Top 11 Best Serpentine Belts (2024)

Your car is an integral part of your life as it helps you get to work faster, take your family on road trips, and look classy all day. It has many components that come together to enable it to perform at its best. One of these components is the serpentine belt which most people do not notice, but it plays a significant role in your car’s engine.

A serpentine belt is a utility power transmission tool whose primary task is to drive peripheral devices including the alternator, air conditioning compressor, steering pump, and water pump among other important automotive engine parts. Like any other part of the car, the belt wears out eventually, and you find yourself looking for a high-quality replacement option.

If you require a replacement serpentine belt for your car or your client’s car, then this article is for you. We have reviewed the most exceptional serpentine belts in the market to make it easier for you to select the most suitable one for your vehicle.

Go through each belt’s review to make a well-informed purchase.

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11 Best Serpentine Belts

#1) Bando 6PK2135 OEM Quality Serpentine Belt

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Bando has been manufacturing serpentine belts for over five decades. The high-quality standards of their OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) belts have earned them a significant reputation in the industry.

The Bando 6PK2135 belt is made of sturdy tensile cords that are capable of handling high horsepower without stretching. A good serpentine belt should not stretch to make sure that it carries enough power to the peripheral devices for them to run as required.

It has 6ribs 84.1 inches in length. This makes it versatile as it can fit many automotive models comfortably.

The ribs are composed of robust EPDM synthetic rubber, which makes the belt durable and wear resistant. Ground rubber is strong and can withstand the high engine temperatures without losing the belt’s integrity.

All these features make Bando 6PK2135 resistant to wear and tear, which means that it will give your vehicle a long service.

This belt is flawless and fits most but not all cars.

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#2) Continental OE Technology Series 4060740

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The Continental Elite 4060740 focuses on providing high quality quiet serpentine belts. Their belts integrate a Quiet Channel Technology. This technology aims at eliminating any possible noise that a belt would make due to pulley misalignment or other factors.

This serpentine belt has 6ribs of 74″ in length. The ribs are composed of strong rubber material which is resistant to heat and sturdy. This makes the belt suitable for running peripheral devices.

The belt has high-strength tension, which increases wear resistance. This makes the belt durable, ensuring that it runs your devices perfectly for long.

This belt aims at ensuring that all your peripheral parts run well and that the squealing under your hood stops completely.

This belt is flawless.

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#3) ACDelco 4K378 Professional V-Ribbed Serpentine Belt

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This belt is made with high-strength EPDM rubber material making it wear and crack resistant. This makes it a suitable replacement option for your old worn out serpentine belt. The belt’s EPDM rubber construction also makes this belt one of the most durable in the market.

The poly-V belt design makes it accept any misalignment in your accessory belt drive system (ABDS). Thus ensures that its performance remains unparalleled.

It features a precision dimension control to transmit power throughout the ABDS to ensure that each peripheral part it drives functions at optimal levels.

The belt is heat resistance, meaning it doesn’t hold any heat when running which keeps your engine parts running at cool temperature.

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Its high-strength tensile nature enables it to withstand the demanding performance of a topnotch serpentine belt.

As with every serpentine belt, it’s not compatible with all vehicles. Its top width is also slightly narrow.

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#4) Gates K060841 Serpentine Belt

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The K060841 belt is manufactured specifically for small, light-duty vehicles. It measures 15.9” (long) x 5ribs x 1.2” (thick).

The belt features V-shaped ribs on both sides, making it versatile and adaptable to different peripheral device alignments. The V-shaped rib design eliminates noise associated with other belt types.

The belts flexibility is unbeatable thanks to the rubber construction. This makes it stress-free to install and makes it perform better than most rubbers.

Its high strength construction can withstand high tension, which makes it durable and able to perform well throughout its use.

The belt has heat and wear resistant properties which assure the user of a lasting performance without it breaking down.

Considering that the belt has surpassed the Society of Automotive standards, it has all the necessary features to perform at optimal levels.

