Top 11 Best Rain Gauges (2024)

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Traditional rain gauges with graduated cylinders are more cumbersome to operate than digital versions. Without high-precision rain gauges, it might be easy to make errors during calculations.

More so, homeowners and outdoor enthusiasts need these tools to keep lush gardens and lawns. However, you can use different types of gauges to record the volume of rainwater.

While premium rain gauges come as digital products, you can get value-added features like wireless connectivity, aesthetic designs, and rainfall alerts.

Additionally, you can measure precipitations with the best rain gauges. This type of rain gauge helps meteorologists at weather stations. Rain Gauge manufacturers use technology that can sense rainfall, read temperatures.

These rain sensors and other applications allow you to keep tabs on weather conditions. Apart from the pro-grade weather stations, small-scale farmers depend on app integration systems in easy-to-read rain gauges.

They need to obtain accurate measurements and customize tracking options that analyze rainfall data. So, it makes sense to ensure the right features when shopping for this tool.

There are well-built and affordable rain gauges, but paying attention to their features and materials might optimize your satisfaction.

While many rain gauges come with glass materials, others have metal frames with indelible markings. However, here are some great models of rain gauges that can provide real-time and precise data.

Top 11 Rain Gauges

#1. AcuRite Wireless Rain Gauge

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Do you want rain gauges with sensors and transmission signal of about 30 meters (100 feet)? This AcuRite Self-Emptying Collector is a multi-functional tool. Approximately 16 seconds, you’ll receive updates of rain measurements.

It doesn’t matter whether it collects inches of rainfall. Also, this rain gauge has a strong signal-penetration (433 MHz) strength.

With these features, you can enhance the transmission of data. Additionally, this wireless rain gauge is easy to install and can resist the effects of weather conditions.

Apart from its sturdy construction, the flood watch alarm shows atmospheric conditions that can trigger flooding and heavy rains. Rainfall measurements in millimeters and inches can be stored (two re-settable totals) and the review of this history is possible.

  • Rain collector with a self-emptying system

  • Wireless, and LCD screen

  • Rainfall data for the last 7 days

  • Built-in clock and calendar

  • The screw of the gauge is loose, and you might need to make some adjustments.

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#2. La Crosse Technology Wireless Rain Station

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An electronic rain gauge allows you to monitor the volume of rain that fell last night. The La Crosse Technology Rain Gauge comes with a monochrome LCD screen.

With this model of Wireless Rain Station, you can measure the humidity (10 to 99%) and temperature (0°C to 50°C) quickly. Also, you can review historical data and track yearly rainfall readings.

Apart from transmitting a signal at 330 feet (100m), this digital rain gauge comes with easy-to-adjust settings.

You can customizable rain alerts, and track data on days without rainfall. The self-emptying rain bucket has vents that drain water and a large opening for collections.

Additionally, this blue and white rain bucket have tilting cups. Its translucent design is suitable for outdoor environments too.

  • The LCD screen has an auto-dimming feature

  • It measures between 0 to 393.6 inches of rainwater

  • The flower icon indicates days without rainfall or moist conditions

  • This rain gauge requires 2 ‘AA’ alkaline batteries that don’t come with it.

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#3. ECOWITT WH5360B Rain Gauge

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This ECOWITT Digital Rain Gauge kit comes with a sturdy stainless steel pole that allows users to mount on posts. Also, its rain collector has the shape of a funnel, and it depends on the wireless (300FT/100M) range of transmission.

Apart from the rain collector’s self-emptying feature, the base station displays a multi-color rain grade graph. This data are easy to read and its measuring units are in mm/inch options.

While tracking indoor humidity and temperature levels, you can get accurate data with the programmable alarm function for rainfalls.

When there’s a flood, it will be easy for gardeners to set and shut their sprinklers. Additionally, both yearly and 24-month periods of rainfall records can be stored on this device.

  • Pro-grade weather station

  • The funnel-shaped rain collector works with a bubble level and LED indicator for its Alkaline batteries life

  • The 0.1mm/0.01-inch resolution is ideal for measuring rain precipitation

  • The base station displays the timestamp

  • To reduce inaccurate results the rain sensor unit needs to be calibrated properly.

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#4. Oregon Scientific Wireless Weather Station

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This Oregon Scientific Rain Gauge measures at least 0.04 inches (1.02 mm) of rainwater and it’s simpler to operate than previous models.

It has a timestamp (for displaying time and date). As a wireless rain gauge, its transmission strength is about 300 feet between the sensor and its base unit.

Apart from rainfall data, you can generate real-time values of the room’s temperature with the base unit. You need accurate measurements to know whether your lawn and garden need more water.

More so, this Weather Station’s remote sensor allows greenhouse enthusiasts to measure the precipitation of the atmosphere. Don’t worry about the quality of its LCD screen because this model offers better display and user-friendly modes of operation.

