11 Best Rivet Nut Tools (2024)

If you want to add threads to a metal sheet, you will find a rivet nut tool of help. The piece provides a fast and effective way of inserting rivnuts into your metal sheets. It’s then that you can use bolts for your sheets without causing any damage to them.

Over the years, the rivet nut tool has slowly risen to fame. That has attracted more and more members to join the industry. And while competition is healthy for any industry, we must also admit it makes picking the ideal tool a real hurdle.

So, what rivet nut tool should you buy? That’s a good question. In this article, we will be reviewing the industry’s top-most rivet nuts. Walk along with us as we dig deep into our today’s recommendable options.

11 Best Rivet Nut Tools

1. Astro Pneumatic Tool 1442 Hand Rivet Nut Setter Kit

Astro Pneumatic Tool 1442 Hand Rivet Nut Setter Kit

The top-most position of our list goes to this fantastic tool from Astro. It is one of the most popular nutsert tools for professionals and home hobbyists. Therefore, we expect that it will outshine the competing models in several ways.

The Astro Pneumatic Tool 1442 is one of the tools that emerge top when talking about reliability. That’s because the piece is convenient and easy to use. Thus, no matter your skill level, you should reap the most from this tool right from day one.

The distinctive spring-loaded design is also another feature you will appreciate about this fantastic riveter. With this feature, you may never have to disassemble it as the spring-loaded inner hex sleeve keep the mandrel from rotating.

Also, most users like how easy and effortless it is to change the mandrels. In fact, unlike with some options that will require you to have a collection of tools when changing your mandrels, you won’t need any with the Astro Pneumatic Tool 1442.

The rivet tool comes with 60 pieces of rivnuts in both metric and SAE sizes— enough to get you started right away. And with that said, if you don’t want to keep waiting for days or weeks for rivnuts to arrive, this kit won’t keep you waiting as it comes with everything you need.

Now, one of the noticeable features about it is that it has short handles. That makes it an ideal option for projects that require a high degree of control. Further, you will appreciate this feature if you want to use it for tight spaces. Finally, this tool has compound hinges that maximize leverage to minimize fatigue.

  • Changing mandrels is tool-less.
  • Decent piece for tight spaces.
  • Compound hinges.
  • The alloy body is quite soft and may not support heavy use for years.

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2. TACKLIFE TLRNG04HD Rivet Nut Tool

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Work smart and not hard when setting rivet nuts. And yes, this nutsert tool is one of the options you can count on to rid you of the hard work when installing rivnuts. The piece packs a handful of superb features, so expect a wonderful experience when using it.

For instance, the model comes with a 3-in-1 design. Simply put, this riveter will allow you to accomplish what you would with three separate tools. I mean, it can serve as a rivet nut tool, rivet gun, and a reamer— that’s the versatility that every user wants.

When using it as a rivet nut tool, you can select the correct size for the job from the available six mandrels. The five interchangeable color-coded rivet heads turn helpful when you want to utilize the rivet gun part of it. On the other side, the two reaming mandrels give you versatility when using the tool as a reamer.

The handle features TPR construction. Therefore, it’s sturdy enough to withstand regular heavy use. Additionally, the grip here is non-slip, so it’s comfortable to work with for extended periods and will give you maximum control over your projects.

The unit comes with a carrying case for easy storage and transportation. The storage case here has a sturdy construction for years of durability. Hence, every bit of this kit reflects that you are getting a unit that will give you maximum value for your money.

  • Multi-purpose 3-in-1 design.
  • Durable TPR handles.
  • High-quality storage case.
  • Limited instructions—although it’s easy to use.

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3. TACKLIFE HHNP2A Professional Rivet Nut Tool

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The third product is also a reliable option. It originates from the same facility as the second member on the list. With that said, it’s one option you can buy with the peace of mind that you are getting the best bang for your buck.

The TACKLIFE HHNP2A is an 11-inch unit. Therefore, the handles are short enough to give you the highest degree of control over it. The short grips also make it the perfect tool for tight spots where longer handles won’t fit.

