11 Best Scroll Saws (2024)

Investing in a great scroll saw to cut joints and curves on the workpiece is a wise decision. However, only scroll saws with user-friendly designs can give you great accuracy.

Both beginners and expert woodworkers need functional scroll saws that run with less noise and vibrations. While some models of these cutting tools come with materials that dampen vibrations, you need to consider many features.

Apart from a solid structure, the ease of using blade-clamping and adjustable cutting-arm systems will enhance the functionality of your favorite saw.

More so, the best scroll saws come with a smooth variable-speed drive. Unlike poorly-made scroll saws, these types with tool-free blade clamps are easy to assemble.

During home garage projects, you might need to organize and keep the workspace clean. Many models of scroll saws are designed with dust-blowing and collection components. With these features, you can attach and discharge sawdust into waste bags.

Usually, premium scroll saws are useful tools for detailed cutting jobs. However, the functions of scroll saws are different from band saws, and they are great for making complex cuts.

Additionally, lightweight scroll saws reduce fatigue levels during long periods of work. You can make intricate cuts on 3/4 inch (thick) wood for architectural and furniture designs.

However, heavy-duty projects that involve thicker hardwood needs other types of saws like the band saw.

It’s important to know what model of scroll saw fits your woodworking applications. Apart from making precise cuts, durable scroll saws are cost-effective tools. Here are some features that make top-rate scroll saws.

WEN 3921 16-Inch Two-Direction Variable Speed...
  • Unique design accepts blades in two directions (standard and 90 degrees) to allow for infinite ripping capacity

Top 11 Best Scroll Saws

#1. DEWALT 1.3 Amp Yellow Scroll Saw

DEWALT 1.3 Amp Yellow Scroll Saw

This 20-Inch DEWALT Scroll Saw comes with an impressive variable-speed performance. It’s a 56-lbs scroll saw with a space-saving design of 16 x 23-3/4 inches.

While this tool offers a maximum cutting-strokes per minute is 1,750, its built-in 1.3 amp motor runs quietly. Also, it comes with a stable and oversized table that’s made of durable cast-iron materials. The unique design of this component features 45-degree bevels on both sides.

When you swing the upper arm, the pivots makes low noise and moves smoothly. Since the adjustable blade aligns in a perpendicular position, you don’t need to worry over inaccurate cuts.

Additionally, the arm movement and design allow you to make difficult cuts on the internal surfaces of wooden stocks.

  • The blade clamp allows faster blade changes

  • The blade-tensioning lever is quick and easy to use

  • Its maximum depth of Cut is 2 inches

  • Dual parallel-link arm

  • This saw doesn’t come with a built-in stand.

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#2. WEN 16-inch Speed Scroll Saw With Two-Direction Blade Design

WEN 16-inch Speed Scroll Saw

Do you need a great scroll saw with a high-cutting capacity? One of the most impressive features of this 16-inch WEN Scroll Saw is its flexible work light.

In a dark workspace, the built-in work lamp provides enough illumination. Apart from the high-ripping capacity, it comes with onboard storage and a dust port. Also, this tool comes with a thumb-screw blade adapter that allows quick blade changes.

You don’t need a tool to change the blade during work. The large 16 x 11-inch table is suitable for angled cuts, and it bevels to the left at 45 degrees.

While this beveling table is stable, you can make several shapes and of large work pieces. Additionally, this 16-inch scroll saw is compatible with both pinned and pin-less blades. Don’t worry about the durability because this saw comes with a solid cast-iron base.

  • Bi-directional (standard and 90 degrees) blade design

  • Easy-to-use flexible worm light

  • The maximum revolution of its variable speed mechanism is 1600 strokes per minute

  • The blower of the dust port is not efficient for clearing your work path from sawdust and shavings.

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#3.  Shop Fox W1713 Scroll Saw

Shop Fox W1713 Scroll Saw

Scroll saw models with two-way dust control mechanism allows you to pay attention to the workpiece during detailed cuts.

