Top 11 Best Shallow Well Jet Pumps (2024)

If you often find yourself in need of pumping water from a shallow well to either a tank, irrigation system, or through any plumping system of your home, a shallow well jet pump is one of the tools that will be of great help to you.

Unlike the submersible water pumps that work when submerged in water, the shallow well jet pumps are placed on the ground near the good housing.

These pumps are tailor-made to work in shallow wells that are less than 25 feet deep.

And like any other pump, dedicating some hours to little research can save your wallet since not all options out there will meet your performance expectations to the letter.

Fortunately, combining our extensive knowledge with thorough testing, we have successfully separated the market’s top options from the chaff.

Find the ideal option for you from our list!

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11 Best Shallow Well Jet Pumps

#1 Red Lion 97080503 Shallow Well Jet Pump and Tank Package

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Red Lion is one of the most trusted manufacturers in the market. The company was established in 1935 and has since then gained much popularity through their outstanding products. And yes, one of the products that stand out is Red Lion 97080503 Shallow Well Jet Pump. The unit is a great addition to any rural home where there is a heavy need for pumping water to the farms.

It is also a handy purchase for those inhabiting urban areas where there is a constant need for water supply. The machine comes fully assembled from the factory to eliminate the hassle of putting together or the cost of hiring the services of an expert. The casing of the pump features a high-quality cast iron construction. This material protects the internal components of the motor to ensure maximum durability even with regular use in a rugged environment.

The 1/2-HP shallow well jet pump comes with a precharged tank that has a capacity of 5.8 gallons and a pressure gauge. You can adjust the pump for use with 115 volts or 230 volts depending on your preference and the application. The weight of 38.3 pounds may not be the market’s lightweight option although it is still manageable during transportation to the site of use.

Main Features:

  • The product measures 22.9 x 14.5 x 25.2 inches.
  • It comes with sturdy cast iron construction.
  • The pump comes pre-assembled.
  • The pressure tank features a horizontal design.
  • Adjusts to use with 230 volts and 115 volts.

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#2 Wayne CWS75 Convertible Well Jet Pump, 3/4-Horsepower

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This high-quality pump comes from the United States which means that you can buy with the confidence that it will not disappoint on grounds of quality. The pump features a rugged construction which provides extended durability, making it a must-have tool for any homeowner who requires a shallow well jet pump that will last for years to come. The machine is designed to work with wells with a maximum depth of 90 feet.

In other words, this unit will not only suit use in shallow wells but also deep wells, making it a great option for anyone who wants a machine that can work in shallow and deep wells as well. The rating of 462 Gallons Per Hour (GPH) at zero feet is pretty impressive and renders the pipe highly versatile since this rate can suit most home applications.

The priming port permits for volute filling while the pressure switch comes pre-set at 30-50 PSI. It is a 3/4-horsepower unit although you can opt for the 1-HP version in case you think that it is perfect for your application. However, the 1-HP model comes with a slightly higher price as one would expect. The double voltage motor has the limits of 240 V and 120 V although it comes preset at 240V.

Main Features:

  • It has a dual voltage engine.
  • It works ideal for shallow and deep wells of up to 90 feet deep.
  • It has a rating of 462 GPH.
  • It is a 3/4-HP version.
  • The unit weighs 37 pounds.

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#3 Acquaer SJC075 3/4 HP Dual-Voltage Cast Iron Shallow Well Jet Pump

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For those that are looking for a low-budget option that will perform the work as expected, the Acquaer SJC075 model would be a good place for them to direct their money. The unit features 0.75-HP motor which means that delivers enough power to perform just about any household pumping needs. Since it is strictly designed for use in shallow wells, Acquaer SJC075 unit will only work with a maximum well depth of 25 feet.

Therefore, in case your well is more than this, this would not be the ideal purchase for you. Also, this premium-grade pump boasts an impressive flow rate capacity of up to 900 gallons per hour (GPH), one of the highest rates you will find in a shallow well jet pump. The pump packs a total weight of 27.4 lbs making it one of the lightest models you will come across.

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This feature makes it an ideal pump especially for those that their well houses are located afar from their homes. The dual voltage motor has a limit of 115V and 230V and comes factory set at the limit of 230V. The double voltage engine ensures maximum efficiency since it lets you choose the ideal limit depending on the project you are handling. The pump has the suction of 1-1/4-inches while its NPT discharge stands at 1 inch.

Main Features:

  • It is a double power engine.
  • The pump has a flow rate of 15 GPM (900GPH).
  • It only suits wells that are up to 25 feet deep.
  • The 0.75HP suits most projects.
  • It is lighter than most models of its caliber.

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#4 BURCAM 506547SS 3/4 HP Stainless Steel Shallow Well Jet Pump System

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In case you are on the lookout for a pump system that will serve for a good time, the Burcam 506547SS pump should be a great option for you. Also featuring a 3/4-HP engine, the manufacturer recommends that this unit should only be used for shallow wells. The pump comes with rugged stainless steel construction that can withstand the vibrations and use in a rugged environment.

