11 Best Rooting Hormones (2024)

Apart from soil formation, different factors affect the growth of plants. These unfavorable conditions might disappoint farmers that are expecting bountiful harvests. It’s not a good experience to till the soil, plant seeds, and expect nothing in return.

According to agricultural scientists, plants have growth hormones that stimulate their systems like humans. An example of special formulas that stimulate growth is the rooting (auxin) hormone. You can stimulate a plant’s root and stem nodes with hormones consistently.

Depending on the formula, it’s possible to track these growth patterns and make improvements. Gardeners and farmers use root hormones to make plants grow very well. While waiting for plants to grow, this formula helps them to reduce their level of impatience.

Normally, hormones target different areas of plant and animal lives. The auxin hormones help plants to build strong root systems quicker than other plants. Since the root of plants helps to transport water and nutrients, these rooting hormones are available as commercial products.

Common types of hormones for root systems include powder and liquid formula. Since there are many brands of rooting hormones, it’s wise to use effective products.

The best rooting hormones often increase the chance of ensuring the proper growth of plants’ roots. Also, they contain key elements that help seedlings to grow with strong tap and fibrous roots. However, most premium items contain different plant-growth hormones.

As a proprietary blend of organic and inorganic elements, these ingredients can stimulate a plant cutting for the formation of root nodes. If you are in doubt about the right auxins that can help your plants, this buying guide offers more clarity.

Here are 11 top-quality rooting hormones that can help new cuttings with strong and fast root development.

11 Best Rooting Hormones

#1. Clonex HydroDynamics Clonex Rooting Gel

Clonex HydroDynamics

This 100 ml growth technology by Clonex can multiply your plants quickly! Clonex Rooting Gel ensures a proper root cell development and seals the cut tissue of plants.

By applying this gel on plant cuttings (as recommended), it will trigger accelerated growths in their root systems. Also, this hormone is a high-performing product that is not toxic to plants and the environment.

It contains Indole-3-butyric acid and other trace elements. Normally, water-based rooting hormones are easy to apply to all types of plant cuttings. To guarantee a fast propagation of root nodes, apply this rooting gel to the required soil depth and follow this procedure.

Then place the cutting into its rooting medium. A moist growing medium is a good propagating environment for tender plants.

  • Gel-based rooting hormone with essential nutrients and vitamins

  • It comes with a clear application process that ensures optimum results

  • This formula ensures root formation within 2 weeks

  • The product comes in a 100 ml bottle, and the content might be too for all your needs.

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#2. Voluntary Purchasing Group Fertilome Root Stimulator

Voluntary Purchasing Group

Are you starting a nursery or home garden project? You need a plant starter solution with fertilizer formula to ensure consistent growth of healthy plant roots. Fertilome by Voluntary Purchasing Group supports faster transplanting of all plant species. Also, the hormone formula stimulates the early formation of root structures.

The formula comes in a 946 mL bottle with a density of 9.7 ft-lb/gallon. Before you apply on cuttings, mix one gallon of water with 3-1/2 tablespoons of this root stimulator formula.

You can apply this rooting hormone on shrubs, flower plants, and trees. It supports healthy root formations for newly-planted flowers and home garden plants. If you want a greener lawn, use Fertilome stimulator because it contains a wetting agent and Indole Butyric Acid.

  • It supports the development of a healthy root structure.

  • It contains fertilizer and rooting hormone

  • This rooting hormone and fertilizer reduces the risk of transplant shocks

  • It contains some inorganic chemicals.

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#3. Hormex Rooting Hormone Powder


During the formative stages of cuttings, you need growth hormones that stimulate feeder roots and cells. You don’t need a rooting hormone product that contains alcohol when Hormex offers strong and healthy roots with an organic formula.

Normally, plants that are cultivated for consumption don’t need hormones with poisonous chemicals. Hormex Rooting Powder is available in five formulas with strength for developing root systems of plants. Also, it’s specially formulated for rooting woody plants.

While supplying the hormones, this Hormex powder helps to nourish the tender roots of plants. Also, this powder offers fast root developments for several plant species. You can use different rooting media like clay pellets, peat moss, coco, and normal soils.

  • It’s free from dye and chemical preservatives.

  • This rooting hormone powder contains mineral nutrients for difficult-to-root woody plants

  • It accelerates the growth of plants to vegetative stages

  • You can prevent sagging cuts and root rot with this formula

  • Since root systems develop in clean water, an overdose of this hormone powder in any rooting medium might be poisonous to your plant.

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#4. Hormodin 3 Rooting Compound

Hormodin 3 Rooting Compound

Do you need rooting hormones for stronger root systems and a successful transplant? An effective rooting compound is an ideal option. Hormodin 3 Rooting Powder Compound (IBA) offer is very effective.

Expert nurserymen and garden enthusiasts use this formula to develop callus and cambiums into strong roots. Since it contains indole 3-butyric acid (IBA), it can do the most difficult work of transforming rootless and leafless cuttings.

You can soak (for at least 24 hrs) these types of cuttings with this hormone, and prevent them from dying. This root-growth stimulator powder is easy to apply on several species of plants. Simply dip your cuttings into Hormodin rooting powder, and plant in a suitable rooting medium.

