11 Best Roof Rack Awning (2024)

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As an outdoor enthusiast, you can enjoy your camping by installing roof-top tents on trucks, vans, trailers, or SUVs. Vehicle camping is a favorite outdoor activity during the summer. It’s often easy to use affordable and straight roof rack awnings. 

While many models of canvas awning rolls come with simple designs, other types might require at least 2 persons to install. 

Usually, retractable and easy-to-install roof rack awnings can be folded into storage bags. Also, high-end awnings are designed with extendable poles that allow users to create exterior walls of canvas materials. 

However, what makes these awnings unique is the ease of attaching them to the roof rack of vehicles and trailers. It’s easier to use an electric roof rack awning than installing a manual roof rack awning.

While acrylic or cotton awnings are popular, Oxford Polyester awnings are better because they have breathable materials. You could use the roof-rack awning only to shield sunlight’s UV rays, rain, and wind. 

During the summer, it’s common to see people using steel poles with collapsible roof rack awnings. However, you might need some privacy and choose an awning structure that’s set up as an enclosed room. 

Without tiny vents for cross-ventilation of air, staying under shaded areas of enclosed awnings might be a hassle. Also, you can mount a 4×4 perimeter of mosquito nets under this type of roo rack awning. 

Regular campers often look forward to reducing many harmful environmental effects during their outdoor activities. 

When constructing roof-rack awnings, it’s important to use lightweight materials and consider other features. Here are some top models of roof rack awnings and their unique features.

11 Best Roof Rack Awning

#1. ARB Deluxe Awning Room 

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If you make road trips, this 2500×2500 mm ARB creates a safe enclosure and a platform. It’s easy to deploy this ARB awning and enjoy the protection and some privacy with its mosquito net. 

While the exterior walls shield you from uncomfortable weather conditions, the 300D Oxford Polyester is made of UV-resistant materials. 

As an adventurer, all you need is a 4×4 or trailer with a roof rack and this ARB Deluxe Awning Room. It’s a heavy-duty structure that’s easy to install and disassemble when you are ready to leave your camping location. 

This awning’s accessory includes polyethylene and water-resistant floor, heavy-duty nylon hooks, and an awning pole. Additionally, the package comes with 6 pegs, a mesh roof that allows cross-ventilation of air, and built-in side panels with insect-proof mesh. 

  • The attachments of this awning room is a heavy-duty structure
  • The Oxford Polyester exterior walls have zippers
  • It comes with a nylon storage sack
  • There’s a built-in mesh pocket organizer
  • It needs at least two people to install the awning quickly.

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#2. Smittybilt Tent Awning

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Do you need roof rack awnings that don’t create any barriers to any part of your campsite? Smittybilt Tent Awning measures 47 x 8 x 8 inches and it’s also available in smaller sizes (6.5 and 8.2-feet width). This ample space allows you to share fun moments with friends and family.

More so, it’s compatible with longer vehicles that have enough ground clearance. This model of Smittybilt Overlander Awning is suitable for making roof-top tents wit telescoping steel poles. 

It comes with a heavy-duty 500D PVC with built-in zipper and UV-stabilized materials. While it’s quick to install, you can extend the tent, and collapse it with simple instructions. It’s safe to store this roof rack awning in its kit because it’s waterproof. 

Additionally, the polyester cotton material weighs 280g and it comes with lightweight (aluminum) pegs and rails.

  • Durable construction
  • It comes with stakes and ropes to secure the mounting poles during harsh weather conditions
  • The mounting poles have telescopic and twist-lock designs
  • The pre-drilled holes are not big enough to install the pegs.

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#3. KingCamp Portable Awning

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Look no further when you need durable roof-top awnings. The KingCamp rack-mountable awning shields you from the intensity of sunlight during recreational activities. Also, the shaded area comes in multiple dimensions of between 60 to 76 square feet. 

While the awning weighs 9.7lbs, it comes with a portable carrying bag. This zipper bag has handles, and mesh pockets by its side that stores handy items. 