The only flaw associated with this belt is that it’s designed for small vehicles only.

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#5) MOCA 6PK2225 Quality Serpentine Belt

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Any serpentine belt that beats the SAE quality specifications should always be on top of your list when looking to replace your belt. MOCA 6PK2225 is one of these belts.

It’s made of EPDM rubber compounds which make it strong and resilient. EPDM is durable and resistant to wearing out, which gives this belt a long lifespan.

It has precision dimension control for a well-distributed force across all the peripheral devices it drives. This makes sure that they all run at optimal conditions which improve the overall vehicle performance and efficiency.

The belt is also resistant to heat and friction for increased adaptability and durability. This also ensures that the belt dissipates any heat when running to keep the engine cool.

The V design of the MOCA 6PK2225 eliminates irritating squealing sounds from your vehicle for a comfortable time when driving. It also helps it to run well even with misalignments in the ABDS system.

The only downside with this belt is a few issues faced with older models.

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#6) Continental OE Technology Series 4060882

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Continental is one of the leading brands when it comes to serpentine belts. Advanced technology is used in making every inch of the Continental OE 4060882 serpentine belt.

It has 6 ribs and its 88.2″ in length which makes it versatile for use in many automobiles. Its straight rib construction is based on current technology and is aimed at improving the performance of the belt.

The belt is made of high-quality rubber material. This material can withstand high engine temperatures, which increase its durability. It’s sturdy and highly flexible, which makes it even more durable and able to perform at expected levels.

Its high-strength tension properties make the belt resistant to wear and tear for a longer lifespan. This means that the belt can perform without wearing down even in immense pressure.

The belt is precision engineered to ensure flawless performance and to fit perfectly around the peripheral parts.

This belt is made for bigger cars.

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#7) ACDelco 6K930 Professional Serpentine Belt

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The ACDelco 6K930 Serpentine Belt is made with strength and maximum durability in mind. It’s composed of high-strength EPDM rubber which gives it resistance and other unsurpassed properties.

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The EPDM rubber material is resistant to heat and wearing out which make this belt’s durability undeniable and suitable for your car. Resistance to heat also prevents the belt from accumulating heat, which would counter the engine’s performance.

It’s made with precision dimension technology which makes it fit and work well within your peripheral devices. This also enables equal delivery of power for optimal performance.

The belt has poly-V technology, which is the current technology for making serpentine belts for increased performance and durability. V ribs help to reduce noise when the belt is running. They also make the belt work well even with a few misalignments of your engine parts.

It has 6 ribs and measures 46.6″ x 0.9″ x 0.5″. This is enough belt length for most vehicles, making it very versatile.

The belt has high tensile strength meaning that it doesn’t stretch out even after extended usage. This gives it a long lifespan.

The only flaw with this serpentine belt is that it’s difficult to install.

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#8) Dayco 5060840 Serpentine Belt

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The Dayco 5060840 serpentine belt utilizes the poly-V technology to assure you of high performance. Poly-V ribs are essential to ensure that the belt runs well even with misalignments. This eliminates noise associated with most belts.

The belt is composed of EPDM rubber compound which is perfect for a quiet serpent belt. EPDM is also strong to withstand demanding operations.

It has incorporated aramid noise resistant fibers in between the rubber material for even more quiet performance.

This serpentine belt can resist high engine temperatures (heat resistant) which make it suitable for any compatible vehicle. Heat resistance makes sure the belt performs well without compromising its high quality.

Its strong EPDM material is resistant to wear and tear, which makes it very durable for a long unbothered performance.

Even with its particularly good performance, this belt does not fit most cars.

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#9) Motorcraft JK6982D Serpentine Belt

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The Motorcraft JK6982D is designed for efficiency in transferring horsepower between engine parts perfectly. The belt is manufactured from high-quality polyester cords.

Polyester cords assure that this serpentine belt is durable and suitable for use by most vehicles. Polyester also minimizes slippage of the belt from the peripheral engine parts.

