Top 10 Best Scissor Lift Tables (2024)

Several injuries could result from lifting heavy objects. Some include muscular strains, hernia, and spinal cord injuries.

Furthermore, when you carry out work processes on repeated motion or a particular stationary position for a long time, you could develop muscular-skeletal disorders.

Health practitioners recommend that to avoid these disorders, employ human assistance, or buy equipment that will help you with your heavy workloads.

Many persons cannot afford the cost burden of employing human assistance. Therefore, assistance-technology has gone mainstream with most work processes facilitated by robots or other work tools and equipment. One such devices is the scissor lift table.

A scissor lift table is a well-designed tool for lifting both heavy and light work pieces and workloads. They are designed to help you raise, position, and transport your workloads and pieces without risking health disorders.

Most of them employ hydraulic technology that requires just a simple pedal foot pump to lift items while others use the crank technology. Some also use a simple screwing technology, especially those designed for lightweight work pieces.

Fitted with swivel casters, wheels and, a push rail, which allows you to stroll with your work pieces across different locations; Without the exertion of much physical energy; however, some are stationary, especially those primarily employed for repairs.

Most scissor lift table manufacturers have introduced innovative modifications to their brands to make it great. Some have spring hooks that could be used to hang them on a bar.

Others could be folded into sheets for easy transportation, while a few could be manipulated to permanently secure some workloads.

Benefits of Using a Scissor Lift Table

Easy and safe transportation, positioning, and lifting of work pieces.

Ergonomic work station or workbench operation

Prevention of health disorders associated with carrying heavy workloads

Easy adjustments of workbenches or stations based on the work to be done.

Quality, portability, and durability

This article will highlight the scissor lift table, including its technology of operations and special features from multiple manufacturers. Let’s take a stroll down the list.

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  • 350 LBS Load Capacity: Just press the foot pedal for easy lifting. This hydraulic motorcycle jack securely holds up to 350 lbs/0.2 tons and is equipped with a high-strength worm gear transmission and heavy-duty solid steel scissor structure. Lift your off-road motorcycle quickly and with minimal resistance. No more bending over!

10 Best Scissor Lift Tables

#1. Goplus Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table


Goplus Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table is a rugged work tool for lifting heavy work pieces and workload, up to 500 lbs. It is sturdy, ruggedly constructed and, weighs about 100 lbs. However, moving it isn’t an uphill task. It has four caster wheels.

The caster wheels best designed to give you mobility maneuverability and, more importantly, safety. They are designed such that the front caster wheels are free, while the rear caster wheels are locked.

So, it is intended to enforce the safe “machine push motion, then the pull motion” when moving it.

It uses hydraulic power to push work pieces up to 27.5 inches, and lower them down to 8.2 inches. The hydraulic oil is pumped into the hydraulic cylinder by a foot pedal and released back to the oil reservoir by a removable side handle.

This scissor lift table has an ergonomically designed foot pedal. The foot pedal protrudes out to about 9.5 inches from the push rail. You can adjust your work pieces to your preferred position with this ergonomic foot pedal and the removable hand lever.

It features a non-slip, oil-resistant rubber mat. This rubber mat has sufficient friction to keep your cargo secure when lifting or lowering it. You don’t need to be scared about a fall off/out. You can add more loads on this rubber mat, and it will remain secured – going up or coming down.

Golpus Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table is durable, easy to assemble, and relatively cheap. However, the piston is not too reliable as there may be frequent oil leakage in a short while.

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#2. Pake Handling Tools – Double Scissors Lift Table

Pake Handling Tools

Pake Handling Tools – Double Scissors Tool is robustly constructed for work cells with confined and narrow space. It is a double scissor lift table that could withstand the weight of workloads or work pieces up to 660 lbs.

It has a heavy-duty push rail and moves workloads to different vertical positions using a hydraulic mechanism. The foot pedal pumps the table to a maximum height of 53 inches, while the side handle could lower the same to a minimum height of 11.6 inches.

You can move this double lift quickly and stop its motion at will. It has a swivel caster wheel at the rear and non-swivel caster wheels in front. It also has a foot brake that allows stopping movement when you get to your preferred destination quickly.

