Top 15 Best Sharpening Stones (2023)

With use and passage of time, your knives and other cutlery definitely lose their sharpness and shines.

If and when this happens, your cutting will not only be frustrating but also predispose you to some dangers. Though many sharpening tools exist, the whetstones stand tall as they are more effective.

Our team spent a great deal of time to come up with a list of the most reliable stones of that kind.

To do this, they looked for those whetstones that are highly rated, have favorable reviews, and are manufactured by leading brands.

All these are reviewed below and are also trustworthy.

Knife Sharpening Stone Set, HMPLL Whetstone Knife...
  • Professional Whetstone: 2 whetstones have difference grit which are 400/1000 and 3000/8000. The grit is accurate. 4 sides grit are satisfy with any knife blade needs. 400/1000 grit is typically used to repair knives with chipped edges and sharpen dull knives. 3000/8000 grit used to refine the edge and provide extra fine finish/polish on your blades.

15 Best Sharpening Stones

#1: KNIFEPLANET Complete Knife Sharpening Stone Set


For maximum peace of mind, you want at whetstone which you can easily engage at the comfort of your own home. Waste, not your time with any other than this one as it is highly convenient to use yet delivers awesome outcomes.

Coarse Flattening Stone

Its surface is both coarse and flat. In this way, the stone gives you a large and comfortable platform on which to grind the edges of the knives and other kinds of cutlery. Being wide, it constrains you not for your own comfort.

Non-slip Bamboo Board

The board, on the other hand, comes in some non-slip bamboo shape and construction. It plays the role of maintaining the stones in a state of safety and stability in the course of sharpening.

Coarse/Medium Grit Combination

In totality, this stone combines both the coarse and the medium grit sharpening platforms. These are the 400 and the 1,000 stones respectively. They hence let you manage your sharpening appropriately.

  • Handles all kinds of knives and cutlery

  • Maintains your stones in a flat posture all the time

  • Its many grips ‘leaves no stone unturned’

  • The rubber base keeps the knife firmly in your hands

  • Polishes the edges over and above merely sharpening your knives

  • Strains you considerably while in use

  • Requires that you set aside larger mounting spaces

  • Cumbersome to carry around with absolute ease

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#2: Sharp Pebble Premium Whetstone Knife Sharpening Stone

Sharp Pebble

Have many kinds of knives and other pieces of cutlery in your household? You definitely want some whetstones which are optimized for multipurpose applications. We suggest that you try this one out.

Knife-sharpening Angle Guide

It does come along with a knife-sharpening angle guide whose role is to let you maintain the right grinding and sharpening angles. In doing so, you will also apply consistent pressure to achieve more uniform outcomes.

Water Sharpener

Unlike many other top stones, this one uses water rather than oil to maintain the sharpness of the stones. The use of water brings down your operational expenses considerably and is also more convenient.

Premium Quality Materials

Throughout the construction and operationalization of the whetstones, only high-quality premium materials are employed. The use of such materials definitely guarantees that the stones last longer and deliver superior performances.

  • Comparatively easier to make use of

  • Double-sided to make your life easier

  • The bamboo base holds the stone firmly in place

  • Comes in a simple construction for smooth handling

  • Equipped with an instructional manual for expedited applications

  • Requires some assembly before use

  • Takes slightly longer to yield the desired ends

  • Disadvantages those without skills

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#3: Finew Knife Sharpening Stone Kit


Are you a career sharpener? If you do, you have to choose some whetstones which are built to last. These ones will take you further than that. They are also strong enough to handle the most strenuous of sharpening tasks.

Reinforced Bamboo Base

At the base of the stone is some reinforced bamboo material. This one is reinforced to add some strength and support to the cutting mechanism. It also shields you from damages in the course of transportation.

Added Friction

One thing you will note with this stone is that it confers some added friction to your cutting surface. This it does with the thickened leather strop and the non-slip mats. They let you realize sharper cuts and more reliable performances.