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The simple structure makes it simple for almost anyone to use. Also, most users appreciate the sleeve-opening design. With this design, you can replace the riveted parts without having to change the sleeve.

The TACKLIFE HHNP2A also boasts a durable steel body. With this sturdy construction, it’s one piece that comes with the most demanding applications in mind. The heat-treatment finish and coating improve the aesthetic value and prevents corrosion.

The tool comes with six pieces of interchangeable mandrels and 60 pieces of rivet nuts. With all these accessories in the same kit, this set gives you the confidence to face almost any riveting project that comes your way.

  • The mandrels are color-coded.
  • Compartmented case.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • The instructional manual has a small font.

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4. ORFELD HN619X Rivet Nut Tool

ORFELD HN619X Rivet Nut Tool

The next tool that you can also consider buying is the ORFELD HN619X. It is an exceptional piece that will go a long way to make your projects a whole lot easier, a potential reason behind its decent rating.

The main selling point of this rivet nut tool is ruggedness. The industrial-grade 50# carbon steel can survive many years of heavy abuse. Further, this riveter has a durable coating to prevent corrosion. Thus, no matter where you want to use it, expect long-lasting performance.

Another admirable feature about this top-quality riveter is the quick-change head design. I mean, this tool will allow you to swap mandrels and nosepieces even without tools—less hassle, less time!

Other than the tool itself, the package includes seven interchangeable nut heads. Additionally, you will get 35 rivet nuts. Hence, it’s one unit that comes with everything you need to handle your daily riveting needs.

The ergonomic handle is 13 inches long. Of course, that may not be the most appropriate length for tight spaces. However, on the positive side, the longer handle provides better leverage, so you will need less effort to operate it.

  • Sturdy handles.
  • Corrosion-resistant.
  • Quick-change head design.
  • It doesn’t come with a case.

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5. AUKUYEE A-HTF29 14-Inch Rivet Nut Tool

AUKUYEE A-HTF29 14-Inch Rivet Nut Tool

Like any of the previous models on this list, this tool doesn’t come bare. In other words, once you order it, expect to get a kit containing several accessories. You will get a nutsert tool, six pieces of mandrels, 21 units of rivet nuts, and a durable carrying case.

The mandrels are in metric and standard sizes for user convenience. Therefore, no matter the size you want to use for your project, chances are that you will get the piece that works ideally for your needs.

The body of this rivet gun makes use of high-hardness alloy steel. Therefore, it’s durable and can stand up to heavy use. The heat-treated finish offers superior protection against corrosion and rust, ensuring that the tool remains in pristine condition for years.

The 14-inch handle is extra-long, so it needs less amount of effort than shorter versions. Also, the handle here comes with an ergonomic design. The soft-rubbery material provides an enhanced in-hand feel and slip-free performance.

About versatility, there are many areas you will appreciate having this tool. You can use it for furniture, jeep modifications, off-road applications, bicycle attachments, body panels, and other projects.

  • Extra-long handle.
  • Wide applicability.
  • Heat-treated finish.
  • Not for tight spots.

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6. Giantisan 16″ Rivet Nut Tool

Giantisan 16 Rivet Nut Tool

The next pick combines everything users look out for when buying a tool of its kind. In other words, this tool is simple, effort-saving, reliable, and comfortable to use. With all these, it’s evident that you are getting a high-performance unit.

The nutsert tool features 16-inch arms. According to the manufacturer, the extra-long design will require half the amount of effort typical competitors need. Of course, we don’t have a way to measure whether that’s the reality. However, from users with experience with other tools, there are chances that the unit lives up to the claim.

The U-cross section of the handle prevents it from bending. And with the thick carbon steel material of this rivet nut tool, it’s safe to see this nutsert tool as one of the models that come with the heaviest applications in mind.