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Pake Handling Tools –Double Scissor Lift Table has a large platform. The non-slip table measures about 33 by 23 inches. It is a very sturdy and heavy-duty work tool that could be used to maneuver or work on heavy work pieces efficiently. One disadvantage is that it is very heavy and moving it from place to place could be costly and worrisome.

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#3. Pake Handling Tools – Low Profile Lightweight Scissor Lift Table

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Pake Handling Tools – Low Profile Light Weight Scissor Lift Table is a well-constructed work tool. It is mostly employed as a transportation trolley for moving work pieces from one work cell to another and, from one stationary position to another.

This scissor lift is also called a “low profile” scissor lift because it can carry relatively lightweight work pieces. It has a maximum load capacity of 330 lbs. However, this scissor lift table is a portable work station. You can remove the hydraulic release handle lever and, fold it into a flat notebook for secure storage and transportation.

It has a hydraulic foot pedal which pumps its table or platform up to a maximum of 23 inches. In addition to the 10 inches it has off the floor, this scissor lift table has a maximum lift height of 33 inches. The minimum lift height is about 13 inches, including the 10 inches off the floor. The handle automatically locks in your preferred height and could only be released by pumping the foot pedal.

It has a large table, about 33 by 19 inches in size for carrying different scopes of work pieces. The table has a non-slip rubber mat and, relatively lifted edges to prevent work pieces from falling off when you transport them or work on them.

It has two swivel rear caster wheels and, two front non-swivel caster wheels for easy maneuverability and safety. Pake Handling Tools – Low Profile Lightweight Scissor Lift Table is easy to use, store, and move and, it goes for a handy price. Some experts report that pumping could be difficult in some cases.

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#4. Jet Slt – 1100 Jumbo Lift Scissors Table

Jet Slt – 1100

JET SLT – 1100 Jumbo Lift Scissors is another ruggedly constructed work tool for lifting, transporting, and positioning hefty workloads in warehouses, workshops or offices. It has an ample work table – about 63 by 31.5 inches in area. The table also has a heavy-duty steel frame to handle work pieces up to 1100 lbs.

This scissor lift raises work pieces by a hydraulic mechanism. The foot pedal could give you a quick lifting after a few pumps. The side handle is removable and could be used to lower the lift table with ease. This scissor lift table has a maximum lift height of 36 inches.

It is easy to maneuver. It has a sturdy push rail, and you can move it from one place to another utilizing its non-pneumatic wheels. The rear wheels have swivel casters while the front wheels are non-rotating.

JET SLT – 1100 Jumbo Lift Scissors is a high quality, durable and, safe work tool for any work station requiring the lifting, positioning, or transportation of heavy workloads. It is prone to leaks which may persist if not replaced.

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#5. Zeny Scissors Lift Jack


Zeny Scissors Lift Jack is a robust stationary lift for repairing motorcycles. It uses the simple crank mechanism instead of the hydraulic pump system. By turning the crank handle, you can lift or lower the large table of this Jack. Although this depends on the direction of the turn.

This power jack is suitable for most motorcycles with a flat bottom. It has a load-carrying capacity of 1100 lbs. It has the maximum lift height of13.25 inches while the minimum lift height is 3.25 inches.

The full table or platform of this Jack features a safe rubber mat that prevents your bike from slipping while you work. It also prevents motion scratches and heating.

Zeny Scissors Lift Jack is a high-quality steel construction for any garage duty. It leans under load and shows a lot of flimsy movements.

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 #6. Goplus Motorcycle Double Scissor Lift Jack


Goplus Motorcycle Double Scissors Lift Jack is a perfect Jack for every motorcycle repair or check. It uses hydraulic technology to power the positioning, transportation or lifting of motorcycles and other work pieces, up to 300 lbs., in weight.

The hydraulic pump powers this tool to lift work pieces from 15 inches (Minimum lift height) to 38 inches (Maximum lift height) with ease. So, you don’t need to kneel, lie, stoop, or use a ladder low to carryout out your routine checks or repairs.