Since the pump is designed with outdoor use in mind, the metal construction resists rust and stands up to the tough conditions that Mother Nature may bring its way. The ability to resist rust means that you and your family will get cleaner water, making it a nice option for use in residential homes, cottages, and farms.

The built-in fan cools the motor to ensure that it does not overheat. This feature means that this pump system will suit applications that need heavy pumping. The pump arrives when it’s already assembled to allow for quick and straightforward installation. The 1-inch NPT suction and discharge is also another great feature that you will appreciate about this high-quality pumping system.

Main Features:

  • It has 1-inch NPT suction and discharge.
  • It comes fully assembled.
  • It features stainless steel construction.
  • It is equipped with a 6.6-gallon pressure tank.
  • The construction is rust-resistant.

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#5 Goulds J10S Shallow Well Jet Pump

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Although the price may not be the best news for the budget-conscious homeowners, this premium-grade pump packs several features that make it worth every penny. The machine features a compact design that comes out clearly in the integral shallow well adapter that is built into the casing to eliminate the need for another shallow adapter.

The two-compartment 1-HP engine provides you with easy and convenient access to the motor, making it easy to repair the motor or other internal components in case the unexpected occurs. The plastic tubing and fittings also come out easily to allow for convenient cleaning and meet the stringent FDA standards. Also, the tubing and fittings resist corrosion and UV to indicate that they are made with durability in mind.

The state-of-the-art design lets you disassemble the product without having to disturb the piping. The strong metal construction guarantees a long service life of the pump whereas the electro-coated paint process in the interior and exterior side of the tank prevents corrosion and other elements that may impair with the durability. Furthermore, the diaphragm of this unit has a unique design that retains some water all through to protect the mechanical seal by ensuring that it will never run dry.

Main Features:

  • The impeller is FDA compliant and UV resistant.
  • The diffuser features a stainless steel wear ring which gives an extended performance.
  • It adopts the convenient back pullout design.
  • The diaphragm has a unique design for minimum level water retention.
  • It has a double motor voltage with the limits of 115/230V.

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#6 Goulds J5S Shallow Well Jet Pump

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Like the previous option coming from Goulds, this model comes with a slightly higher price that is lower than that of the J10S model. Unlike the previous model that packs a 1-HP motor, the Goulds J5S has a 0.5-HP motor which may not offer the greatest versatility like the sibling. However, like the preceding version, this unit has a dual motor voltage, which implies that you can choose between the limits of 115V and 230V, depending on the nature of your project.

The pump adopts a durable construction that is painted on the exterior to make it corrosion-resistant. The unique back pullout design allows for non-complex disassemble while the two-compartment motor allows you to access the motor wiring and other replaceable components with ease. The tubing and fittings meet the FDA standards and offer resistance to corrosion and UV to guarantee extended performance.

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To ensure that the pump can support continuous use, this unit is taken through thorough testing by the manufacturer before it’s released into the market and that is why most of the pumps may come with water inside. The special-diaphragm design maintains some water in the casing to protect the mechanical seal.

Main Features:

  • It is painted to prevent corrosion.
  • It has a 1.25″ NPT suction and 1″ NPT discharge.
  • It has a stainless steel shaft for long-lasting performance.
  • It comes with a pressure regulator.
  • It features a two-voltage engine.

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#7 WAYNE SWS50 1/2 HP Cast Iron Shallow Well Jet Pump

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The unit has a 0.75-inch NPT discharge and 1.25-inch suction. The 0.5 horsepower engine will suit most household applications while the maximum depth of 25 feet implies that it is designed for use in shallow wells. The pump boasts the capability of pumping 420 gallons which is a pretty good rate that will allow for versatility.

The pump is designed to operate at the pressure of 30-50 psi and is equipped with a pressure switch to permit automatic operation. The dual-voltage motor allows you to select between 240V and 120V and comes factory set at the limit of 240V. Also, this model is assembled in the United States with domestic and foreign components to ensure that it will provide extended reliable performance.

The strong cast iron construction will stand up to regular heavy use for years to come, making the WAYNE SWS50 an ideal purchase for anyone in the lookout for a unit that will support a project that will run for a prolonged period. The self-primes protect the head and ensures a more efficient operation.

Main Features:

  • The unit has a good flow rate of 420 GPH.
  • The pump has an automatic switch.
  • The cast iron construction is long-lasting.
  • It features a simple design that makes it easy to use.
  • It has a 0.5-HP engine.

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#8 Sta-Rite FND Cast Iron Self-priming Shallow Well Jet Pump 3/4 HP (704007)

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The 0.75-HP Shallow Well Jet Pump features durable cast iron body and base for maximum durability. Unlike some pumps that are likely to rust with prolonged exposure to water, the cast iron construction features a premium coating that will not chip or peel with time to keep it entirely resistant to rust and other contaminants.

Another strong feature is that it has superior insulation which protects the motor from excessive moisture and other elements that may affect its effectiveness to ensure prolonged life of the engine. The model also features heavy-duty ball bearings to ensure quiet operation. The ball-bearings are thoroughly tested to be sure that the unit remains silent as it claims, making it a good purchase for use in areas that need a peaceful atmosphere such as near homes and institutions.

