Top 11 Best Scorpion Helmets (2023)

If you own a motorcycle, you must have heard about scorpion helmets. If not, this article will give you a detailed review of what you have been missing.

These helmets are tough, durable, and are known to provide users with maximum protection when riding motorcycles or when operating a fast-moving automobile.

Depending on your preference, you can go for the full face helmets, modular, or the half-face models.

Regardless of what you choose, scorpion helmets will always ensure that you are well protected and comfortable. If you are wondering which helmet you can buy, here is a list of the best scorpion helmets that will shield your head from harm.

ScorpionEXO Covert Open Face Half Shell 3/4 Mode...
  • SHELL: Advanced Polycarbonate Shell: Developed exclusively by Scorpion, our industry-leading polycarbonate shell is engineered to minimize weight and disperse impact. Dual Density EPS

11 Scorpion Helmet Reviews

#1 Scorpion EXO-R420 Helmet-Medium B077RVP9CQ

Scorpion EXO-R420 Helmet-Medium

The EXO-R420 has fascinating features, making it one of the scorpion helmets that you can consider trying out. It combines safety and comfort to give you a high-performance helmet that you can depend on when riding your motorcycle. This helmet features a KwikWick® II liner, which has moisture-wicking abilities. As a result, the conditions inside the helmet will remain favorable and less damp even after wearing the helmet for a long period. The anti-bacterial property, on the other hand, prevents the growth of bacteria and fungal infestation within the helmet.

Besides, the helmet is equipped with the EverClear® anti-fog technology, which will ensure that you have a clear vision regardless of the weather condition. This feature can particularly come in handy when riding in cold or humid conditions. It prevents fog from building up on the face shield, thereby allowing you to make easy maneuvers. The anti-scratch coating will protect the helmet from acquiring abrasions, so your helmet will not get blemished easily. Additionally, the helmet will shield you from harmful ultraviolet rays, which are known to cause serious health problems.

The liner is removable, so you can take it out for a wash whenever you want. It dries very fast, allowing you to get back on the road within the shortest time possible. This helmet is compatible with most eyeglasses due to the KwikFit™ cheek pads, which allow you to wear or take off the helmet while having your glasses on. The helmet is aerodynamically engineered to minimize wind noise when the bike is pacing at fast speed.

  • Has an emergency release mechanism
  • The face shield has a lock feature
  • Complies to safety standards
  • Double ventilation system, at the top and mouth
  • The visor is not tinted
  • Somewhat heavy

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#2 ScorpionExo Covert Unisex-Adult Half-Size-Style Matte Black Helmet

ScorpionExo Covert Unisex-Adult Half-Size-Style Matte Black Helmet

This helmet has a convertible design, which allows you to switch between the full-face coverage and the ¾ mode. The hard polycarbonate shell is uniquely designed to disperse impact, thus offering you maximum protection. Moreover, the helmet is lightweight compared to most models and allows you to turn your head with ease. The aero-tuned ventilation system allows maximum flow of air in and out of the helmet. Consequently, the inner layer of the helmet will remain cool even when the weather is hot.

The front mask is held in place by strong neodymium magnets, which are detachable. This helmet is unisex and is available in a variety of sizes, from Xs to 3XL. With this, you will have a chance to choose a helmet that provides you with a perfect fit. When in ¾ mode, the chin strap will ensure that the helmet is securely held in place. Moreover, the retractable tinted visor filters light, thus allowing you to see clearly without the sun hurting your eyes. There is also a clear visor that you can use when riding your motorcycle at night.

These features work in concert to ensure that you have a good time when riding. The inner fabric is designed in such a way that bacteria cannot build up even when the helmet is used continuously. However, you have to ensure that you wash the removable liners from time to time to have a comfortable time when riding. This helmet is FMVSS compliant so you can use it knowing that your head will be safe. It is easy to wear and take off and does not put too much weight on your neck.