This 16-Inch Variable Speed  Shop Fox Scroll Saw model comes with a 1.25-inch dust port and blower. With this efficient design, you can clean wood debris that accumulates under the cast-iron table insert.

The rugged construction of this tool doesn’t allow it to vibrate with much noise. Instead, the 1.2-Amps motor helps the W1713 saw to run smoothly. Also, the range of rotation (no-load speed) is between 550 to 1700 SPM.

You can work for extended periods because the built-in gooseneck work light shines brightly. Additionally, a 16-inch cutting width allows woodworkers to cut large wood pieces, and they can use pin-end and plain saw blades.

  • It runs with 1/8HP motor

  • Enjoy horizontal-angle cuts with the tilt scale and table lock knob

  • An efficient air nozzle and blower

  • You might need to change the original blades to sharp Swiss blades.

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#4. Ryobi SC165VS 16-Inch Scroll Saw

Ryobi SC165VS 16-Inch Scroll Saw

Ryobi SC165VS Cordless Scroll Saw is a reliable cutting tool for expert craftsmen. Its built-in motor is sturdy and it offers an amazing runtime. Also, this (26.5-lbs) lightweight circular saw’s rating requires 120 volts and it comes with a long electric cord.

While the SC165VS model comes with an adjustable table, you can tilt this solid component to allow some adjustments on the blade holder. However, it doesn’t require tools to change the blade. The electric motor delivers more power to make accurate cuts.

This model of Ryobi has the right quality that allows operators to handle light woodworking tasks. Additionally, the integrated blower helps to keep your workshop clean during cutting operations.

  • The variable speed allows you to maintain clear cut-line on wooden stocks

  • A 16-inch (maximum depth) throat

  • The sturdy table is easy to tilt

  • This power tool doesn’t come with a battery.

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#5. WXH Electric Curved Flower Scroll Saw

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The variable speed of WXH Electric Scroll Saw allows you to handle a range of woodworking needs. While this tool comes with an impressive design, its smooth-running motor offers enough speed to cut wooden frames quickly.

It comes with a tilt function (to the right) of between -15 to 45 degrees, and this mechanism allows accurate cuts. At 1600 Revs/Min, you should expect the 133mm blade to slice through tough materials.

Apart from large wooden materials, this blade can cut plastic and metal work pieces. Unlike other models of scroll saw, this tool is suitable for making specific angles on the stock. Also, you can apply linear, bevel, slanted (16-inch) and deep cuts with this Curved Flower Saw seamlessly.

  • The blade comes with 24 teeth/inch

  • It suitable for workpieces like metal, wood, and plastic

  • Portable design

  • The blade’s clamps are not designed to be changed quickly.

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#6. Rockwell ShopSeries RK7315 16-Inch Scroll Saw

Rockwell ShopSeries RK7315 16-Inch Scroll Saw

This 16-Inch Rockwell Scroll Saw comes with a die-cast aluminum table that allows bevel cuts from 0 to 45 degrees. Also, this 1.2-Amp scroll saw’s electric motor is ideal for several wood-cutting projects.

While this powerful motor supports variable speed controls, it delivers a 3/4-inch stroke for clean cuts. Apart from its accuracy, the RK7315 has on-board storage for blades and other accessories. You’ll receive two units of tungsten-carbide blades.

These 5-inch blades have tough edges and durable construction. Additionally, the throat-depth dimension is 16 inch and it offers maximum cutting-depth of 2.5 inches. Usually, power tools and saw models of ShopSeries are durable. This scroll saw model is a blend of value and performance.

  • Variable speed control

  • A 1.2-Amp motor with a maximum no-load speed of 1700 SPM

  • Solid die-cast aluminum table

  • A pair of sharp tungsten-carbide blades

  • When this scroll saw cuts thicker wooden materials, its 1.2-Amp electric motor will not run smoothly.

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#7. Rikon 10-600VS Variable Speed Scroll Saw

Rikon 10-600VS Variable Speed Scroll Saw

RIKON 10-600VS Variable Speed Scroll Saw comes with a superior design. This 16-Inch saw is easy to assemble, and it has a built-in work lamp. It’s a dependable cutting tool for DIYers and hobbyists that need 110-volt scroll saws for their projects.

