Top 11 Best Roller Stands (2024)

If you find yourself more often cutting long pieces of lumber using a table saw, there could be times when you wish having an extra pair of hands.

And yes, if you have found yourself in this situation at any point, you are not alone! Managing a long workpiece alone when cutting using a table saw is quite hard.

In fact, making even the slightest mistake in the feeding or at the receiving end may damage your workpiece or even put you at the risk of getting injuries. For this reason, every woodworker should invest in a good roller stand.

A roller stand is a simple unit that is specially designed to feed the table saw or support the tail of your workpiece at the receiving end.

It acts as an extra pair of hands for woodworkers. And just like any other woodworking investment, you need to get it right when buying a roller stand to escape chances of disappointment.

WORKPRO Folding Roller Stand Height Adjustable,...
  • Adjustable Height From 27-In To 43-In

11 Best Roller Stands

#1 ToughBuilt – Roller Stand/Support Stand (3-IN-1 )


This support stand is one of the extra pair of hands you would want to bring to your workshop. The high-quality tool boasts a 3-in-1 design which makes it one of the most versatile units out there.

I mean, the head of this tool from Toughbuilt works as a material stop, directional roller, and a ball bearing roller. With all these functionalities packed in a single unit, expect it to offer great value for your money.

The stand features eight independent multi-directional rollers. The separate slides move your workpiece smoothly to the direction of your choice.

The stand adopts a durable stainless steel construction for extended durability and dependable strength.

Also, the support extends from the height of 27.3 inches to 43.9 inches to allow you to adjust it depending on the level of your machine.

The multi-purpose roller stand utilizes a collapsible design. This design allows the user to fold it straight when not in use to free up space in the workshop.

Therefore, in case you have a workshop with limited space, this should be one of the options that you should consider buying since you can even hang it on the wall.

The custom legs give the stand perfect stability for a great user experience.

  • The stand is very sturdy.

  • The 3-in-1 design means that it is versatile.

  • The ball bearing housing is nice.

  • It folds down flat for storage.

  • The screws may not be of the highest quality.

  • It would be better if it was a little more stable.

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#2 WORKPRO W137006A Folding Roller Stand


In case you are looking for a low-budget option that will get the work done correctly, this roller stand is among the few options that come with you in mind.

The stand boasts robust construction for prolonged service life without breaking the bank.

Premium finish protects the rugged construction from rust and other effects, elongating the lifespan further for outstanding performance year after year.

Also, the finish is aesthetically appealing to add a unique touch of beauty in your workplace. Our specific choice comes in a pack of one.

Alternatively, you can get it in packs of up to five depending on your preference. Like the previous option, this stand has a customizable height.

The height extends from 27 inches to 43 inches, providing a wide range to ensure maximum compatibility with table saws of different heights.

WORKPRO W137006A Folding Roller Stand has roller guides to prevent the workpiece from sliding off the roller.

Additionally, most woodworkers also appreciate that the unit comes with eccentric feet.

This feature allows them to set up the unit stably even when working on an uneven surface.

  • It is relatively lightweight.

  • It is great for the price.

  • It is well constructed.

  • Height adjustment is super easy.

  • It has nothing fancy.

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#3 ToughBuilt – Roller Stand


Although this roller stand does not come with a 3-in-1 design like the earlier sibling, it will do what you expect of it perfectly.

The box tube frame ensures long-lasting performance and reliable support.

The support also features a chrome roller that allows your workpiece to glide smoothly to give you an easy time even when working in the workshop alone.

The telescopic design gives you a wide height adjustability range of between 26.57 inches and 42.91 inches.

The wide range ensures greater compatibility with your worktable since you can customize the height to match that of your table.

After achieving your ideal height, the height adjustment lever locks to keep the stand at your set height throughout your project.

The sturdy feet ensure a non-wobbly set up while the foldable design means that you can collapse the stand when not in use for convenient space-saving storage.

And since the weight stands at 9.88 lbs, this unit is easy to transport and move around in the workshop.