  • The visor has a convenient drop-down design
  • Multiple modes
  • Durable
  • Fog-free
  • The ¾ mode leaves a part of your face exposed

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#3 Scorpion EXO-ST1400 Carbon Helmet

Scorpion EXO-ST1400 Carbon Helmet

The Scorpion EXO-ST1400has the ability to disperse the forces that result from an impact at an enhanced rate, thereby providing the rider’s head with maximum protection. It is able to achieve this function because the protective shell is made up of a combination of resin and a strong TCT-U™ 3K carbon material, which work in unison to prevent potential injuries. The design of this helmet favors those who prefer gearing up with a lightweight head protector. It only weighs 3.05lbs, making more preferable than other helmets in the same category.

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Furthermore, the Airfit® inflation system allows you to tune this helmet according to your needs. As such, you can adjust the internal structures to fit the requirements of a short or long ride. This will provide you with the comfort that you need to cover a long distance within a short time. The ventilation is great since the vents are strategically placed to maximize airflow. This way, the front vents will allow cool air to flow into the helmet, while the one at the back allows hot air that is moisture-packed to dissipate.

The sun visor perfectly seals the opening at the front, thus preventing dust and other materials from getting into your eyes when riding against the wind. More to this, it prevents the sun from blurring your vision, giving you a comfortable ride. There is also a strap that locks the helmet in place so that it does come off easily during impact.

  • Tough and durable shell
  • Has speaker pockets
  • Provides you with a user-defined fit
  • Too much wind noise when moving at high speed

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#4 Scorpion EXO-R710 Solid Street Motorcycle Helmet

Scorpion EXO-R710 Solid Street Motorcycle Helmet

The R-series scorpion helmets have proved more than once that they are dependable and this R710 is no different. It features an aero-tuned system, which provides you with four intake vents at the front and three at the back. This feature prevents the build-up of moisture and heat inside the helmet. Moreover, the fabric layer in the inner sections has anti-bacterial properties, which ensures that the helmet is free of all micro-organisms that may harm your health.

This helmet has an ever clear face shield, which uses fog-free technology, thus allowing you to see clearly. The helmet also provides you with UV protection, so you can ride for hours without getting sunburn. Also, the trimatrix shell is made up of a blend between aramid fibers and interlaced fiberglass. Aramid fiber is particularly known for its heat-resistant abilities and immense strength, so you can use this helmet with confidence knowing that your head and face are in safe hands.

The multi-layer expanded polystyrene (EPS) inside the helmet maximizes energy displacement in case of impact. This structural feature has been applied in critical and delicate areas of the face to ensure that your head is well protected. In as much as the helmet is layered, it is still comfortable and allows you to breathe freely even when the face shield is down.

  • The outer layer is scratch-resistant
  • Can work with an insert fog lens
  • Comes in a variety of sizes
  • Optically clear
  • Has a small chin curtain

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#5 ScorpionExo Belfast 3/4 Open Face Helmet

ScorpionExo Belfast 3/4 Open Face Helmet

This helmet is fitted with Kwikfit cheek pads, which allows you to wear the helmet with or without eyeglasses. Furthermore, it is compatible with most glass frames, so you won’t have a hard time putting on the helmet. The sun visor has a retractable design, so you can drop it down or pull it up depending on the condition in which you are in. This feature is very convenient, especially when riding on a sunny day. The visor tucks in the upper compartment when it is not in use, preventing possible optical obstructions.

The manufacturers have meticulously hand laid the fiberglass to ensure that you get the top class protection that you deserve. Additionally, the strong rivets lock all the pieces together, resulting in a compact and sturdy helmet. The inner cushions have a unique leather accent, which gives the helmet a classic appearance. Moreover, the strong chin strap keeps the helmet in place and prevents it from tilting or falling off.

As such, you won’t have to adjust the helmet from time to time when riding. Unlike the full face models, this helmet is extremely light. It only weighs 2lbs, so you won’t strain when wearing or taking it off. The cheek pads slightly extend outwards to maximize the area of coverage. If you are a fan of ¾ face models, this might be the right helmet for you.

