11 Best Rubber Mallets (2024)

Generally, rubber mallets are versatile work tools that prevent impactful damages than steel hammers. With the best rubber mallets, you can apply a reasonable amount of force and be confident that your workpiece will be intact. Their non-marring padded heads absorb vibrations too.

Hammers that are used with brute force are designed to make much impact. While rubber mallets are impactful, they are designed with much ease of control. Also, rubber mallets are great for tapping laminating floor tiles, and plumbers use them as sounding devices to test drain lines.

If you need to install brittle materials like countertops and glass window panels, this work tool might be useful for the project.

When considering any mallet that has controllable impacts, the quality of the rubber head and dimension of its larger striking area are important features.

Usually, the impacts of woodworking tools like metal hammers often cause dents on the ends of chisels, surfaces of the workpiece, and wooden materials. With rubber mallets, you can install floor tiles and sensitive materials like glass sheets comfortably.

Regardless of their build quality, well-made mallet models provide extra torque for several hammering applications. Since they often come with thick rubber heads and sturdy handles, you can control the impact and deliver soft touches on fragile materials.

Lightweight fiberglass handles are easy to lift and grip. Many of these handles and rubber heads are compact and they come with different designs.

Beechwood handles of rubber mallets are denser than fiberglass, but the latter is more durable because it doesn’t break under the pressure of handling easily.

However, rubber mallet models with interchangeable pads allow are suitable for both plasterboard and sheet metals. Apart from the shaft (handle) and soft heads of rubber mallets, we’ll share other features that can guide you.

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11 Best Rubber Mallets

#1. TEKTON Rubber Mallet

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Hammering tools with non-slip handles are convenient to grip with wet hands. Apart from the comfort, TEKTON fiberglass handles provide maximum strength for users.

This handle comes in a protective jacket that helps its core to absorb the impacts of missed strikes. Also, the non-marring rubber head contains white compound and other materials.

It’s the side with a black compound that’s softer and it’s suitable for applying cushioned hits on the surface of different materials. With this versatile head, you can make soft strikes and control the level of impact on ceramic tiles and furniture.

Additionally, the black part of this 16 oz. lightweight rubber mallet doesn’t stain the surface of clean materials after each strike.

  • Fiberglass and anti-slip handle

  • It’s ideal for soft and hardwood

  • Dual-color rubber heads

  • The piece of plastic that binds the handle and rubber head is not sturdy.

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#2. ABN Rubber Mallet

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ONXIGLI ABN Mallet is a blend of affordability and functionality. This 32-ounce rubber mallet can be used on a finished piece safely.

It comes with molded rubber handles with that’s compact and allows you to grip conveniently. You shouldn’t worry about a broken handle because this ABN rubber mallet is reliable. Also, the cushioning material on this handle is oil-resistant and easy to clean.

Usually, regular rubber mallets leave black marks (smudge) on the surface of a workpiece. It’s a different experience with this non-marking version. While the head is solid, its rubber material is well-textured and durable. The ABN mallet can deliver soft strikes and prevent damage on a surface.

  • It comes with an oversized handle that provides a secure grip

  • The shock-absorbing handle reduces the level of vibration from strikes

  • Its rubber head fits heavy-duty applications

  • This 11-inch fiberglass handle might not be comfortable for users with small hands.

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#3. TopBuilt Rubber Mallet

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Do you need rubber mallets with lightweight handles that allow users to make decent swings? TopBuilt Rubber Mallet’s fiberglass handle has bold aesthetic designs. As a soft-textured handle, even beginner furniture makers can enjoy comfortable grips.

Usually, bi-colored handles allow users to identify them in a mix of work tools. Another impressive feature is the quality of attachment that comes with this ergonomic handle.

This part of TopBuilt contains a safety pin and epoxy resin that reduces any risk of slippage. Also, the fiberglass core delivers extra strength and you’ll enjoy fewer vibrations during work. When using this tool, the surface of any workpiece will stay without any damage.

  • This 16-ounce mallet has a lightweight design

  • It comes with a head that fits softer surfaces

  • The ergonomic design of the fiberglass handle

  • The rubber head might be too soft for a range of materials.

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#4. Alltrade Rubber Mallet

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Alltrade Rubber Mallet comes with a sturdy-textured handle and white head. These components are strong and durable. With a comfortable grip, you can work with little or no fatigue risks. Also, firm grips prevent slippages and help to apply decent strikes on surfaces.

This rubber mallet transfer shock and dampens vibrations during work. Additionally, this lightweight 16 Oz white mallet has a built-in steel handle and non-marring rubber head.

You don’t need to worry over marks left by mallets because this Alltrade mallet is gentle on finished surfaces. Apart from hammering sensitive surfaces, this white rubber mallet fits construction and furniture-making projects.

  • Non-marring rubber head

  • Steel handle

  • This mallet construction conforms with ANSI standards

  • Affordable

  • The soft white head might come with a strong rubber odor.

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#5. Vaughan Rubber Mallet

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One of the amazing features of this Vaughan rubber mallet is the ‘Sure-Lock’ wedge. It holds the hickory handle core with the rubber head securely.

