Top 11 Best RV Power Cords (2024)

You already have your RV well-equipped with all the necessary appliances. 120-V RV TV. Air conditioner. Microwave. Refrigerator and more. Lighting is also up to par. You can’t wait for the next camping trip to come- well done, oh camper!

But wait – how are you going to power all these? Your RV’s 12-volt system? Well, your RV’s electrical system is no more than your car’s system.

Your car’s electrical system will cough the engine, turn the lights on, and power a few of its components- and that’s exactly what your RV electrical system is made to do!

Here is the thing- although some of your appliances are ‘humble’ enough to utilize power from your 12-volt RV system, some machines such as your TV and air conditioner will only work with a 120-volt electrical system.

That said, you will need the intervention of an external power source to benefit from all your appliances on your next camping trip. It could be from your portable generator or shore power.

Now, how are you going to channel power from either of these sources into your camper? Well, an RV power cord plays a central role here. It links the external power source to the receiving end of your rig.

These cords are made to carry a staggering amount of electricity. That’s why the amount of juice they bring in can power all your RV’s electrical stuff. Hence, you can’t afford to skimp on one. Here are the 11 Best RV Power cords for your rig!

Kohree 30 Amp RV Power Extension Cord 50 ft with...
  • ⚡【Specification】 Male Plug: 30 amp (NEMA TT-30P), Female plug: 30amp (NEMA L5-30R) locking connector adapter. Rated: 125 volts/3750 watts. For when your RV is equipped with a 30 AMP twist lock power inlet and needs to plug into a 30 AMP power source.

11 RV Power Cord Reviews

#1 Camco 55191 30-Amp Extension Cord for RV

Camco 55191 30-Amp Extension Cord for RV

Your RV is wired to work with either a 30-amp or 50-amp cords. In case you aren’t sure of what amperage your rig is made to support, check the plug of your RV’s power cord if you have a fixed cord or the outside of your RV in case of a detachable cord.

If the plug has 4 prongs, you have a 50-amp rig. However, if you can only see 3 prongs, know that you are dealing with a 30-amp trailer. This power cord features 3 prongs. That means that it’s a 30-amp cord.

Copper has high electrical conductivity and ductility with heat-resistant properties. That’s why it is the most preferred option for electrical wires. And yes, this RV cord features 10-gauge construction purely of copper.

A flame-resistant material covers the copper wires. Also, a PVC sheath encloses the wires to protect them from the effects of harsh outdoor conditions and to prevent wear and tear.

This cord is 25 feet long. Hence, it works well with nearby outlets. However, when dealing with distant power outlets, the power cord can serve as a nice ‘top-up’ wire since it has all it takes to make a good extension cord.

One end of the cord features a 30-amp female connector (NEMA TT-30R) while the other is a 30-amp male end (NEMA TT-30P).

The female end connects with your RV’s power cord while the male end (plug) links to the external outlet. The two 90-degree heads have PowerGrip grips for safe plugging and unplugging without damaging the inside cords.

  • The handles make plugging and unplugging a breeze.
  • The insulation is exceptionally nice.
  • It coils easily for storage.
  • Some users find the handle to be quite large to permit closure of the plug box.

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#2 Conntek 15306 50 Amp RV Extension Cord

Conntek 15306 50 Amp RV Extension Cord

This is also an extension cord that can serve as a power cord. It is 5 feet longer than our previous option. In other words, its 30 feet long. The cord is made in conformance to National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) standards for compatibility.

The lower the gauge, the thicker the wire and the higher the amperage. Hence, being a 50-amp power cord, we expect the wires to be a little thicker than those of the previous models.

And yes, the wires of Conntek 15306 50-Amp RV Extension Cord are rated at 6 & 8 using the American Wire Gauge (AWG) size chart. Also, they are 100% copper for perfect conductivity will also providing superior flexibility.

The cord features 2 molded ends. The heavy-duty construction guarantees resistance to abrasion and harsh weather conditions. You will also appreciate the Ergo grips since they allow easy plugging and removal.

Also, among the commendable features about this cord is the blue LEDs. The power indicators are located on the ends and will illuminate to let you know whether the connection is done right.

We also like that this 50-amp piece meets the strictest UL (Underwriters Laboratories) standards. Therefore, it won’t cause hazards when you use it correctly as the manufacturer recommends.