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Apart from the 210T polyester fabric, you can mount the ripstop fabric with three fiberglass poles or steel poles. By creating a canopy with the roof rack of SUVs and hatchbacks, you can sit around a table with friends and enjoy drinks from the cooler. 

Additionally, the anti-UV 210T polyester fabric is made of 1500mm PU coating that’s abrasion-resistant.

  • Anti-UV fabric that allows enough air flows
  • It can be used with trucks, sedan, and as a gazebo
  • It’s mountable with 2 tent pegs, ropes, and aluminum poles
  • During heavy wind speeds, the aluminum poles of this awning might bow slightly.

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#4. Tuff Stuff Rooftop Awning

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When you are on a road trip and need a makeshift campsite, the Tuff Stuff Rooftop Awning is an ideal choice. It weighs 170 grams but measures 6.5 x 8 inches. Also, it’s large enough to protect pets and kids from sunlight and rain. 

This polyester awning comes with aluminum frames and other mounting accessories. These quality hardware structure and the awning’s fabric are durable. However, the windproof fabric requires tough ropes that provide extra lateral support. 

It’s a great rooftop awning for avid campers and beachgoers. The (4) supporting arms that come with this lightweight and multipurpose roof-mounted awning has been tested to resist severe windy conditions.

  • It comes in a carrying bag with a heavy-duty zipper.
  • Strong ropes for lateral support
  • A high-quality polyester material
  • These supporting arms can withstand wind speeds of about 15 Knots (17.3. MPH).

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#5. Yescom Rooftop/ Pull-Out Awning

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Get a multipurpose rooftop awning that allows ample ventilation. This model of Yescom Rooftop Awning measures 7.6 x 8.2 inches, and it can be retracted easily. It’s a hassle-free process of installing this piece of Oxford fabric on your vehicle’s rooftop rail. 

While you can adjust the awning’s telescoping poles between 59 to 85 inches (150 to 216cm), this collapsible pole’s twist-lock design ensures stability. 

Other installation accessories include high-quality mounting Brackets, plates, bolts (M8x25), Nyloc nuts, and stainless-steel wrenches. Also, the awning fabric’s PU2000mm waterproof rating is impressive and it meets UV50+ for blocking sunlight’s harmful radiations. 

Campers, travel and outdoor enthusiasts need this space-saving rooftop awning to relax during the intense summer heat.

  • The awning is easy to install (with screwdrivers) and has a pull-out design
  • Durable 420D Oxford fabric
  • Rust and UV-resistant
  • Stable aluminum mounting hardware
  • It might be difficult to install single-handedly.

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#6. Hasika Batwing Awning For Rooftops

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The Hasika All-Weather Rooftop Awning comes with a different design. Its sturdy 420D Oxford polyester material traps at least 90% of UV rays. Also, this 600D Ripstop material is suitable for camping during rainy days. 

Unlike other rooftop awnings, you can mount this Batwing model either on the right or left-hand side of your vehicle. This 550-gram polyester material requires four rigid aluminum poles for support. However, this ultra-thick Polyester creates a radius of 8.2 feet. 

It is great for multi-terrain vehicles, off-road trucks, and SUVs. As a versatile UV-resistant awning, you don’t need to worry about very hot temperatures during outdoor summer vacations.

  • It’s a rugged awning that’s suitable for all weather conditions
  • UV-resistant, heavy-duty and waterproof ripstop polyester material
  • It’s versatile and mountable on many roof racks
  • This awning doesn’t come with easy-to-read installation guides.

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#7. Offroaidng Gear Roof Rack Awning

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This model of Offroaidng Gear is one of the waterproof awnings that comes with a 6.5-inch front-view extension. 

While the awning measures 6.5 x 6.5 inches, it’s easy to installs on roof racks of most vehicles. Also, this awning has a rear window that enhances the ventilation of air. The 75-sqft space under this awning allows four adults to relax comfortably. 