  • The assembly is well-documented.

  • The weight is nice.

  • The wheels are great.

  • It folds up for transportation or storage.

  • The adjustment lever needs better positioning.

  • Some customers claim to receive some parts with minor scratches.

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#4 Vestil STAND-H-HP Horizontal Deluxe Roller Stand (14″)

Vestil STAND

This high-quality stand will also be an essential addition to any woodworker dealing with longer workpieces regularly.

The stand adopts rugged construction which not only makes it one of the most durable options out there but also among the market’s strongest roller stands.

The stand boasts the ability to withstand a maximum weight of 1760 lbs. The large weight capacity means that you can use it for supporting just about any material in your workshop.

Amazingly, even with the robust construction and the high bearing power, this roller stand maintains a good weight to make moving it around the workshop a breeze.

However, it may not be the most lightweight option on the market.

Additionally, this unit from Vestil also adjusts vertically to match the height of different leveled machines for better support for your workpiece.

The friction lock screw holds the feet at your ideal height for a more aligned set up. The base of this handy workshop addition is of cast steel.

The sturdy bottom renders it steady, making it an ideal option for use in wood shops and machines.

  • The height adjustment mechanism is fabulous.

  • The stand is exceptionally heavy-duty.

  • The finish is excellent.

  • It’s quite heavy for strength and durability.

  • Not exactly the most lightweight roller stands out there.

  • The height adjustments may not be easy as in some models.

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#5 HTC HSS-15 Super Duty Adjustable Tall Pedestal Roller Stand ( 22-Inch to 32-Inch)


This roller stand also comes with a heavy construction that provides excellent support to your long piece of lumber.

The high bearing capacity of 500 lbs indicates that the unit is sturdy enough to handle stably just about anything that comes it’s a way- expect it to be like that extra pair of hands you have always desired to have in your workshop in those moments you have found yourself operating alone.

The high-quality unit adjusts vertically and can stand at any height between 22 inches and 32 inches.

The 10-inch height adjustment range ensures compatibility with almost every machine since most saws are leveled within this range.

The wedge lock maintains the roller at your set height and will not slam to the lowest height setting even when loaded.

The great roller stand from HTC HSS also comes with customizable leveling feet. This property increases the versatility of the unit since it allows you to use it on both even and uneven surfaces.

Furthermore, since the product is made in the United States, you can buy this roller stand knowing that you are getting something of great quality.

  • It is easy to assemble.

  • It has a good weight to ensure that it does not tip over easily.

  • It works nicely on surfaces that are not level.

  • It comes from the United States.

  • The holding capacity may not hit the 500-lb rating.

  • The height adjustment range is small.

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#6 Vestil STAND-H Horizontal Deluxe Roller Stand (14″)

Vestil STAND-H

This model shares a majority of features with the Vestil STAND-H-HP 14″ Horizontal Deluxe Roller Stand.

For example, the stand also has a maximum load capacity of 1760 lbs. Hence, just as the early sibling, expect this model to withstand comfortably whatever you throw at it.

The roller stand also boasts heavy-duty construction. I mean, you can buy with peace of mind that it will serve you for several years to come, just like the other version of the stand.

However, it differs slightly with the preceding sibling. For example, it gives the user a height adjustability range of 23″-38.5″ and not 27″-42″ as the before model.

And since the lowest setting in this stand is lower than that of the other unit it can accommodate very low leveled machines that the initial sibling cannot support.

Nonetheless, they both provide an adjustability allowance of approximately 15 inches to maximize their compatibility.

This option is also designed with portability in mind which allows it to be easily moved from one area to another.

  • It remains where you set it.

  • The rating of 1760 lbs is great.

  • It is economical.

  • It is a heavy-duty roller stand.

  • It does not come with rubber feet.

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#7 Protocol, 67109, Roller Support Stand, 27-37/64 in. H


Although the price of this roller support stand implies that it is made for tight budgets, this unit boasts great versatility, something you will hardly find for the price.