This method of application is one of the most convenient ways of applying rooting (powder) compounds. Also, you don’t need to measure the powder or mix it with other additives. The powder contains 0.8% of its main ingredient, and its specially for propagating dormant cuttings.

  • This formula is simple to apply with a dip of cuttings into the powder.

  • The main ingredient is an organic formula that’s designed for very difficult-to-root plant varieties

  • A 1/2-lb powder of Hormodin 3 can be used for 17,500 cuttings

  • When this product is used to root my plumeria, it could take over 5 weeks before you see results.

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#5. True Plus Plant Science Root Boost

True Plus Plant Science Root Boost

True Plant Science is an energy-dense hormone that enhances the development of roots. It helps to maintain your lush green landscape and multiplies the varieties of cuttings.

Unlike other rooting solution, Root Boost generates precursors and enzymes. With this product, you are confident of growth plant all seasons of the year. This formula has 4 and 9 strains of mycorrhizae, and pro-biotic bacteria respectively.

After applying this rooting hormone supplement; targeted plants enjoy enzymes, microbes, and mycorrhizae. They will grow with strong white root hairs to show the stimulating effect. Another benefit of using this product is that little portions of the formula offer impressive results.

This Advanced Rooting Formula comes with concentrations of phosphorus and potassium. For effective results on hydroponic plants, apply between 0.51 to 1mL per gallon of this hormone supplement. Also, use between 1 to 2mL per gallon for soil gardens.

Without the development of roots, cuttings might fail to enjoy minerals and soil water that sustain their growth.

  • It’s an effective endo-mycorrhizae formula

  • This product works by solubilizing phosphorus to trigger roots growth

  • The formula is a nutrient-dense and serves a long time

  • It’s more expensive than regular rooting hormones that offer similar benefits

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#6. Spectrum Takeroot Rooting Hormone

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Do you need root enhancers that offer consistent growth of plants? Takeroot Rooting Hormone works on soil and hydroponic gardens. It’s ideal for ensuring healthier roots of grapefruit, Crepe Myrtles, and elderberry in nurseries. The rooting powder contains minerals and nutrients that ensure transplant success.

You can build healthier structures of plant roots with this 56.6 grams hormone supplement. Also, beginner gardeners can propagate greenhouse plants without the risks of sagging cuttings.

To apply this formula, use the dip method and drop cuttings in wet soils. As a natural formula, the main ingredient (Indole-3-butyric acid) doesn’t cause contamination of plants. Instead, you can apply this product to home-grown crops for consumption.

  • It’s a pro-grade rooting hormone

  • It’s ideal for greenhouse cuttings

  • The method of application is simple

  • To maximize this plant hormone formula you need to keep cuttings away from direct sunlight.

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#7. Bonide Garden Rich Root N’ Grow Stimulator

No products found.

When planting trees and flowers, you need to stimulate the growth of root structures very early. Without an effective stimulator, your plants’ root structure might be weak.

Bonide Root N’ Grow Stimulator comes with concentrate 4-10-3. This rooting hormone formula reduces the risk of transplant shocks and ensures early stimulation of healthy root structures.

Apart from early root formations, you can prevent common diseases that attack root structures with this product. Also, it’s ideal for houseplants, trees, and ornamentals. You can store this item for a long time in its weather-proof container (1-Quart), and grow your perennials.

  • This product also works for transplants, flowers, vegetables, and fruit trees.

  • It can stimulate and give vigorous plants

  • It comes in a quality 32-oz packaging container

  • Its active ingredient might be too concentrated. So you need to wear face masks when applying this formula.

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#8. Orga Grow Holland Root Power

Orga Grow Holland Root Power

Wouldn’t you like to grow healthy plants like a pro? Orga Grow Holland provides an organic stimulator for roots. This product comes in a 16 oz can with organic minerals that are important during the early stages of your crops. Also, this growth stimulator mixes well with any rooting medium.

Usually, organic root stimulators with fast-absorbing ingredients are more economical than regular products. Since this rooting hormone formula is absorbed quickly, you will be amazed to see its effectiveness within a few weeks.

It’s ideal for increasing the resistance of plants to rots and other deficiencies. However, the right time to apply this stimulator is during the growth phase and flowering phase of plants. If you need a speedy recovery after replanting, buy this Orga Grow Holland Root Power product.

  • This formula works quickly

  • Stimulates growth and fortifies plants against diseases

  • During root development, this product helps to reduce stress in the root structures of young plants

  • Orga Grow Holland Root Power fails to provide clear directions on mixing ratios before applying the formula.

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#9. Miracle-Gro Quick Start Planting & Transplant Starting Solution


Apart from hormones that stimulate roots growth, a quick absorption often ensures strong plants. Miracle-Gro Transplant Starting and Quick-Start Planting Solution promotes greener gardens.

This formula is a 48 fl. oz liquid concentrate that must be diluted with water to ensure healthy formations of root structures and more vigorous plants. It’s ideal for the early developments of shrubs, flowers, transplants, vegetables, seedlings, and trees.

