11 Best Router For Table Mounting (2024)

If there is one area that requires a whole shop full of tools before getting started, then it has to be woodworking. Leave alone the saws, sanders, and the power drill, a router is a tool that most woodworkers can’t go without.

This machine not only saves labor and time on carpentry projects but also makes it possible to tackle some woodworking tasks that would have been a mission-impossible without.

Whether it is shaping, trimming or cutting wood, a router will always come in handy. We have reliable handheld routers out there, but for greater precision and more professional results, table mounting routers are head and shoulders above.

Motor power, portability, and construction are important considerations, but there are more factors to weigh up in mind before you fork out for one! Here is the 11 Best router for table mounting.

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Top 11 Best Router For Table Mounting

#1 DEWALT Router (DW616)

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If there is a manufacturer who has dominated the power and hand tools industry for a very long time, then it has to be Dewalt. And yes, this router is among the industry’s iconic products. Hence, it is of high-quality, reliable, and durable.

You can either mount it on a table or use it as a freehand router. However, since the switch isn’t easy to access when in freehand mode, it works better with a table.

The Dewalt DW616 Router has a very powerful 11-amp motor for outstanding performance. The engine along with other strong components of the router allows it to cut through different types of wood smoothly without any issues. In fact, most users find it more reliable and tough enough to withstand regular use for hardwood.

The machine permits depth adjustment of 1/64th part of an inch. The micro-fine adjustments ensure that you get accurate results you ever thought of for your projects. The base and the motor housing are of die-cast aluminum. This construction makes them highly durable but lightweight for convenient transportation.

The dust-sealed switch prevents dust from finding its way to the internal components of the router for long-lasting performance. The low center of gravity improves balance while the over-molded handles provide best-in-class ergonomics.

  • The power cord disconnects for easier storage.

  • It is easy to adjust the height of the bits.

  • Its powerful motor increases its versatility.

  • The router does not vibrate much.

  • The switch isn’t easy to access when free handing.

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#2 Triton TRA001 3-1/4 HP Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router

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The versatility of this router tops the long list of its awesome features. It is a very powerful tool designed to stand consistent and regular use with the toughest wood.

The 3-1/4 horsepower motor is incredibly powerful, making it among the most sought-after table mounting routers by professional woodworkers. It is a variable-speed router, which means that you can select the perfect speed setting for the material at hand.

Like the predecessor, Triton TRA001 can operate as a freehand router. However, its size and weight simply dictate table mounting. Most customers like the fact that they can use it as plunge or fixed when utilizing the same base.

The constant speed feedback ensures professional results in every project while the micro winder permits depth adjustments. Its convenient design makes customizing it a breeze including changing the bits.

The built-in safety switch prevents the router from accidentally powering up when swapping the bits. By virtue of this, we can consider it among the safest routers. The side air vents minimize dust ingestion into the motor casing when using it on a table.

  • It is quick and easy to change the bits.

  • It utilizes one base for plunge and fixed modes.

  • The shields offer good protection for handheld use.

  • The motor is incredibly powerful.

  • The crank feels a little fragile.

  • A few users find dust to accumulate on the shields.

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#3 DEWALT Router Fixed/Plunge Base Kit (DWP611PK)

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Also coming from Dewalt, this fixed/plunge router delivers enough power to let you handle even the toughest woodworking projects with ultimate ease. The 1.25 horsepower motor is good for multiple applications.

The motor delivers a variable bit speed of between 16000-27000 RPM. With such speed, you can customize it to your ideal setting for perfection in different applications. The micro-fine depth adjustments deliver great precision in all your projects.

Also, this Dewalt has dual LEDs that are strategically positioned to light your path while the clear sub-base maximizes visibility. The versatile unit switches between fixed base and plunge base in just seconds.

The depth ring and the clamping mechanism lock the motor in the correct position. The router also boasts a rubber handle that gives the user a super comfortable grip to make it easy, safe, and convenient for extended projects.

  • The LED lights are very useful.

  • The plunger base is simple to adjust.

  • The variable speed ensures optimal performance.

  • The rubber grip is great.

  • It does not come with bits.

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#4 Hitachi KM12VC 2-1/4 Peak HP

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Hitachi is also among the industry-leading manufacturer of power tools. All her products are designed with quality as the utmost priority. Therefore, you can count on this router for reliability and outstanding performance.

The 11-amp motor delivers 2-1/4 HP of torque, enough to tackle a wide variety of materials. Unlike most powerful machines, Hitachi KM12VC operates quietly so it won’t cause long-term harm to your ears when you use it regularly for extended periods.