The flow rate of 15 GPM translates to 900GPH, one of the best flow rates you will find in the market especially for the shallow well jet pumps. Like most of the previous models, this unit also features two-voltage motors with the limits of 115 and 230V for increased efficiency and user convenience.

Main Features:

  • It has superior insulation around the motor are.
  • It boasts a flow rate of 15 GPM.
  • The construction is rust-resistant.
  • The motor boasts the horsepower of 0.75.
  • The entire machine weighs 44 lbs.

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#9 Goulds J5SH Residential Shallow Well Jet Pump 0.50 HP

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Although the J5SH model shares the same features with the Goulds J5S, there is a slight difference between the two models. For instance, the nozzle of the J5SH model has a higher pressure rating that builds a higher pressure setting/lower flow as compared to the J5S. In terms of weight, the J5SH model weighs 43 pounds, making it slightly heavier than the other model that weighs 40.3 lbs.

The Goulds J5SH features a stainless steel shaft to guarantee durability. The high-quality painting on the inside and pump exterior ensure that the pump will not catch rust with continued use in a corrosive environment. The 0.5HP motor is examined keenly by the manufacturer so that you can buy with the confidence that it will support extended use with

The tubing and the fittings are UV and corrosion resistant and meet the strictest FDA standards. The unique diaphragm design ensures the safety of the mechanical seal through minimum water retention. The two voltages allow you to select between 115 V and 230V depending on what suits your project.

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Main Features:

  • The pump weighs 43 lbs.
  • It comes with a premium blue finish.
  • It has a 0.5-HP motor
  • It has a stainless steel shaft.
  • It is NEMA compliant.

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#10 SUNCOO Shallow Well Pump Electric Garden Pump

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Whether you want it for aquariums, outdoor ponds, swimming pool, or even watering farms, this shallow well pump garden pump will be a good suit. The electric device is easy to operate and turns on/off by simply switching the power button. The casing of this machine is of aluminum material that makes it generally lightweight for easy transportation without compromising on durability.

Furthermore, this model has a high-quality fan which works effectively to cool the motor to ensure the long life of the machine. The fan also helps to reduce noise to make it a great addition to any household, institution, or any other area where a peaceful environment is needed.

The pump head features cast iron construction for longevity and has an inch-wide inlet and outlet that allows you to connect the tubes more conveniently. The shallow well unit boasts a 1.6 horsepower motor that lifts water to 150 feet high, making it a nice option for those that want a pump that can work in both shallow and deep wells.

Main Features:

  • It is easy to set up and operate.
  • It boasts a 1.6HP engine.
  • It features aluminum construction.
  • Both the inlet and the outlet have diameters of 1 inch.
  • It is lightweight.

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#11 Flotec FP4012-10 1/2 HP Shallow Well Pump Jet

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This Flotec comes from one of the world’s well-reputed manufacturers. The users appreciate the ability of the unit to draw water from wells that are 25 feet deep or shallower. The pump is powered by a 0.5HP heavy-duty motor which delivers an impressive flow rate of up to 600 GPH at 40 psi. The quality of the motor also means that the machine can suit long hours of use for years to come.

The fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastic ensures resistance to corrosion and sandy water while the dust-proof cover keeps off dust and insects from accessing the electrical components so that the unit will outlast most of the other models of the same caliber and price range.

The heavy-duty ball bearings allow for ultra-quiet operation, making it an ideal addition to any area where noise is not needed. The stainless steel shaft offers an impressive service life. And since the unit only weighs 23.5 lbs, this pump will be a good option for those that want to use it far away from home.

Main Features:

  • The construction is long-lasting.
  • It weighs 23.5 lbs.
  • It is ideally made for the shallow wells.
  • The ball-bearings are heavy-duty.
  • It has a stainless steel shaft.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is the top-rated deep well jet pump?

Our selections covered above have very fantastic features that qualify them as the market’s top-rated reviews based on our in-depth research and thorough testing.

What size well pump do I need?

The perfect model for you will depend on your household needs. Normally, a three-to-four bedroom home will be served well by a pump that has a flow rate of 8-12 GPH.

What is considered a shallow well?

Although there are many views concerning this, most experts and manufacturers hold that a shallow well is the one that is 25 feet or less.

How do you know when your well pump is bad?

You can detect abnormalities in your pump through increased energy consumption, spitting faucets, strange noises from the tank, variations in water pressure, and other many ways.

Can I use a deep well pump on a shallow well?

Normally, water pumps are rated in terms of the maximum vertical height they can comfortably pump up a fluid (normally water). That said, you can use a deep well pump for lifting water from a shallow well. However, if you know that you want a pump for use in shallow wells, its better you buy those specialized to handle such water depths since they are more cost-efficient.

Final Word

With a good shallow wet pump, you will be able to pump water from your reservoir or 25-feet well in a good volume and within a short period. A good pump is durable and does not require much maintenance.

Therefore, if you want a machine that will handle your pumping needs effectively, consider choosing one of the top 11 shallow well jet pumps.

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