11 Best Roof Cleaners (2024)

One of the most effective cleaning methods for roofs and shingles that are covered with molds and lichen algae is the roof cleaner. Unlike the traditional methods, ingredients like Tri-Sodium Phosphate and chlorinated cleansers provide optimum results. 

The old-fashioned methods require you to scrub the surface of your RV roof after applying the cleaner. Expect great results with roof cleaners that contain ingredients like Chlorine and Copper Sulphate. 

While cleaning the roof of your RV or building, people expect to see fast removals of stains and moss. However, many manufacturers of roof cleaners recommend users to dampen these surfaces with the bleaching solution before rinsing it off. 

Other non-toxic roof cleaners work even when you don’t rinse the chlorine bleach. Usually, a sprayer allows you to overcome the daunting task of keeping the roof free from mildew and stains. Without using the best roof cleaner, you might struggle to keep the roof clean.

As the roof’s surface comes under the strength of chlorine bleach, it will clear old stains. It might restore the surface to its original beauty. Also, a reliable roof cleaning product makes a huge difference. 

Top-rated cleaners are suitable for aluminum, asphalt, concrete, and brick roofs. Furthermore, pro-grade emulsifiers for painted surfaces are tougher on roof algae and fungus. You can choose oxygen-based or non-toxic roof cleaners and apply them accordingly. 

Top 11 Roof Cleaner Reviews

#1. Wet and Forget Roof Cleaner

Wet and Forget Roof Cleaner

This one gallon of Wet and Forget Stain Remover is easy to apply. You don’t have to scrub or rinse the surface material after applying this solution. Also, it doesn’t contain bleach and acidic ingredients. 

Instead, this skin-friendly formula removes old stains of moss, mildews, and molds. Since this Wet & Forget roof cleaner is versatile, you can apply it on siding, decking, and painted surfaces. 

It works with a simple spray-and-leave method.

Additionally, you can wipe or rinse the roof’s surface during the cleaning process. As a non-caustic formula, the Wet and Forget cleaner contains biodegradable surfactants that have been selected to tackle tough stains.

It doesn’t cause damages to the surface of your roof, but it’s effective on concrete, fiberglass shingles, driveways, and fiberglass boats.

  • Apart from roof cleaning, this versatile formula works on outdoor furniture and tiles
  • The 1-Gallon volume can cover between 750 to 2,250 square feet
  • It’s a bleach-free product
  • You need to buy a sprayer for effective applications

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#2. Spray & Forget Revolutionary Cleaner

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By spraying jetstreams of Spray & Forget with a garden sprayer, you can dissolve all mildew and mold stains quickly. Also, this roof cleaner is economical because it can cover a maximum of 2000 square feet when you mix the concentrate properly. 

As a non-corrosive chemical, you can get about 10 gallons of diluted formula. Unlike other roof cleaners, this eco-friendly formula doesn’t need rinsing after applying it. 

Additionally, it’s not necessary to apply the pressure of cleaning brushes because this cleaner works on all surfaces. However, this revolutionary roof cleaner can be used on shutters and fences. 

It doesn’t contain phosphates, lye, and acidic ingredients. You can apply this roof cleaner on awnings and brick pavers with stains of moss and lichen. 

  • It’s a bleach-free formula
  • It has penetrative powers to dissolve stains
  • A biodegradable formula
  • Over-dilution might not produce effective results.

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#3. RoofBeClean Roof Cleaner

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This liquid contains a formula that removes stains from roof surfaces. However, you need to re-apply this roof cleaner between 12 to 24 months for effective results. 

Apart from removing stains, it prevents the accumulation of algae and fungus. Also, the pump sprayer can help to spread this liquid very well. It’s a 1-Gallon stain-fighting formula that made in the USA.

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After the first application, you don’t need to rinse or clean the roof’s surface. Instead, rainwater can help to clear the mildews and moss and keep the roof clean for about 9 months.

While the RoofBeClean 2-gallon formula is available, you can make 9 gallons of this roof cleaner from the 1-gallon liquid formula.