Professional-grade Corundum

Lastly comes the professional-grade corundum whose role is to expedite the sharpening exercise. It does so by delivering the sharpness which the knives require within the shortest duration of time.

  • Stickier and more powerful than the ordinary stones

  • Delivers more precise grit and sharpening performance

  • Polishes and eliminates any blurs from the knife

  • Lasts a prolonged duration of time

  • Quite reliable to handle and engage in the long run

  • Demands some operational expertise from you

  • Costs a lot to come by and maintain

  • May not be easily used by a simple person

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#4: ShaPu Whetstones Premium whetstone knife sharpening set

ShaPu Whetstones

Could it be that you are a professional chef? This is the best knife to pick and use for your food-preparation exercises. It is also easier to make use of at the home environment and will thus benefit an ordinary user too.

Double-sided Whetstones

Setting this whetstone apart from the others is the fact that it is double-sided. This simply means it may sharpen in whichever direction or surface you choose to engage. If one side is faulty, the other will come to your rescue.

Sufficiently Larger

Its dimensions are sufficiently larger than those of your ordinary kinds of sharpening stones. With extra-large dimensions, you will be able to handle numerous gears at a time. This also saves your time and effort.

Acacia Wood Base

At the base of the whetstone is some Acacia wood. Being firm and stable, the base will spare you the undesirable possibilities of fidgeting and the attendant injuries that potentially arise.

  • Withstands many impacts and other agents of fidgeting

  • Requires limited repairs and maintenance undertakings

  • Handles sensitive and complicated items like pocket knives and scissors

  • Comes along with its own case

  • Usable at the household level too!

  • Uses oil rather than water to sharpen

  • Has the potential to soil you

  • Quite weighty to carry around with ease

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#5: ASEL Premium Knife Sharpening Stone Kit

ASEL Premium

A good whetstone should ideally go beyond sharpening your knives. If possible, it should also enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen interior. This one is more likely to yield those ends and is hence a good choice.

Unparalleled Stability

As you make use of this whetstone, you will enjoy some unparalleled stability. This one is brought about by an angle guider which maintains your knife in a correct angle to simplify the process of sharpening.

Utmost Safety

Other than beauty, the sharpener also guarantees some safety in the course of use. In this way, it sees to it that your sharpening exercise is not compromised at all but instead, accomplished at a faster pace.

High-quality Whetstones

When weighed against those of the other kinds of sharpeners, the whetstones of this one are higher in quality. This stems from the professional-grade white corundum which lasts many incidences of impacts and grinding.

  • Does not require the expensive sharpening oils to operate

  • Manages the coarsest and the smoother grits

  • Yields sufficient abrasive power to deliver smoother edges in no time

  • Works on the edges of the knives as well

  • Can also bring about some brightness and shiny appearances

  • Sustains damages and scarring easily

  • Quite tedious to care for and maintain

  • Expires pretty faster and sooner

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#6: Whetstone Cutlery 20-10960 Knife Sharpening Stone

Whetstone Cutlery 20-10960

Do the edges of your cutting apparatus become dull with time? Well, it is in your best interest to restore them to their original proper working conditions. For that, you will require a specialized sharpening tool of this kind.

Two-sided Sharpening Block

Both sides of the whetstones have the ability to sharpening your gears. With this, you suffer no constraints as you make do with this grinder. You also get to enjoy some unparalleled conveniences.

1000-grit Side

To smooth and polish your cutting edges, this stone comprises the 1000-grit side. This one spares you yet again from the hassles of having to apply too much power for too long to obtain the right outcomes.

Durable Silicon Carbide

The entire makeup of this stone is in the form of the durable silicon carbide. With this construction, the stone lasts longer and performs many incidences of use and applications.