The multi-purpose 3-in-1 design makes it one of the most valuable additions you can ever bring to your workshop.

The three-position head handles several tasks in your workshop since it can work as a single-roller, material stop, and a multi-ball head.

The eight independent rollers will direct your workpiece to the direction of your choice whether dealing with plywood or pipe.

The vertical distance sets at any point between 28 inches to 45 inches, giving the unit greater height compatibility.

The bottom of the stand is wide for maximum stability, minimizing the chances of it tipping over when receiving the tail of your workpiece.

The base features non-slip feet keep the unit exactly where you want it and will not move even when handling heavy workpieces.

And since the feet are capped, Protocol 67109 Roller Support Stand guarantees to protect your floor from damage.

The high weight capacity of 150 lbs indicates that this support stand will handle nearly any project in the workshop.

After use, the unit will fold flat in seconds for easy storage so that you don’t have to worry that it will eat the space of your woodshop.

  • The steel legs have a powder coating for durability.

  • The feet are rubberized to protect the floor.

  • It provides a wide adjustability range.

  • The roller head employs a 3-in-1 design.

  • The feet are pretty narrow.

  • The holding capacity of 150 lbs is not the best rating in the market.

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#8 Rockwell RK9034 JawStand XP Work Support Stand

Rockwell RK9034

This work support stand from Rockwell is designed to impress in different dimensions. For example, it features a versatile design.

Hence, expect this model to offer beyond what an ordinary roller stand can do.

The unit combines unique features with those of a traditional roller stand to make the unit of greater use to any DIY’er or workshop owner.

To make things more comprehensive, apart from receiving the tail of your workpiece, you can also use this stand for precise positioning of doors, cabinets, and other materials when installing.

Therefore, expect this staple workshop addition to saving time and hassle in your regular woodworking projects.

The clamp holds any material up to 1.75 inches wide, a pretty great capacity for maximum compatibility.

Unlike most traditional rollers that will more frequently misdirect your material, Rockwell RK9034 JawStand XP features low-friction rollers which are precisely positioned to channel your workpiece in a straight line.

The head of the support stand is designed to bevel a full 90-degree for increased user convenience.

The tripod leg extends from 29 inches to 43 inches to accommodate specific user height needs. The no-mar and no-slip feet will not damage the floor space like some of the members of the competition.

The weight of 13.5 inches makes it portable without compromising its strength since it can withstand up to 220 lbs.

  • It is a multi-purpose tool.

  • It employs a great concept.

  • It permits the user to make very fine adjustments.

  • The tripod ensures stability.

  • The versatile design increases the complexity of the tool.

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#9 Shop Fox W1732 Adjustable Roller Stand

Shop Fox W1732

This unit is more of a roller table than a stand. The option is designed to serve ideally as an outfeed stand in your workshop, home or any other place of your preference.

The adjustable roller stand features multiple independent glides that direct your material in a straight path. The length can be elongated to 54.5 inches when in use.

However, when not in use, this length reduces to just 19.5 inches to free up space in your workshop, thanks to the accordion space-saving design.

The adjustable length makes it ideal for workshops where space is premium and in applications that require less distance. Similarly, the height of this roller stand also customizes between 24.5 inches to 38 inches.

With all these possible customizations, we are safe to say that this roller stand is designed to meet your very specific needs that other support stands will allow.

The sturdy legs feature square tubing for not only durability but also strength. The legs combine with the rugged construction of the stand to give it an impressive weight capacity of 300 lbs.

The polyurethane casters roll smoothly and will last for several years to come even in a busy workshop.

And since the wheels employ an ultra-quiet design, expect this option to be an ideal addition in workshops and other settings where silence is needed.

The design of the stand will allow you to connect several of them as necessary for unlimited rolling capacity.

  • The adjustability allowance is unsurpassed.

  • It works as a perfect outfeed stand.

  • You can join several of them for a greater rolling capacity.

  • The feet are very sturdy.