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It has a comprehensive rubber padded platform or table. The rubber pad provides sufficient friction that prevents your work pieces from slipping away or falling off when you work. It also prevents friction-related scratches and heating, especially when you are dealing with a motorcycle.

This table lift is safe to use. It has a spring locking bar that secures the platform in your preferred position even when you serendipitously step on the foot pedal or hydraulic.

It is effortless to use. You can reach its maximum height with about 50-foot pump. It has a hoist center which is typical of a repair Jack. It is a stationary work tool, and it doesn’t have moving wheels. It is really not user friendly and difficult to assemble for beginners because it doesn’t come with an instructional guide. The springs are also having low tensile strength.

Goplus Motorcycle Double Scissors Lift Jack is ruggedly durable, easy to use, and safe.

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#7. Oess Scientific Scissors Lifting Jack


OESS Scientific Scissor Lifting Jack is an ideal scissor lift for laboratories and offices where all the work pieces are light.

It uses a simple technology that resembles what you will find in a crank, Jack. By only, turning the hand wheel, you can raise your chemical or physical work pieces from 2.4 inches (minimum lift height) to 12.5 inches (maximum lift height).

The carrying capacity of this scissors table is relatively small – 50kgor 110 lbs. However, it is perfect for laboratory or office items that are also lightweight.

It is designed to resist the rigors of the laboratory. It is made from aluminum alloy metal and electroplated with chromium. This makes it non-corrosive and highly durable.

The platform or table of this double scissors lifts Jack is just about eight by 8 inches. Although it has no frame, it is built to be slippage resistant.

If it is kept clean, dry and fresh, OESS Scientific Scissors Lift Jack could last for years and still maintain uncompromised performance. If you are a laboratory worker, don’t look anywhere. This lifter is just perfect for you. Though, users must be careful with the edges of the platform. They are as sharp as knives.

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#8. Goplus Motorcycle/Atv Hydraulic Scissors Lift Jack


Goplus Motorcycle/ATV Hydraulic Scissor Lift Jack is a made from high-grade, heavy-duty steel. It has a weight carrying capacity of 1500 lbs.

Although it can take any work pieces within that weight region, it is explicitly designed for positioning, transporting and lifting motorcycles and ATVs. This is because it has a hoist center that facilitates work processes on these vehicles.

It uses hydraulic technology to raise any vehicle within its weight carrying capacity from 5.5 inches (minimum lift height) to 17 inches (maximum lift height). The foot pedal is easy going, and with a few pumps, your bike will be standing tall. In like manner, it has a big adjust handle that let out the hydraulic oil slowly for more adjustments precision.

Goplus Motorcycle/ATV Hydraulic Scissor Lift Jack also hassafety locks that further strengthen the stability you get from the handles. It has four swivel caster wheels that allow you to move your off-road bike to any position without stress.

Coated with rust-resistant black powder that makes it long-lasting. The sturdy table of this scissor lift table is very slim apiece, measuring about 13 by 2 inches. It is portable, easy to fold, store and, ideal for a large number of motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, and tractors. However, the cotter pins fall away easily and the frame welds aren’t too perfect.

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#9. Micro Trader Stainless Steel Lab Stand

Micro Trader

Micro Trader Stainless Steel Lab Stand is a small double scissor lift table for tiny work pieces. It has a micro weight carrying capacity of 3g. This lab stand is suitable for chemical and biological experiments. You can lift your glassware and other experimental apparatus or objects to your desired height.

This lab stand uses a simple screw technology to adjust the lifter platform across a small vertical distance. It has a maximum lift height of about 6.25 inches. The table is quite small but large enough to carry most useful laboratory items.

This scissor lift table is made of pure, stainless steel. It is corrosion resistant and highly stable when standing.

Micro Trader Stainless Steel Lab Stand may not raise your car bike or furniture. However, you can count on it for a reliable laboratory, kitchen, or office workbench. It is very sensitive to weights. Once you place something a little bit above 3kg on it, the adjustment knob will loosen.