The design ensures consistent strikes with these non-marring white and black tips. Also, these small-profile 2-inch tips allow accurate and soft strikes on surface materials. However, you’ll need the white tip for a non-stain use on your workpiece.

This 14-inch rubber mallet comes with a hickory handle that is attached to a triple-wedge steelhead.

Usually, mallets with long handles need firm grips. Since this Vaughan & Bushnell mallet model has the right weight balance, you’ll enjoy less fatigue on your hands and wrist during applications.

  • Quality hickory handle, forged-steel head, and tips

  • Pro-grade rubber mallet

  • An impressive weight balance

  • The triple-wedge steel might add extra force to strikes.

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#6. Estwing Deadhead Mallet

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Do you need the right rubber mallet with non-bounce heads that protect your finishing surfaces? Apart from the premium hickory handle, this Estwing Deadhead Mallet comes with bounce-resistant rubber. This lightweight (12 oz) design minimizes arm fatigue.

It offers long-lasting life with the ease of maintenance. Additionally, you can control the rate of bounce safely. Quality mallets have sturdy designs, and their excellent balance provides extra driving power for a range of hammering applications.

More so, the seal that holds both the hickory handle and the 4-1/4-inch rubber head helps to prevent slippage during intense applications. You can drive upholstery nails, form sheet metal with this made-in-America tool.

  • Smooth and sturdy hickory (Carya) handle

  • Bounce-resistant head

  • Comfortable grip with the ease of control

  • The hickory handle is very thick.

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#7. Gunpla Rubber Mallet

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Usually, compact handles that allow better grips and their anti-vibration rubber heads are suitable for driving sheet metal. Gunpla 8-oz Mallet comes with heavy-duty rubber heads that protect the surface of the workpiece from impact damages.

This double-headed rubber design is convenient for tough projects. It’s suitable for laminate flooring materials, and sensitive surfaces. As a pro-grade tool, you don’t need much energy to make decent strikes with this Gunpla mallet.

You need hammering tools with sturdy components to make accurate strikes. However, the handle is a blend of stainless steel and an anti-slip grip that attaches to the rubber head. Apart from this ergonomic design, this rubber mallet produces great results.

  • Non-slip stainless steel

  • Anti-vibration technology

  • The rubber head fits heavy-duty applications

  • The stainless steel handle is not sturdy.

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#8. Bangerz Sunz Mallet

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You can even-out dents on different materials with this 8-oz Bangerz Sunz Mallet. It comes with a hand-contoured and smooth hardwood handle that reduces vibrations during strikes.

With this rubber mallet, you can secure matching parts of the upholstery without causing any damage. Also, it’s dense rubber head doesn’t mar finished surfaces. This premium rubber head helps you to target the right surface consistently.

Its soft strike offers minimal rebound that allows you to work closely with your workpiece and safely. Unlike poor-quality mallets, this Bangerz Sunz comes as a multi-functional tool. You can perform tile setting and other installation for long hours without feeling fatigued.

  • Premium non-marring rubber head

  • Sturdy hardwood handle

  • It’s suitable for breaking soft materials

  • The epoxy seal that attaches the contoured handle and rubber head are not sufficient.

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#9. Coleman Rubber Mallet

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Are you searching for a camping mallet with a quality rubber head and sturdy handle? This Coleman Mallet comes with unique handle construction.

It has a hook that allows you to remove pegs from camping tents. Additionally, this 150g (5.3oz) lightweight Coleman Rubber Mallet’s threaded hook is detachable. With this multi-functional rubber mallet, you can set tent stakes and install their pegs easily.

You can knock soft wooden pieces conveniently. Also, the rubber heads are built to prevent dents on the struck surface of your workpiece. It seems like every part of this work tool can produce amazing results. Since its high-impact rubber head is compact, it can spread strikes on materials evenly.

  • It’s perfect for setting volleyball nets, camp tents, and to remove pegs.

  • Durable all-black rubber head

  • Impressive weight balance

  • The rubber head’s odor is awful.

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#10. Estwing Rubber Mallet

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Estwing Rubber Mallet comes with an uncommon design and double-faced rubber heads that look detachable. However, this distinct rubber head design allows you to apply strike forces accurately.

While the soft rubber (red) head fits sensitive workpiece like jewelry, DIYers can use the hard rubber head for a range of tasks. Also, you can apply consistent non-marring blows on carpets, furniture, and ceramic tiles.

As a versatile mallet, it contoured handle is built to fit firm grips. This hickory handle allows much control of your striking force on sheet metal.

The point of attachment between these handles and rubber heads makes a solid structure. With this triple wedge construction, there are little chances of slippage.

  • Double-face soft and hard rubber heads

  • A secure attachment between the hammerhead and its handle

  • The hickory handle allows for a comfortable grip and easy control

  • It’s easy to identify the rubber heads that offer soft or hard strikes.

  • The hickory handle is not well sanded and might cause a splinter in your hand.

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#11. HORUSDY Rubber Mallet

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This set of HORUSDY tools contains a 32oz double-face mallet. Its fiberglass handle has shock-absorbing properties that fit chisels and marble countertops. You can apply soft striking force on a range of materials too. Usually, low-vibration mallets are comfortable to use during long periods of work.