  • The packaging needs improvement.

  • Putting so many parts together may be daunting for a first-timer.

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#10 BORA Portamate PM-5093 Tri Function Pedestal Roller Polished Steel Roller (11.25″ )

BORA Portamate PM-5093

Whether you want roller support, rigid stationary support or multi-directional ball support, you never get either wrong in this amazing option.

The high-quality tool comes with a pivoting head that allows you to adjust the head to the mode that suits your project at hand excellently.

The 3-in-1 head means that it will offer what three job-specific stands would give but at the price of one.

Like any of our before recommendations, this high-quality stand will allow you to adjust it vertically from 27 inches to 43.75 inches.

This vertical range implies that it will work with table saws, band saws, and other machines leveled within this range.

The legs of the unit are durably constructed and will stand up to the weight of up to 300 lbs.

The legs are adjustable to offer customized stability, ensuring that the unit remains in position even when using it on uneven ground.

The powder coat finish prevents corrosion to ensure greater service life. And since it utilizes collapsible design, this unit will fold down to a manageable size for transportation or storage.

In fact, with the weight of just 10 lbs, expect carrying this unit to your targeted spot to be a piece of cake.

  • It is very sturdy.

  • The powder coating offers superior protection from corrosion.

  • The wedge design is a plus.

  • The three-head option brings versatility.

  • Some may not hit the 43-inch mark when extended.

  • The floor leveling system allows for limited customizations.

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#11 Adjustable V-Shaped Pipe Roller Super Duty Stand HTC HSV-18

Adjustable V-Shaped

As the name hints, this unit comes with v-shaped rollers. The unique design allows you to support cylindrical objects and other irregular objects that ordinary stands cannot apply.

The stand boasts a great weight capacity of 500 lbs, which combines with the heavy-duty axle to let you use it for those heavyweight irregular objects with the confidence that it can withstand.

The height adjusts to anywhere between 26.5 inches and 43.5 inches depending on the needs of the user. The unique wedge-lock support design ensures a rock-solid platform to prevent slipping.

The rugged construction of the stand ensures extended durability. In other words, in case you are looking for a heavy-duty stand that will serve you year after year, you should not go beyond this option.

The base is engineered for maximum stability to ensure that it does not tip over even when using it to support heavy objects.

Also, the wide-stance bottom features non-skid feet which are properly aligned to ensure a steady set up every time.

  • It works great for piping work.

  • It is very sturdy.

  • The base provides a steady setup.

  • The V-shaped design is great for irregularly-shaped objects.

  • The V design may not suit some woodworking applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How do you choose a roller stand?

Before you reach your wallet for a roller stand, consider factors such as construction, weight capacity, versatility, stability, and cost. You should also have in mind the adjustability range and the quality of the glides. Ensure that the construction is durable and that it has a very high load capacity. The stand needs also to be as versatile as possible and should provide a steady set up but within your budget. The adjustability range should cover the height of your machine.

Are roller stands the same as support stands?

A support stand is a more general term used with a variety of stands. Therefore, every roller stand is a support stand but you can’t call every support stand a roller stand!

How durable is a roller stand?

The durability here will depend on the quality of construction and how frequently you use the stand. A high-quality roller stand will serve you for several years even with regular use while a poorly constructed one may only serve you for less than an hour.

Why the name roller stand?

They are called roller stands simply because they have glides that help material to pass through smoothly. How smoothly the rollers run to determine how easy it is for material to pass through it. Smoothly running glides reduces resistance to minimize the chance of the unit tipping over when in use.

Where are roller stands used?

Roller stands will come in handy in applications involving longer workpieces. For this reason, they are more common in workshops and at home by mere DIYers.


The role a roller stand plays cannot be overlooked when buying your workshop tools.

However, since not every roller stand is worth your bucks, dedicating a few hours to research is critical for a more informed purchase.

But wait, you don’t have to; rely on our top-notch options to land that ideal workshop addition you have always wanted to have.

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