Apart from the 5-inch blade’s cutting depth of 2 inches, it offers a throat depth of 15-3/4 inches. This unique engineering concept enhances detailed cuts. Another impressive feature of this 10-600VS scroll saw is its 1.2-Amp powerful motor.

However, it’s not a good idea to run this 120/60 (Volt/Hz) motor work with a 220-Volt source. You can make fine and intricate cuts on wooden workpieces with a range of between 550 to 1650 strokes/minute.

  • Stable cast-iron base

  • The variable speed control is between 550 to 1650 SPM

  • The table tilts from 0 to 45 degrees.

  • It comes with a port for any flex shaft.

  • The top of this table has a rough texture.

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#8. Delta Power Tools 20-inch Scroll Saw

Delta Power Tools 20-inch Scroll Saw

This model of Delta Variable Speed Saw is a great addition to your woodworking project. Apart from the scroll saw’s 20-inch size, you can adjust its variable speed mechanism from 400 to 1,750 SPM.

You can handle wide-cutting applications with this impressive design. Also, you can tilt its cutter head to the right or left (0° – 45°) for bevels cuts. While you don’t need tools to adjust the blade clamp, it’s quick and easy to replace the blade.

Additionally, the 1.3-Amp electric motor delivers powerful cutting sped that improves the quality and accuracy of your projects. There’s built-in storage for the 2 blades. With this design, you can keep the edges of these scroll saw blades intact and organize your workspace.

  • The work table is adjustable to suitable angles

  • A user-friendly upper arm that lifts and locks easily

  • The dual parallel-link arm reduces vibration

  • Impressive design

  • During heavy-duty applications, the air pump that’s attached to an adjustable hose might not generate enough air to keep your lines free from sawdust.

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#9. Dremel MS20-01 Scroll Saw Kit

Dremel MS20-01 Scroll Saw Kit

Do you need a versatile scroll saw that allows simple precision cuts? The Dremel MS20-01 Scroll Saw allows you to control the workpiece with ease because it’s small. Also, this portable saw has a space-saving design.

It has an auto-tensioning and quick-change mechanism that allows you to adjust the function of the blade. This Variable-speed scroll saw helps DIYers and industrial woodworkers to optimize their cutting applications.

Uninstalling the engine’s accessory without tools like screwdrivers and Allen keys is impressive. However, this scroll saw features a fast-clamp base that’s compatible with several work tables and benches.

While you can use this saw as a handheld tool, its dust port’s adapter at the base keeps your workshop.

  • You can detach the fast-clamp base and use the coping function in tight workspaces

  • Its dust port’s adapter enhances a clear line-of-sight

  • Ergonomic design

  • This scroll saw doesn’t come with the Blue edge guide and locking levers that are illustrated on the kit.

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#10. HF Tools 16-inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw

HF Tools 16-inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw

This 25-lbs HF Tools Scroll Saw comes with important accessories. They include the Hex keys, blade adapters, and a blade. As a great cutting tool for wooden materials, it accepts powerful blades for low-speed cuts on plastic materials.

However, you can make intricate curves and cuts on small and flat woods. With this versatile scroll saw, you can tilt and use the table for bevel cuts quickly. Also, this 16-inch scroll saw model has a powerful air pump that clears sawdust.

Unlike other scroll saws that work with vibrations, this HF Tools model’s cast-iron base is stable. Additionally, it’s ergonomically-designed with adjustable variable-speed mechanism and user-friendly knobs.

  • The responsive electric motor runs with fewer vibrations

  • A stable cast-iron base

  • It’s easy to make accurate bevel cuts.

  • When the blade’s tensioning knob disconnects from its tension spring, it might not be easy to attach because the cast iron arm is not very accessible.

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#11. Bucktool BUCKTOOL 16-inch Scroll Saw

Bucktool BUCKTOOL 16-inch Scroll Saw

BUCKTOOL 16-inch Scroll Saw comes with a 16 x 9-inch table. This cast-iron work table tilts from 0 to 45 degrees, and 1.2-Amp electric motor offers smooth performance.