After a few weeks of using this product, you will be happy to see faster blooms of thriving plants. For seedlings, this formula works faster than many inorganic fertilizer products. Instead of having a garden of unfed plants, buy Miracle-Gro rooting hormone for a reliable root structure development.

  • It’s a liquid-based rooting hormone formula

  • It contains essential nutrients for transplants

  • You can prevent transplant shocks

  • Without mixing this formula with enough water, you might not have the right solution to saturate your plants for faster root developments.

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#10. Big Foot Mycorrhizal Granular Formula

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Give your plants the unique experience of enjoying overall health with some Mycorrhizal fungi. Big Foot Organic Stimulator contains granular Mycorrhizae fungi for small plants. Apart from enhancing the structure of roots, this formula acts as soil inoculants.

It works for perennials, and indoor plants like vegetables, and herbs. Also, home growers of fruits that use hydroponic methods can use this product. The ingredient is a blend of fungi, kelp, worm castings, biochar, and other micro-nutrients.

It’s a mixture of high-performance organic nutrients that stimulate plants’ growth. As an all-in formula, this root stimulator can reverse soil damages and help affected plants to thrive in any rooting medium.

  • This root stimulator doesn’t contain heavy metals and it’s safe for plants that are cultivated for consumption

  • During a transplant, you only need to sprinkle a scoop of this formula in the potting hole. A little application goes a long way for lawns, and garden trees

  • The rooting formula forms a microbial web with the roots of plants creating.

  • Since it’s a granular type of rooting formula, exposures to water and moisture can affect the quality of this product.

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#11. CANNA 5Litre Rhizotonic Rooting Stimulator

CANNA 5Litre Rhizotonic Rooting Stimulator

You can keep a garden of flourishing vegetables and herbs with essential nutrients. CANNA Rhizotonic Rooting Stimulator contains extracts of marine algae. Since it contains rich concentrations of organic vitamins and nutrients, you can expect proper development of root structures.

Normally, rooting products with natural ingredients often grow vibrant plants. This 5-liter container has a strong plastic material that looks durable. For small plants and clones, you can apply 15 ml of this formula to boost root structures.

  • It’s suitable for all rooting media, and cuttings

  • It contains organic vitamins from marine algae extract

  • A 5-liter volume can serve for long periods

  • The odor of this Rhizotonic Rooting Stimulator is awful.

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How to Use Rooting Hormone Effectively

This simple method applies to several plant species and cuttings. When you follow the right procedure, an effective rooting hormone stimulator can quicken the development of tender roots.

Ensure Suitable Conditions For The Rooting Medium

Ensure that your favorite rooting hormone stimulator contains ingredients that makes your plants safe for consumption. Also, the environment for propagating your cuttings should have a conducive temperature of between 20 to 24 temperature. The rooting medium should be moist too.

Keep A Cluster Of Cuttings

Gather your cuttings in a spacious planter and clear the rooting medium from dry leaves. Use a sterilized knife to make a deep (4 to 6 inches) 45-degree cut on the soil.

Apply The Hormone

Apply the recommended amounts of powdery or liquid rooting hormones into a bowl. Be careful to avoid acts that can contaminate your water and food. Dip your cuttings into a bowl with the rooting solution, and place them in the growing medium.

After The Application

After planting your cuttings in a suitable growing medium (water, soil, and organic peat moss), allow them to receive sufficient light. However, exposure to intense heat from sunlight might affect the growth of your plants.

Watching your cuttings develop strong root structures in a moist medium is amazing. Without ensure the right conditions and applying the rooting hormone formula properly, your tender plants might dehydrate and die. So, it’s important to create a sustainable condition for your plants. It takes a few weeks for an effective rooting solution to give results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Apart from developing strong root structures, what are the benefits of rooting hormones?

The main purpose of applying the rooting hormone formula is to grow healthy roots for young plants. However, different brands of rooting hormone ensure that cuttings thrive in soils with high salt content and seawater.

Since these products may contain soil nutrients, their formula can reverse deficiencies and create a sustainable medium for plants.

Can I use rooting hormones with other plant nutrients?

It depends on your requirements for cuttings and seedlings. Normally, most rooting formulas don’t contain fertilizers and inoculants. Yes, you can apply other additives if it’s to protect the root structure of cuttings from rots and also make them strong.

Do rooting hormone solutions work for hydroponic plants?

Many premium root stimulation products work on several growing medium, and hydroponics is not excluded. However, you should avoid over-applying any rooting hormone product because it can burn the roots of your cuttings.

Final Verdict

Plants require nutrients, sunlight, and water. Without these basic requirements, they will struggle to survive. However, rooting hormone formula ensures fast and healthy development of root structure.

Since poor soils also affect the propagation of plants, rooting products with inoculating chemicals can help you to treat soils. We have analyzed the features of 11 efficient products for your herbs, homegrown plants, and trees.

You have the opportunity to optimize the benefits of any of these products. However, the right application of rooting hormone formulas might produce impressive results within a few weeks. Get ready to choose your favorite rooting hormone formula.

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