The belt is resistant to heat for increased performance and durability. This also helps to keep the engine running at a cool temperature because it doesn’t accumulate any heat.

The belt has a high-strength tensile feature which keeps the integrity of the belt intact. This makes sure that it keeps performing well no matter the conditions.

It has a V-shaped rib design which minimizes noise. This design also reduces the deterioration of the belt, keeping its lifespan high.

The belt is sturdy but surprisingly easy to install. Little energy is required to bend it around the winches.

However, the belt does not fit most automotive.

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#10) Bando 7PK1781 OEM Quality Serpentine Belt

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Bando 7PK1781 is another high-quality serpentine belt from the majestic company Bando. It’s a great replacement option for your worn out serpentine belt because it’s made of durable material.

It features 7ribs of 70.1”, which makes it great for most automotive. The ribs are V-shaped for precision technology aimed at improving the performance of the belt. V-shaped ribs eliminate the noise associated with older belt designs.

The belt is made of high strength synthetic rubber. This material is durable and sturdy. It has high stretching resistance, which makes it perform well even with continued use. This high strength tensile power also makes the belt able to distribute horsepower evenly through the engine.

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It’s able to resist high temperatures which make it favorable for use in any engine. The heat resistant properties allow the belt to perform unhindered and to dissipate heat, which keeps the engine cool.

The belt resists wear and tear thanks to its high-quality synthetic rubber, making it durable. This keeps you going for longer, without the need to switch out your belt.

The belt is flawless if installed in compatible vehicles.

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#11) Gates K081264HD Serpentine Belt/Fan Belt

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A perfect belt features high-quality material construction to ensure maximum performance under harsh conditions.

The Gates K081264HD Serpentine belt is a poly-V technology belt. This technology is used to stop squealing associated with most old models of serpentine belts. It also helps to improve performance by making sure it can work around slight misalignments without causing any problems.

The belt measures 127” in length by 1.09” in width. This makes it suitable for most large vehicles, including trucks.

It’s made of temperature resistant rubber, ensuring that the performance of the belt remains constant for vehicle efficiency. Temperature resistance also means that it doesn’t accumulate heat to overheat the engine.

The rubber material used to make K081264 is wear resistant, which makes this belt durable to offer you a long and excellent service.

It has high-strength tensile to prevent the belt from overstretching. This maintains its performance.

The only flaw associated with this belt is that it’s only meant to serve heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks.

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What factors should I consider when choosing a serpentine belt?

Length/ compatibility: Each car’s engine requires a different size of a serpentine belt for optimal performance. Always buy one that is compatible with your engine.

Flexibility: the flexibility of the belt determines how well it works with your engines. Buy something flexible but of high quality.

Range: This is the lifespan of a serpentine belt depending on its composition. Buy something that will last you for over 50,000 miles.

Material: The better the material, the higher the performance of your serpentine belt. The top materials used in making serpentine belts include EPDM, Ethylene Propylene, and synthetic rubber.

What are the signs of a damaged serpentine belt?

If you notice any of the following, there is a high possibility that your belt is damaged:

  • Squealing sound when driving
  • Controlling the steering becomes difficult
  • Failing cooling system
  • Worn out belt

What’s the primary function of a serpentine belt?

A serpentine belt transfers horsepower to peripheral parts of your car’s engine including but not limited to the AC, water pump, power steering pump, and alternator.

How often should I replace my serpentine belt?

A standard quality serpentine belt should be replaced after every 60,000 miles. This prevents dangerous occurrences caused by a serpentine belt’s failure when it gets damaged.

Final Verdict

When your vehicle’s belt is torn out, it’s recommended that you replace it with a serpentine belt of the same or higher quality. This is not only for performance purposes but also for your safety because the belt drives some delicate parts of your car, including your steering.

The reviewed serpentine belts are some of the recommended ones by manufacturers and car repair experts. Always check all the belts specifications to ensure that you buy the right one for your vehicle.

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