  • It provides accurate room’s temperature readings

  • It offers more range of wireless transmission

  • Stores rain data for 10 days

  • The reset button on this rain collector might not be user-friendly.

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#5. AMTAST Wireless Rain Gauge

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With the transmission frequency of 433MHz, the AMTAST Rain Gauge provides reliable rainfall and temperature data. Apart from the temperature recorder, this tool displays your calendar.

Its wireless connectivity and RCC transmission are some suitable for obtaining and storing rainfall data of the previous month. The programmable alarm feature uses a manual setting option. Also, the range of rainfall display is between 0 to 19,999 mm.

With this model of RCC Rain Weather Station, you can adjust time zones, and view the time in different (12 or 24 hours) modes. However, both the rain gauge and receiver need 2 units of alkaline (‘AA’) batteries.

While the remote sensor’s battery life is about 24 months, its base stations have 12 months.

  • 433MHz frequency

  • Radio-controlled time and date

  • It records both indoor (-9.9 to 80°C) and outdoor (-40 to 65°C) temperatures

  • With this tool, it needs to rain a lot before getting accurate measurements.

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#6. Ambient Weather WS-2902A Smart Rain Gauge

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Wouldn’t you like to transmit rainfall data with a WIFi connection? The Ambient Weather Station comes with a built-in sensor that connects to the router and weather station console.

While it uses radio frequency (RF) of 915 MHz, it works with an encrypted WiFi connection of 2.4 GHz.

This two-way communication system provides weather data to your workstation, mobile device, and computer. Also, this WS-2902A weather station provides temperature and humidity, wind direction/speed data.

Unlike other rain gauges that record rainfall data, you can monitor solar radiation and UV with the remote system of this tool. Additionally, there’s a calendar feature that displays 2016 to 2099’s month and dates.

  • A color-film LCD screen

  • Updates and displays real-time wind speed

  • A 2-way communication system for data transmission

  • Without a back-up for electricity and the internet, the base console might be slow to upload data after any interruption.

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#7. Netatmo Rain Gauge

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This Netatmo rain gauge works with Alexa devices, Netatmo Weather Station, and smartphones (Android 5.0 and iOS 9).

It sends alerts of real-time rainfall measurements (0.01 to 6 in/h​), but you can only connect one rain gauge. Also, the Netatmo Weather Station stores precipitation data and transmits to the LCD of your device.

Even on the patio, you can install the Netatmo Rain Gauge to track precipitation levels and read the values in millimeters per hour. When using and Alexa device, you can set up voice control features. The free Netatmo app allows users to view data from any location.

Don’t worry about the data that’s been logged in the app, it can be reviewed by using a computer. Additionally, this Netatmo Weather Station is compatible with IFTTT and Weatherpro apps that help to shut-off sprinkler systems during rainfalls.

  • You can track wind speed and wind directions

  • It’s compatible with an Alexa device

  • It works with both mobile and computer apps.

  • The Netatmo Weather Station doesn’t come with this rain gauge.

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#8. Headwind Consumer Products Jumbo EZRead Rain  Gauge

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As an outdoor enthusiast, you might need a rain gauge that gives precise data and total precipitation for a specific period. The Jumbo EZRead Rain Gauge by Headwind easy to install.

While you can hang it on the fence, the rain gauge comes with mounting screws (a plastic hanger) and it’s suitable for decks. This cylindrical tube measures 26 inches, and its clear markings allow you to read very well.

Apart from the rain gauge, the kit includes a funnel (Headwind DebrisGuardTM) that blocks particles from entering this tube. Also, this component features a self-sealing plug that prevents leakage and enhances its design.

By using a calibrated and lightweight gauge, the user will have accurate rain reports.

  • The tube has bright markings and water-level magnification design

  • Hassle-free installation

  • It’s easy to measure rainwater levels consistently

  • You need to handle it with care because the thickness level of this rain gauge’s plastic tube is thin.

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#9. OutdoorHome 6-Inch Heavy Duty Rain

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Use this 6-inch OutdoorHome Rain Gauge for precise readings of rainfall data. It’s a heavy-duty rain gauge for gardens, yard, and weather stations.

You can mount this rain gauge on the fence post too. The dual-scale (6.3 cm/2.5 inches) design ensures a maximum measurement of 150mm. With this capacity, this model of OutdoorHome rainwater gauge is suitable for much rainfall volumes.

Unlike other mountable outdoor tools, this rain gauge is made with durable polycarbonate plastic material. Also, this crack-proof tube doesn’t show discolorations from long periods of exposure to rainwater minerals or elements.

Apart from using this rain gauge for professional activities, it’s a great gift idea for your avid garden and decor friends.

  • Reliable rain gauge

  • Sturdy construction

  • The kit comes with mounting brackets, a cleaning brush, and screws

  • UV resistant plastic tube

  • The clear markings have the same color as the gauge. So, you might need a close look on the tube to get accurate measurements.