Other than the superb qualities it comes with, there are more to talk about concerning this tool. For instance, it arrives alongside 12 metric and SAE mandrels and 120 rivet nuts. With all these, you may not need to buy any additional accessories any time soon.

Now, with all these qualities and extras, we don’t expect it to cost the least. Therefore, if you are on a tight budget, this tool may not be the best option for you. Nevertheless, if you prioritize quality over price, you may not regret getting this kit.

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7. WETOLS WE882 14-Inch Rivet Nut Tool

WETOLS WE882 14-Inch Rivet Nut Tool

The WETOLS WE882 constitutes the riveter, seven interchangeable mandrels, 70 rivet nuts, and a carrying case. Therefore, it’s also another kit that will get you up and working minutes after it arrives.

The mandrels of the WETOLS WE882 are easy to remove without any tools. That means you will spend less time and effort preparing the piece for use—you now have more time to focus on what matters most!

The mandrels are of Chrome steel for long-lasting performance. Further, the 14-inch arms come with 45 carbon steel construction. As a result, no matter where you use it, this unit won’t bend or deform over time like the cheaply-made models.

For those that work in high-corrosive environments, say moist conditions, there’s something to appreciate about this rivet nut tool. The premium-grade finish protects it from corrosion, scratches, and other threats it may encounter on the jobsite.

The blow-molded carry case provides a convenient way to store and transport all the accessories. What’s more, each tool has its slot to ensure that it remains in position when in transportation. The multiple compartments also make it easy to know when you have a missing piece.

  • Portable kit.
  • It won’t deform with time.
  • Easy to use.
  • No chart to show the hole size needed for each rivet nut.

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8. Amjoy Rivet Nut Tool 16” Long Handles

Amjoy Rivet Nut Tool

With eight sizes of mandrels and 80 pieces of rivnuts, this kit comes ready to face almost any riveting job. What’s more, the accessories come in both metric and SAE sizes, so you can choose the size that works well with the bolts you want to use.

The unit works ideally for modifying boats, automobiles, furniture, bicycles, and other applications where a riveting tool will come in handy. In fact, when talking about versatility, it’s one unit you may never have to go without in your toolbox.

For those using a rivet nut tool for the first time, this piece is one of the easiest to operate. The user-friendly design works suitably for the newcomers. Further, it comes with detailed instructions to guide you on getting a professional outcome in your first time using it.

About durability, this tool boasts sturdy construction from the mandrel to the handles. Thus, whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, you can buy the piece expecting long-lasting performance.

Generally, it’s a high-performance tool you can count on to serve you for years. For that reason, it makes an excellent tool for your husband, brother, or male friend for Christmas, father’s day, birthday, or any other special day.

  • Different sizes of rivets.
  • Detailed instructions.
  • User-friendly design.
  • The plastic pouches for the rivets are non-sealable.

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9. Teshong 16”Hand Rivet Nut Tool

Teshong Hand Rivet Nut Tool

If you want a rivet nut tool that you can use for hours, ensure that you pick an energy-saving model. Now, this piece from Teshong will support prolonged hours of use. It has an extra-long 16-inch handle that allows you to handle your riveting applications with the least amount of effort.

In fact, the manufacturer claims that the 16-inch version will require 40% less amount of energy than when using a 13-inch version. That means you should expect reduced fatigue when using this tool than when using a shorter version.

The tool comes in a kit also containing 15 SAE and metric mandrels. Further, you will also find 150 pieces of rivet nuts in the package. For that reason, no matter where you want to use it, chances are that there will always be the ideal accessory for the job.

Like the majority of the preceding models, this unit adopts carbon steel construction. Hence, it stands the test of time. Additionally, the heat-treated finish offers corrosion protection when also improving the aesthetic value of the tool.

The carrying case is durably-constructed and can survive years of use in a rugged worksite. What’s more, each accessory goes into its slot. That means all the components of the kit remain where you want them when carrying the case.

  • Energy-saving design.
  • The heavy-duty case has slots.
  • Multi-functional spanner.
  • The price tag deserves more adapters.