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#3 Camco 55194 Extension Cord for RV

Camco 55194 Extension Cord for RV

This cord for RV is manufactured in the same facility as the first option on the list. Therefore, we also expect it to hardly disappoint when it comes to doing what it’s made to do.

The main difference between this cord and the earlier sibling is that this is a 50-amp power cable. Hence, it’s designed to transmit a greater amount of electricity than the 30-amp version.

Also, this option is a little shorter at 15 feet of length. However, it’s also available in longer lengths of 25, 30, and 50 feet in case you need a longer length. But remember to use the shortest cord possible.

The power cord consists of 4 copper cords- 2 hot, one neutral, and a ground wire. Three of these wires are 6-gauge while the remaining is an 8-gauge wire. And since they are all of the copper, the unit guarantees superior conductivity.

The copper wires have heavy-duty flame-retardant insulation material. Also, this RV cord features an outer PVC sheath for protection against the toughest outdoor elements.

One side of the cord offers a NEMA 14-50R receptacle while the other end features a NEMA 14-50P plug. Like the earlier sibling, these heads have nice handles for easy and safe plugging and removal without damaging the cord.

This power cord ships with a cable organizer and a carrying strap. These accessories allow for easy storage and transportation when the extension cord is not in use.

  • The size of the handle is nice.
  • It withstands regular outdoor use.
  • The Velcro carrying handle is helpful.
  • The excessive insulation means it’s quite hard to roll.

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#4 Valterra Mighty Cord RV 50-Amp Extension Cord

Valterra Mighty Cord RV 50-Amp Extension Cord

At only 10 feet long, this cable is so far the shortest on the list. Hence, it has the least resistance for electricity than any of the preceding options on our list remember that resistance increases with increase in length.

Nevertheless, in case the 10-feet length is short for your needs, this cord is also available in longer versions. You can grab either the 15, 25, or 50-feet versions depending on your needs.

It’s a 50-amp cord and provides up to 125/250 volts of power to your rig. With this much, you will be able to power everything you have in your RV. Camping has never been this fun!

Also, since it’s a 50-amp wire, we expect the plug (male end) to have 4 prongs- each prong for each wire. In other words, this cable has 4 wires under the insulating sheath.

The copper wires utilize 6-8 gauge construction. Hence, they are designed for extended functionality. The thicker construction makes the longer versions a little hefty to transport and roll, however.

This extension cord features a rubber housing. This jacket offers the inside wires with premium protection from harsh elements. Thus, it’s one of the RV cords that will take the abuse of regular use in a rugged campsite.

  • It is a very well-built unit.
  • The insulation is up to the par.
  • It remains cool to the touch even with extended use.
  • It feels a little stiff.

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#5 ParkPower 30RPCRV Yellow 125 V Marinco Amp

ParkPower 30RPCRV Yellow 125 V Marinco Amp

The next favorite on our top-notch list comes from ParkPower. It is a 30-amp wire offering a length of 30 feet. However, unlike the previous options, we don’t have size varieties here.

The cable has three wires. These conductors feature 10-gauge copper construction for minimal resistance and extended durability. Also, the thinner design makes it quite flexible to roll for storage when not in use.

The male end here offers 3 prongs- 1 hot, 1 neutral, and round ground prong. The design of the plug allows for easy and connection to the shore power source even in the darkness.

The female end (receptacle) features a locking ring that is easy to engage with a slight twist of your RV’s power cord plug (when serving as an extension cord). And since the 2 ends are watertight, this option won’t bring you trouble in wet weather.

One great feature that distinguishes this from our previous option is the color- this is yellow while all the previous options are black. While the yellow color may not mask dirt, we find it a smart idea since it’s very conspicuous for better visibility in the dark.

Having all that said, we generally see it as one of the top-rated options in the market. However, given a chance to highlight an area of improvement, including an LED power indicator at the female end would be nice.

  • The yellow color is visible in the dark.
  • The ends are watertight.
  • The receptacle has a locking pin.
  • There is no LED indicator in the receptacle end.

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#6 Ceptics 25-Ft 50-amp Auto EV Cord

Ceptics 25-Ft 50-amp Auto EV Cord

There is much to admire about this RV power cord. A case in point is its versatility. I mean, apart from using this for your rig, it’s also recommendable for users of Electric Vehicles, including TESLA users.