Also, this model is ergonomically designed and does not vibrate much like other models. For this reason, you will like how good it feels in your hands and the level of precision it delivers in your cuts. The strong material encases the motor and other internal components. Hence, it stands up to constant abuse on a busy worksite.

The motor release clamp makes it straightforward to change from fixed to plunge base in two simple steps. The fixed base weighs 7.3 pounds while the plunge base is 9.9 pounds. Therefore, you won’t be wrong to classify it among the portable routers you can find in the market.

The kit includes the two bases, 1/4″ and 1/2″ collets (one each), dust guard, 2 wrenches, 5 aluminum guide bushings, instructional manual, and a large heavy-duty carrying case.

  • The price is affordable for most woodworkers.

  • The kit contains lots of useful accessories.

  • The noise is at negligible levels.

  • It is generally easy to use.

  • The plunge base is a little hard to move.

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#5 PORTER-CABLE Router (690LR)

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This router for table mounting is precise to within 1/128th of an inch. Hence, in case you are looking for a router that will deliver very precise cuts, it is wise to settle for this model from Porter-Cable.

The mighty machine packs a heavy 1.75 HP motor that tackles just about all woodworking projects. Aluminum housing protects the motor from dust and other external elements for better service life.

The 11-amp motor produces an incredible 27000 RPM for quick and efficient execution of jobs. And since it is a single-speed router, it is more straightforward to use than the variable-speed models since it does not need any speed adjustments.

Most users, however, view the single-speed design as its major flaw since it does not work perfectly for all projects. The ergonomic design provides better stability, comfort, and control, making the tool an excellent buy for all-day projects.

The under-table stop ensures that the motor does not accidentally rotate out of the base. With all these features, this router weighs only 8 pounds for convenient transportation.

  • The height adjusts easily.

  • Shipping is typically super fast

  • It has a very high RPM and power.

  • It is a solid machine.

  • It is a one-speed router.

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#6 Bosch 1617EVS Wood Router Tool Kit

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This unit suits use on a router table but it also has a fixed base for upright use. The fixed base comes with pre-drilled threaded holes that make installation a piece of cake. It packs tons of spectacular features, including a high-performing 2.25 HP motor that takes care of even the most challenging routing applications.

The 12-amp motor delivers an impressive bit speed of 8000-25000 RPM. The variable speed allows you to choose the optimal setting for every routing application so that you get excellent results no matter the material.

The soft-start feature minimizes the torque when starting the motor and increases the power to the intended setting smoothly. Also, this fantastic piece employs constant response circuitry technology to ensure that it maintains the same speed all-through a cut for a cleaner outcome.

The motor casing and the bases utilize aluminum construction for maximum strength without compromising on portability. The power switch has a reliable seal that keeps debris at bay for enhanced durability.

The improved bit adjustment mechanism allows for convenient customization of the bit height. The quick-clamp system allows for easy and fast transfer of the motor between the two bases.

  • The ball handles are very nice.

  • The height adjustment lock is positive.

  • It is very sturdy.

  • Constant response circuitry maintains the speed setting.

  • The body scratches easily.

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#7 PORTER-CABLE Router (895PK)

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This 12-amp table mounting router delivers a stunning bit speed of up to 23,000 RPM. However, since speed can adjust to a minimum level of 10000 RPM, you can minimize it when doing the last cut in large winged cuts.

The motor maintains a constant speed throughout a cut to give you professional results in every task. The 2-1/4-HP motor produces low noise even when running in full setting. This design makes it a good addition to any workshop.

The dust collection feature maximizes visibility and maintains a neat workspace. The die-cast aluminum construction indicates that the unit is made for durability. You will also like the design of the grips since it provides a perfect grasp that suits extended projects.

The package arrives with a carrying case, a clear sub-base, 1/4″ and 1/2″ collets, dust collection insert, wrench, and other accessories to get you started direct away. Most users also like that the bits are easily replaceable with one hand.

  • The on/off switch is easy to reach.

  • The finish is great.

  • The plunge router has a nice dust containment port.

  • It comes with a molded case.

  • The spindle lock needs slight improvements.

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#8 Bosch 1617EVSPK Wood Router Tool Combo Kit

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The 12-amp motor of this router generates up to 2.25 HP of torque to make it one of the most powerful machines you can ever bring to your workshop. The high-performance unit boasts an impressive variable speed range of 8000- 23000 RPM for ample cutting across a wide variety of materials.

The motor adopts a unique technology that keeps a constant check on the speed to maintain the same setting throughout a cut for a consistent outcome. The speed regulator makes it easy to customize the speed depending on the task and the nature of the material.

The power switch is also strategically positioned for convenient access and is dust-sealed for better durability and longer service life. The bases and the motor housing are of commercial-grade aluminum for superior performance in a rugged job site.