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#10. Evergreen Garden Decorative Glass Rain Gauge

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You don’t need any complex adjustment after buying this rain gauge. Also, you can install this Evergreen Garden Rain Gauge outside your door. Apart from the metal umbrella and standing frog figurine that represents outdoor design elements, its glass gauge is weatherproof.

This gauge can measure precipitations of 5 inches (12 cm). As a great value for the money, this accurate rain gauges with decorative Polystone construction is durable.

Additionally, its measurement of 18 x 4 x 4 inches (H x W x D) guarantees a space-saving design. This weather-measuring tool with its built-in froggy friend is a great way of getting quick rainfall data in your gardens and backyards.

  • Stylish antique design

  • It measures 5 inches precipitation

  • Sturdy construction

  • Its resistance to rust is not great.

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#11. Taylor Jumbo Jr. Rain Gauge

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You can personalize how to measure of rainwater in planters and gardens. The Taylor Jumbo Jr Rain Gauge is easy to read. Its components have distinctive colors and clear markings that reflect well. Also, you can obtain accurate measurements of about 5 inches.

This 20-inch (tall) Jumbo Jr. model of rain gauge comes with durable plastic construction. As a high-impact material, it attaches to the ground with a user-friendly spike and bracket. Additionally, you can mount this spike on the walls.

Apart from the ease of installation, its funnel comes with a filter that traps outdoor debris from reaching the plastic tube. These designs minimize errors when measuring rainwater levels.

  • It’s easy to install

  • Precise measurements

  • The sturdy plastic tube with bold marks

  • This ground spike needs to be firm to withstand heavy wind speeds.

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How To Choose The Right Rain Gauge

Apart from buying a rain gauge with the perfect size, it needs to provide accurate results. Also, the convenience of mounting rain gauges on fences, fields, and walls is important. Here are some features to consider before buying your favorite rain gauge.


The type and design of a rainwater measuring tool are important. Consider the capacity of rainwater collection and the quality of the construction. However, wireless rain gauges come with different features. The technological design might help to transmit data remotely.

With these types of rain gauges, you don’t need to come outdoors before collecting rainfall or temperature data.

Since many digital rain gauges use apps, they can send data to consoles, phones, and computers. Also, you can use the wireless technology of rain gauges to turn-off garden and lawn sprinkler systems.

Other benefits of well-designed rain gauges are weather stations that can monitor precipitations, wind directions, and temperatures. Additionally, many digital rain gauges can store rainfall data for months.


The plastic, glass tubes and self-emptying collectors of rain gauges should have quality materials. Investing in rain gauges with strong material strengths is cost-effective. Components with indelible markings and sturdy materials are easy to use.

Consider materials that don’t fade or show discoloration easily. Also, these materials should allow users to read their marks from reasonable distances.

If you need favorite manual rain gauges, ensure that their metal parts have high resistance to rusts. Weatherproof rain gauges often offer long-lasting services.

Measurement Capacity

The capacity of any rain gauge determines its scope of use. Many heavy-duty rain gauges come with different capacities.

While a maximum measurement of 150mm fits professional applications, other types can track the volume of your location’s rainfall. Also, consider large-capacity rain gauges with self-draining holes because they help to minimize the hassles of emptying them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How reliable are rain gauges?

Apart from receiving remote data from self-emptying collections, the weather station allows you to monitor rainfall trends in your area. While many types of rain gauges require calibrations, you can get inaccurate results.

However, the style of installation and the design affects accuracy. The measuring cylinders of rain gauges are often calibrated.

There could be inaccuracies, but premium rain gauge models offer slim margins of errors. Buy rain gauges with high-quality materials and ensure that mounting brackets of the outdoor components are installed properly.

Is a wide-diameter rain gauge better than tubes with narrow diameters?

When you see grain gauge scales with graduations of inches and millimeters, these types allow you to convert measurements.

Usually, rain gauges with wide diameters collect more rainwater. It’s amazing to use a rain gauge that offers a wide application.

This type of measuring tool can estimate the volume of sprinkling and heavy rainfall. Apart from rainfalls, you can measure water from sprinklers on lawns and gardens.

What are the common types of rain gauges?

Apart from regular rain gauges with funnels and graduated cylinders, other types include precipitation gauges. However, the measuring cylinders of standard gauges are adjustable.

Rain gauges that are designed for precipitations are more expensive to maintain. Also, these types can collect rain and snowfalls.

Many rain gauge models with tipping buckets use funnels too. After the condensation of water vapor, this type of rain gauge has channels that clear out precipitations.

Final Verdict

Apart from measuring rainwater after large downpours, an efficient rain gauge can track quick and little sprinklings of rainwater. Usually, meteorologists and hydrologists prefer rain gauges with heavy-duty collection capacities.

What’s more important is to use well-made rain gauges that provide accurate data. We have recommended top models of wireless and manual rain gauges.

After comparing their features with regular rain gauge models in the market, you can optimize your applications with the tools in this buying guide.

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