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The amazing unit from Ceptics offers a length of 25 feet long. Nevertheless, in case you need a shorter or longer lengths, you can opt for the 10-feet and 50-feet versions respectively.

The unit uses 6-8 gauge wire to supply enough juice into your rigs for running high-amperage appliances. The cord boasts a wattage capacity of 12500 watts at 250 volts and 6250 watts at 125 volts.

The copper construction ensures maximum electrical conductivity and heat resistance when giving the user the best flexibility to make folding the wire for storage a breeze.

The 4-prong heavy-duty plug connects effortlessly to an external power source and pulls out easily from the outlet after use. The output end (female end) is also ergonomically designed for easy linking with the input plug of your RV.

Finally, we like that all the components of this cord are UL-listed. Therefore, they are safe for use in indoor and outdoor settings no matter the weather conditions.

  • The quality is excellent.
  • It is available in 3 lengths.
  • It is safe for outdoor/indoor use.
  • A strap handle would be good for moving it around.

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#7 ALEKO RV30-50D25 30A Male to 50A Female Detachable Marine Cord

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At times your RV power plug may not match the available external power source. For instance, you might have a 50-amp RV power plug but the campsite only offers a 30-amp outlet.

Now, this detachable cord comes in to streamline things. It features a 30-amp male plug that goes into a 30-amp outlet and a 50-amp output end that links with your 50-amp RV power cord plug.

Like all our previous models, the wires of this cord are of copper. Therefore, there is minimal resistance to the flow of electrons from the power source to the input plug of your RV cord.

A weather-resistance sheath protects the wires from harsh elements and regular wear and tear. That said, we can consider this cord as tough enough to permit safe indoor and outdoor use.

The input end of the cord features a 3-prong plug. This male end features an ergonomic grip. Therefore, you will find it easier and convenient to plug and unplug it from the campsite pedestal.

However, since with this cord you are simply establishing compatibility between your 50-amp RV power cord and the available 30-amp outlet, don’t expect to get comparable performance to when using a 50-amp outlet- it simply can’t suck more than the capacity of the outlet.

  • The weight is nice.
  • It’s very flexible.
  • The 2 connectors are very well made.
  • It’s only available in a 25-feet length.

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#8 Proline Power 25 Foot 50Amp Heavy Duty RV Extension Cord

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This power cord is 25 feet long. This serves as a perfect size for those who don’t want an extension cord that is neither too short nor long. However, it also comes in a 50-feet length for outlets located far from your trailer.

The plug and the receptacle have the same amperage ratings of 50 amps. Also, the input and output end conform to NEMA standards. Therefore, you won’t encounter any compatibility issues with either end.

The cord packs three 6-gauge copper wires and an 8-gauge power cord. The copper wire ensures that you get as maximum power as possible as being drawn from the available outlet.

A high-quality jacket is also another commendable property about this extension cord. The heavy-duty housing offers resistance to low and high temperatures for all-year-round protection.

The ends utilize molded polyvinyl plastic construction for maximum durability. They also have an ergonomic grip for easy and convenient connection to a power source and RV’s power plug.

The cord is black for easy maintenance. The male and female ends, however, are yellow. Therefore, it’s easy to see where the connection is even at night. Hence, this cord offers a perfect balance between maintenance and visibility.

  • The jacket doesn’t become stiff in low temperatures.
  • The price is impressive.
  • Shipping is normally fast.
  • It’s not the easiest to move around.

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#9 Leisure Cords 50′ Power/Extension Cord

Leisure Cords 50' Power/Extension Cord

Like most members on the list, this power cord has everything it takes to serve as an extension cord. It has a decent length of 50 feet, this cord offers enough length for your needs.

It’s a 50-amp power/extension cord. Therefore, the male end adopts a 4-prong design to ensure that it goes into a 50-amp external power outlet. The 50-amp receptacle means that it’s designed to work with campers wired for 50A service.

Both the male and female heads are designed with top-grade materials for safe and long-lasting performance. Also, these plugs are watertight for safe operation during rainy weather.

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Another great feature of this RV cord is that it has a LED power indicator. The green light illuminates when you connect power. That makes it easy to locate electrical gremlins in your connections.