You can work in poorly-lit spaces, maintain clear in-line cuts and keep the table clean because this scroll saw has an LED work light and a flexible blower. Also, this heavy-duty table bevels (to the left) from 0 to 45 degrees of angled cuts.

Usually, an adjustable variable-speed mechanism ensures fast cuts. Other impressive features of this 16-inch BUCKTOOL Saw is its compatibility with a pedal switch, pin, and pinless blades. Users with fatigue problems can attach pedal switches for hands-free operations.

  • Versatile and convenient to operate

  • Quick-change blade clamp

  • The cutting depth is 2 inches and its throat depth is 16 inches

  • The flexible blower allows multi-angle rotations

  • The quick-change blade requires a tool.

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How To Chose The Right Model Of Scroll Saws

Generally, table-mounted power tools enhance discomforts when they vibrate and run with a loud noise. Apart from a machine’s vibration, smart buyers consider functionality and designs.

You can improve the time of completing scrolling projects with scroll saws that allow quick access to blade holders. Here are some features to consider or avoid when shopping for a great scroll saw.

User-friendly Features

Power tool experts identify well-designed scroll saw models with their features. Apart from the ease of using their components, most premium scroll saws come with a port adapter for connecting pedal switches.

Another component that makes scroll saws easy to use is the flexible work lamps. Usually, woodworkers can enjoy convenient operations with user-friendly features. Detachable saw sections are suitable for intricate wood-cutting tasks.

These types of scroll saws have couple functions that allow users to detach their cutting tables and use them in handheld positions. Additionally, blade holders that accept both pin-less and pin-end blades are versatile.

With this mechanism, you can drive many types of 5-inch blades. Consider scroll saws with blade-tensioning knobs too.

If you can afford scroll saw with detachable or built-in stands, it’s better than table-mounted types.

A stand allows you to sustain the stability of your power tool. Also, it allows you to keep the scroll saw on dedicated spots in your workshop. It helps to organize your workshop area and manage tight workspaces.

Variable-speed Controls

Scroll saws with superior cutting capacities often have integrated electronic variable speed controls. This mechanism is essential for slicing different textures of wood, tile, ceramic and plastic materials seamlessly.

An average cutting speed for softwood might be different from the hardwood’s setting. While many variable-speed mechanisms range between 550to 1600 SPM (strokes per minute), heavy-duty scroll saws with improved electric motors deliver much cutting strength.

Sturdy Construction

At least a 16-inch work table provide adequate space for the workpiece. Consider cast-iron tables that bevel up to 45 degrees. This feature allows for angled cuts and stability during cutting applications.

More so, the rigid steel construction of a scroll saw often enhances its efficiency and durability. However, scroll saws with compact designs are easy to transport.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I determine the right size of work tables?

Generally, cast-iron work tables and bases increase stability and reduce vibrations. You need the right size of worktable that fits your type of woodwork project. However, adjustable tables allow users to make accurate cuts even at 45-degree angles.

Beveling cuts for design projects like inlays and bowls require tilting tables. Many woodworkers use 16 by 10-inch tables for small work pieces.

Can I use my scroll saw on any platform?

Apart from tables, scroll saws use steel stands and benches as working surfaces. However, the fast-clamp mechanisms of premium scroll saws allow you to mount the power tool on different platforms.

Woodworkers need versatile saws to make careful cuts. Ensure that your scroll saw’s fast-clamp system fits the working surface before buying it.

Final verdict

After comparing the features of functional scroll saws, our recommendation of these 11 models guarantees consistent performance.

The top-rated scroll saw provides optimum cutting capacity. Apart from using durable 24-tooth blades, these saws have quick-change blade mechanisms.

Many of them don’t require tools to adjust or change their steel blades. Also, their variable-speed controls reduce the hassles of making complex cuts on wooden guitars, toys, and furniture.

You can maintain a clean workspace because these power tools have built-in dust ports. Even in dark workspaces, you can depend on the adjustable work lamps for time-consuming projects.

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