula delivers maximum power to the steering unit and allows you to maneuver the vehicle in whichever direction you want. This product also contains anti-corrosive compounds, which condition steering components by preventing future damages from occurring. You can use this power steering fluid n all vehicles that have regular-hydraulic power steering units. It is easy to use since it comes in a bottle with a slightly elongated neck. This feature enables you to transfer the fluid to the vehicle while minimizing spillage.

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The fluid will deliver even better results on GM vehicles, so if you are a General Motors fan, this is one of the power steering fluids worth going for. With the help of the special additives, your steering system will work like it’s brand new. This product reduces power steering noise, thus giving you a quiet user experience when driving your vehicle.

  • Versatile formula
  • All-weather
  • Non-foaming
  • Does not foam
  • The formula may not suit some vehicles

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#4 Royal Purple 12326 Max EZ High-Performance Power Steering Fluid

Royal Purple 12326 Max EZ High-Performance Power Steering Fluid

Max EZ is a high-performance power steering fluid, which is formulated with all your needs in mind. The formula is very friendly to the steering unit and is good at improving performance and the life of the power steering pump. The fluid has high resistance towards friction, so it flows smoothly through the steering system, thereby saving the steering pump from working too hard. As a result, the system will run with minimal noise and will be less likely to break down.

This formula is compatible with other transmissions oils, and you can also mix it with conventional steering fluids. The synthetic base oils in this product are of high quality, so you can use this power steering fluid with high expectations. More to this, it contains the company’s proprietary Synerlec® additive technology, which offers extra protection to the power steering unit. This additive also improves the film strength of the steering fluid, thus improving lubricity.

As such, the metal parts in the steering unit will be safe from possible scoring and scuffing that may occur when the parts are turning. More to this, the fluid allows the power steering system to operate at a low temperature for minimal wear. This formula can work with any OEM hydraulic power steering system. The bottle has a rugged body, which increases grip when transferring the fluid to the tank.

  • High-temperature service
  • Exceptional seal compatibility
  • Prevents rust
  • The bottle may leak if stored poorly

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#5 Pentosin 8403107 CHF 202 Synthetic Hydraulic Fluid

Pentosin 8403107 CHF 202 Synthetic Hydraulic Fluid

This synthetic power steering fluid is compatible with a wide range of vehicles. And it is for this reason that many manufacturers prefer using the fluid as a first-fill on new vehicles. It responds well to temperature changes, so there will be no change in performance even when driving in extreme temperatures. This will allow the power steering system to work under favorable conditions for enhanced performance.

The formula will deliver excellent results as long as the service temperature is kept between -40°F to 266°F. Before using this product, you have to ensure that you go through the vehicle’s owner manual so that you can familiarize yourself with some of the requirements. This product can be used as a clutch hydraulic fluid and can also assist you when dealing with other systems that rely on hydraulics.

To add to this, the formula is enriched with additives, which allow it to protect the steering unit from destructive elements that may damage the power steering pump. If you are looking to replace the power steering fluid in your vehicle, Pentosin CHF 202 is one of the options that you can use.

  • The formula is multipurpose
  • Does not foam
  • The product has gone through rigorous testing
  • The container is likely to spill some of the fluid during delivery

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#6 Red Line 30404 Power Steering Fluid

Red Line 30404 Power Steering Fluid

The power steering fluid from Red line has unique additives, which restore seals and prevents unwanted leaks. More to this, it allows the steering unit to operate with less noise, making this an ideal solution for squealing power steering systems. The fact that the fluid is compatible with synthetic and petroleum-based oils enables you to mix it with other hydraulic fluids. This product maintains a constant fluid pressure, thereby providing you with a higher pump output.

Furthermore, the fluid has a high-temperature viscosity, which allows it to flow at the same rate even when the system is subjected to extreme heat. It does not evaporate, and neither does it clump up when the external temperature is low. Besides, the fluid is lightweight, so it is able to move through the system efficiently, hence preventing potential power loss. The 1-Quart bottle is narrow-necked to facilitate the easy transfer of the fluid to the tank.

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When it comes to protection, the fluid limits the build-up of sludge and other residues that may clog the hoses. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about wear since the fluid is an excellent lubricant. It will work its way through the system, thereby protecting the components that are likely to grind against each other.

  • The fluid prevents boil-over
  • Facilitates easy steering at low temperatures
  • Delivers high performance
  • May not work with some ATF fluids

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#7 Lubegard 23232 Complete Synthetic Power Steering Fluid

Lubegard 23232 Complete Synthetic Power Steering Fluid

Being a brand known to deliver high-quality automotive fluids, Lubegard provides you with a reliable power steering fluid that will improve how the steering unit on your vehicle operates. This formula is non-active, so it does not react with metal surfaces. As such, the components in the power steering system will not be corroded as the fluid flows through the hoses.

Besides, the manufacturers have used advanced technological procedures to ensure that the formula is effective and dependable. The Synergol® LXE technology applied in the formula allows it to lose heat at a faster rate, thus preventing the system from heating up. On the other hand, Synergol® TMS extends the lifespan of the fluid and safeguards the delicate components. Additionally, this fluid does not oxidize easily and is also resistant to foaming, so you can be sure that it won’t disappoint you.

This anti-wear fluid may just be what your power steering system needs to provide you with high performance. It also has cleaning properties, which allows it to eliminate sticky residues that may form in the steering pump. This will allow the unit to operate with minimal strain, thus giving you the high-quality performance that you deserve.