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#6 Scorpion EXO-R320 Full-Face Solid Helmet

Scorpion EXO-R320 Full-Face Solid Helmet

The R320 is a DOT-approved helmet that you can fully rely on when taking long or short motorcycle rides. It has several features, which offer you the safety that you need when cruising on your bike. This helmet is built with a high-quality LG polycarbonate casing, which cancels out the energy that is generated during impact. As such, your head won’t get seriously injured in the event of an accident. The vents improve airflow by allowing fresh air in and letting out the hot and humid air.

This helmet has a comms compartment, which allows you to use speakers. The dual-density EPS is uniquely designed to offer maximum protection without being too heavy. With the removable liners, you can easily clean your helmet whenever you feel like it’s dirty. More to this, the fabric dries very fast and does not hold moisture of bacteria. This allows you to use the helmet repeatedly before cleaning it up. Depending on your size preference, you can find the helmet in XS to 3X.

 The front vents have the unique scorpion symbol, which makes the helmet aesthetically pleasing. Besides, the face shield has a tool-less design, so you can make adjustments or take it off with ease without using any equipment. More to this, the helmet covers the entire face, including delicate parts such as the chin.

  • Streamlined
  • Aero-tuned ventilation system
  • Not as heavy
  • Convenient Ellip-Tec ratcheting system
  • The dark shield is not included

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#7 Scorpion EXO-R410 Bushido Motorcycle Helmet

Scorpion EXO-R410 Bushido Motorcycle Helmet

This Bushindo motorcycle helmet is a high-performance head protector that will allow you to ride with confidence. The first thing that you will probably notice is the beautiful 3D graphics that cover the entire shell. This is helmet is ergonomically shaped to cover the whole head without leaving any part out. As a result, the rider will have a higher chance of surviving a crash.

You can easily take off the face shield since it has an Ellip-Tec ratchet system. The ventilation system is uniquely tuned to keep you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold. In case of an emergency, the cheek pads will allow you to slide off the helmet with ease. More to this, you can wear the helmet with a wide variety of glasses since the inner lining provides you with enough room.

If you are the type of person who has a deep appreciation for graffiti, the EXO-R410 Bushido motorcycle helmet may just be what you need to complete your look. It will get your adrenaline pumping even before you get on the motorcycle. The finishing done on the vents at the back will leave you more than impressed.

  • Durable polycarbonate Shell
  • Equipped with a pinlock feature
  • KwikWick II liner
  • Not all users will like the graffiti

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#8 Scorpion EXO-AT950 Adventure Touring Motorcycle Helmet

Scorpion EXO-AT950 Adventure Touring Motorcycle Helmet

Unlike most models, this helmet has a large eye port, which provides you with a full view of the road when riding your motorcycle. It has an external visor that you can attach or detach depending on the conditions that you are riding in. The modular chin bar is retractable and allows you to flip it up or down. This helmet has beautiful graphics, which can rhyme with a wide range of motorcycles.

The speed view visor will provide your eyes with comfort for enhanced riding experience. This helmet can be used for off-road biking by removing the ever clear face shield. More on the face shield, it has an anti-fog feature, which allows you to ride the motorcycle even in extremely humid conditions. On the other hand, the KwikWick II liner will keep the moisture levels in check by wicking the sweat molecules that may build-up inside the helmet over time.

Like most scorpion helmets, the outer shell is made of premium quality LG polycarbonate, while the inner cushion has a dual-density EPS material. You can use this helmet on street-touring-motorcycles, street-motor-scooters, and other types of bikes.

  • Block-off plates are removable
  • Provides you with an excellent downward vision
  • Versatile design
  • Somewhat heavy

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#9 ScorpionExo EXO-GT3000 Sync Full Face Modular Helmet

ScorpionExo EXO-GT3000 Sync Full Face Modular Helmet

This helmet has unique features, which provide you with comfort and safety. It is built with tough fiberglass and a multi-layer cushioning system, which minimizes forces of impact. Besides, the TCT-Ultra prepreg shell is lightweight and allows you to move freely. This feature can help you when cruising in an unleveled terrain, where you need to need to turn your head occasionally to have a clear view of where you are going.