You can enhance the stability of this awning with three heavy-duty fiberglass poles that come with the kit. They are easy to install and can be folded after using the awning. 

Additionally, this kit comes with mounting accessories like brackets, bolts, nuts, ropes, and a wrench. The extendable cover provides an extra shield from rain and wind. 

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#8. Dobinsons 4×4 Awning

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This Roll-Out Awning by Dobinsons Spring & Suspension measures 8 x 9.8 feet (2.5 x 3m). It’s a large Ripstop 420D PU awning for 4×4 and off-road vehicles. 

This waterproof Dobinsons awning comes with complete installation hardware like brackets, pegs, ropes, and adjustable poles. 

You don’t need to drill holes on these self-Locking poles to enhance their stability. Also, this rooftop awning is quick to set up because the kit comes with an owner’s manual with easy-to-read instructions. 

Another impressive feature of this heavy-duty awning is that it can be mounted either on the right or left-hand side of your vehicle. 

Apart from this 8 x 9.8 feet awning, you get smaller sizes ( 4.6 x 6.5 and 6.5 x 9.8) that are compatible with the roof rack crossbars of your vehicle.

  • Breathable, waterproof and UV-stabilized
  • Oxford Polyester material
  • Complete set of mounting hardware like L-brackets, nuts, and bolts
  • This 4×4 awning package doesn’t include a roof rack.

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#9. KingCamp Awning

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Do you need high-quality awnings that are built for quick and easy protection from sunlight’s UV rays during outdoor activities? KingCamp Portable Awning has an elaborate design. 

It’s spacious and has a curved roof that extends downwards (left and right-hand sides) to create a temporary living space of about 80 square feet. Also, this awning is called a waterproof trap because it has a wide cross panel. 

While it enhances your camping experience, your family can enjoy outdoor picnics or make a beach tent with this awning. However, the set up can be stabilized by installing the steel poles with nails and ropes properly. 

Apart from protecting you from rainfall during outdoor relaxations, this polyurethane awning serves as a sun shelter. Additionally, it’s easy to attach this awning with straps and buckles on your vehicle’s roof rack.

  • This foldable awning measures 26.4 by 4.7
  • It’s portable and comes with a lightweight carrying bag
  • Double-stitched seams
  • This awning provides roomy space, and it might be time-consuming to install it.

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#10. DANCHEL OUTDOOR Side Awning

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You can create a comfy room for friends and family during camping, backyard parties, and other outdoor events. This model of DANCHEL OUTDOOR Awning is mounted with a pair of L-brackets and M8X60 bolts on crossbars and roof racks.

With this 22 lbs side awning, you can enjoy enough protection from sunlight, and rain. Also, this DANCHEL awning is made of ultra-thick (450D) Oxford fabric and it has waterproof features. Usually, heavy-duty awnings are designed with wind-breaks features.

The aluminum poles of this awning model come in two sizes. While the inner pole’s diameter measures 0.8-inch, the outer pole measures 1 inch and enhances the structural stability of the setup. Additionally, it’s easy to maintain the Khaki color of this awning.

  • 450D Oxford fabric
  • This heavy-duty awning measures 8.2×10 feet
  • It comes in a PVC carrying bag
  • The wind resistance of this awning is not very impressive.

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#11. ARB Touring Windbreak ARB Awnings

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This ARB rooftop awning is designed with windbreak sides. Apart from the ease of setting it up, its 2000 x 2500mm size is suitable for camping and it comes with complete waterproof features. 

More so, the polyester canvas is UV-resistant and it protects users from unpleasant weather conditions. 

The kit includes high-quality ARB Awning accessories. You can secure this awning from severe wind speeds because it has many tie-down points and uses 3 stakes.

  • Premium awning with windbreak design
  • The polyester material comes with UVP 50+ rating
  • It has the same high quality of fabric as other models (2500, 2000 and 1250) of ARB awnings
  • It’s easy to install
  • You might need some sets of square head and channel bolts.