  • Versatile applications
  • It doesn’t contain chlorine bleach or Phosphates
  • Formulated for asphalt shingles, fiberglass, and wooden roofs
  • You need a favorable weather condition (rainfall) to enjoy the effectiveness of this roof cleaner.

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#4. GP66 Green Miracle Cleaner

GP66 Green Miracle Cleaner

Do you need a roof-cleaning solution that comes with a built-in sprayer? As one of the most versatile roof cleaner, this Green Miracle Roof Cleaner by GP66 is worth every penny. 

Apart from clearing mildews and molds from the roof, this formula is helpful to remove old stains from roofs. 

It’s effective on stainless-steel cooktops, carpets, and rugs with grime. As a reliable roof cleaner, this cleaning solution degreases any surface material. Also, you can use this cleaner for industrial projects. 

Since GP66 Super-size Cleaner enough penetrating strength, water’s surface tension will be unable to resist it. 

Stains on roofs and laminate floors can withstand the cleansing action. Additionally, the concentrated cleaner saves you from the hassles of cleaning your roof. You can save time and money too.  

  • This 32oz gallon cleaner can make about 64 units of 16oz bottles
  • It emulsifies grease
  • It helps stains to mix with water and dislodge from the roof surface easily
  • Biodegradable chemicals
  • Built-in sprayer with three-trigger settings
  • It works better on stone-coated roofs and stone floors.

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#5. Quest Chemicals Green Off Liquid Concentrate

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You don’t need to clean your roof with water and detergent when Quest Chemicals Roof cleaner contains powerful ingredients. This top-quality roof cleaner is tough on outdoor molds and algae. These non-toxic chemicals don’t damage surrounding surfaces around its area of application.

Instead, the formula contains a proprietary blend of biodegradable surfactants. Since they have been selected, it makes this multi-surface cleaner versatile and reliable. Also, it’s easy to apply on surface materials and scrubbing isn’t required. 

It works on cedar roofs and shingles, and wood decks. You can cover at least 400 square feet of any exterior surface with this 1-gallon roof cleaner. Additionally, it’s better to apply the formula during periods of rainfall.

  • Its maximum coverage is 1,200 feet
  • The formula is ideal for roofs, wood decks, and driveways
  • You don’t need to rinse after applying the formula
  • You’ll need a large garden sprayer to cover any wide area.

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#6. RUST-OLEUM Jomax Roof Cleaner

RUST-OLEUM Jomax Roof Cleaner

RUST-OLEUM Roof Cleaner contains a proprietary blend of ingredients like ChloRelease bleach activator, mildewcide, and detergents. However, the main ingredient in this roof-cleaning formula is O-phenyl phenol. 

Apart from removing black streaks from the roof, this formula extends the lifespan. While the formula is designed for non-porous roofs, you can use it on shingles, tiles, slates and asphalt surfaces. 

One gallon of Jomax Roof Cleaner makes about 20 gallons of diluted stain-removal solution. It can last your roof-cleaning applications for many months. 

Before applying this cleaner, it’s important to clear off moss growth from the affected surface. Then spread the solution with a garden spray or a plastic pail.   

  • It covers an area of about 2, 000 sq. ft.
  • It contains household bleach
  • Concentrated formula that ensures quick removal of stains
  • Heavy stains from moss and mildews might require a second application
  • Roof-cleaning formulas with bleach might not be safe to apply without wearing protective gear.

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#7. Bio-Kleen Rv Roof Cleaner

Bio-Kleen Rv Roof Cleaner

This non-toxic Bio-Kleen Roof Cleaner is an effective formula that protects a range of materials. It comes as a 32oz concentrate that’s free from petroleum solvents. Your roof can enjoy about 6 months of protection against weather effects like streaking, and UV rays. 

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When the SPF 70 UV-blocking chemical touches the surface of your rubber RV roof, it will enhance its lifespan. 

Unlike other roof cleaners that pollute the environment, this biodegradable formula is safe on EPDM and TPO roof. Also, Bio-Kleen Cleaner is free from harsh abrasives. 