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The sun visor allows you to operate your motorcycle in different light conditions. You can adjust it according to your needs to get an amazing user experience. This helmet has the ability to regulate the temperature levels inside the helmet by releasing hot air through the back vents. The front vents, however, allow a large volume of air to flow inside the helmet, bringing about a cooling effect.

This helmet is equipped with a moisture-wicking liner and an optically-clear shield. These features will allow you to enjoy every moment that the helmet will be on your head. The fabric used in the inner sections has hypo-allergenic properties, so it won’t react with your skin even after wearing the mast for an extended period.

  • Uses a KwikWick III removable liner
  • Offers UV protection
  • Anti-scratch design
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • The comms compartment is not compatible with some speakers

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#10 Scorpion EXO-T1200 Freeway Street Motorcycle Helmet

Scorpion EXO-T1200 Freeway Street Motorcycle Helmet

The EXO-T1200 allows you to make quick face shield changes with the help of the Ellip-Tec system. Through this, you will be able to customize your helmet without using tools. More to this, the inflatable AirFit cheek pads will give you the freedom to tune your fits in a way that pleases you. If the helmet feels too loose, you can add air to enable the inner layers to deliver an enhanced grip.

This helmet has gone through rigorous testing, making it one of the scorpion head protectors that you can rely on in different situations. The Venturi Super Vent (VSV) system floods the helmet with cold air while extracting warm air through the rear vents. As such, the internal conditions will remain favorable regardless of whether the face shield is down or up.

The protective shell is made up of different materials, which are blended to give you a sturdy helmet that will offer you maximum protection in case of an accident. You can find this helmet in a variety of colors. Apart from this white model, you can go for the neon-colored or matte black option.

  • Dual-density
  • Displaces impact energy
  • Ideal for touring
  • Generates too much wind noise

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#11 ScorpionExo Unisex-Adult half-size-helmet-style EXO-C110 Helmet

ScorpionExo Unisex-Adult half-size-helmet-style EXO-C110 Helmet

Despite being a half-size helmet, the EXO-C110 has vents at the top, which will cool your head as you ride. If you engage in long-distance motorcycle riding, this one of the scorpion helmets that you can consider using. It is secure and provides you with more than enough comfort. You will be happy to know that this helmet weighs 3lbs, so you can have it on your head or as long as you want.

The polycarbonate shell is FMVSS approved and is designed to offer protection to the user’s head. Additionally, the padding in the inner layer extends to the lower regions of the face to shield the delicate parts. The ear flaps are fitted with pockets, which can accommodate commutation systems such as speakers.

Furthermore, the straps are made of a smooth material, so you won’t experience any irritation when wearing the helmet. The visor has a cavity, which provides your nose with a perfect fit. This way, you will be able to slide the visor down without experiencing any discomfort.

  • The ear flaps are removable
  • Aero-tuned
  • Comes with a peak visor
  • Leaves some parts of your head and face unprotected

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Frequently Asked Questions

How safe are scorpion helmets?

Scorpion helmets are DOT and Snell certified, meaning that they are very safe for users.

What should I look for when choosing a helmet?

The first thing that you should consider is how tough the helmet is. Additionally, you should check the size of the eye-port and the design of the visor. Good helmets have clear and tinted visors for versatility. Lastly, the helmet must be well-ventilated and lightweight.

Are half face helmets safe?

Half face helmets are not as safe, they leave part of your face exposed and this can be dangerous if you experience a face-front crash. On the bright side, they offer good ventilation and can come in handy when taking long rides.

Final Verdict

Scorpion helmets are amazing, and the ones listed above will offer you the protection that you deserve. They come in a variety, thus giving you the freedom to choose what works best for you.

More to this, some of the helmets have beautiful graphics, which will give you a unique appearance when you are with other riders.

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