  • Impacts the many gardening tools as well

  • Uses water rather than oil and is hence cheaper to maintain

  • Utilized in fewer and straightforward steps

  • Lubricates easily to guarantee smooth functioning all the time

  • Reconditions your tools in no time

  • Performs fewer roles and is hence less lucrative

  • Lasts a shorter duration of time

  • Manages limited operational cycles

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#7: MIKARTO Knife Ware Professional Knife Sharpening Stones


Lack any money? This is the whetstone to pick and choose. Why is this the case? The grinding apparatus is simpler to make do with yet still strong enough to do a good job, all factors considered.

High-performing Industrial-grade

In all, the stones are high-performing and industrial-grade in that they are tough and resilient to the common forms and agents of damages. They are hence capable of performing well in the long run.

Combination Whetstone

The stone is in the form of the combination in the sense that it incorporates the premium quality corundum with the double-sided construction to deliver awesome sharpening performances.

Aerated Box Packaging

This stone yet again stands apart from the others in that it comes in some aerated packaging rather than the wood or bamboo stands. It is hence longer lasting and more reliable than those others.

  • Accords some enjoyable experiences

  • Cuts and sharpens in either side or direction

  • Guarantees optimal performances throughout the duration of use

  • Delivers some deluxe polishing effects

  • Manages excellent precision and accuracy

  • Quite basic in scope and functionality

  • Highly prone to breakdowns and damages

  • Slightly costly to manage and operate

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#8: LANBAOSHI Knife Sharpening Stone


Some food preparation undertakings require faster and prompter sharpening. This is to prevent any inconveniences which potentially arise in the course of doing just that. Use this one as it is more likely to yield you some good.

Multipurpose Use

With this stone, it is possible to take on many kinds of cutlery and sharpening tasks. Among these are razors, blades, pocket knives, and scissors, to name but a few! This is given the multipurpose nature of it.

2-in-1 Sharpening Stone

It comes in the form of some 2-in-1 sharpening stone. This simply means that the stone may sharpen and grind in either direction. The arrangement gives you the confidence and space you need to maintain your cutlery in the best shapes.

Anti-slip Bottom

At the base is some bamboo material support. Unlike the case with the other stones, you will hardly experience any fidgeting as you grind your knives and cutlery. This stability also assures you of zero injuries in the course of use.

  • Stays in one place throughout the entire duration of use

  • Makes you sharpen your blades and knives smoothly

  • Possesses an angle guide to direct you along

  • Has a built-in self-correctional mechanism

  • Manages to give consistent pressure at all times of use

  • Suffers from the accumulation of bacteria and germs

  • Its sharpening outcomes do not endure the test of time

  • Breaks apart easily when subjected to intense

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#9: Ultra Sharp Diamond Sharpening Stone Set – 8 x 3 Coarse/Medium/Extra Fine

Ultra Sharp

Want to enjoy some faster sharpening outcomes? Pick and use this whetstone to achieve that very end. Being highly effective, it is more likely to yield the sharpening tasks but with minimal effort on your part.

Micronized Monocrystalline Diamonds

At its core are the micronized monocrystalline diamonds. It is these that perform the acts of shedding off excess and unwanted pieces of metals from the cutlery you might have to impact.

3 Diamond Sharpening Stones

Supporting the micronized monocrystalline diamonds above are some three diamond sharpening stones. They hold the crystals firmly in place to prevent any possibilities of fidgeting and accidents that come along.

300, 600 and 1200-grit Diamond Stones

Then, you have the options of the 300, 600 and 1200 grits to choose from. These give you the leeway to alter the sharpening in line with your own expectations. They hence give you some added freedom of handling.

  • Backed by excellent customer service regime

  • Delivers some ultra-sharp performances

  • Tried and tested to conform to the relevant standards

  • Yields the required outcomes much faster

  • Requires no assembly before use or engagement

  • May injure you if handled recklessly

  • Sharpens with one side alone

  • Suffers from frequent and prolonged downtimes

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#10: Chefic BearMoo Whetstone Premium 2-IN-1 Sharpening Stone

Chefic BearMoo

Want to instill some sense of elegance and aesthetics to your cutlery? This is the grinding whetstone to pick and use. That is because it is appropriately configured to deliver those very ends with ease.