Overall, the high-performance of this RV Roof Cleaner provides the solution to block harmful UV radiation from sunlight. It’s this roof-cleaning technology that reduces the rate at which grimes deteriorate rubber RV roofs.    

  • It’s an effective RV roof cleaner
  • It’s effective on oxidation that causes rusting and black streaks
  • The formula contains SPF-70 UV Blocker
  • The 32oz Bio-Kleen container doesn’t come with a sprayer.

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#8. Propack Rubber Roof Cleaner 

Propack Rubber Roof Cleaner

Propack Rubber Roof Cleaner contains a UV-blocking ingredient. It protects the growth of fungus on rubber roofs and exterior surfaces. As an all-in-one cleaner, it’s reliable for ensuring long-lasting and clean roofs. 

Apart from cleaning, a simple application can leave a lasting impression on your rubber roof. This conditioning effect should be done at least twice in 12 months. Many types of RV rubber roof cleaner don’t guarantee clean surfaces continuously. 

However, the Propack roof cleaner is suitable for tackling oxidation and streaks. Usually, oxidation causes the corrosion of corrugated roofs. 

With this pro-grade formula, you don’t need to buy silicone protectors for roof surfaces. Also, it’s easy to apply and doesn’t contain any petrochemical formula.

  • It acts as moisturizer and conditioner for RV roofs
  • The formula comes in a 128oz easy-to-carry container
  • It clears stains of mildew and streaks easily
  • Multiple applications might be necessary for effective results.

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#9. Thetford Premium Roof Cleaner

Thetford Premium Roof Cleaner

Wouldn’t you rather protect your camper trailer’s roofs with a simple application? Thetford Premium RV Cleaner will enhance the lifespan of any roof surface. It’s a deep-cleaning formula that removes stubborn stains and mildew discolorations. 

As a biodegradable solution that preserves your RV Rubber roof, it also removes bird droppings and fungus. This roof cleaner comes with application instructions that are easy to understand. 

You don’t need to be a professional roof cleaner to experience amazing results with this non-petroleum formula. Additionally, this conditioner is suitable for aluminum and fiberglass surfaces. Apart from its 32-ounce bottles, Thetford roof cleaner is available in 64-ounce bottles.

  • The formula contains UV blockers
  • It extends the lifespan of many types of
  • roofing materials
  • It’s easy to apply
  • This formula might cause eye irritations when you apply it without caution.

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#10. Protect All RV Roof Treatment

Protect All RV Roof Treatment

Do you want to reduce the conditions of chalking and UV rays on rubber roofs? This concentrate on treating RV rubber roofs contains non-abrasive ingredients. 

It’s designed to protect and improve the appearance of the EPDM roof. However, it works by forming a tough layer of polymer on the roof. 

After applying this cleaner, this thick coat forms an anti-static barrier. It shields the roof’s surface from the effects of sunlight’s UV radiation. Apply the cleaner on any roof surface of about 3 square feet and spread with a sponge. 

The rubber roof should be allowed to dry for 24 hours for optimum results. It’s easier to treat rubber roofs with this formula when the temperature is between 55 to 90 degrees.

  • This roof cleaner contains ingredients like wax and conditioners
  • It’s suitable for any RV roof thoroughly and allow it to dry properly
  • It forms a protective layer on the roof membrane
  • You might not get decent results when the roof is very hot because the treatment might dry quickly.

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#11. Shingle Shield Roof Cleaner

Shingle Shield Roof Cleaner

Add extra shine to your roofing material with this Shingle Shield Cleaner. It comes in a 1-gallon bottle and doesn’t contain chlorine. This roof cleaner is tough on mildew stains, but it’s mild on materials of roof shingles.

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You can restore the original color of any wood surface by applying this concentrate consistently. Also, one gallon of the Shingle Shield Roof Cleaner makes 10 gallons of diluted formula. Since it doesn’t contain bleach, you can apply this cleaner on indoor tiles, and wood decks.

One of the main ingredients of Shingle Shield Roof cleaner is sodium hydroxide. While it’s easy to apply this concentrated formula, you can cover a wide area by using pump-type garden sprayers and hoses.