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What Are The Benefits Of Using Rooftop Awnings


The smartest way if incorporating portable outdoor sun protectors on vehicles is by using rooftop awnings. Apart from taking short rests during road trips, you can use lightweight awnings on RVs. 

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During poolside parties, outdoor enthusiasts can create a 4×4 room for chairs and tables. Premium awnings can create at least a 76 square feet shelter for guests and some extra shade for your BBQ grille. One of these reasons for the automotive accessory’s versatility is its portability.

Protection from UV Rays

Vehicle awnings provide protection from sunlight’s UV rays. Several clinical studies show how ultraviolet (UV) rays cause skin damage. During the summer seasons, avid outdoor enthusiasts are often exposed to UVA and UVB rays. 

Rooftop awnings with anti-UV 210T polyester fabric materials can block these natural radiations and prevent sunburns. 

Water Resistance

Apart from using awnings as sunshades, they can be used to break wind speeds and resist the rainfalls. A Ripstop 420D PU2000 mm polyester material has improved waterproof features. Usually, waterproof surfaces on polyester materials act as a barrier. 

It’s difficult for water droplets to break through these surfaces when you use high-end awnings. During spring seasons, you can drive your off-road truck to any getaway location and relax under your rooftop awning.

How To Buy The Right Rooftop Awning

Check The UV-Resistance Level

Resistant to rainwater, wind and moulds are great, but a shield against UV rays is important. The UV50+ protection on rooftop awnings gives users a break from intense sunlight during hot summer months.

It eases the discomfort of enjoying outdoor environments and protects your skin cells from sunburns. Consider high-quality fabrics that can withstand long hours of sunlight’s exposure.

The Quality Of An Awning’s Material

The ease of maintenance is important when choosing any rooftop awning product. Usually, awnings are designed as breathable blankets that help the user to stay cool and comfortable during outdoor relaxations.

Normally, the density and quality of an awning’s fabric can enhance its value. While thick polyester and cotton fabrics are durable, they should have vents that allow cross ventilation.

More so, they should be strong enough to resist the impacts of winds and blistering heat from sunlight. Usually, awning material with colors like khaki is easy to clean.

You can wipe off stains with soft-bristle brushes and soapy water. Additionally, the mounting hardware of rooftop awnings should have a strong resistance to weather conditions, wears, and tears.

Consider Coverage

The dimension of any model of rooftop awning indicates the protection it offers. There are standard sizes that fit mid-size SUVs, trailers and off-road trucks. However, mounting poles with adjustable lengths can be customized to offer extra coverage.

You’ll need enough coverage for your tables and chairs during family outdoor relaxations. Consider heavy-duty awnings that measure at least 47 x 8 x 8 inches. These types of rooftop awnings provide ample space for multiple users.

The Ease Of Installation

Large and heavy-duty rooftop awnings with much mounting hardware often require extra hands to install them. However, a portable rooftop awning should be quick and easy to install.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the average time for setting up a standard rooftop awning?

Usually, it takes an average of 10 minutes to set up a car awning in any outdoor location. It depends on how many people will install it too. A rooftop awning is fast to install when the user understands the basic mounting techniques.

Should you be worried about severe weather conditions when using rooftop awnings?

Safety is a basic rule when using makeshift structures. However, most rooftop awning manufacturers make impressive claims of their products.

It’s better to know the maximum wind speeds (Knots or MPH) that your favorite awning can withstand. Also, the level of UV resistance and waterproof features will give some ideas on how to protect yourself when using awnings.

Final Verdict

You might need extra installation accessories after choosing your favorite awning. However, these 11 rooftop awnings are great for beachgoers, and avid road trip travelers.

While the rooftop awning provides shade, premium models with full-wall enclosures can protect users from invasive pests and extreme cold during camping expeditions.

One of the impressive features of the rooftop awnings in this buying guide is its effectiveness against Ultraviolet (UV) rays. It’s important to maintain durable rooftop awnings and optimize its features.

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