Unparalleled Reliability

When all is said and done, this stone delivers unparalleled reliability when engaged. The reliability derives chiefly from the professional-grade white corundum construction. This makes it resist heat and corrosion too!

Fine Side 8000 Grit

Its distinctive trait is the fine side 8000 grit which is good for finishing and polishing the edges. When used reliably, the grit also delivers some light touches which similarly spruce up the overall appearance thereof.

Non-slip Silicone Base

Unlike many stones that bear wood at the base, this one draws its support from a non-slip silicone base. Given the tough and stable character of this base, you may be sure to resist any possibilities of injuring yourself.

  • Higher in quality and lasts longer than many peers

  • Ensures effective and reliable sharpening undertakings

  • Suitable for most grinding operations

  • Hardly fidgets and makes you sustain injuries

  • Accompanied by appropriate back-end support

  • Has limited functionality and applicability

  • Costly to care for and maintain

  • Mostly suited for professional applications

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#11: Smith’s TRI-6 Arkansas TRI-HONE Sharpening Stones System

Smiths TRI-6

Short on cash but would still want to maintain your cutlery in some reliable and excellent conditions all the time? This is the whetstone to lay your hands on. Being made of plastic makes it cheaper yet equally powerful.

Sturdy Molded Plastic Base

At its base is the sturdy yet molded material. You are sure to gain some maximum support and reliability thanks to this arrangement. The plastic also minimizes fidgeting to keep you safe and secure all the time.

TRI-6 3-stone Sharpening System

Its sharpening mechanism proper comes in the form of a three-stone sharpening system. These are the coarse synthetic, fine Arkansas, and medium Arkansas stones, respectively. They deliver maximum impacts.

Excellently Smooth Operations

Lastly comes the benefit of excellently smooth operations. These accrue from the combined top-notch features and construction regime, all of which we have already exhausted above.

  • Comes with three sharpening stones to ease your time

  • Offers some firm and secure support to you

  • Guarantees that you achieve some accurate outcomes

  • Spares your surfaces from any form of damages

  • Sustains the sharpening for a longer duration of time

  • Lasts a shorter duration of time

  • Easily damaged when subjected to flames and impacts

  • Does not accept any future upgrades

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#12: Three-Way Cut Premium Knife Sharpening Stone Kit


Want to surprise your mother or wife? Buy either of them this wonderful gift. The sharpening system combines beauty with quality to see to it that the person who receives it enjoys both worlds.

Double-sided 1000/6000 Grit

Topping the list of its most awesome features is the high-quality double-sided 1000/6000 grit. It is this one which yields some professional sharpening outcomes which others can only dream of.

Anti-slip Base

The base of this whetstone is strong and stable enough to guarantee your long-term use and application. You are hence sure of some smooth and uncompromised sharpening processes.

Extra-large Dimensions

Its sharpening surface is the impressive 7.25 inches long by 2.25 inches wide. In all, the surface is 1 inch thick. All these combine to give the ability to sharpen various kinds and sizes of the blades.

  • Suitable for sharpening the multi-tools

  • Made of premium materials

  • Extremely safe and easy to make do with

  • Improves your overall cutting experiences

  • Able to cut and sharpen on both sides

  • Its grit is rigid and only impacts specific items

  • Quite inconvenient to make do with

  • Prone to damages and needs frequent repairs

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#13: Cali Valley Whetstone 1000 6000

Cali Valley

To be guaranteed excellent outcomes, you want a sharpening tool which handles everything ‘in house’. Well, without wasting much of your time, this is the one we would ask that you make do with as it refines and hones too!

Dual-sided Whetstone Sharpener

The sharpener is dual-sided in that it can sharpen using either side. For this reason, it is easier to use and will also deliver the outcomes you want within the shortest time possible.

Flattening Stone

A flattening stone also forms part of this whetstone. With this, you get to level the structure in such a way as to make it more stable and deliver the excellent results you desperately yearn for.