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#10. Extreme Max Motorcycle Scissors Jack

Extreme Max

Extreme Max Motorcycle Scissor Jack is a very sturdy, steel bike lifter.

It has a weight carrying capacity of 1100 lbs. It can raise your work piece from 3.5 inches (minimum lift height) to 16.5 inches (maximum lift height) above the ground. The table of this adjustable scissors Jack is narrow, measuring about 17 by 6 inches.

You don’t need to bother about the double tires of your motorcycle. This scissor jack is versatile. It doesn’t suit only traditional work pieces. It is also designed to host your power bike. It has two adjustable and removable frames that stand about 2 inches above the table, where your bike can dwell comfortably.

This heavy-duty scissors jack can also be used for work pieces which require permanent mounting. It has pre-drilled threads for permanent mounting and welded bracelets for added stability.

It comes with a unique drill handle for manual lifting and lowering of the table. Extreme Max Motorcycle Scissor Jack is durable, easy to maneuver and use and, budget-friendly. Comes with plastic bearings on the scissors that makes you doubt if it can carry up to 1000 lbs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Which scissors lift table is the best for me? 

Well, this depends on many factors because each scissor lift table is designed to suit different purposes. There are several factors you may need to consider. Let’s highlight a few.

What do you intend to carry on the lift table? Read the phrase, “weight carrying capacity” in the other reviews. Each scissor lift table has a specific weight carrying capacity. You can’t expect “Micro Trader Stainless Steel Lab stand” to lift your power bike or refrigerator. It has a small load-carrying capacity of 3kg. However, “Extreme Max Scissors Jack” could do so because it can carry up to 1100 lbs. Always check the weight carrying capacity before you celebrate over any scissors lift table.

Where and how do you intend to use your scissor lift table?

Do you want something for a laboratory? Even though “Goplus Hydraulic ATVs Scissors Lift Table” could also stay stationary and serve as a workbench, you won’t derive maximum value because you’ll only be lifting lightweight materials. OESS Scientific Lab Table would be perfect for the Lab. If you want to fix something in a permanent mounting position, you don’t need scissors to lift who gas four swivel caster wheels.

How high can a scissor lift table go? 

Varies between lift tables Pike Handling Tools – Double Scissor Lift Table could carry your work pieces as high as 53 inches. Micro Trader Stainless Steel Lab Stand has only one clear height position of about 6.25 inches.

How safe are scissor lift tables? 

They are designed with safety conditions in mind. Most of them have swivel casters only at the rear to give you more control and suggest a “safer“push motion. Most of them also have rubber pads on the table, while others have fixed frames. This is to prevent your workload from slipping away or falling off.

Are there multi-purpose scissors lift table?

Have such on our list. Extreme Max Motorcycle Scissor Lift Table has adjustable and removable frames that are used if you intend to mount a motorcycle on it. However, you can remove them and carry other workpieces on it. You can also screw some work pieces permanently on this scissor lift table through its pre-drilled threads.

How do I use my scissor lift table?

The scissor lift table is easy to use. You only need to understand their unique operational technology. Basically, for a hydraulic lift, once you place your work piece on the table, you only need to pump it up using the protruding foot pedal. If you’ve raised it above your desired height, then you lower it by screw the side handles. It’s very simple.

A crank lift table, once you’ve secured your workload on the table, you only need to drive the hand wheel in a clockwise direction. To lift the table or anti-clockwise course to lower the table.

Are there maintenance tips I could employ to increase the lifespan of my scissor lift table?

Yes! The most scissor lift table is made of steel. However, others are made of aluminum while some are electroplated with other metals. The main problem to avoid if you want your life table to last long is corrosion. So, always keep your lift table dry. However, other tips you can employ for increase lifespan include:

  • Never place a workload that exceeds your lift table weight carrying capacity on it.
  • If you can fold up your lift table, always do after work.
  • Always lubricate your hydraulic station.
  • Change your hydraulic cylinder oil periodically.
  • Pump the hydraulic foot pedal softly to maximum pump level. Hard and quick steps could damage it.
  • Always ensure you do a routine check on all the parts of your scissor lift table.
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