11 Best Safety Harnesses (2023)

Generally, fall protection harnesses help to enhance safety. As personal protective equipment, the safety harness is a must-have when you work at heights. During work, good HSE (health, safety, environment) managers prioritize the use of protective equipment for employees.

Like safety gears and helmets, harnesses provide security when you work on raised platforms. Depending on your industry and environmental condition, falling from a raised platform during work might be inevitable. This safety harness is required to prevent workplace injuries or death.

Without wearing your safety harnesses, you could be flagged for violating health and safety standards. In the construction and mining industries, workers wear this piece of safety equipment to prevent them from falling accidentally.

If your job requires working from specific heights, fatigue and slippery surfaces could trigger a fall accident. Even when there’s a slip, the safety harness will prevent an accident because it’s attached to an immovable structure.

While working from raised platforms, you could be overwhelmed by the weight of your tools and stumble. Apart from working at heights, you can use safety harnesses to resist heat during metal welding applications.

Since they help to block the wearer from high temperatures, the quality of their heat-resisting lanyard must be very high. Without the flame-resistant materials, the safety harness for welding will not be useful.

A top-quality safety harness is useful for scaffold climbing, roofing, warehouse logistics, and general construction works. To understand what suits various industries, check online for specialty harnesses.

However, safety harness products for working at height are called fall protection kits. These materials have a high tensile strength that absorbs impacts from hard surfaces. Usually, well-made harnesses come with multiple locking snap hooks.

Get a versatile safety harness with tough straps, spring-loaded torso, and waist buckles. Also, ensure that you pick the best safety harness with specific features that suit your needs.

11 Best Safety Harness

#1. Malta Dynamics Warthog 3.1-lbs Full Body Harness

Malta Dynamics Warthog 3.1-lbs

Are you looking for a budget-friendly safety harness that can handle you 210-lbs weight? This Malta Dynamics Warthog harness comes with tongue buckle legs and sturdy design.

There are long straps for fast adjustments. With reflective materials and metal hooks, you have all it takes to climb and work from raised platforms.

You can choose an appropriate fit from the size options (S-M-L) of this full-body harness. Also, the Warthog harness is designed with dual lanyard keepers, and they hold lanyards firmly. It’s compliant with the safety standards of ANSI and OSHA.

  • The weight capacity range is between 130 to 310 lbs

  • Customizable patch to record details during work

  • Fall Indicator

  • This Malta Dynamics Warthog harness does not have FR (Flame Resistant) ratings.

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#2. Guardian Fall Protection 11173 Velocity Harness With Side D-Rings

Guardian Fall Protection 11173

Working on an unstable and slippery surface of raised platforms requires caution. What you need is a fall protection kit that’s easy and quick to adjust. With the Guardian Fall Protection 11173 kit, you don’t have to worry about free falls.

This Seraph Construction Harness is efficient and comes with superior designs like the tongue buckle leg straps. Some of the designs include a removable waist belt, shoulder, and back pads that ease discomfort. The restraint system can handle loads that weigh less than 1,000 lbs.

During load-lifting procedures, you will enjoy maximum safety on the platform with vertical or horizontal slopes. While this harness comes with a D-ring for dorsal protection, it can be used with other Personal Fall Arrest Systems (PFAS).

Also, the elasticity of its shoulder straps is impressive. So, don’t expect the tool belt to sag under heavy loads because it’s reinforced.

  • Suitable for (M-L size) height and weight ranges of between 5-ft to 6-ft 3-in and 140 to 250 lbs respectively

  • It comes with hammer loops, torso buckles D-ring lanyard keepers that serve as retrieval hoists

  • Streamlined design with 6 adjustment points

  • The waist strap will be too tight for users with body frames that are above 6 feet.

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#3. KwikSafety Full Body RATTLER Fall Protection KIT


If you need an affordable safety harness kit for a range of fall protection applications, this KwikSafety package is a sure bet. The kit is loaded with many accessories like the 3-foot GIBBON GRIP cross-arm strap anchor and shock-proof snap hooks.

Without these double-locking snap hooks, this lightweight RATTLER might not attach with your anchor point firmly. However, you can depend on the quality of the harness’ TORNADO 1D ring because its design complies with ANSI safety standards.

For weight capacity range of between 130 to 310 lbs, the 6-foot RATTLER Safety lanyard’s rebar hook reduces the risk of fall accidents.

As a full-body safety harness, the straps are designed to align with the center of your chest region. It’s this design that ensures an impressive performance. Also, the quick-adjust straps have high tensile strength and are comfortable.

  • 2 (OCTOPUS and TENTACLE) 20-lbs tool lanyards with carabineer clips and adjustable locks

  • The performance is independent of weather conditions

  • Snap hooks with tensile strength for (max) load capacity of 5,000 lbs

  • You might need to re-tighten these cross-arm and anchor straps constantly.

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#4. KSEIBI 421020 Safety Harness Fall Protection Kit With 55mm D-Rings

KSEIBI 421020

Wearing a safety harness is better than a fatal fall, or undergoing surgery if you are lucky. With the KSEIBI 421020 full-body safety harness, you can check the risk of severe free falls.