Angle Guide

To make your life even smoother and more fruitful, this sharpener does have an angle guide. The role of this is to put in place some equal angles to prevent only some portions from being impacted while others left out.

  • Refines the edges of your blades too!

  • Maintains a fair degree of stability at all times

  • Manages some comfortable use and operations

  • Prevents any unnecessary movements as you go about your sharpening business

  • Offers some fair degree of stability in the course of the use

  • Impacts fewer kinds of tools

  • Unsuitable for sharpening the multi-tools

  • Simpler users may find it quite complicated

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#14: Best Sharpening Stones Arkansas Sharpening Stone Set – Wood Mounted 8″

Arkansas Sharpening Stone Set

Do you travel regularly or change locations every quite often? You want to make use of a highly versatile and adaptable sharpening stone. This one works well on the bench stone or when held by the hands.

Soft Arkansas

Soft Arkansas stands tall among its list of admirable features. Courtesy of this stone, you will be able to repair those edges that are adversely damaged or worn. This way, you get to restore them to their proper working conditions.


With the hard stones, you will be capable of attaining some extremely fine edges and distinctively shiny appearances. These will go a long way to enhance the beauty and the appearances of the stones altogether too!

Black Arkansas

Finally, Black Arkansas will come in to produce that extra fine outcome. Thanks to this trait, you will be able to impact and sharpen the medical tools like the surgeon’s scalpels, dental tools, and straight razors.

  • Delivers extremely high-quality sharpening outcomes

  • Permanently glued to wood bases for firm support

  • Cheaper than many competing alternatives

  • Multifaceted and comprehensive in approach

  • Tightly packed and simpler to carry around

  • Prone to damages when moved around often

  • Requires extra focus and attention

  • Highly susceptible to pilferage and clutter

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#15: YIMIA Premium Knife Sharpening Stone Kit


Could it be that your cutlery is prone to or already suffering from uneven surfaces? Well, this is a good stone to choose to remedy the situation. It has that uncanny ability to restore the uneven surfaces to their smooth and flat statures.

Excellent Combination

In its entirety, this stone features an excellent combination of the coarse, medium, and fine grits. You will rely on these grits to sharpen all the various types of knives you may have at your disposal.

High-quality Grit 400/1000 3000/8000

Next, you will take advantage of the high-quality grit which is available in the 400, 1000, 3000, and the 8000 options. These will let you impact the various kinds of items smoothly and with utmost efficacy.

Elegant Bamboo Base

Lastly, some bamboo forms the base of the stone. The bamboo basically plays the role of furnishing the stability you need to cut, hone, and sharpen the stones with maximum ease.

  • Sharpens all your knives at the comfort of your home

  • Maintains some flatness regardless of when the knife is used

  • Possesses premium parts and material construction

  • Expedites the processes of sharpening and honing

  • Resists corrosion and many other agents of deterioration

  • Quite tedious to engage

  • Definitely not for a starter

  • When broken, costs a fortune to restore

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What grit sharpening stone do I need?

The kind of stone you need depends on the task you are interested in. Is it honing, sharpening, grinding or smoothening rough edges? Look for a stone that suits all those conditions firmly and accurately.

Q2. How long do you soak a wet stone?

Around 5-10 minutes. Any longer may weaken the stone; any shorter may not yield the smoothness required for any sharpening undertaking.

Q3. What is the best stone for sharpening chisels?

Of all stones in existence, it is the diamond stone that works well for the chisels. That is because Diamond is a material that is generally strong and resilient to the common agents of wear and tear.

Q4. Is 1000 grit whetstone enough?

This is mostly classified as the medium grit stone. It is great for those knives which are very dull and easily damaged. When rubbed against the cutlery, the stone yields some fine grit too!

Q5. What grade whetstone should I buy?

This again depends on the kind of chore or surface you want to impact. Choose a grit which is in line with your own expectations. For the record, the most reliable grit options are the 1,000, 3,000, and the 4,000 respectively.

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