The twist-lock receptacle keeps the plug connecting to your RV electrical system locked inside for a more secure connection. Therefore, expect a connection that won’t come out on its own.

The sheath is of marine-grade material. I mean, unlike other insulation materials that become a little stiff in cold weather and more flexible in the sun, the jacket of this unit maintains its super flexibility throughout its entire life.

  • The green indicator light is a great idea.
  • Marine-grade materials ensure durability.
  • The receptacle has a locking mechanism for a more secure connection.
  • A smaller plug would be better.

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#10 Parkworld 50A RV Shore Power Extension Cord Adapter

Parkworld 50A RV Shore Power Extension Cord Adapter

The longest power cord we have so far on the list can only stretch to 50 feet away. Now, in case you need an extra-long power cable for your 5th wheel, this option offers twice that length.

Nevertheless, should you want something smaller than this, it’s also available in a 75-feet sibling. Other shorter versions offer 50, 36, 30, 25, 15, and 1.5 feet of length.

In other words, this cord is available in 8 lengths. Hence, no matter the size of the cord you need for your applications, you will always find that perfect length.

The male and female connection points of this extension cord are rated at 50-amps. Also, the male end connects and unplugs with less hassle while the female connector has a built-in lock for a secure connection.

The two ends have been molded to guarantee long-lasting performance. Additionally, they are watertight to keep the internal copper conductors from exposure to water.

The 4 copper terminals on the input are electroplated. This protects them from oxidation, eliminating the need for sanding every time you want to connect them to an outdoor power source.

  • It’s available in 8 lengths.
  • The connectors are durably constructed.
  • The copper terminals are electroplated.
  • Resistance is quite high for the 100-feet version- just as expected.

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#11 Parkworld 692194 RV Shore Power 30A Extension Cord

Parkworld 692194 RV Shore Power 30A Extension Cord

The last option is from the same manufacturer as the just-reviewed cable. Hence, we expect it to also impress in many ways. It’s a 30-amp cord meaning that it connects to 30-amp outlets.

It isn’t one of the shortest cords we have out there. Neither is it the longest on the list. Stretching up to 36 feet, this power cable offers just the right length for most RVers.

The input end of this cable features a durably constructed TT-30 plug. This plug comes with an ergonomic handle for easy pushing and pulling out of the power source.

At the output end of the Parkworld 692194 RV cord is also a well-built receptacle. The 125-V female joint has a locking ring for a secure connection that won’t come out on its own.

Like most 30-amp cords out there, this model features 10-gauge copper conductors. If you ask most experts, this gauge offers enough thickness for its amperage to keep it cool even with extended use.

Lastly, this power cord is designed in conformance with NEMA standards and meets the strictest UL safety standards. Hence, you can buy it knowing that it won’t pose any compatibility or safety issues.

  • 36 feet of length is great.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It can support extended hours of use.
  • There are no varieties of lengths.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What gauge power cord do I need for an RV?

According to NEMA, a 30-amp cord should utilize at least 10-gauge wire. AWG rating of 6-8 works well for 50-amp cords. Therefore, a higher amperage needs a thicker wire.

Using thinner wires than these can lead to overheating and eventually fire since you are trying to conduct more than the wire can comfortably handle.

How long can a 50 amp RV cord be?

As seen, we have 50-amp RV cords coming in different lengths. They can be as short as 10 feet up to 100 feet long. However, experts recommend keeping it as short as possible to minimize resistance.

Does plugging in your RV charge the battery?

Provided that your converter is in a good condition, when you plug in your RV power cord to a shore power source, your RV batteries will charge.

What’s the difference between a 30-amp plug and a 50-amp plug?

Well, the difference is in the construction. A typical 30-amp plug has 3 prongs while a 50-amp male end features 4. This is the easiest way to distinguish the 2 plugs.

Can I plug a 30-amp power cord into a 50-amp outlet?

Yes. Since the 30-amp outlet only has 3 prongs, it’s only going to draw what it can support. Therefore, you can squeeze 30 amps from a 50-amp power source without worrying that it will fry your camper.

Final Verdict

Most power cords double up as extension cords. When choosing one for your RV, you should always pick the ideal RV power cord to ensure safe conductivity.

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