The rounded wooden handles ensure a comfortable grasp and excellent controllability for more accurate results. The bit adjustment interval of up to 1/64 of an inch delivers excellent precision you have always admired for your woodworking projects.

  • The wooden handles are very comfortable.

  • The motor maintains speed.

  • It adopts a rugged design.

  • The fixed base uses advanced design for quick adjustment of bit height.

  • The depth stop is not of the best quality.

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#9 Bosch MRC23EVSK Combination Router

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The router offers two bases; fixed and plunge. Either of these bases permits micro-fine bit-depth customizations to guarantee exact cuts every time.

The fixed base has threaded holes for quick and convenient mounting. The holes adopt the famous three-hole pattern for the maximum stability of the unit. The power tool takes pride in the 15-amp motor since it is powerful enough to support tough use.

The adjustable spindle speed of between 10000-25000 RPM powers through different materials giving professional outcomes in every task. The LED lights ensure better visibility of the cutting line and the bit area for safer operations even when operating in difficult light conditions.

For more safety, the unit features a cord swivel that prevents the motor from rotating during depth customizations. The kit includes 1 motor, 1 fixed base, 1 plunge base, 2 wrenches, hex wrench, 3 M4 mounting screws, 1/2-inch self-releasing collet, 1/4-inch self-releasing collet, and a rugged carrying case.

  • It has LED lights.

  • It has safety features.

  • It has a hefty 15-amp motor.

  • It permits tool-free conversion.

  • The bases may arrive with minor scratches on the inside.

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#10 Makita XTR01Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Compact Router

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With the wide spindle operating range of between 10000-30000 RPM, you can match the speed to the material of your workpiece for an excellent outcome. It cuts easily and can work on a wide variety of materials when maintaining constant speed for consistency and cleaner cuts.

The unit makes use of an ultra-efficient design that makes it an excellent choice for use in extended projects. The on/off dial has an independent lock button to ensure that the unit does not power up accidentally when changing bits for better user protection.

The soft-start feature is amazing since it ensures smoother start-ups and greater precision in every cut. The slim body features a rubberized grip for a comfortable grasp and better control.

The cordless unit works with 18V Lithium-Ion batteries that insert easily. The batteries charge faster so they will spend less time charging and more time making your intended cuts. The star protection computer controls ensure better performance of the tool and the battery.

  • It has a wide RPM range.

  • The battery life is good.

  • The cordless design is more convenient.

  • The power is good for a cordless unit.

  • Since it’s cordless, it may not work well for heavy cutting applications.

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#11 Makita RT0701C 1-1/4 HP Compact Router

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Although it utilizes a compact design, this unit is strong enough to cut through most materials with much ease. With its weight standing at just 3.9 lbs, it is the most lightweight yet powerful router you will ever get in the market.

The 6.5-amp motor works ideally for light routing applications. I mean, if you are a beginner in need of a tool that can handle light woodworking projects, then Makita RT0701C should be a good place to invest.

The variable speed dial allows the user to select a speed of between 10000-30000 RPM depending on the type of project. When powered up, this router has a soft start feature for smooth start-up and electronic speed control that sustains its speed all-through the project.

The sturdy flat-top design increases user convenience when changing the bits while the shaft lock guarantees quick and hassle-free bit replacement. The base has improved visibility for greater performance and will come out readily when you want to install other bases.

  • Setup is super easy.

  • It is very lightweight.

  • The slim design is convenient.

  • The latch lock makes the removal of the base quick and fast.

  • It does not support heavy tasks.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Can you mount any router to a table?

Nearly all handheld routers can install on a table. However, some routers will work better in an inverted position than others. Hence, before you buy, ensure that you get a router made for great performance when mounted.

Why should I mount my router?

If you have a router that can be mounted, it’s better to have it installed since it will allow you to tackle projects easier and more conveniently.

How does a router table work?

A router table allows the user to use the tool in an inverted manner. The router remains in a fixed position as the user runs wood over it. This is the opposite of free handing where an ‘upright’ router is run over the wood.

Which way do you feed your router?

Since a router runs in a clockwise direction when the bit is facing down, it will spin from left to right when inverted. Hence, you have to feed the wood from right to left (against the direction of the spin)

How fast do routers spin?

How fast routers spin is expressed in Revolutions Per Minute (RPM). Most routers have a minimum speed of 10000 RPM. This speed may go up to 30000 RPM and even more for some models.


A good router for table mounting will allow you to handle projects faster, precisely, and efficiently. It is something that a workshop can’t simply go without. Just grab one from the list and you will see how great woodworking becomes!

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