This fall protection kit comes with basic accessories like the (3) D-rings, and a large steel hook that fits easily. Unlike regular full-body harness are designed to, these top-quality rear D-rings are made of (forged) alloy steel.

The safety harness and its steel material’s design are suitable for a range of tough tasks that require you to work from heights.

  • 1-meter shock-restraint lanyard

  • Abrasion-resistant thimble for protecting the straps

  • Polyester webbing with anti-rust steel fittings

  • Tensile strength that can handle a maximum of 320 lbs

  • The materials of this safety harness can resist high temperatures

  • The 6″ shock-absorbing lanyard has a small length.

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#5. DCM Fall Arrest Protection Kit with Shock-Absorbing Webbing Lanyard

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Wrap your body with the X-shaped SUHA DCM safety harness that absorbs the shock from severe falls. As lightweight (8.7 lbs) harness, it optimizes your comfort with breathable and padded waist belts.

However, this DCM fall arrest harness fits size-42 wearers more than other body types. It has a shock-resistant webbing lanyard and molded lanyard keepers that prevent snagging hazards. These lanyard keepers are easy and fast to adjust.

Every movement that requires you to stretch or be suspended on raise platforms should be done with this SUHA DCM fall protection system.

  • Two lateral attachment points of ‘D’ rings (rear and side work) that distribute your weight evenly.

  • The webbing lanyard has Teflon oil-resistant material

  • Supports a maximum weight capacity of 300lb

  • Durable materials with ultra-soft edging designs

  • The waist strap is very big for users with small body frames.

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#6. WELKFORDER 3D-Rings Industrial-Grade Fall Protection Harness


You should only use fall arrest harnesses that are compliant with safety standards. This WELKFORDER industrial-grade fall protection system complies with both ANSI and OSHA safety standards.

While its maximum weight capacity is 310 lbs, the 3 D-Rings have minimum breaking strengths of about 5000lbs/22KN.

Usually, there’s more demand for this safety harness from painters, window cleaners rescue operation, and construction workers. It’s a must-have personal protective kit for maintaining safer work positions.

When you experience a fall, this WELKFORDER full-body suspends your body (30° to vertical) in upright positions.

During a fall, this harness ensures even distribution of your weight with shoulders, legs, and chest straps. Also, it comes YOKE tongue buckles and pads for your waist and shoulders to cushion the impact of hard surfaces during a fall.

  • Ergonomically designed to fit waist sizes between 36 to 48 inches

  • 1 dorsal and 2 waist D-rings

  • Abrasion-proof, tangle-free, and heat-resistant webbing lanyard

  • Tensile strength is over 30KN

  • If you work in a hot environment, it might be uncomfortable to wear the back brace for long periods.

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#7. Hunter Safety System X-1 Series Bowhunter Treestand Harness

Hunter Safety System X-1 Series

While hunting, a safety harness with the “tether” can help you to maintain safe positions on trees. The Hunter Safety System X-1 doesn’t come with a linesman rope that helps you to climb trees. However, it’s a primary tree strap that attaches your body to the tree.

While hunting from treetops, you can optimize the comfort of ranging freely. Also, this X-1 Series BOWHUNTER lightweight (2.5 lbs) harness kit includes suspension relief straps and a walk-through DVD for instructions. This tree-stand safety harness combines performance with affordability.

  • Designed with camouflage prints that reduce the hunter’s visibility to game animals

  • This harness has lightweight materials that allow you to wear it underneath jackets conveniently.

  • The straps don’t dangle and are easy to adjust

  • The straps have metal slide-adjusting buckles that might create discomfort when you sit on treetops to hunt game animals.

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#8. JINGYAT Full-Body Safety Harness With 5 D-Rings

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Do you need safety harnesses that provide stability for high-performance during work? The JINGYAT safety harness offers full-body protection during a fall. It reduces the risks of fall accidents with a rear dorsal D-ring.

The harness’ four side-hip rings help you to maintain comfortable positions. Also, it provides some safety like rescue and travel restraint attachments.

You will enjoy this fall protection kit because it’s a versatile personal protective equipment. With its adjustable straps, you can make a customized fit that allows you to work conveniently.

  • The weight capacity range is between 130 to 310 lbs

  • Heavy-duty polyester webbing that’s durable

  • Ergonomically-enhanced harness with multicolor designs

  • The waist pad is not made with breathable materials.

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#9. 3M Personal Protective Equipment DBI-SALA ExoFit NEX Construction Safety Harness

3M Personal Protective Equipment DBI-SALA

We tested the 3M Personal Protective Equipment DBI-Sala ExoFit NEX harness that ensures safety but allows you to work smartly. It has revolver vertical torso adjusters, and a pouch with Velcro straps to hold mobile phone and personal items.

The Duo-Lok buckles help to connect the straps with one hand. Also, the ExoFit Nex harness uses an innovative memory-fit lock that prevents non-slip connections with buckles and straps.

This model of safety harness has molded lanyard keepers for snap hooks, and they don’t break away when there’s an impact.