  • It restores original colors of wood decks, roofs, and asphalt shingles.
  • It clears algae, pollen, and mildew stains quickly
  • You can cover 2,000 sq.ft. with one gallon of Shingle Shield Roof Cleaner
  • After applying this formula, it might require you to scrub the roof gently.

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Before You Buy An Effective Roof Cleaner


While stain-fighting chemicals contain different elements, their level of aggression on moss, molds and mildews varies accordingly. Roof algae is a common cause of tough stains on plastic roofs of RV, shingles and hard coverings of buildings.

Apart from extending the lifespan of roofing materials, they make these stains less noticeable for a long time. Also, UV rays from sunlight can be blocked by roof-cleaning ingredients. Effective cleaners should make a difference in the appearance of any roof.

However, non-toxic roof cleaners are friendly to the environment and affected materials. It’s better to buy cleaners with an eco-friendly formula. These types don’t pose any threats to your health and they prevent the hassles of scrubbing after any application.

Usually, bleach-free roof cleaners contain biodegradable ingredients. When applied on roof surfaces, they can offer high levels of protection for many months.

Type Of Roof Cleaner

The method of applying roof-cleaning solutions are often indicated on their labels. Consider cleaners that can be applied with simple steps. Normally, roof-cleaning professionals use pumps to apply these chemicals.

A pump-type garden sprayer covers larger areas of any roof surface than manual applications. Additionally, this machine sends pressurized water that makes it easy to wash off stains. However, aluminum roofs might require scrappers to remove rust and old films of paints before applying the formula.

Without scrapping the roof’s surface, it might be difficult to apply deep cleaning with the roof cleaner. Also, scrubbing brushes with long handles are ideal for spreading cleaning solutions manually.

Tough stains often don not resist wire brushes. Since the bristles of these brushes are strong, they are suitable for sweeping metal and concrete roofs before applying the cleaning solution.

When the roof’s surface is dirty, it might be necessary to clear accumulations of loose paints and debris from the roof surface.


It’s a common practice for roof-cleaning manufacturers to indicate the coverage size of their formula. If you are considering your budget, the coverage of any roof cleaner is an important factor.

You can dilute 1-gallon concentrated cleaners and get 10 gallons of effective solutions. However, over-dilution can affects the effectiveness of the formula. At least a coverage size of 2,500 square meters of any diluted cleaning solution is reasonable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the factors that prevent the stressful maintenance of roofs with cleaners?

Several measures are required to ensure stress-free and lasting roof treatments. Unlike the surface area of regular roofing sheets, it’s faster to spread liquid cleaners across an RV’s rubber matting and non-porous roofs.

Since you might have to clean and remove stains, applications that don’t require rinsing often saves time and resources. Sodium hydroxide and many bleach-free chemicals provide less strenuous methods of cleaning your roof.

Consider the right weather condition that supports your applications to reduce the time spent on cleaning, Also, weather conditions that cause excessive loss of moisture can ruin your application.

Don’t forget that the surface of your roof needs to absorb these cleaning chemicals before black and gray streaks will disappear.

What are the basic safety tips when repelling dirt from roof surfaces?

According to professional roof cleaners, safety is a great concern when handling chemicals. Slippery roof surfaces like aluminum, tiles and shingles might cause accidental falls.

It’s important to wear safety harness when cleaning these materials. Also, safety boots with anti-skid soles offer traction on slippery surfaces.

Use eco-friendly roof cleaners and dilute them properly. Don’t forget to wear safety goggles and hand gloves when handling roof-cleaning chemicals.

Final Verdict

premium cleaning solutions for RV, polymer, wood, and metal roofs can remove stains. Apart from roof chalks, grime and mildew stains often appear on EPDM rubber roofs.

However, we are recommending these roof cleaners because they offer more benefits than regular brands in the marketplace. They can prevent the growth of black streaks, molds, and block UV light.

Furthermore, these roof cleaners can condition and treat old stains on many roofing materials. Optimize your roof-maintenance methods by using any of these brands.

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