While this HORUSDY rubber mallet reduces noise from impacts, its non-slip handle can be used with wet hands. Another impressive design is the effectiveness of these black rubber heads. You can use them on sheet metal and woodwork projects.

The construction is top-notch and the attachment between the handle and rubber head is secure. Apart from this tool, this set includes Cross Pain hammer, a 16 oz. Ball Pain Hammer, a 3-lb sled hammer.

  • Non-slip and textured handle

  • Sturdy and durable components

  • It’s ideal for DIY and professional applications.

  • It might not be affordable than regular rubber mallets.

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How To Choose The Right Rubber Mallet

Since it’s important to use the right work tools, you should consider these factors before choosing a high-end rubber mallet. While affordability is often a common consideration, you might not want to mallets with the poor build quality. Here are some factors that can prevent wrong investments in rubber mallets.

The Rubber Heads

These double-faced heads are not designed for regular nails. Instead, they beat uneven surfaces to shape, and ensure the alignment of flat materials during installation. Usually, the rubber head of mallets come with unique designs.

Many high-end models of mallets have soft heads that are suitable for sensitive materials and strong rubber heads. The component of these rubber heads might be a synthetic rubber.

When you use this mallet head on nails and pieces of sharp metals, the risk of a tear will be high. Also, some of the rubber heads are too compact and they tend to bounce on hard surfaces. However, the bounce-back of lightweight rubber heads are likely to injure users.

Additionally, rubber mallet heads that don’t require users to apply extra force is an advantage. Unlike these types, it’s not easy to make consistent strikes on surfaces with heavy rubber heads.

Their weight doesn’t cause hand and shoulder strain and fatigue during longs hours of use. Consider, rubber heads that can keep finished surfaces clean. A white non-marring and double-face rubber head are versatile.

The Right Weight Balance

Apart from straining your muscles during repetitive strikes, mallets with weight imbalance can be dangerous to use during work.

While many mallets have more of their weights on rubber heads, and bounce-back could cause injuries. So you should consider solid rubber mallets that spread their weight evenly.

With anti-vibration technology, every strike feels less stressful. The right head and handle weight-balance help to deliver strikes on the workpiece accurately.

Solid Construction

Mallets with solid construction are often durable and reliable. The triple-wedge designs have tight connections of handles and double-face rubber heads. Usually, fiberglass handles are less compact than hard hickory wooden handles.

It’s the triple-wedge construction that prevents accidental slippage during intense swings and strikes. Apart from solid constructions, ergonomically-designed handles are comfortable to grip.

With these designs, you can enjoy the build quality of wooden, rubber, and fiberglass handles for a range of tasks. Also, the quality of construction makes hammering with rubber mallets less tiring during projects because you might not need to apply minimum energy.

Anti-vibration Designs

Normally, wooden handles are designed to absorb the shock of impacts from rubber heads. Shock-absorbing rubber mallets often have bounce-reduction properties and they are the right tools for heavy-duty tasks.

Sometimes you need extra strength to align or smoothen surface materials. When you swing the mallet at any surface, the strike should not put your arms off-balance like traditional dead-blow hammers.

Instead, the rubber mallet that absorbs shock spread the impact on material evenly. Their rubber heads give feedback that with light bounces each time you tap the surface of the workpiece.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some benefits of rubber mallets?

It’s better to use multi-functional mallets because they save time and the energy of enhancing your craftsmanship.

Sheet metal fabricators, upholsters, auto-body repairers, carpenters, and floor tilers use rubber mallets to set their materials. During construction, roofers and technicians can use rubber mallets to installs fixtures too.

Are all the components of these mallets rubber?

They are called rubber mallets because of these double-faced heads and how their hammering effects. A rubber mallet often comes with both soft and hard rubber pads.

The diameter of these double-faced heads determines the spread of striking force on surface materials. However, many manufacturers use a blend of steelhead covered with rubber caps.

While these forged-steel materials increase the striking force, they improve the efficiency of these rubber tips. This design shows the difference between a regular hammer and rubber mallets. Additionally, you can have mallets with all-rubber heads with fiberglass handles.

What type of lightweight rubber mallet fits household DIY applications?

While wooden handles with contoured textures allow compact grips, fiberglass handles have a lightweight that reduces risks of fatigue.

Usually, rubber mallets for home use are lightweight types. Their simple designs like polyurethane shells and handle hooks for versatile applications. Rubber mallet with steel handles come with more weight, but they rarely break during intense strikes.

When you are careless with a fiberglass handle, it could break and there’ll be a slim chance of replacing the handle except you buy a new mallet.

Final Verdict

You don’t need tremendous strength to beat tiny pieces of jewelry or marble countertops into the right positions. With the rubber mallet, slight taps of rubber heads can enhance the durability of your crafts.

There might be differences in the designs of these 11 rubber mallets, but their superior quality is an advantage. Since the marketplace has several mallet models, you need efficient rubber mallets.

An 8-ounces mallet that’s portable and well-designed can make your project more convenient and easy. We expect you to have more satisfaction with these precision-balanced rubber mallets.

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