  • Reflective materials are attached to the rear pads to improve visibility

  • Rip-stitch indicators to track the quality of this harness

  • Breathable pads with soft edging designs

  • It’s an expensive model of safety harness.

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#10. X XBEN Full-Body Industrial Fall Protection Safety Harness With 5 D-Ring

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The X XBEN Industrial safety harness comes with a simple design of oil-repellent cotton materials. You can use this full-body personal protection equipment at night because its reflective design allows people to notice your presence.

This lightweight industrial-grade harness has many safety elements. It fits users with waist sizes of between 80 to 140cm (31.49 to 55.12 inches) perfectly.

With 5 adjustable D-Rings, you have a free range of mobility for different positions and protection during falls. While the rear dorsal ring has travel restraint and rescue functions, the other four are attached as side hip rings.

They are designed to assist you during an emergency rescue, and climbing operations.

  • The tangle-free webbing lanyard is resistant to weather effects

  • Durable and heavy-duty and 45mm Polyester material

  • Weight Capacity Range is between 130 to 310 lbs

  • Bright yellow and zinc-plated steel designs

  • It doesn’t come with breathable waist belts and back pads that ease discomfort.

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#11. Gulfe Warehouse Full-Body Adjustable Safety Harness

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Enhance your safety with this Gulfe Warehouse full-body harness, and overcome the fear of suspended in the air. Its components include stretchable straps with high-tensile steel buckles.

This safety harness fits lightweight tasks that involve working from raised platforms. With a through-leg strap design, this 2.8-lbs offers more mobility and doesn’t exert undue strains on your body.

The design supports attachments with extension lanyards of machines. Also, it reflects lights even in dark working environments.

  • The design of this harness available in multiple colors

  • It comes with a 17-inch chest strap, and buckle leg straps

  • Height capacity ranges between 5-ft to 6-ft 3-In

  • Impressive stitching quality

  • It’s no designed for heavy-duty fall protection applications.

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How Does Safety Harness Work?

The safety harness is a piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) that ensures the wearer’s safety by arresting falls. The even distribution of your weight and impact force is important in the design of fall arrest systems.

Also, workers might be attached to heavy loads during a fall. Without wearing the safety harness, there will be no special snap hooks and buckles to lock the straps system. Since the safety harness helps to spread the force from impacts to different body parts, their design must include shock-absorbing materials.

Protection with safety harnesses is targeted at high-priority parts like shoulders, pelvis, thigh muscles and chest.

Don’t forget that regular fall protection harness for working on raised platforms have different designs from mounting-climbing types.

The former is not designed for prolonged suspension during accidents. Usually, an extended force and pressure-distribution system might trigger a suspension trauma.

Maintaining Tips and Tricks

Proper maintenance and inspection are important for PPEs. You must inspect the harness for any signs of damages before it’s worn. Stretchable webbing on safety harnesses has specific heat-resistant values.

Don’t expose these parts of your harness to higher temperatures and direct sunlight during work. Also, avoid storing your safety harness in the same place with harsh chemicals.

Ensure great care of respective components of your favorite harness when the product specification doesn’t indicate resistance to oils, corrosion, and abrasions. However, a well-made harness is easy to clean with soap and water.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the components of a safety harness that guarantees fall protection?

While the list seems endless, some of the components include suspension trauma straps, D-rings, quick-connect buckles, and abrasion-proof webbing lanyards. However, manufacturers of premium safety fall protection systems might include adjustable locks, carabineer clips, and rebar hooks.

These extra safety features improve the performance of a good harness product. Also, you might see other safety features like memory-fit locks, and double-locking snap hooks.

What is the importance of breathable materials?

The term ‘breathable’ shows the extent to which a material allows air to pass through it. Many manufacturers use breathable materials on clothes to make wearers feel comfortable.

Usually, the skin around a breathable fabric or padded material receives ventilation. It’s comfortable to work under the scorching sun with soft and breathable materials. Also, safety harnesses with breathable waistband designs allow for quick-drying when they are wet.

How does a lanyard keep improve safety?

Harnesses with innovative safety designs like lanyard keepers permit you to work fast and smartly. A molded lanyard keeper with steel material prevents any accidental release of snap hooks.

When these hooks don’t snag, the risk of a trip or fall is very low. Also, the lanyard keeper’s holster ensures non-slipping connections with straps that are attached to tools and equipment rings.

How can I know the condition of my safety harness?

It’s important for your safety harness to be in top-quality condition every time. One of the ways of determining this factor is with impact indicators.

The rip-stitch indicator helps you to examine the harness for signs of defaults and damages from impact loads. However, ensure that your favorite safety harness has tough webbing materials that look durable.

Final Verdict

After picking your favorite safety harness, we expect you to have a rewarding experience at work. Your safety is not only important to your family, but to us. It’s the reason for researching and recommending top-quality fall protection systems in this buying guide.

However, your interest shouldn’t be limited to buying a great safety harness product. You should know how to optimize every feature that comes with the product. Also, ensuring the care of personal protective equipment is a huge responsibility. Without PPEs, the risk of surviving a fall is too high.

Applying this useful information will increase your satisfaction. Additionally, investing in any of the 11 safety harness will offer great value for your money.

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