  • Suitable for a wide range of automobiles
  • Minimizes power steering noise
  • Eliminates pinion stiffness
  • Can work in different temperatures (from -41°F – 266°F)
  • Not compatible with Honda models

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#8 Prestone Pack of 1 AS261 Power Steering Fluid

Prestone Pack of 1 AS261 Power Steering Fluid

If there is one thing that this power steering fluid takes seriously is preventing leaks. It is loaded with powerful additives, which will revitalize dried seals, hence giving you airtight seals that will prevent fluid wastage. Furthermore, it contains high-quality base oils, which lubricate the system components. More to this, the fluid coats the inner walls of the power steering pump, and other metal parts. This way, the whole steering unit will be free from rust and other corrosive elements that may cause premature wear.

This formula is suitable for different types of vehicles, especially those manufactured by Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler. Plus, it can also accommodate automobiles produced by other global manufacturers. More to this, the formula can work with several factory fluids, so you can consult the manufacturer’s manual to know the hydraulic fluids that you can mix it with. The antioxidants in this fluid will ensure that the system is free of potentially dangerous elements that may cause a malfunction.

The formula is good at preventing pump cavitation since it does not foam. This will allow the power steering pump to run more efficiently. As a result, the steering wheel will be easier to turn, and will also be less likely to get stiff. Other key ingredients have also been used in formulating the fluid, so it will perform exceptionally in different conditions.

  • Packed with seal conditioners
  • Meets service requirements of different vehicle models
  • Prevents the pump from squealing
  • May not be as effective on some vehicles

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#9 Lucas Oil Power Steering Fluid with Conditioners

Lucas Oil Power Steering Fluid

If you are familiar with Lucas Oil products, it is without a doubt that you are aware of how good the automotive accessories from this brand are. Well, this power steering fluid is no different, like all Lucas products, it is formulated with high-quality constituents that will allow your steering unit to be more responsive. As such, you won’t experience steering delays when turning the wheels. If used regularly, the steering pump will last longer and will also be in a better position to deliver the results that you want.

In addition, the formula is enriched with conditioners, which will ensure that the seals are working properly. Besides, the base oils in this product are super effective and are also resistant to vaporization. The fluid is packaged in an ergonomically designed bottle, which will allow you to fill up the fluid reservoir without spilling the product.

To make it even better, the formula is infused with proprietary Lucas additives. This fluid is compatible with a wide range of power steering systems, so all you have to do is to ensure that you apply it as directed by the manufacturer. Also, the product is formulated using innovative and creative procedures, which maximize the output of the power steering pump.

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#10 RAVENOL J1B1001 Power Steering Fluid – SSF Hydraulic Fluid

RAVENOL J1B1001 Power Steering Fluid

The Revnol J1B1001 is a special formula that is designed with the ability to endure heavy-duty performance. As such, it will deliver superior protection to the power steering system when subjected to harsh working conditions like high or extremely low temperatures. Moreover, the fluid prevents wear that may come about as a result of friction. It does this by ensuring that the gear and other metal parts move against each other without some pieces grinding off.

You can apply this formula to almost all major vehicle models such as Toyota, Ford, Mercedes, Volvo, etc. Nevertheless, you have to cross-check the fluid specifications to confirm if your vehicle’s power steering unit is fully compatible with this fluid. This formula has all the qualities that you may need in a steering fluid. It is less viscous, so it will flow effortlessly when the power steering pump is activated.

Additionally, this fluid can work with electronic hydraulics and hydro-pneumatic systems. The seal materials on the pump will also be safe hands since the fluid won’t damage them. This fluid has anti-foaming characteristics, which allows the steering pump to transmit a lot of power. The manufacturers have also put in a great deal of effort into designing the bottle. It has an aesthetic appearance, which will definitely catch your attention.

  • Has a low pour-point
  • Good thermal stability
  • The formula is reliable
  • Not ideal for some automobiles

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#11 Johnsen’s 4610 Power Steering Fluid

Johnsens 4610 Power Steering Fluid

Johnsen’s 4610 will ensure that the power steering unit on your vehicle is in top shape. As such, it will ensure that seals and the steering pump are well maintained for maximum power delivery. Furthermore, this brand has different types of power steering fluids that you can choose from depending on the model of your vehicle. This original brand, in particular, has amazing features that allow your vehicle to deliver excellent results. The formula limits wear in core parts, thereby making the power steering system more durable.

Squealing is a common problem that affects most power transmission systems. However, you can make the steering unit to operate in a quieter state by adding Johnsen’s 4610 power steering fluid to the system. To add to this, the product is formulated with top-class additives, which allow the steering unit to turn freely with minimal restriction. This product comes in different bottles, so you can go for the large 1-Gal bottle or the small-sized bottles.

Moreover, the fluid can mix with other industrial power steering fluids. This allows you to top up the tank without fully emptying it. Through this, you will be able to make a quick fluid change, thus allowing you to get back on the road as soon as possible. This formula may be the final piece that your vehicle needs to give you the long-desired performance.

  • Protects the power steering unit
  • The fluid works well in a variety of conditions
  • Keeps the steering unit clean
  • You have to be extra careful when pouring the fluid

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do power steering fluids work?

A power steering fluid operates somewhat like a hydraulic fluid in that it moves through the steering unit with help of the power steering pump. As the fluid moves, the piston in the power steering chamber allows the steering gear to move. This will allow you to apply minimal effort when turning the steering wheel.

Can a power steering fluid damage the paint on my car?

Nolan good number of power steering fluids are neutral, so they won’t react with the paint.

When should I change my power steering fluid?

There is no specific time period for changing power steering fluids. However, most manufacturers recommend that you flush the old fluid after 30,000 to 100,000 miles depending on the brand of fluid that you are using and how frequently you drive the car.

Final Verdict

To truth is, there are different brands of power steering fluids out there, but the ones listed above are some of the best.

That being said, they will provide you with long-lasting results that will allow the powering steering unit on your vehicle to operate efficiently.

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