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10. AKKTOL BT-607 16″ Rivet Nut Tool

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The tenth product on the list is one of the options with the best rating in the market. Hence, even before we get deeper to look at the features, we already know that we are dealing with a high-performance tool.

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This high-quality piece comes with 12 interchangeable mandrels each and 120 rivet nuts- 10 for each mandrel. What’s more, all the nuts are individually packed, ensuring that you use the least amount of time to pick the correct piece for the job.

This rivet nut tool also comes with an advanced level of ergonomics. That’s evident in the curved design of the arms. Additionally, the ergonomics also come out clearly in the rubbery grips of the tool. Hence, it’s one piece your hands will love to interact with for hours.

Other than the ergonomic design, you will appreciate that the handles are extra-long. With 16 inches of length, you won’t need much energy for your applications. The double compound hinges go a long way to maximize leverage.

Since it’s energy-saving, rugged, and comfortable to use, there are many areas you can use this kit. It’s ideal for body panels, furniture, decorations, bicycle attachments, jeep modifications, and more.

  • Ergonomic curved design.
  • Rock-solid tool.
  • Double compound hinges.
  • The long handles need more clearance.

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11. Metakoo ARG02H 11″ Rivet Nut Tool

No products found.

The last suggestion on our list of top-notch options comes from Metakoo. Although it takes the final spot, it’s one of the best-performing models you will come across in the market. Here, you are getting a kit, that is, the tool itself and the accessories you need to use with it.

The Autlead ARG02H is an 11-inch version. By that, we mean the handles are shorter at 11 inches. Hence, it’s one of the options you can consider buying if you need a tool that will give you the best control over it.

Of course, the shorter arms mean that it’s generally smaller than some models. However, don’t underestimate the power of this tool! With the reinforced carbon steel construction, it’s a perfect example of small-but-mighty tools.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that the handles of this rivet nut tool are PVC-coated. Therefore, they are comfortable and deliver slip-free performance. In fact, expect to get a sure grip even when working with wet hands.

The package contains the Autlead ARG02H tool, four SAE mandrels, seven metric mandrels, and 110 rivet nuts. That means each mandrel will have 10 pieces of rivets, probably more than you will need for your projects. For convenience and quick access, all the nutserts are packed individually.

  • Straightforward to use.
  • It installs rivets in seconds.
  • Small but very solid.
  • Swapping the mandrels isn’t so easy for beginners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Nutsert tool?

A nutsert is another name for rivet nut or threaded rivets. A nutsert tool is a tool used to insert these nutserts into where they are needed. It’s another name for rivet nut tool or riveter.

How do you install rivet nuts?

How you install rivet nuts will depend on the tool you get. Therefore, it would be unfair for us to provide one procedure for installing/swapping rivet nuts. To know how to do the installation, read the user manual that comes with the tool. Alternatively, you can search for YouTube videos on the specific piece you buy.

Where can I buy a rivet nut tool?

Like any other handtool, you can buy a rivet nut tool/ riveter get in stores. However, in the 21st century, you don’t have to spend time and money traveling to the store and back. You can shop online from reliable dealers like Amazon. In fact, shopping online gives you more freedom to compare the performance of different products. Also, it will allow you to know the user experiences with the product.

How strong is a Nutsert?

With how simple they install, it’s normal for one to doubt the reliability of rivet nuts.  Surprisingly, even with the simple installation, rivnuts boasts a whopping amount of pull-out force. Therefore, you can use them for your applications without fear that they won’t provide the strength needed.

Can you use Rivnuts in plastic?

We know rivnuts work well for metal sheets. But can you count on them for plastic material? Well, if you can get the right thickness for the plastic material, they work just as well.

Final Verdict

The rivet nut tool makes riveting projects a whole lot easier. However, like any other tool, the model you pick determines results and user experience as well.

Some of the most reliable options are those covered in this article. Therefore, if you want a tool you can count on, ensure that you operate within the list.

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